Willing it to be – Chapter 1

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Summary: Will is alive. What happens now, and how does he feel about what has happened since he "died". Salem is going to be turned upside down. Now it's Will turn.

The town of Salem is abuzz with the gossip flowing around. Everyone is talking about the news that has exploded in the last few hours about the big wedding that was happening that day. They wonder if any wedding can ever be completed without someone interrupting the ceremony.

Salem has been rocked by yet another scandal. Surprise, surprise. The much talked about double wedding of Chad DiMera and Abigail Devereaux, along with Paul Narita and Sonny Kiriakis ground to a halt when the psychopathic serial killer, Ben Weston, burst into the church.

He interrupted the ceremony in the middle of Chad and Abby's vows, but he wasn't there for Abby, oh no, he had something important to tell one of the happy grooms, he told Sonny and all the shocked guests that Sonny couldn't marry Paul because it wouldn't be legal, and that Sonny is still married because Will Horton is alive.

The wedding party and all the guests look on in shocked disbelief at the man who strangled Will to death, and who is now claiming that Will is not dead. Everyone is stunned beyond belief that Ben could be so cruel to say that to Will's husband on his wedding day.

Rafe and JJ quickly jump up and secure Ben to take him back to the station for questioning.

After Ben is dragged from the church, Paul wants to continue with the wedding, but Sonny says no; that he must make sure that there is no truth to what has just been said.

He tells Paul that he loves him with all his heart and still wants to spend the rest of his life with Paul, but that he can't go through with the wedding right then.

He needs to know if there is any chance Will might be alive; because if he is the wedding wouldn't be legal anyway since he and Will were still legally married when Will died.

If Will is alive, they need to get him home to his family and daughter. Paul wonders if Sonny wants Will back for himself, but he won't ask, and Sonny doesn't say.

Sonny thinks of his dream and the flashbacks he was having during the wedding, he wonders if they were trying to tell him something, he knows that he was having some doubts, but he just put them down to nerves about getting married again.

Sonny doesn't say anything to Paul except that he needs the truth before he can marry Paul. He needs to know the truth so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. He doesn't what he would do if Will is truly alive? If he is, why hasn't he come back to Salem and his family, why hasn't he come back to Sonny?

Does Sonny want to be with Will, he knows that he wishes he had gotten the chance to make things right with Will before Will died, but does he want to give up his relationship with Paul. He loves him, he really does. He also loves Will, but who does he love more. Who can he see spending his life with? He was sure that Paul was the one, but if there is a chance Will is alive, that changes everything, would he able to be with Will again, could he get past what had caused all their problems before Will was gone.

He doesn't realize that the man he almost just married is the real reason that his marriage imploded. He doesn't know that Paul did everything he could to ruin Sonny and Will's relationship just so that he could be back with Sonny.

Sonny is thinking that this means he will have to decide who he wants the most, that he is going to hurt either Paul or Will. Sonny isn't thinking that Will might not want him anymore. Why would he, he knows that he was the love of Will's life. Sonny's head is spinning.

He and Paul talk, and he explains that he just can't continue the wedding until they know for sure. Sonny tells Paul that they need to be able to start their lives together without any doubts. They decide that they will postpone the wedding until they can get the answers Sonny needs.

Paul really doesn't care but he decides to act like the supportive fiancé that Sonny is expecting him to be. God, he thought he was rid of that brat once Ben did them all a favor and got rid of him. Sonny and Paul leave to go to the police station, and Sonny confronts Ben, who tells him again Will is alive but won't give him any details.

JJ tries to interrogate ad intimidate Ben by pulling a gun and putting to Ben's head to try and make him answer the questions, however it does not. Hope and Rafe find him holding his service weapon on a prisoner, and in her first act as police commissioner, Hope is forced to temporarily suspend JJ from the force.

Hope and Marlena both speak to Ben, trying to get some information from him to be able to dismiss the statements but both women can see he really believes what he is saying. Hope can't get anything from him but Marlena gets Ben to admit that someone told him Will was alive.

Once Marlena passes on this information to Hope, the police get a copy of the security footage from Bayview, and see that during the previous breakout, that Clyde had visited his son.

Hope confronts Ben with the picture, and he admits that it was his father that gave him the information about Will. Just as Clyde was going to tell him the rest of the story, Clyde was made to leave by the guard because visiting time was up.

Once Sonny hears that Clyde was the one that had gave Ben the idea that Will was alive, he goes to see Kate to ask her if she would speak to Clyde to get the rest of the story so that they can know once and for all if Will is alive.

Sonny is so intent on finding out the truth that he does not seem to realize how much pain he is causing Will's family members, first by asking Lucas permission to exhume the grave, and now Will's grandmother, by asking to go talk to someone that tried to kill her.

Kate at first says so because she truly believes that it is just a hurtful trick, and can't let herself believe that Will is alive and that if he is, has been out god only knows where for the past two years, it is too unbearable to think of.

However, Sonny talks her around and she agrees to meet with Clyde. The next morning Kate goes to see Clyde who after insulting and taunting her finally tells her that it was another inmate who told him the news about Will; he tells her that she knows the inmate herself.

Kate then meets up with Roman, Marlena and John at the Pub. She tells them that it was Dr. Rolf who told Clyde that Will was alive, and the reason that he knew was that he had resurrected him.

John meets up with Paul, and passes on the information, and of course, Paul is scornful of the idea that someone could be resurrected after death, and that obviously it is a hoax. However, John then tells him that Dr. Rolf is quite capable of managing to do just that, and that John is living proof of it because Dr. Rolf had brought John back after a terrible accident where he was pronounced dead.

Paul then decides that there is only way to prove to Sonny that Will is dead, and that is for them to exhume Will's grave themselves, and prove that Will's body is in his grave. Paul convinces John to help him do this, and they head off to the cemetery, and are just about to start digging, when Sami shows up and grabs John's arm to stop him from disturbing the grave.

She tears into them and stops them from digging up Will's grave. Paul and John try to talk Sami into letting them continue, and they think that they have convinced her that they are right when she takes out her phone, they think she is going to get the police to order an exhumation, but Sami calls Rafe and tells him that she wants to report a grave robbery.

Sami rages at Paul that it's disgraceful, he wasn't satisfied with ruining Will's life while he was alive, that now he wants to desecrate Will's final resting place.

Sami yells at Paul, "You know that neither Lucas or I gave anyone permission to exhume Will's body. I don't believe these wild rumors about Will being alive, Lucas and I saw his body in the morgue, I touched his cheek, he was cold. He was dead.

We buried him. Now so that you can marry Sonny as soon as possible, you want to dig up my son's grave. You're only doing this to prove a point to Sonny, you don't care if Will is alive or not, you actually want him to be dead so that he cannot come between you and Sonny.

It's sick and disgusting how you are acting."

Sami growls at Paul, "I know that you came to Salem to get Sonny back, I heard about the kiss in the hospital, and how you were always around, you never backed off and gave Will a chance to fix his marriage.

You were only too happy to let Will see that Sonny preferred to spend time with you, and that itself was sick, he was willing to forgive the man that slept with his husband, but his husband wasn't given the same consideration or chances.

I heard all about how you were constantly at the club flirting with Sonny, trying to get all the old feelings to come back, that made you happy, didn't it, knowing that Sonny still had feelings for you.

Will begged you to back off, and when you wouldn't he did what ever he could to try and save his marriage, and try to get you to leave town, I know his trying to blackmail your mother was wrong, but he was fighting for his life and his marriage, though he was the only one. "

"If Will cheated physically, Sonny was cheating emotionally for months with you.

I have to laugh at the hypocrites in this town, almost all of them has had multiple affairs but Will was the only one that was treated like garbage, criticized, and slut-shamed for what happened, but you were let off scot free. This town destroyed my son for being human and making a few mistakes.

"I miss my son every minute of every day of my life, but I am glad that he is in a better place now, where no one can hurt him anymore. I believe that if it hadn't been for his beautiful little girl that Will would have been gone long before he was killed, she is the only thing that was holding him here."

"What do you mean, Sami?" asks John.

Sami looks scornfully at John, "John, you are not stupid, you know what I meant?

John, "You think he was suicidal?"

Sami, "I know he was, and I believe that may have lead to not him fighting as hard when he was attacked by Ben. He knew that Rafe and Gabi would be there for Ari, and that she would not have to live with the stigma of being Will's daughter, the way he had to live with being my son.

The depression just came back too hard, and with him being treated like dirt by everyone except T, he had no one to pull him out of the spiral, and it just kept getting worse and worse. Even his own family wouldn't help him. Hypocrites, all of you.

I guess he knew he couldn't count on Sonny, and sure enough after the funeral, he abandoned that little girl and went back to Paris.

Sami then looks at Paul, "Oh, and by the way, don't think I don't know how you practically stalked Sonny when he was back for Will's funeral. Seeing you making plans over Will's grave was both disturbing and disgusting, and in such bad taste.

It showed that neither of you had any respect for Will, just doing what you wanted right. I am surprised that you didn't have sex on top of his grave, you bastard."

Sami then turns on John, "And you, I can't believe you are involved in this, my Will thought of you as a grandfather.

I know that Paul is your son, but to do this to all of us who loved and still grieve Will is disgusting. You knew that we didn't want this to happen, and you still went ahead and tried to do it.

You don't know, and I sincerely hope you never find out, what it is like to bury one of your children. Parents aren't supposed to outlive their children, it is not natural, it tears at your soul.

My heart broke for you when Isabella died, and you had to bury her. Imagine if you came across somebody trying to dig her up just to prove she is in the casket, and tell me how you would feel?"

"I don't know if I can ever deal with you again after this, you just showed how little you really cared for Will."

Turning back to Paul, she says, "The only reason you care now is if Will was alive is because it would stop you from marrying Sonny. You don't and have never cared about Will, he was just an obstacle in your grab for Sonny. "

Paul snaps at Sami, "You just don't want for Sonny to move on, you want him to grieve for Will forever."

Sami snarls at Paul, "Wrong, Pauly boy, I think that Sonny Kiriakis was the worst thing to ever happen to my son. If only he had meet some nice guy that wasn't secretly hung up on his ex, then Will would most likely still be alive and here with his little girl.

Sonny used Will to make himself feel better, after you were too much of a coward to come out and be with the man you supposedly loved, your career was more important to you, wasn't it, tell me, was Sonny going to be your consolation prize if the surgery couldn't fix your shoulder?

Or even better, if had been fixed, would you have even gone near Sonny for fear of your secret coming out and ruining your career? You only wanted Sonny to make you feel better, it didn't matter who you hurt to get what you wanted, and you spouted off about Will being manipulative, go to hell, you make me sick."

She stands there breathing hard, after getting out everything she wanted to say, and turns away from John and Paul.

Rafe shows up at the cemetery, sees what is happening and he calms Sami down. He convinces her not to press charges if John and Paul leave, and do not come back and try again. If they do, he will help her press the charges himself.

Sami and Rafe talk for a little while, and he tries to get her to leave but she wants to spend some time at Will's grave, she sits and talks to Will.

Sami cries over Will's grave, "Oh, Will, baby, I would give anything to have you back here with your precious little girl, but I know that you are gone, that you are dead, your dad and I saw you in the morgue.

It was one of the worst moments of my life, realizing that the best part of me was gone and never coming back again.

Your dad and I were so young when you were born, that you and I basically grew up together.

I am so sorry for how we screwed up your life, how we always put our garbage and what was going on in personal lives ahead of you.

I wish that we could go back and change everything for the better, I would make sure that you were the number one priority in both our lives, and make sure that we didn't give you a massive list of step-parents like we did, bringing them in and out of your life.

We showed you that you really couldn't trust in love, that people would always lie to you, didn't we? I know that our actions caused you to be so insecure in love because your whole life was watching your dad and I constantly screwing up relationships, never giving you a stable life.

Sonny then proved that was true to you when you realized that he was still in love with Paul and had married you anyway. I know you made mistakes, you were human. I know that you did things afterwards that you would never do but you were trying to save your marriage.

I know that it tore your heart out that Sonny could forgive Paul, but he wouldn't forgive you. You deserved better, especially from your first love, he didn't deserve you baby, he might not see it but you were the best thing he ever had, and he threw it away for that thing.

One of the best least selfish things we ever did was let you live with your aunt and uncle. When you passed, Carrie let me know the reason that they never came to your funeral was because while she was heartbroken, your uncle Austin was devastated. He had to be sedated, by the time he had come out of it, you had already been buried. "

She lays down on top of the grave, crying her heart out, and she hears a noise, and when she looks up, she sees Lucas who is drunk again.

Sami, "Oh God Lucas, what are you doing? You have been sober for so long, why are you drinking again?"

She talks to him about his drinking, and he says without Will, Allie and Adrienne, and having lost his job, he has nothing to stop him from drinking, his life is basically over.

Sami gets mad and takes the bottle, and downs the liquor in it so that Lucas can't drink anymore. She and Lucas talk about Will, and how they wish the rumours could be true, but they remember seeing Will on the morgue slab, and neither believe that he could be alive, because he was dead in the morgue.

After they are forced to leave the cemetery, John and Paul go back to John and Marlena's townhouse where they see her, and they decide that they had better tell what they had tried to do; and how Sami had found them just as they had started to dig.

They tell Marlena that Sami stopped them, and that she doesn't believe that it could be possible for Will to be alive, even when they told her that Dr. Rolf is supposedly involved.

John asks Marlena, "Why wouldn't Sami believe that it could be possible?"

Marlena ignores John's question for the moment, and angrily looks at them.

Marlena then responds to John, "John, Paul, how could you do this, you knew that you had no right and no permission to do this, that Lucas had refused, and so would Sami if we had asked.

She wouldn't believe because she and Lucas saw Will's body in the morgue, she kissed him on the forehead, and he was cold. It was the worst moment in her life, until you have lost and buried a child, you can't understand, it kills part of your soul. It can never be gotten back, you learn to go on, but you never forget, the saying that time heals all wounds is so not true. It blurs the feelings, but they never go away completely.

After losing first EJ, and then Will, and this is something no one else knows, is that after Will's funeral, Sami told me that if it wasn't for her other children, that she would have killed herself, she couldn't stand the idea of living in a world without Will.

Will was her grounding stone, remember how young she was when Will was born, she told me that often felt like they had raised each other, that he was the best thing she had done, she loves her other kids, but she and Will had such a special bond.

She realized that she had caused so many problems in his life by her actions, and how much he had to put up with for being Sami Brady's son and how everyone judged him for Sami's actions. Adrienne is a prime example of that, she never gave Will a chance from day one once she realized that Sonny was interested in Will.

Sami said that it was only since she started counselling after EJ died, that she realized that she was still reacting to those events when she was so young. That she still hadn't dealt with them, the rape, the execution, and yes, even being compared to Carrie all the time and being to be made to feel like she was wrong all the time because she reacted differently from how Carrie would in a situation.

Do you realize John that we saw that Carrie got counselling but never for Sami? Also, her feelings of abandonment whether right or wrong, after Alan's trial. We always defended Carrie, but not Sami, and she saw how that pattern was passed down to Will.

When Will slept with Paul, why was he so ostracized and treated so badly, when almost all the people treating him like that had done much worse.

No offence Paul, you were treated like you had done no wrong, and you did chase Sonny all the time, and Will reacted as he had learned the way he grew up, trying to make things right the way he had seen his parents do it.

We were extra harsh on him, myself included, and we put unrealistic expectations on him, to be perfect and not make any of the mistakes we did, and to not be like his parents, and when he wasn't we punished him unfairly.

We were so hypocritical with him, when we had done the same or worse and not one of us were ever treated the way he was. The whole town decided they had the right to judge him and teach him the consequences of his actions.

If it had not been for sweet precious Ari, I don't believe that he would have been here for Ben to kill, that he would have been gone.

Paul, "You mean he would have left town, right?"

Marlena looks at Paul, "You know that isn't what I meant, Paul?"

John, "Doc, are you telling us that you think Will was suicidal, or might have been, if he didn't have Ari? Sami said the same thing but I honestly thought she was just trying to have a go at Paul, for being with Sonny now."

Marlena, "Sami's not the only one who failed Will, he was in a downward spiral, and no one did anything to help him, except T. No offence to you, Paul, but we were all trying so hard to help you fit in with the family that Will was shut out.

For God's sake, Justin was trying to convince Sonny to date you while Will was still trying to fix their marriage. And Paul you must admit that you and Sonny were emotionally involved to the point that it really was inappropriate while Sonny was still married to Will, he said that he loved Will and would give him another chance.

Then he would spend all his time with you and ignore Will, not a good indication that he had any desire to fix things, and no one ever called you and Sonny out on this behavior; or even treated you as if you were doing something wrong.

Will was made to made to feel like he was the only one who had done anything wrong, but looking back, that is not true, and I am so ashamed that I did not do anything to help Will. If it is true that Will is alive, and he is aware of recent events, he might be so hurt and angry that he will not want anything to do with any of us, especially Sonny.

You might not have anything to worry about, because I know you are worried that Sonny may want Will back, and want to be with him instead of you. Who says that after all this time, that he will want to even see us, let alone let us back in his life.

Will loves greatly and with all his heart, but once someone has hurt him, he usually will not let them be around him again, and if he knows that Sonny has moved on with you to the point of almost marrying you, that may kill any feelings that he had left for Sonny.

Will has learnt over the years to protect his heart, and he let Sonny in because Sonny swore to him that that he was truly in love in Will. That there wasn't anyone else in his heart, that was the reason that he turned Sonny down the first time he proposed, because he was unsure, but Sonny promised him that he was the love of Sonny's life, that he was the only one Sonny had feelings for, so Will agreed to marry him. Then only to have you come here and prove to him that Sonny had lied to him, and that there was someone else that he still had feelings for, deep feelings.

No one has ever said anything to Sonny about the fact that he basically lied to Will when he proposed. Everyone also acted that Will was so lucky to have Sonny love and want him, but no one ever said how lucky Sonny was that Will loved him as well, especially when Will agreed to marry Sonny. Sonny pushed for the marriage even though he knew that Will was so wary of marriage.

Will was so unsure that marriage could ever work because he saw the marriage merry go round here in Salem, and the hurt and pain that it caused, so he was afraid to even think about trusting someone enough to marry them.

That all changed when he met Sonny, but he loved Sonny so much that he was willing to try and see if he could do this and trust that a relationship could work out after marriage. He thought long and hard about it, and he decided that he loved Sonny enough to try but he told Sonny that he only wanted to get married once, and that would be it to him.

He never wanted to be to be like his parents, having multiple spouses, he lived through a lengthy list of step-parents and he saw all the pain his parents went through when every relationship failed.

Also, the fact that Sonny never told Will about you being in Salem, and how you kissed him at the hospital until after the fact, and then he blamed everything on Will, and it was the beginning of the end for Will. Sonny wasn't blameless though, he kept a lot of secrets from Will, if they had been able to communicate more, perhaps things might have been different.

He always said that he never wanted to act like his own parents, and he was so disappointed that he ended up doing some the same thing. He felt like he had failed, and in trying to fix things, just kept making them worse.

He said it was like he had no control, that he would do these things, but couldn't figure out why, he said that it was almost like he was watching someone else do this and he couldn't stop it from happening. He felt so tormented and torn."

John, "Doc, how do you know all this, were you counselling Will? I didn't think you and Will were really close during that period."

Marlena, "No, I only found out what Will was feeling after Gabi found his journals when they were closing up the apartment after Will died. She gave them to me, she didn't think Sami or Lucas could handle reading Will's last thoughts.

I agreed, and it tore me apart to see how much pain he was in, but he didn't come to me because he didn't want me to have to choose a side, either him or Paul, because he didn't want to come between me and you, John, and he didn't want to cause any trouble in our relationship.

He knew that at the time it was still rocky from the fallout of Paul's paternity. At the time, everyone was trashing Will, and he didn't want to put me in the middle. He showed he loved me more than I had shown him how much he meant to me, I should have been there for him, I should have been in his corner supporting him, but I wasn't, and now I never can be."

"Why did you have to go ahead and try to dig up his grave, if you had given me time, I would most likely have been able to talk Sami and Lucas around to the idea of the exhumation, it might have taken a few days; but I could have made them see that it was the easiest way, we could have tested the DNA of the body to prove that it was Will. Plus we are still waiting to hear if the ISA has any idea where Dr. Rolf is now?"

Paul, "I just wanted to give Sonny some closure by proving that Will was in that grave once and for all, that he really is dead, but it didn't quite work out that way, right, Dad?

I know that Kate told Sonny about Clyde's claims about Dr. Rolf, and I have heard about all the insane stuff he has pulled in the past, but why would he revive Will?"

John responds, "Well, Rolf was Stefano DiMera's loyal henchman/mad scientist for decades. Stefano has been obsessed with Marlena and the Brady's since we have known him. He even replaced Roman with me to hurt them, and it goes from there.


After Kristen died when she tried to kill Doc, he swore revenge on Marlena. He blamed her for Kristen falling to her death after she tried to push Marlena out of the window.

Stefano knew how much Will meant to Marlena, what better punishment than to take away her beloved grandson, and even possibly turning him into one of his brainwashed DiMera super soldiers, letting Rolf perform some of his sadistic and demented experiments on Will, and/or sending him back to hurt his family afterwards.

If this is what has happened, I don't know if he could recover from it, he would need to be deprogrammed, and would have to learn to live with whatever Stefano and Rolf made him do during that time. God knows, I still have nightmares from some of the things that I did while I was the Pawn.

Doc, I don't know if Sami will ever talk to me or trust me again after tonight, she was furious."

Marlena, "And rightly so, I am sorry John but on this I agree with Sami, if it was Isabella's grave, how would feel if someone tried to exhume her after you and Brady had said no, and the person still went ahead."

"If Rolf really did do this, why? Most people would think that Stefano would have ordered it, most likely to get back at Sami for taking the kids to California after EJ died. However, I don't think that it would have been Stefano, at least not for that reason, because he liked Will, and considered him family because he is Sydney and Johnny's big brother.

I could see him trying to revive him and get him back to his family, but if he did, why didn't he have Will brought back to us. He knows that we would have felt indebted to him, and he would have loved to have that kind of leverage over all of us.

Do you think he was actually trying to help for once, and something happened, or that there is someone else out there pulling the strings? Do you think it is possible that Rolf went rogue on this one, and had taken Will for some of his sick experiments, because with everyone thinking Will was dead, he knew he was able to do this because no one would be trying to find Will, they would believe him to be dead and buried, especially after the funeral?

You know that Rolf is convinced that he could make the body and brain do things that people thought were impossible, you know that after what he did to you. He was convinced that he could create or release talents of the mind that most think are science fiction. You know that he and Stefano were obsessed with trying to expand mental abilities, that they had been using behavior chips for years, and that Rolf thought he could open up the brain's pathways that would allow people to become telepathic and telekinetic. You know that with Stefano funding him, what might Rolf have been able to do since he had brought you back.

Oh God, John, he might have been doing anything that his twisted mind could come up with, and what Will might have been put through these past two years.

Dear Lord, John, do you think that they could have implanted a chip before Will died, and that was what caused his behavior during his last year. Look how Will changed completely, it might explain his actions. He said that felt out of control, that he couldn't stop himself from doing those things?

You know more than anyone how much those chips can control a person, and cause them to do things they would never do. And you know that the chips they had used on you and Hope were extremely powerful, anything after that would have to be a lot more sophisticated, and most likely undetectable. That madman could have been controlling Will for a year or more, and no one would realize it, they would have said that Will finally starting to act like his mother.

Also, if it was after Kristen, Stefano may have decided to sacrifice Will to get back at me, you know he loved to see me in pain.

Seeing Will spin out of control like that broke my heart; but I thought that he was just acting out, and didn't do anything. I thought showing my disapproval would get him to stop, and when he didn't, I treated him the same way everyone else in town did."

Marlena breaks down crying hysterically, and John tries to comfort her.

In the background, Paul just looks at them, and quietly scoffs, wishing that it is true that Will is truly gone, and that they can get proof so that he can marry his Sonny.

He doesn't care what could have happened to Will, as long as it doesn't stop Paul from being with Sonny. He knows that he must make sure that no one what he did to Will before Will died.

Sonny is his, and the little brat just has to keep interrupting his plans even after death.

Neither John or Marlena see the look on his face, he clears his expression before they look at him.

Everyone decides to retire for the night, and Paul leaves and goes back to his place, thinking out loud to himself, "At least now I don't have to hear about St. Will anymore.

It's laughable, until that nutcase showed up at the church, nobody was even thinking about Will, and now it's all anyone can talk about.

I have to make sure no one finds out just how much I manipulated the situation and caused Will to keep spinning out of control. No one can know that I arranged for Dr. Rolf to put a behavior modification chip into Will, and that I was the one controlling it and him, causing him to act the way he did after our "affair" was discovered.

No one would believe that I was able to make him act out with an app on my phone. All I had to do was open the app, and press start, and Will would start acting out. It was so easy, and no one would ever look at me for causing his behavior. They just said he's acting just like mommy dearest.

Funny thing, they were all supposed to love him so much but no one except that idiot T ever tried to help, not even his so called loving husband. They can never find out that I drugged Will, and that with the chip, I was able to convince him that we had sex, and no can ever know that Will did not cheat on Sonny here, or that I arranged for the same thing to happen in LA.

No one will know that I knew Sonny was married and who he was married to when I came here for the surgery. To be honest, I cannot believe that anyone believes that I chose to come here for the surgery, when I could have gone to the best surgeons in the world, but that I chose Salem, Illinois, where it just so coincidentally happened that my ex boyfriend was living with his new husband.

Using my friend Tolstin to arrange for Will to be drugged and thinking that he had cheated on Sonny while in LA was so easy. All my friend had to do was promise that we would get the screenwriter Balaton introductions to some big-name athletes and other stars.

All that he cared about was furthering his career, he didn't care that he was helping to ruin someone's life. Apparently, he was glad to do it, because he had wanted Will to start with, but the little idiot didn't even realize he was being hit on.

The screenwriter used the "hook-up" to blackmail Will into using his scripts, which got Will fired, because the other writer deliberately wrote bad scripts, knowing he would get the job when Will was let go.

I now owe my friend a favor, especially if I don't want Sonny to find out that I had a guy in every city for away games, that he was my San Francisco boy, but my friend won't say anything because I know of his gambling and game fixing.

So, I have nothing to worry about it, and if they don't find that old crackpot scientist, everything is okay. I have to keep playing the supportive fiancé, and very soon, I will be married to Sonny, he is mine. "

Sonny is his damn it. Will was just an obstacle that he had to get rid of, any way, Sonny showed who he wanted to be with after the "cheating", Sonny could have pushed him away, he never did, remember how he would bashfully blush whenever Paul went to the club to see him.

There's the proof that it was really him that Sonny wanted, he was just tied to that brat. He just helped Sonny get free from the mistake he made in marrying Will, that's all.

"I have to make sure no one knows how I really feel, we have to get this wrapped up so that I can marry Sonny and he will be mine forever.

Since my career was ruined because of the injury and surgery not being able to fix it, Sonny was a great consolation prize, and I do love him; but if I had the choice of my career or Sonny, it would be my career. He makes a great second choice though, and the sex is great."

Paul arrives at his place, never realizing that his entire conversation with himself, has been recorded on all the cameras that Stefano had placed in every area of Salem, and that there is now proof of just what he has done to Will. Never knowing that this conversation will come back to haunt him.

The next morning, Sonny stops in to see Chad and see if has information on Dr. Rolf's location as he used to work for DiMera, specifically Stefano. He asks if anyone knows where he is, that it might be in some of Stefano's papers, so they could track him down and find out if any of this true.

Chad says that he doesn't know but Andre might have a contact for him, and asks Andre to help, saying that this could help with the bad publicity Andre is dealing with now. Andre agrees, and goes off to try and contact the doctor.

Later that night, Paul decides to tell Sonny what he and John had attempted to do, and how Sami discovered them and stopped it.

Paul tries to convince Sonny that it was the only way to get proof that Will is truly gone, and Sony gets mad at Paul. They have a small argument about putting everything on hold until they find out if Will is alive.

Paul feels like they are doing all this for nothing and that he shouldn't have to wait and see if Will is alive before he can marry Sonny because it could not possibly be true. Anyway, as he sees it, Sonny loves him not Will, so why should it matter. Will was declared dead, that should make the marriage invalid. There is nothing legally stopping them from marrying.

Paul decides to sleep at his own place that night, and they part ways for the night. He feels that Sonny is putting stress on their relationship over what he has to believe is just obviously a lie.

The next morning Sami goes to see her mother, and Marlena asks why Sami didn't stay with her and John, and Sami tells her mother the reason; and that it was because she did not know if she could handle seeing or dealing with John and possibly Paul if he was there, especially after they had done the night before.

Marlena tries to tell Sami what they did was wrong but it was done with the best of intentions.

Sami does not agree but she and Marlena have a long talk, where Sami talks about spending the time since Will's death looking for EJ, coming close but never finding him, hating herself for dragging her kids all over the world for nothing basically in return.

Sami decides to go see Chad at the mansion to see if he had any information about Will. She has a run in with Abby and then Andre, who says that he will not help Sami in any way, until Abby asks him to do it for her, and he agrees.

Andre gets a hold of Dr. Rolf quite quickly and gets him to come to Salem. He tells Kate that he is going to see him at his hotel to get the information out of the doctor about Will, but she convinces him to give the details to Hope who can do it officially.

Andre goes to the police station, and tells Hope that Dr. Rolf is at the Salem Inn, and then hands her an envelope with a phoenix on it, proof for Dr. Rolf to trust that it is his contact and get him to open the door.

Hope shows up at the hotel, and slides a phoenix card under the door, and Rolf opens it expecting to see Andre, but not Hope.

Sami stops by the mansion to see Kate, and Kate lets her know that Andre has managed to find the doctor and has gotten him to Salem, and that he is supposed to be at the Salem Inn.

Sami takes off and rushes to the hotel, finds out what room he is, and runs up there.

At this moment, Hope is trying to interrogate Dr. Rolf, and Sami bursts into the room.

In the beginning, the doctor refuses to answer any questions about Will being alive.

Sami loses her patience, grabs Hope's gun, and puts it to Rolf's head, and tells him that if he doesn't answer their questions, she will shoot him. He knows that is quite possible so he finally tells them that yes Will is alive, he stole his body from the morgue after resurrecting it, and that he had been working on Will.

He also admits that the body in Will's grave is not Will.

Hope demands to know if Stefano was behind Will being stolen from the morgue and resurrected. Rolf says that it was not Stefano who was responsible for Will being taken.

Sami demands to know where her son is, but before they can get any more information from the slippery scientist, he kills himself by swallowing a suicide pill.

Hope is furious with the outcome, and arrests Sami for interfering in a police investigation and has her taken to the station.

Rafe sees Sami being taken into booking, and confronts Hope. She tells him what happened, but she is stunned when he defends Sami's actions.

She can't believe that he is siding with Sami, and he says to her, "Can't you understand why she acted the way she did, she just found out that a psychotic scientist resurrected and may have been experimenting on the son that she believed she had lost two years ago."

Hope wants to go ahead with charging Sami, because she doesn't want anyone to think she is giving her preferential treatment for pulling a weapon on a prisoner who was being interrogated.

Rafe reminds Hope that she reinstated JJ even though he had done the same thing, and that JJ is a trained officer, and that he reacted the same way as a grieving mother, so how can she charge Sami and put her in any more pain. If she understood why JJ did what he did, why can't she understand why Sami reacted in the same fashion.

Hope then orders that Sami be placed at one of the desks in the squad room while she decides what to do with her, not wanting to let her go but knowing that Rafe is right.

She is mad though that Sami took her service weapon off her, and if she does charge her, that she will have to admit that she let herself be disarmed.

Hope decides to talk to Ben again as she is trying to decide on what to do with Sami. During the interrogation, she tells him that the doctor had admitted that Will was alive, and that the body in the grave is not Will, but Rolf did himself in before they could find out where he had taken Will.

Ben seems to drift off when he hears this and starts humming, and Hope knows the song sounds familiar but cannot place it.

Lani comes to the interrogation room to get Hope to sign off on a report, hears Ben and says Walking in Memphis. Hope says "What?"

Lani says "The song he is humming, it is Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn. Great song, what started him humming?"

Hope replies, "I was saying that we did not know where the doctor had taken Will after he stole his body and resurrected him. Do you think that he started humming this song because I was talking about Will?"

Ben speaks up saying, "Will would love Memphis, before when we were planning mine and Abby's wedding, he had talked about wanting to go there. He would love to go to the clubs there, and see where all the writers had lived."

Lani and Hope look at Ben in shock.

With the door open, Sami hears all of this and is freaking out.

Hope comes out of the interrogation room and Sami tries to look calm, hoping that she will get out of there soon, so that she can go to Memphis and look for Will.

She knows that until Lucas stops drinking, that he will not be able to help her so she decides to go by herself, figuring that one person can ask around with out arousing any suspicions. She knows that is she goes with the others that a group would draw too much attention.

Hope decides to let Sami go with a warning to stay out of police business. Sami says sure, she won't interfere with the police's investigation.

She thinks to herself anyway I am starting my own, they can go on interviewing Ben for information, she intends to go to Memphis to find her son.

Sami leaves the police station, and goes to her hotel to pack up, she books a ticket on the next flight to Memphis.

She goes to the airport, gets her ticket and finds out there it will be a two-hour delay for the flight so she waits just past security, just wanting to get to Memphis to start her search.

Meanwhile, after Marlena and John hear that they have found Dr. Rolf, and that he killed himself during the interrogation. John then calls Paul and Sonny, and they go to the station where Hope tells them what happened.

She explains that Sami was there during the interrogation, and that she had almost been charged with interfering with the investigation, but that they have let her go with a warning.

They find out that Dr. Rolf did confirm that he had resurrected Will in the morgue, and that the body in the grave is not Will's, but he would not name his employer, only that it was not Stefano, and that he then killed himself rather than give them any more information.

What no one knows is that Rolf was still working on different experiments for Stefano but that he never told Stefano who he was using as a subject, knowing that Stefano would not have let him use Will, because he was almost family.

Rolf knew that Stefano would not have had a problem with the scientist revving Will, but he would have drawn the line at using him as an experiment subject. So, he wasn't' lying when he said that Stefano didn't have him revive Will because for once Stefano didn't know everything Rolf was doing.

Paul is sweating it out after he hears that Hope managed to interrogate Dr. Rolf, but he is relieved to hear that the doctor had killed himself before naming an employer. He thinks that he is home free win regards to his manipulations of Will before he died, not even thinking about he admitted everything out loud the night before. Of course, at that point, he doesn't know about the cameras recording everything all over Salem.

Hope lets them know that right after she got back from speaking to Dr. Rolf, she spoke to Ben again. When she told him that they had been given confirmation that Will was alive, but were not able to find out where he was that Ben did something unusual.

As Hope is telling John and Marlena the possible clue they have gotten from Ben about Memphis, Sonny interrupts, saying to John that they must get to Memphis to look for Will.

Paul is not happy but decides to act once again like the supportive fiancé, and backs Sonny up on the matter. To be honest, he wouldn't care if Will was wandering around Memphis forever, as long as he is far away from Sonny.

John and Marlena agree that they should go, and they hurry home to pack. They get to the airport to get tickets on the next flight, and when they arrive at the airport, they see Sami. They go up to her, asking her where she is going.

She won't answer at first, and asks where the four of them are going, they say that they are following a clue on information on Will, that they are on their way to Memphis.

Sami admits that she is going there as well, but that she thinks that it is best that she will work separate from them, she is not comfortable around most of that group. Marlena tries to talk Sami into them all working together, but Sami says that she cannot trust John and Paul after what they had done.

The flight is called for Memphis, and they start to board the plane, unfortunately Sami ends up sitting near the other group where they all purchased last minute tickets. The flight is very tense and uncomfortable, especially with everyone lost in their thoughts on what they will find or learn during their time in Memphis.