Willing it to Be - Epilogue

The ones who treated Will so horribly do get Will back into their lives eventually, but only after they finally realized just how much they hurt him and that they must make it up to him, not just saying they are sorry to him. They must work hard at it because they finally realized that they truly ruined Will's life during that time.

When Paul and Adrienne are tried and convicted, all the people who were so devoted to him because of the drugs the two administered; they give victim impact statements after the trial, claiming that they almost ruined their lives and destroyed some of their most important relationships.

None of them want anything to do with them again. They show the court that they were hurt badly by their actions, but they do realize they were never their greatest victims.

Paul and Adrienne lose everything and as the years pass, everyone forgets all about them and all the evil they caused, except for the people of Salem closest to Will and Sonny. They work to make sure that no one can do to them or anyone else what Paul and Adrienne had done, and so no one can be hurt like Will.

Throughout the years, Will and Sonny's relationship just grows stronger, and they fell more in love with each other every day that passed, and Ari is so happy that her wish came true, that her dads had gotten back together, and that her mom and Eli had gotten married and were still so happy together. They are both living the lives they were meant to have with the perfect people as their spouses, the people that they were meant to be with, their soulmates.

Ari loved being the big sister to all her brothers and sisters from both sets of parents, two brothers and three sisters from her mom and Eli, and three brothers and two sisters from her dad and dad Sonny. Ari realizes just how lucky she was to have the life she has, and she knows that even though it was so hard at the time, that the best thing that ever happened was that guy Ben crashing the wedding that day.

It had started the search for her dad, which led to all her dreams coming true, and her family was brought back together again. All her relatives became so much more loving and they made up for all the awful things that they had done to her dad during the bad time as it became known in their family.

As she had gotten older, she knew that something had happened between her dad and his family, and she started to learn more about what had happened, and to be honest, at first, she didn't want anything to do with the people who had hurt her dad, but he showed her that they had finally made it up to him and they were sincere, and so he was able to forgive them, and they got to be part of his life again, and that if he could forgive them and let them be in his life, that she should try to do the same.

The town of Salem will never be the same. The high and mighty citizens are brought back down to earth where they belong having learned the most important lesson, do not judge someone unless you want to be judged yourself, you will never like the consequences. Remember karma's a bitch and she's always ready to slap someone down, and her payback is never far away.

The citizens of Salem, and especially Paul Narita and Adrienne Johnson learned that the hard way.