Published: 10/30/17

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Warning: Rushed, unbetaed. Tired.

Rated T: For paranoia, and perhaps some general cursing, and death

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Chapter 1

It didn't exactly hit me like a bullet, but then again I wasn't always the sharpest kunai.

It was gentle, flowing, drops of familiarity adding up before memories started to trickle through the dam.

I wish the dam was stronger.

A plate was put in front of me, on it sat an offensive red fruit and rice. I glared at it. "Akio," mother said warningly, but I ignored her, choosing to glare at the fluorescent red fruit. Soft footfalls approached and a hand found its way into my hair, I ducked underneath it and shifted my glare to mother instead.

Her eyes twinkled as she watched me fix my hair. "What's wrong sweetie?"

"Don't like."

She took a glance at the plate before answering. "You don't like the tomato?" I nodded my head and moved to get off the seat intending to grab an apple to eat, before I could gentle hands moved me back to my spot. "Why don't you like it?"

"Bad taste." She let out a sigh at that. "You haven't even tried this one yet."

"I did! It tasted bad!"

"I'm the one feeding you. I'm sure I would've remembered giving you one. Just try it."

"No!" I yelled, tears welling up.


"No, no, no!" I started bouncing in my seat and slamming my fits on the table. Practiced hands lifted me out of the seat, hushing me softly and rubbing my back. I stopped flailing my fists when I realized she was holding me. We stood in silence in the small kitchen as I rode out the crying part of my tantrum. I sniffled a few times and wiped the tears from my eyes. "I'm sorry mommy."

She hummed softly, "better?"

"Better." I repeated. "Good," she set let me back on the ground again, "now, try the tomato." She took the one off my plate and bit into it exaggeratedly, "Mmmm, yummy." She waved the fruit under my nose in an enticing way. No matter how it was presented it still seemed off.

I felt my nose crinkle as a bit of juice escaped her mouth, but reached out my hands to bring her hand closer to my lips anyway. I took a bite, a tangy flavor bursted to life in my mouth like I knew it would.

A sense of panic and urgency flashed through my body as the juice hit my tongue, I reflexively gagged and turned to spit it out but a hand pinched my nose and held my mouth shut.

"Finish it," mother said with a sharpness in her words and so I did. "Good girl," she patted my head and picked me up again. "Now was that so bad?" I turned my face away from her, chosing to look out the kitchen window instead. I felt sick, it felt wrong.

"You know Aki-chan, that you won't always be able to eat what you want every time. The world doesn't work like that."

Water reached wood and flushed out the spiders.

Don't let it get near, don't get caught, just run. My lungs heaved and I regretted the geta I wore, you couldn't run in them. Tears fell, and Suzuko started sobbing, the main house came into view and I clutched her hand tighter, silently urging my feet to move faster.

Okasan came out from the kitchen at the sound of our cries. Her eyes caught sight of us and placid gray turned into steel. "Shou! Shin! Stop terrorizing your little sisters!" We reached the house and quickly sought protection behind Oka-san's legs, peaking out as our brothers caught up. They stood a few feet away, not daring to come up onto the porch.

Shou whined, "It's just a spider oka-san!" He stood tall and proud, his arms crossed, the white spider crawling around his shoulders freely. It found it's way on to his face, and a shiver ran down my back.

"Creepy," I whispered, the hand that clutched the back of my kimono tightened in agreement.

Sho stopped a few steps behind Shin, his head tilting downwards for a second a few brunet stands falling out of place. His spider was held by a leg far from him, but his lips were pursed tightly in silent agreement.

One of Okasan's hands came down to ruffle my hair, but I quickly moved away with a scowl. "I don't care what it is, It's scaring them, " Okasan spoke firmly, but with a carelessness reflecting her disinterest.

"I want to keep her though." Shin barked out.

"We are not Aburame. We do not keep insects as pets." Mother said with a toss of her head.

"Ka-san! It's an-"

"Arachnid," we said at the same time. Storm gray eyes flickered to mine, before returning to Okasan's.

"They're not insects! They're different creatures! They're not even part of the same order. Spiders eat incests, they're good for the house! Can't we keep them? I'll keep them in my room! They can help with keeping all other bugs out!" He tried to reason with her, but the shaking body of Suzuki and his rudeness kept her from answering.

She chose to deflect the question to me instead, "Akio, how do you feel about that?"

"Uhm." I took Suzuko's hand off my obi and turned around to look at her, her blue eyes were still glistening with tears. She shook her head, no. I bit my lip and glanced at my brother, though proud there was a desperateness in his eyes. "If they can keep it in their room?" I answered meekly, wincing as Suzuko let out a small whimper and dug her nails into my palm.

Pieces of the dam drifted away with time.

It took a flash of purple and pink to bring back my name.

Though one of my cousins held my hand as we rushed through the market I couldn't help but notice the crowd of girls around my age surrounding another with "sakura blossom" hair. I tilted my head in curiosity, why exactly was it so familiar. I glanced around the market, and though there were some unusual hair colors the two girls stood out. Was that quite normal? Everyone in the clan, well except Suzuki's and Shin's line, had dark brown hair, and so did almost everyone on the street.

I felt a few tugs on my arm but they soon stopped realized that no amount of tugging would get me to move. I hadn't noticed I stopped in the middle of the street. Aoi, my cousin followed my line of vision, dismissing the crowd of girls in front of the shop, "Yamanaka flowers", she read out loud. "Do you want some flowers?" she asked.


"You mentioned sakura blossoms earlier."

"Sure," I replied, mildly confused when I mentioned that, maybe I was saying my thoughts out loud again.

We walked across the road dodging others through the busy street. The crowd of young girls dispersed as an older figure lead the purple haired girl away by the ear. As they left I overheard the start of a lecture, "Ami! I can't believe you didn't check in again." There was more said but I stopped paying close attention after hearing that name.

Ami. Aimee? Emi?



Amo. I love.

Amare. To love.

My name?

My head whipped around in their direction at the realization and I watched the two walk away. Was her name Ami? Or was that my name, but I alread- "Ouch!" I went to slap the offender but she was already out of range, I rubbed my wrist where my cousin pinched me and glared at her.

She greeted me with an amused smile, "You okay Aki-chan? You've been a lot more absentminded today. Your not sick are you?" She paused for a second and muttered under her breath, "Sayuri is going to kill me if you are."

"No. Sorry, Aoi-san."

"Drop the formalities already, call me Onee-chan! There's only five of us in this generation. Give me the pleasure of being an older sister." She gave me a pleading look and took my hand again when I didn't answer. "I'll get you to call me that one day." She declared. I rolled my eyes at her antics, she was too loud.

"Trouble with the little one?" Asked a pretty brunette from behind the counter. Aoi saw the opportunity and jumped into the conversation, rambling on about everything on her mind, relaxing her hold on me.

I took the opportunity to wander. As I did I saw the pinkette from earlier, this time next to a blonde girl who skipped down some stairs to hand the pinkette a red ribbon. The girl was chattering non-stop, "Their only making fun of you because of their insecurities, Daddy told me so! You're beautiful! Don't hide behind your hair, who cares if your forehead is big! Embrace it! Your hiding your eyes, they are so pretty. They're like emerald gems! I wish I had them, everyone in my-" I backed away as my ears started ringing. They were much too noisy for my likings.

The pair found me when I was admiring some flowers in a basin. There were two? Maybe three, different kinds in there. They were mainly white with a pink hue but there were a few other bins, the gentle gradients bled into white. The sign said water lilies and lotuses, but "which one was which?"

"The one with broader petals are lotuses, the others are lilies. See the round ones? Lotuses, they symbolize purity, mindfulness, and the mind. The tear dropped ones, lilies, represent rebirth, purity, and innocence." I blinked blankly at the blue-eyed girl- who was missing pupils?

"Thank you?" I said, kicking myself mentally, it was a really bad habit to say your thoughts aloud. "Where are your pupils?" I slapped my hands over my mouth after that burst from my mouth. "I'm so sorry!" I yelped and immediately bowed. I held my stance, and stared at the clay tiled floor, "This is why I don't speak." I mumbled.

Boisterous laughter accompanied by soft giggles surprised me. Small hands straightened my body, and the blonde gave me a blinding smile. "Apology accepted, I'm Ino! I tentatively returned her smile and waved. "This is Haruno Sakura," she said and motioned to the pinkette behind her, who gave me a small wave and a shy smile.

I smiled and bowed in greeting. "My name is Okita Akio, it's a pleasure to meet you. So, uhmm, Ino-san. Why do you have no pupils?" I said as I rose from the bow.

"Chakra mutation. My clan has been using chakra for so long and according to the Nara's our key identifiers have to do with the pr-prolonged use of it."

"Chakra?" I repeated, understanding about half of what was said.

The blonde paused in her movement, "You don't know what it is?"

"No?" I answered. She glanced between Sakura and me, then at Sakura's equally puzzled look. She nodded to herself then grabbed our hands and started pulling us towards the staircase where I first saw them.

"Mom! I'm bringing Akio and Sakura upstairs," she shouted as we ran up the staircase.

"Who?" Ino's mom yelled from downstairs, but it was too late. We were already upstairs, and the door closed.

Sakura and I plopped down on cushions in Ino's princess styled, playroom? "Are you both from civilian families?" At our nods, Ino carried on, "And live in the Kohana, the Villiage hidden in the leaves?" This time when we nodded Ino exploded. "How do you not know what chakra is then! Especially you Sakura! You've enrolled in the academy! The Shinobi school! I mean Akio, you are fully civilian, but still, chakra is your life force!"

Sakura looked near tears at that remark while I looked down at my lap ashamed.

"I- I," Sakura stuttered to answer and at that Ino stopped her yelling.

She apologized, "I'm sorry, but how do you guys not know this?" She pulled out a small yellow book from her bedside table, it read Chakra Stories: For Children. "Everyone, I know owns this. Chakra is made-"

"Chakra is made of two energies that balance each other out. Yin, and yang. Every living being is made of these two energies, including plants and animals. Yin chakra is your mental or spiritual strength, while Yang, is the physical manifestation of it and depends on your physical. Boys usually develop to have more yang chakra while girls are born with a slightly higher concertation of yin." At that, the two of us turned to stare at Sakura, whose cheeks soon matched her cheeks as we stared at her for the textbook recitation.

"Right," said Ino, the word drawing out longer than it should've. "I thought you didn't know what chakra was."

"I was just surprised that she didn't know what it was. Even in civilian school, they made us go over it. I think that's the first thing they taught us." Their gazes turned to me searching for answers.

"I'm home-schooled?" I answered nervously. When no one spoke up I continued on, "My mother is from the Land of Tea, and is from a long line of geishas. She wants to teach me manners and poise before I go to civilian school if I go?" I trailed off at the end. "I think my brother goes to what was it called the academy?" I shrugged, "We don't speak too often."

"Oh. That explains it. Are you going to join us- wait how old are you?"


Sakura gawked at my answer, "I thought you were three."

"What kind of three years old speaks that well." Ino looked at Sakura incredulously.

"I m-mean, the other shinobi clans have prodigies, why can't civilians. Akio is a lot smaller than us."

Ino scanned me up and down, "I agree, so are you planning on joining the academy? If you do you'll be in our year, I think there's another month or two for potential shinobi to join, otherwise, you'll be put in a different year than us."

"Uh, I actually haven't given it much thought. I mean I just found out about the academy today."

"Right." Ino nodded, "forgot about that." She paused, "Haven't you ever questioned why people can walk on trees and stuff though? I mean, there's the rooftop roadway. It's pretty hard to miss."

I shrugged, "I guess my house isn't on the roadway? My clan compound is pretty small. None of us really go out unless we're of age to go to school. I mean we specialize in a few trades. Mainly agriculture, uh actual trade, and I think Aunt Hitomi is the head chef of a restaurant. Being one of the few girls of my generation has uh, kinda trapped me in the compound." I coughed a bit, my vocal cords strained from the amount of talking we were doing. "I'm sorry but do you mind if I have a glass of water? I don't usually speak this much."

Ino jumped off the couch, eyes widening. "Oh, no, don't be sorry. I'm sorry, I should've thought of that. I'll ask Kasan if we can go to the market to get some drinks. We don't really keep much in the fridge here besides some plant stuff."

We followed Ino downstairs, feeling a bit too awkward to just sit there, "Kasan! Can we go to the marketplace?" The woman from the counter gave Ino a smile. A smile I recognized, the resemblance between the two was striking. Ino-san really did inherit the captivating smile of her mother's.

"Of course, introduce me to your friends first." She teased.

Ino brightened up, brushing off the gentle reprimand without another thought and introduced us, "This is Haruno Sakura," Sakura waved, "and Okita Akio."

I bowed deeply, "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Ino's mother laugher sounded like bells, I straightened up and stared at her as the woman seemed to glow in delight. "My, how polite you are. Aoi-chan wasn't kidding when she told me about you."

That broke me out of my dazed state. Panic flooded my body as I scrambled to get out of there. I bowed sloppily and began to blabber and excuse before toned arms wrapped around me. It only made me thrash to get out of their grip.

"Shhhh, your safe her Akio-chan. You're safe." Ino's mom made a series of cooing sounds in an attempt to calm me, but seeing as I remained tense she released me. She backed away to give me space, her grin was accepting but her eyes were concerned. Her eyes piercing as she tried not to stare at the slight tremble of my body. "Aoi-chan should be back soon. She told me about how rarely you get to leave the compound and wanted me to watch you while she carried out her chores. No one will tell your mom your secret is safe with me." I caught glimpses of Ino and Sakura worried looks, and turned my head away.

"Now girls, I don't think Akio-chan is in the state to go out in public right now. Why don't you guys go back to the playroom? I'll bring up some aloe juice and bean buns in a bit." We nodded in agreement, I was just glad the shop was empty at that moment. There was nothing more than I hated than losing grip of my calm for something so trivial.

Author's Note- (10/30/17)

Hi! This is just something that pretty much popped out of nowhere. I'm not sure where this is going but thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm not sure if I will continue this it all really depends on the feedback. This is a semi-oc self-insert, in Naruto's generation. As you can see the protagonist is mostly clueless and will continue to be so, mostly due to my lack of concrete knowledge of the series, and more or less so the path I want to follow. I want to make this as realistic as possible without it being boring. I watched it a while ago (when I was in elementary), so any recollection I have is pretty rough. Most of what I know of the moment is based off fanfiction. I will correct any inaccuracies on a later date, and get to reading the manga eventually.

Anyways, since I'm unsure of continuing this I'll tell you a bit of what I plan to do. This will be dabbling with some LGBTA+ elements, and some mental/personality disorders and tics *the author waves hi.* There will be a few rather surprising developments, but it'll be rather interesting. There are already a few mindfucks (please excuse my language) in place.

This will not be a fix it all kind of fict or wish fulfillment, this will not involve masterminding things, random powerups, or any harlem behaviors. The pairing as of now is undecided, but no this is not Yuri, perhaps there will be some later though, but nothing in depth. Akio's civilian life will affect the story though, her family will be sprinkled about. Her genin cell is undetermined, but I do feel like playing around with an OC group and perhaps a canon jonin sensei, or switching out one of the Rookie 9.

In all honesty, that is largely unappealing and will not be a very likely thing that I will do. A note of warning, a few characters are planned to be killed off. Any writing tips or constructive criticism will be welcomed and highly thanked, most questions will be answered via pm. Any help with the story direction or anything is greatly encouraged.

Oh! The first part is when Akio is 3, the next 4, and how did you guess! The last part is when she's five! Okay, its 12 am I am screwed.

Akio Okita: Currently 5, appears younger. Sakura is 6, everyone else 5ish. Her clan is the classic Kohonna pale, but due to her family emigrating to Kohona from other lands they're a few shades darker than most. Akio has inky black hair (Asian genetics woohoo), and silver gray eyes (This I admit is wished fulfillment as my eyes though at times reflected gray, are closer to pitch black in normal lighting.) And a smaller, petite figure than most.

Shou: Currently 7, appears older. Skin a few shades tanner than Akio's, storm gray eyes, average size, figure a bit thicker than others. *spoiler* affinity for spiders, currently in the academy.

Thank you for getting this far! Also I have ultimately procrastinated on my very much important tests/quarterly examinations. RIP me, currently a junior who takes both chemistry, and anatomy and physiology, oh and forensics. My choice and interests, but as you can see I will often be preoccupied with academic work. If this is against the rules I will remove this part on a later date after I read the guidelines again.