Good & Evil





Location / Date / Time Change


"What the hell is a Nature Stone?" Natsu asked.

"Unfortunately, that's all we could figure out." Hisui replied. "All the information we have is old and mostly just myths."

A guard entered the room and quickly bowed. "Forgive me, princess. But the prisoner wishes to speak with you."

"We have more important things to focus on." Natsu said back.

"She said she knows about the Nature Stones." The guard replied, shocking the two.

"Bring her up. Now." Hisui ordered.

The guard nodded and left the room. "Can we really trust her?" Natsu asked.

"We don't have much of a choice." The princess replied. "Dark Wizards have knowledge that we don't, so we have have to take advantage of that." Natsu mumbled in agreement as the two waited for the guards to return. "So tell me, what are your plans for Cosmos?"

Natsu almost fell over in shock from the statement. "Wh-wh-what are you talking about?" He mumbled out.

"Did you forget who first watched you when you and your guild broke in here?" She chuckled out. "I didn't see anything myself, but you should know that she's been infatuated for some time now. I consider her part of my family, so I ask again; what are your plans for Cosmos?"

A knock on the door caught their attention and Hisui ordered it open. 'Thank god. Good news.' He said as the guards opened the door, letting the chained Mary walk into the room as the guard brought in everything confiscated from her a tray.

"Before we start, I want these off of me." She said, holding up her cuffs. "It's the only way I can explain everything."

"Why should we trust you?" Natsu asked.

"Natsu..." Hisui raised her hand and the guards undid one of the cuffs before leaving the room. "Now, tell us everything you know."

Mary walked over and placed her hand on the table and an Archive projection appeared above it. "In the beginning, the world was wild and chaotic." Mary started. "Then the gods crafted eight elemental crystals to govern all the forces. These Nature Stones each control an important force in the world. Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Life, Death, Ether, and Void. They then scattered them across the world, as means to regulate and control the power.

"The stones aren't all powerful, they are meant to regulate. But if someone were to harness these stones, they could be nigh unstoppable. Amazingly, we managed to find one of these stones on an excavation. But before we could even use it, three strangers appeared and attacked us. They killed everyone and took the Death Stone from us." The projection changed to show three faces Natsu and Hisui knew all too well.

"Raven Tail..." Natsu growled out.

"So that's their name..." Mary said before pointing to Ivan. "He already had the Earth Stone and destroyed our entire base before taking the stone we had. And it seems like he's been busy as well." Mary pulled up an pair of screen and the other two saw both Juniper Village destroyed and a council building attacked. "I came here to warn you all, but then this idiot punched me in the stomach and knocked me out."

"How'd this happen?" The princess asked, grabbing the paper.

"My best guess is that they had stones and didn't even know it." Mary replied before noticing the horrified look on Natsu's face. "What is it?"

"It's my fault..." He mumbled, confusing the two women. "I saw those stupid magic rocks and had no idea they'd mark them as a target." Fire spat from his mouth as he grit his teeth in anger. "Ivan will pay for this!"

"Look, you can morn the dead later." Mary said. "We have bigger problems. If he gets his hands on all eight stones, he'll be able to control every element on the plant. And if he does..."

"There's no telling what kind of destruction he could unleash." Hisui mumbled in fear.

"Then we need to stop him now!" Natsu shouted.

"Agreed." The petite girl replied. "Which is why we need to is go after the Life and Ether stones."

"What the hell is ether?" The pinkette man asked.

"The very source of all magic in the world." Mary explained. "If Ivan gets his hands on it, he'll soon be able to control all Ethernano in the world. And I don't think I need to explain what the Life Stone can do."

She began fiddling through the rubble as Hisui took the stone. "Why wouldn't he go after the others?" She asked.

Mary just huffed as she looked up from the scraps. "There are eight stones out there. Ivan already had the Earth Stone because he impaled Briar on a stalagmite. He stole the Death Stone from us when he destroyed our base and killed everyone but me. He's clearly already stolen the Wind and Water Stones from the other people and probably killed them too.

"The Fire Stone is here with us, so we know its safe. As for the Void Stone, there's no record of it anywhere for the last hundred plus years. Hell, I'm not sure if it even still exists. Therefor Ivan can't get it, hence he'll be going after the Life and Ether Stones."

"Then we need to find them fast." Natsu said.

"That won't be a problem." Mary said as she unfurled a scroll from the table, showing what looked liked a red skull with an orange outline and eyes. "After 'Grandfather' tried to kill us all, we decided to form a spy network in the other dark guilds. My spy in Death Hand Caucus claims they have two. I say it's our best bet."

"Very well. Natsu, I'm sending you along with this Mary to investigate." Hisui said, confusing the male. "This is a delicate situation. Mobilizing an entire army is both impractical and dangerous, and the other Garous Knights are on another mission. If you think there's any danger, you are to grab the stone and run. Understand?" Natsu nodded as the princess knocked on the door again. The guard reentered and cuffed Mary once more before handing the key to Natsu. "I wish you both luck. You'll be taking a carriage and our fastest horses."

"C-carriage?" Natsu whimpered.

"Let's go, pinky." Mary said, dragging Natsu out of the room. The guards escort them to the stable and pushed the Dragon Slayer into it before the carriage started moving. Mary was put in seconds later after talking to the driver, handing him a map sent from her spy. The reigns flicked and instantly, Natsu hugged his stomach before collapsing onto Mary's lap.

"Move it, fire boy." She demanded.

"Can't... move..." He groaned out. Mary just sighed as Natsu involuntary snuggled into her thighs.

Her faced blushed up as her eyes wandered south and found a tent pitched in Natsu's tent. "H-hey. Do something about this!" Natsu pushed his head up and saw his erection. "Think of something gross or something!" She demanded. Natsu whimpered in pain as his mind tried to think of something, ANYTHING to stop the blood flow to his other head. Unfortunately, his current location made that quite impossible. The dark wizard let out an annoyed sighed before an idea crossed her mind.

Mary chuckled as she pushed herself up and freed herself. Moving down the bench, she grabbed his pants and started groping his cock. "Do you know how long it's been since I've had a good fuck? Too long." She felt it harden and she grabbed the waste line of his pants. "I've got an itch that needs scratching, and you're the stick I need."

She pulled it back and was genuinely surprised by the size of Natsu. "W-Wow." Even more determined than before, Mary placed her hands on the hot rod and began jerking him off. Groaning in a mix of pain and pleasure, Natsu barely managed to look up at Mary when she began swirling her tongue around his tip.

Mary began suckling on the head as her hands traveled south. For the first time in a while, she was actually turned on enough to masturbate and she was damned if she was gonna let it go. Her tongue trailed down the shaft before reaching the sperm filled orbs. Finding them devoid of hair she inhaled the scent of flames before sucking on them. Her actions were met with the sensation of the churning balls pumping blood.

She opened her mouth and suctioned one ball into her mouth. She worked her tongue on the inside as her hands pumped up and down. Her eyes only served to enhance the action, reminding Natsu of a weird porn comic he once when he was bored. It was the best thing he ever read and since became a go to when his normal stash wasn't enough. His balls tightened as the girl suckled on his head before clenching his fists tight.

"C-cumming!" It was a one word response but it was all he could get out before blowing his load down her throat. Amazingly, the girl swallowed every drop of his cum before pulling the head out.

"So good." She said with a smile before licking her lips. "Now let's get you ready for the main show." She started another hand session that returned the rod to its hardened state. She then grabbed his left and forced him to remove her moist panties down to her knees.

Pushing herself up, Mary crawled on top of the male and maneuvered his dick in between her ass checks. She ground in his dick and felt the pillar of man meat twitching between her checks. Her whole body shuddered in excitement as the heat pulsed of it. Twerking furiously, Mary managed to work it back to its full mast.

She rose up and pushed it down into her lower hole. His firm rod pushed through her anal canal and she almost came from that alone. Gripping his shirt, she began bouncing up and down her tiny ass barely making any ripples on her flesh. "Big boy, aren't you?" She teased, hoping to invoke a reaction.

With all his strength, Natsu reached up and grabbed her legs forcing her down deeper than before. Mary gasped at the action before her face was filled by a blush. Natsu was confused for a second before his arms gave out and slid down to the ground. Along the way he brushed a dial and Mary began panting even more.

Even in his sickly state, Natsu could feel vibration coming from Mary's wet cunt. 'Oh... that makes sense now.' Mary continued to bounce on his cock increasing her speed as fast as she could. Her tight hole squeezed his cock as hard as it could as the vibrations on the side of her walls teased Natsu with every hump.

The make pinkette gritted his teeth and looked up at Mary before she increased her speed even more and came all over his hard cock. At the same time, Natsu shot out his seed deep into her butt, making her cum even more. The white liquid began dripping out of her hole and onto the floor. His balls emptied inside her before his raging rod calmed down.

Coming down from her orgasam Mary collapsed onto him, allowing Natsu to feel her bigger than expected bustline in his chest. Boobs were one of his turn-ons and it instantly affected his lower head. "We aren't done yet." Natsu whispered into her ear, making Mary both nervous and excited at the same time.

Four Hours Later

"Are you two done back there?" The driver awkwardly asked, banging on the window. "We've reached your stop. And I don't feel like staying here longer than I have too."

Smiling, Mary pulled Natsu out of the carriage and helped him up put his dick away at the same time. Groaning, Natsu looked to see an eastern looking castle on top of a mountain. In front of them was a cave with death warnings stuck into the ground before it. "Thanks. Now get out of here if you know what's good for you."

Not even planning to argue the driver nodded and flicked the reigns, making the horses buck before driving away. "Wake up, sleepy." She said, pushing the Dragon Slayer.

"Just... just give me a second." He groaned out. After catching his lunch, he stood up to see the castle and smirked at the idea of climbing up. "Let's get going." Natsu jumped up and latched onto the stone before it zapped him. Landing on the ground with an afro, he shook his hair back to normal and looked up. "What the-"

"All the blood must travel to your other head." Mary said, shaking her head. "Do you really think they wouldn't have planned for someone to climb the wall? The whole mountain is enchanted to make it impossible to climb. The only safe way in is through the tunnels."

Standing up, Natsu followed the villainous girl into the tunnels. "Man, it is dark in here." He said before igniting his arm into a torch.

"Great, just advertise our location." Mary complained before dropping down a hole. Natsu reached down and grabbed her by the shirt, showing off the spiked pit. "Thanks.. I guess." She said before getting pulled up. "So how do we get across?"

"Easy." Natsu placed her under his arm before jumping across, much to Mary's horror. "There we go."

"That was not funny." Mary said, pushing herself free. Dusting herself off as best she could, the two continued to walk through the tunnels before the girl suddenly stopped. "Do you feel that?"

"Nope, nothing." He replied. "Wait... do you hear that noise?"

Mary pressed her ear to the wall for a second before turning around. "We need to hurry. Someone is performing a ritual and I bet it's with our stones." The two ran through the tunnel before reaching a circular room with twelve paths. "Great, now what?"

Natsu closed his eyes and focused his ears before pointing to 5 o'clock. "This way, hurry." The two ran down the path before they passed an entrance way. Inside the toom were dark chanters standing in a circle surrounding a cloaked alter. Floating over the fabric were a white and grey stone. "Let's get them."

Natsu raced over only for Mary to grab his scarf. "Are you that stupid?" She asked, pulling him back into the shadows. "You're on your own as long I have these on. If you die, I'm screwed. Our best strategy is to wait for an opportunity to take the stones."

The male huffed in disappointment before sitting down with crossed arms. The circular mob raised their arms and finished their chant, making both stones glow their respective colors. They merged into a pillar and shot down onto the cloak. The light blinded both pinkettes and most of the dark wizards.

Minutes seemed to pass before the light died. Both infiltrators moved their arms to look and noticed that the fabric now had someone underneath it. "She's alive again!" A cloaked man cheered as the circle practically danced in joy. One went to high five another only for his arm to disintegrate. The man panicked before his whole body turned to dust, scaring the mob.

"What's happening?" Natsu asked in fear.

"This is punishment for those who defy the god of death." Mary said as a woman lost a leg before falling over. Just before impact on the ground, she completely turned to dust. "There's nothing we can do even if we wanted to help them." Natsu just turned in horror as the remaining chanters turned to dust, leaving only two stones floating above the cloaked figure.

"It's over." Mary said, standing up. "Let's get the stones and get out of here." The two walked over and reached the alter. "Give me your scarf." She demanded before just taking it.

"Hey, don't just take my stuff!" He shouted before hearing a groan from the alter. He walked over and carefully pulled the top of the sheet off to reveal the face. It was a woman who had long, bright pink hair which is tied on top of her head in two large buns. She had a curvaceous figure, peach skin, and a beauty mark underneath each eye.

'She's... beautiful.' He thought with a mild blush.

"Stop thinking with your second head and let's go." Mary said, holding up the scarf like a bag.

The woman groaned and winced before opening her eyes. She looked up at Natsu and scrunched her face in confusion. "Who are you?" The girl asked. She pushed herself up and the fabric fell off her body revealing not only her entire body, but also a large scar that ran diagonally along her stomach and a bit of her right shoulder. "Where am I?"

The other two glanced at each other before Mary approached the alter. "Do you know who you are?"

"My name?" The woman asked. "Yes... my name is Ikaruga." She glanced down and noticed her state of dress. "Do either of you have something I could wear?"

"Here, put that on." Natsu said, pointing to a table. On it was a long, slightly loose white kimono with a red stripe in between two black stripes around the waist as well as a red triangle at the bottom of it, decorated by flames and skulls motifs. It opened at the top to reveal the shoulders and a fair amount of cleavage. It closed around the waist by a large black belt adorned with a horned skull. The dark guild's insignia is incorporated into the kimono at the end of both of its sleeves.

Next to that was a sword with a western-looking red and black handguard and the traditional yellow and red hilt-wrapping flanked by golden-colored plates on the hilt, which end in a very ornate, wood carved pommel. The lacquered sheath is red and has several small bells tied to the end of the scabbard where it meets the blade's hilt.

Natsu turned around as the girl dressed herself. "So, do you know why you're here?" He asked, making sure not to peak at her.

"I honestly do not know anything." Ikaruga said back. "All I can remember is..." She stopped dressing herself, confusing the two. "I... I can't remember anything."

"How could you not remember?" Mary asked.

"I.. don't know." She replied. "All I can remember is a blinding light, and then a blank nothingness. Then I woke up here and you two asked me my name."

"Do you think it's amnesia?" Natsu asked.

"I don't think so." Mary whispered back. "I think those cloaked people brought her back to life. That would explain why they turned to dust, and why she can only remember her name."

"And it's all she's going to remember." The three turned around to see Ivan, Nullpudding and Kurohebi standing there, over a freshly chocked body that he seemed drag over. "Hello again, brat."

"How did you know?!" Mary asked as Natsu glared at the three.

"Human spies are fine, but I prefer seeing things with my own eyes." With a snap, paper dolls poured in, some peeling off the walls in the room, others coming in from the hallway. "When you've been alive as long as I have, you get good at finding Dark Guilds and planting bugs. Now, onto the meat of the matter; Give me those Stones and you might leave here alive."

"You honestly expect us to buy that load of crap?" Natsu asked, pushing himself in front of the girls.

"Well, aren't you smarter than you look." Nullpudding said. "May we finally have some fun?"

"I'd love too, but we have a schedule to keep. Kurohebi." Ivan motioned to the black haired man and he chuckled. The skivvy wearing man simply clapped his hands, making Mary dropped the scarf.

"What are you-" Natsu started to ask before his head started eating itself. He dropped to his knees in pain as Ikaruga did the same.

"You are not as smart as you think you are, Dragneel." Ivan chuckled as he walked over. "Did you forget that Kurohebi can copy any magic in the area? Now we can take what is rightfully mine." He grabbed the scarf and shook it, letting the stones drop to the ground. "Excellent."

He picked them up and placed them in his pauldron. His body convulsed a bit before he recovered, staring down at the three. "Now, to make you all suffer." He turned and walked back to his minions before the green stone glowed. A tornado wisped around the former Raven Tail Wizards before they vanished into a blur wind.

Their heads continued to eat itself before Natsu vomited, involuntary triggering his breath attack. The fire melted Mary's cuffs and they dropped off her wrists. She gripped her fingers against her head and the Virus faded for all three of them. "After them!" Natsu shouted. "We can't let them get away."

"Nobody uses a virus on me and gets away with it." Mary growled before grabbing Ikaruga and leading her down the hall. The kimono clad girl didn't really know what was going but followed along until they reached a series of doors. "Where is he?" Mary asked.

"I don't know. The stone is spreading his scent along the wind." Natsu replied. "I guess we just start opening them and hope for the best."

"You really think that will work?" Mary asked.

"Do you have any better ideas?" He asked back.

The two stared at each other before Mary let out a huff. "Fine, let's get this over with." The three pinkettes split up and each picked a door. Mary opened her and found it filled with all manner of torture machines and a bit of dried blood. "Nothing, like that was a surprise."

Ikaruga opened the one on front of her and saw a manticore gnawing on a bone. It looked up at her, making it's color jingle, and sniffed the air before charging her. In a panic, she slammed the door on it only to hear a chain tighten and the beast whimper. "How horrible."

Natsu's door was just filled with random junk and he closed it. The next door was filled with some beds and a few chests, making him quickly close it. The third opened and Natsu found the three hobbling out of the door way. "There they are!" Natsu shouted before charging at the trio. Ivan merely ducked and grabbed his fist before through he tossed Natsu through a door.

Natsu pushed himself up and saw Ivan smirk before it closed. The pinkette looked and found almost every single member of the dark guild was in there eating or drinking something. "Uh, oh."

"Fairy Tail! Get him!" One member shouted before he rolled out of the way. He quickly ran out and slammed the entrance door shut as the girls reached him. "Okay, so... we might have a problem." Natsu said before the door began creaking as someone shouted on the other side to 'kill the fucking Salamander'.

"What do we do?" Ikaruga asked, instinctively gripping her sword.

"Keep them off me." Natsu said to Mary. "I'm going after Ivan."

The petite girl nodded as he left them before turning around to Ikaruga. "Let's hope you remember how to use that thing." She motioned to the sword before pushing against the door.

"But... why?" The revived girl asked.

"Why do you think you can't remember anything? These guys kidnapped you and tried to make you a mindless slave for cash. Now move your ass and cut these guys down!" While Mary didn't tell the truth, she felt she deserved a pat on the back for coming up with something so convincing as the door was being bashed open.

Natsu had run further into the tunnels, following Ivan's faint sent before coming to an unnatural stone wall. He pulled his fist back and ignited it before slamming it into a stone wall. The stone cracked a bit before Natsu pulled his hand back, silently screaming in pain. "I'm gonna need some help." He reached into his pocket and pulled both of his girlfriends keys.

Summoning both, they appeared in a bright light with concerned looks on their faces. "What's wrong, Natsu?" Aries asked. They knew he knew that they were taking care of Meredy today and told him to only summon them in an emergency.

"It's Ivan." Natsu answered quickly. "He has six of the Nature Stones and he's getting away. I'll explained everything later, for now we need to stop him."

"Right away, master." Virgo said before tunneling into the wall. Aries and Natsu jumped in the hole after her before they popped up on the other side of the wall. The three pinkettes popped out on the other side before climbing out. Natsu sniffed the air and the girls followed him as he raced around the tunnels.

"You okay, boss?" Nullpudding asked, making the three stop and looked around a corner. They saw the two men helping a winded Ivan stand up.

"The stones... they take getting used to..." Ivan panted. "We must hurry. Makarov will pay for what he did to me."

"Not happening!" Natsu shouted before jumping out and swinging his fist at the group, making the evil trio jump back.

"You annoying brat! Kill him!" The armored man growled before waving his hand. Nullpudding and Kurohebi jumped after the spirits. Nullpudding swing his spikey arm at Virgo who sank into the ground and made him miss. Growling in anger, the purple man glanced around for his opponent before she popped up from behind and chopped him in the neck.

Annoyed, the short man turned to back hand the maid only to hit air. On the other side of the cave, Aries had summoned a Wool Wall to protect herself as Kurohebi released a torrent of paper dolls at her. Natsu jumped out of the way of a paper doll swarm from Ivan before charging forward. Ivan blocked a punch before grabbing Natsu's face and slamming him into his knee.

Natsu was briefly dazed before unleashing a flaming whip to grab his arm. Ivan grabbed the flames and pulled the pinkette forward before seeing a smirk. Natsu pushed back Ivan and slammed his knee into the pauldron and knocked the loosened Life Stone out of it. Thinking quickly, Natsu jumped off Ivan and reached out for the stone. Nullpudding raced over as Ivan moved to punch Natsu. Flames quickly shot out of the pinkettes feet and he shot forward as the purple skinned man was inches from the stone.

Thinking quickly Natsu pulled his arms back and increased his speed with flames from his hands. Shooting past the two, Natsu opened his mouth and grabbed the stone with his teeth. Flying past the two, he smirked before crashing into the wall face first the impact making him swallow the stone. "You buffoons!"

Ivan triggered the pauldron and water shot out of his palm. It tore through the stone next to Natsu as it pinned him to the wall before shifting into a giant hand. Natsu began to boil the water only to find his fire was snuffed out. He looked down and noticed the Ether Stone was glowing. The hand then slammed Natsu into the ground before tossing him forward.

Just as he stood up, blades of wind shot forward and sliced into his skin as his scarf was blown off. "Now die!" Ivan pointed his arm forward and the black stone glowed. A black mist rolled off his arm before it shot forward from his palm. It spiraled forward at Natsu as flashbacks off his brother's curse played in his head.

"NO!" Both spirits shouted before racing over to Natsu, ignoring their opponents.

"We won't let you die, Natsu!" Aries declared, creating even more wool than when she fought.

"We'll protect you!" Virgo shouted as stone pillars rose up.

The beam hit and the defenses instantly began to crumble, scaring Natsu. "Get out of here!" He shouted, but the spirits made no effort to move. The last of the walls fell and the beam hit. "No!" Natsu reached out before a blinding light filled the room. The girls screamed in pain before the light died, revealing a shocking transformation.

Virgo retained the physical appearance of her normal form and blue eyes, but her short pink hair that is now kept in a messier style. Instead of her normal maid outfit, Virgo now wears militaristic-inspired clothing. A black jacket with gold-colored edges that is very open, revealing the top of her chest, and has a dark brown belt with the symbol of the Virgo constellation on the buckle. A pair of handcuffs hangs on her belt while a whip hung of the other side. Virgo was also in a black mini skirt with white tights underneath and a pair of black thigh-high heeled boots. The outfit is completed by a pair of white gloves and white collar-styled choker.

Aries had a very radical appearance change from her normal form. She now had tanned skin, long and unkempt pink hair, and her horns are now short and golden instead of brown. Aries now wore an outfit made of fur, consisting of a white sleeveless dress, black boots that reach up to her knees and end in an split, and black gloves that end the same way halfway her upper arm. She also dons pink sunglasses, golden earrings and a collar with chains that wrap around her body.

The two spirits glared at Natsu before turning around and kicked Nullpudding before tackling Ivan. "Whoa. Obey!" He jumped back and the Ether stone glowed before the girls glowed in the same color. The spirits bowed to him as two black keys appeared in his hand.

Ivan smirked as he saw the horrified look on Natsu's face. "Play with him, my slaves." The two girls instantly took off and slammed their fists into Natsu. Aries shot black wool out and then shot her horn, igniting the fabric and creating a thunder spark. Natsu screamed in pain before Virgo wrapped her whip around him and sent him to the ground before slamming her boot on his head.

"Tell me, Dragneel. How does it feel to be betrayed by someone who once loved you?" Ivan teased he activated one of the stones. Rocks shot at Natsu's limbs, his Dragon Slayer magic keeping them from piercing him through, but he still the pain from every projectile and stalactite that forced him to the ground. "But don't worry, I'll take very good care of them."

"You're going to die for this!" Natsu shouted as Ivan just laughed.

"Not likely, but you are." Ivan motioned to Virgo and she pulled him up to his feet. His chest had a faint white glow as his wounds began slowly healing. "I'll bring your head to Makarov on a platter." He grabbed the hair and began to wind back with an ethereal sword made of pressurized air, before keeling over and coughing an alarming amount of blood.

"Boss!" Nullpudding raced over and caught the man.

With a clean and strong swing the wall behind Natsu shattered, letting Mary and Ikaruga into the chamber. "What's happening?" Mary asked in confusion.

"We... must go..." Ivan panted out. "The Stones... now..."

Virgo nodded before throwing Natsu at the two girls. The jumped to the side and tried to attack, only for Mary to be punched in the stomach by Virgo while Ikaruga was kicked by Aries before Kurohebi slammed her to the ground. Ivan weakly raised his arm and a new tunnel was bored into the mountain, giving Raven Tail a new escape route.

Ikaruga ran after them only for a wall of black wool to block it off. She slashed the material only for it to refill as quick as she cut it. "Get up and burn this stuff!" Mary demanded only to see Natsu on the ground, convulsing. Then just as suddenly as it happened, it stopped as he threw up the life stone, and his lunch.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the golden keys before holding them to his chest. "Did we just lose?" Mary asked.

Well, this was a chore to do. I have no idea why this was so hard to do, but it is done. And by far, this is the weirdest fetish I've ever done for this story. I'm not even sure what to call this. Sado-Masicism? Clothed? Bondage power reversal? I have no idea.

Everything has hit the fan in this chapter, not just shit. Or is that cum? ...Anyway Natsu lost two of his girls, Ivan got the stones, and the world seems doomed. On the plus side, Natsu now has two villainous girls to fuck, so it should balance out. Hopefully the next chapter won't be as labor intensive as this one. Bye.

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