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Marvel Universe (Year 2016)

Deep in space there is a large mysterious planet that is home to a race of peaceful aliens that have been around for thousands of years. They were a nomadic tribe that traveled the galaxy in search of a place to live. Chased away on every world they tried to inhabit due to conflicts, war, death, famine, diseases, or exiled for refusing to choose a side. This did not bother them though as they only wanted to live in peace.

One day, they found a planet that where they could live. A planet that was not owned by anyone and is said to be protected by a powerful mage. One that had power over the planet and could destroy anyone that tried to harm it. No evidence has been made to disprove this and no one dared to go to the planet.

It is said the nomads has been protected by the mage that is said to live within the planet. An entity that had existed when the universe was born and gave the nomads of the planet knowledge of the universe. No one knows what this mage is, but any time a threat does come to the planet the mage saves the nomads. And then disappears once the task is done.

A large ship is seen orbiting over the planet before a smaller ship begins flying out of it. The ship heads towards the planet and towards a small village near the mountains. The ship flies down on the surface as the species who live on the planet approached the ship. The nomads appeared humanoid standing 8 feet tall, with pale skins, no hair, and dark eyes.

They wore cloaks that covered much of their bodies and there didn't appear to be any that looked old. They all appear to be in their 30s, minus the children that all look young. The ship began to open as the aliens looked on. They didn't try attacking the ship or approach it any further as they don't have any reason to be hostile to the arrivals.

They have been visited before and they were always on good terms for trades or knowledge. If there were any hostility the mage would have known about it and attack the enemy forcing them away from their world without destroying them. Out of the ship came two cloaked figures. One of them appears to be carrying a child in her arms all bundled up and the other a man who appears to be wearing a mask over his face.

They approached the nomad tribe and were about to speak to them, when the leader of the tribe held his hand up. He knew why they came and points up to the mountains where they see a hut. All alone and separated from the others. The couple head up to this hut, which took a while for them to get to since they had to go on foot.

Nearly half-an-hour has passed before they finally arrived to the hut. They go inside where they see an elderly looking human woman sitting near a pit of fire. She appeared to be in her 80s, with long gray hair, tan skin, and wore a cloak that covered the rest of her body. She opened her eyes to reveal to be pitch black.

"I have been expecting you both," said the elderly woman as she motions for them to sit down. "I knew you two would come and you would bring someone with you. Someone you are concerned about and you are afraid for. Tell me, what is wrong? What do you need from me?"

The couple sat down as the male figure spoke first. "Well first, we heard stories about this planet and about a mage that supposiply lives in the planet. So, I guess our first question is the mage a…

The elderly woman raised her hand up interrupting the man and nods in response. "She is what you are thinking, but she is not like the others."

"How can we be sure of that?" the female figure asked. "The last one we met was not exactly friendly and we've heard others like him wanted power."

The elderly woman understood their concerns and moves her hands up. Creating a bright light energy that took on the form of a bird as she sets it free. The bird flew around the room before it past the couple and went outside. They turn back towards her and she smiled at them.

"For as long as I can remember many of my kind abused the powers we were given and believed themselves to be Gods," the elderly woman scoffed at the idea of them ever being deities. "All I wanted was to be at peace and create a world of my own. A task that took me a thousand years to create, unlike your father," she said to the human. "Oh yes. I know you are his child. I also know of his sins and what he has done to you. However, I am not like this."

She stopped for a moment noticing the fire going down. She moved her hand over and helped bring life to the flames as they grew. Not too much that it would spread, but enough to keep the warmth in the hut. She turns back to the couple and continues.

"I kept hidden after I created my world. That was until these people came to my world. I gave them homes for them to live in and kept them around for company. Being alone for millions of years can make one wanting someone to talk to," she lets out a small laugh thinking of all the good her people brought her. "Good thing for me is I didn't go mad like others did."

The female figure turns to the male who seems to nod at her. She turns back to the elderly woman and probed some more. "So, you never wanted to conquer worlds? You just want peace?"

The elderly woman closed her eyes and smiled at the alien woman. "After witnessing so many wars, destruction, and death. Isn't that what we all want?"

The male figure couldn't help but nod in agreement knowing with what they have gone through themselves, peace did start to sound good. "If you knew who my father is then you know why we are here?"

The elderly woman shook her head in response. "Not all Celestials can see into the future, but I assume it has something to do with the child?"

The female figure nods as she reveals her sleeping child. The elderly woman stared at him and opened her eyes revealing what looked like small bright lights glowing brightly in her eyes.

"I see. He is like you," said the elderly woman who turns to the male figure. "He has the light in him like you."

"Light?" the male figure asked confused by what she said. "That can't be. The light was extinguished when my father died. Since then my powers disappeared."

The elderly woman began chuckling. "My dear child. Celestials like your father always believed there was a limit to our abilities because of how we came to be. Never knowing there is no limit on the light being passed on to others, much like yourself. The problem is since you never trained to use it before that your true potential was never able to be unlocked."

The elderly woman continued as she took out a teapot and sets it over the fire. "Your encounter with one of the six stones helped unlock your powers and all you needed was guidance on how to use it," she said as she took out a small cup with leaves inside as she began grinding them.

"The only reason you were able to use it more efficiently is because you were on your father's world. The light from his world helped give you more power to be able to use them. Once he was dead though your powers became weak and that is why you couldn't use them. With time and practice you could have unlock them again."

The male figure thought about what she said and then moved his hands up. He wonders if what she says is really true. He decides to put that to the test as he concentrates and uses his heart to try coming up with something to make. After a minute he managed to make a four blue colored ghosts and a round creature as it chased them around.

The male figure laughs softly when he saw this and was glad to see his powers weren't gone after all. The female figure though still had a concerned look on her face she turns to the child.

"What if we don't want him to use it? What if we want to suppress it to keep others from knowing about his powers?"

The elderly woman pours the leaves into the tea pot and begins mixing it before letting it heat up. "I assume one of these 'others' is the Mad Titan himself?" she asked getting a silent response from both the male and female figures. "I see."

The elderly woman took out another tea pot and begins moving her hand around it. "Are you sure this is what you want? If he learns to control them he can use them to defend himself."

The female figures nods in response. "We came to see if there is a way to keep it under control, until he is older and ready to use them."

The elderly woman didn't like the idea of keeping the child from his true potential, but understood why they want this. She knew there were those like the Mad Titan himself who would do anything to get that kind of power under their control. For the sake of the child she needed to help them. She finished stroking the pot and pours the first one inside of the second one.

She closed it off and hands it over to the male figure. "Mix this with his formula once every month. This will suppress his powers and make sure no one finds out who or what he is."

She gets up and used her cane to help her stand. "However, once he is in his teenage years you must be ready to train him. I can sense this boy is destined for great things and he will need his powers when the time comes."

The male figure puts the canister away and turns to his son. "I thought you said you can't see into the future."

"I can't, but it doesn't mean I can't sense what he is destined for," said the elderly woman as she smiled at the child. "He is destined for great things. I can feel it and he will one day help use those powers to save a world from a great evil."

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