We are in the new year and that means expect a lot of new stories. Mostly sequels of the three of my most popular stories getting sequels. I have been looking forward to working on them, especially with the ideas I have in mind. Now, keep in mind I don't have an exact date of when they will be uploaded.

I am working on writing up as many chapters as possible before classes start. That way I have plenty of chapters ready and have them ready on a date to upload them. However, this will take me some time, but they will get uploaded. However, this means I will be putting a pause on certain stories of mine currently going.

All except my Rise of the Empress wrestling story. That one will continue to go on, but it will take a while to do. But I am hoping to get that one done soon before WrestleMania 36 in April. So, I got some time. For now, though here are some previews.

Also, I don't own anything from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and anything else that appears in the stories. This is just for fun and I hope everyone likes this. Also, thanks to everyone for the support, reviews, and suggestions. I appreciate it and have fun with the chapter.

Preview I

The scene opens with Jake, Barriss, Rick, Rachel, Lux, and Ahsoka hanging out in a diner. Eating, laughing, and having a good time.

"A year ago, we didn't know each other," spoke Jake as he narrated as the scene changes.

It shows Lux in his office working, showed Jake and Rachel in their royal clothing, Rick training to become a royal guard, Ahsoka panting as she stood over a field filled with destroyed battle droids, and Barriss on her kneels cradling a fallen comrade in her arms.

"We went about with our lives like always and it felt like it wasn't going anywhere," Jake continued to narrate as the scene changes to the Rangers all standing in front of Zane, all while wearing their suits. "But ever since we met Zane, everything changed."

The scene soon shows the Rangers fighting against the Droid army, dangerous alien criminals, and saving lives.

"Not only did we become friends, but we became heroes," said Jake as the scene shows the Rangers saving the lives of the innocent, fighting with the Clones, and liberating planets. "And not only that, but we brought hope back to the galaxy."

The scene then shows Damien's old hideout in ruins. His throne room destroyed, much of the mountain is gone, and Damien's weapon on the ground broken in half.

"And whether Damien comes back or whatever comes our way…" the scene then goes to Jake talking to his friends as they sat in their booth eating. "We will always watch each other's' back, no matter what."

"Hell yeah," said Rick as the Rangers raise their glasses and drank their drinks.

The scene soon turns to black as the evil laughter of Arachnia can be heard echoing as her red eyes begin to glow. "Before this day is over…" Arachnia began to narrate as she appears from the shadows. "The Power Rangers will fall, and hope will die with them."

Arachnia begins laughing again as the sound of a growl can be heard behind her and soon a large monstrous figure appeared as it lets out a loud roar.

Power Rangers: Star Knights (Season Two)

Preview II

The scene opens with part of the city in Coruscant cut off from the rest of the city. A giant wall surrounding part of the city and it was filled with armed guards. Along with automatic turrets, gunships, and drones flying down to spy on the inmates that now live in the city. Criminals that were once locked up in armed prisons now running amok in this prison city and fighting each other.

A figure can be seen looking through the monitors that show what is happening as he took a sip of his drink. "Have you ever stopped to consider all of this is your fault," spoke the figure as he narrates.

The scene turns to the Batman overlooking the prison city. The scene soon turns to a factory within the prison city where armed criminals with clown masks can be seen.

"Your presence helped create these animals and have brought all this chaos to the galaxy. And those that follow you…will all fall," the figure continued to narrate as he reveals to be Thrawn as the sound of the Joker's laugh can be heard echoing in the background.

The scene soon turns to a large sign called "Arkham City" with armed men walking by.

*This is no Place for a Hero* the Heavy

The scene shows the chaos going around the city from the Penguin rounding up his men and have them fight the new recruits. Another shows the Joker's men surrounding a group of young criminals and forcing them to join them. Another show Aurra Sing with Bossk and Boba Fett overlooking the chaos in the city from a rooftop.

The scene then turns to Harvey Dent aka Harvey Two-Face kicking a door open and pointing his gun as Catwoman. "Heads or Tails, kitty cat?" he asked before flipping his coin.

The scene soon changes to Batman jumping off the rooftop before gliding across the city. He is seen taking down some of the criminals before gliding into the air. It then shows Cassandra in her Batgirl costume fighting against Joker's men, while Ahsoka is seen wearing a new outfit as she uses her lightsabers to fight against Penguin's men, and a new Robin appearing to fight three armed women.

The scene soon turns to dark before Batman's voice can be heard speaking. "It was all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you."

The scene soon opens in a dark room with a slim figure walking towards Batman. "Nice of you to say, but you all of people should know…" the figure soon reveals himself as the Joker. "There's plenty wrong with me."

Star Wars: Dark Knight - Arkham City

Preview III

The scene opens with Darkseid standing in the balcony of his palace where his army are ready for combat. Behind him stood Vandal Savage, Sinestro, Talia al Ghul, Black Adam, the Brain, Wonder Woman, and his followers.

"The time has come. Soon the galaxy will be reshaped in my image and all will bow before the might of Darkseid," spoke Darkseid as in his right hand is the Infinity Gauntlet. "Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same, and now it's here…or should I say I am?"

The scene then shows Jason, Kara, Abigail, James, Arthur, Laura, Rachel, Kymera, and Ben as they look on concerned but ready to fight.

"The end is here and soon you will all fall before me," said Darkseid as the scene shows a ship being destroyed.

The scene soon turns to Jason, Bruce, Kara, James, Abigail, and Kymera. "We're going to need some help," said Bruce as he turns to Kymera. "Know anyone who can help us out?"

The scene soon turns Gamora, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner arriving to Wakanda as they meet with T'Challa and his guards. They greet their old friend before Sam embraces Bucky Barnes who wearing a new uniform.

"Ready to help out James?" Sam asked.

"You mean am I ready to follow Captain America into battle? You know I am," said Bucky as he shows his Vibranium metal arm.

The scene soon turns to Kymera in her Black Panther outfit with soldiers from Wakanda, Themyscira, Atlantis, and their allies out in an open field.

"Yibambe," Kymera begins shouting the battle cry of her people as they prepare for combat.

The scene soon turns to different scenes with Darkseid's army appearing all around the world. With the world's heroes arriving to help fight against them as they fight to protect the innocent. It even shows heroes from Jason's universe arriving to help out and fight alongside the Justice League as they fight together.

It then shows Arthur arriving to an unknown world with Ahsoka and Sabine. All while Arthur looks down in his hand holding his father's weapon, Stormbreaker.

The scene then shows Abigail standing with Ben, Zatanna, and Christopher as he held the helm of Nabu. Chris turns to Zatanna who nods her head towards him and nods.

The scene then shows the Justice League and heroes from Jason's home world in a giant field getting ready to fight against Darkseid's army.

"Justice League…Avengers…" James turns to his friends before looking down to his father's shield and tightens the strap before he turns to the army before them.

Injustice: Infinity War

The scene opens in a dark train station where Talia al Ghul stood with her son, Damian, Lady Shiva, Enchantress, and members of the League of Assasins. They are seen surrounding Aya, Cyborg, and a friend of theirs, Viv. Cyborg appeared injured, Aya appeared tired, and Viv knew the odds of them surviving is very slim.

Enchantress prepares to fire her magic at them when a Sai weapon lands in front of her. The bad guys all look over to see a figure wearing a trench coat and hat walking towards them.

"Now that looks like fun," the figure removes his coat and hat revealing to be a green mutated turtle with another Sai weapon in his hand, a red bandana around his head. "Mind if we play?"

Soon three other mutated turtles appeared all with their own colored bandanas and weapons in their hands.

"Dibs on the magic lady," said the turtle with the orange bandana.

"We fight as a team, Mikey," said the turtle with the blue bandana.

"What the hell are you freaks supposed to be?" Damian asked looking disgusted with what he is seeing. "Mutated turtles?"

"We prefer…teenage mutant ninja turtles," said the turtle with the blue bandana.

Soon all four turtles leap up into the air and leap at their opponents. "Cowabunga!"

There we go and that's end of the previews. Also, yes that's right. You all asked for it from the last story and now you will get it. I am bringing in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the story. So, I hope everyone is ready for it. I brought in the Mortal Kombat characters, Hellboy, and now the TMNT turtles. So, this is going to be very interesting when they interact with the others.

Also, yeah as you can see all three stories will get their due sequels and it will be a lot of fun to write. I got a lot of ideas for each of the stories and I cannot wait to see what will happen. If you guys have some questions about this then you can ask me about it. Also, I'm not going to spoil this for you guys so no questions that ask for what will happen don't want to spoil this for you guys.

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