Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful Halloween. As a present, I've decided to do something unexpected and begin a new fanfic. One which might surprise you as it's my own Ghostbusters Fanfic which I haven't done in a while. But it's for good reason. My first forary into the Ghostbusters Fanfiction Ring was…bad. Really bad. I'm not going to sugarcoat this and come out completely honest with anyone who reads this; I did not know how to write for Ghostbusters at the time outside of recycling elements from the movies and cartoons. One of my stories was SO bad, that a fanfiction review site listed it among their worst stories ever, and rightfully so. I've deleted it since then, but I did one more story a couple years ago based on a deleted scene from the 2009 game. However, that was a one-off deal and again, I was trying to fill in gaps from an unmade level that only exists in YouTube videos highlighting what could've been. But yeah, I've reconnected with Ghostbusters despite the film last year. I'll be honest here also; I didn't think the reboot was entirely without merit. It had some interesting ideas, potential for new technology, but did not take advantage of exploring those new concepts instead opting for a quick cash-grab that tried to be empowering towards women, but instead came off as Female Superiority over Men at the expense of a punching bag. "But BrenRome," I hear you say, "Wonder Woman was a success, and that was a female-led film!" Well, yes. I enjoyed that movie a lot and find it to be #1 on my films of 2017. But there's a reason why. Wonder Woman had both female and Male characters who were competent and smart, and took its time with big reveals, action and jokes, keeping them all happening at an appropriate time when the film called for such moments. The feminism messages in there can be identified as what the audience member takes away in addition to the themes of war, peace, disarmament, and what one's belief can do for a person. Ghostbusters was simply 'Women rule and all guys are either stupid, sexist, evil, or racist.' Which is not the case at all. I mentioned how I was at least intrigued by the tech designs. No, some of my other problems also came with the tone of the film. The first two films (plus the game,) had a semi-more psychological minor theme to them that's meant more for adults than kids to varying degrees. Some have argued that the reboot is geared towards little kids, but then they really push the sexual reverse-ditzy angle with Kevin Beekman to an almost disgusting level. So, the reboot doesn't really seem to know who it's marketing to. Plus, you can't say that it's impossible to do adult subjects in media aimed at kids. Many of DC's animated shows have done this, and even the Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters managed to pull this off at times. On that note, a better defense I've heard for this film is that it's essentially an adaptation of the Real Ghostbusters animated series, which I can kind-of see. From its more child-like humor, to the more stylized ghosts…you could even argue that the designs for Abby and Holtzmann is the film trying to emulate the animated versions of Ray and Egon respectively. That's fine as well. Except again, there's a number of fair points that can be made here against that claim. First, the Real Ghostbusters Cartoon treated everybody (ghosts that weren't a Level 7 or straight-up-evil threat included) equally (as Janine herself occasionally used a proton pack a number of times in the series and was a valued member of the team) even having an episode where a boy was bullied for liking the Ghostbusters and by the end became an honorary member, with the team even showing up with him to tell the bullies not to judge someone by who they are. Second, it doesn't aesthetically look like The Real Ghostbusters series which was bright and colorful while this film is shot like a regular Hollywood film with the only color coming from the generic neon-colored ghosts (even the Extreme Ghostbusters as 90's color-palate-based as it was, still found ways of making the ghosts seem unique and different to stand separate from how the regular people looked). Third, The Real Ghostbusters (with the exception of the majority of the years that followed in shifting the cast,) still maintained the seriousness of threats to our heroes like the movies did. So yeah, all this is me saying that I don't think the remake killed my childhood just because there were women in there. If anything, it makes me appreciate the originals more. I just think that them saying women are perfect without any flaws and that every man on the face of the planet should be labeled as a sexist, misogynistic, racist pig is something that shouldn't be taught to kids (especially little girls). And I'm not naïve. I know there were (and still are) some legitimate racists and sexists who were out there that bashed the trailers for the reboot unfairly. If any of those people are listening, please disappear of the face of the earth and retreat to the nearest convenient parallel dimension. But in my opinion, I feel as though there were other complaints in the mix who had legitimate problems along the ones I had who the filmmakers should've listened to, but decided not to and instead wrongly label ANYONE with ANY sort of disagreement as a sexist or racist. I'm the kind of person who believes that if we're going to get through these next few years, we should be united as one equally rather than not swallowing our prides and working separately in groups as opposed to working together. So yeah, I said all this to avoid having to explain my thoughts on the remake and to explain why despite me not liking it, I still see some elements that should've been focused on more and perhaps would've made the reboot a bit more enjoyable, and that this rant has nothing at all to do with me either hating women or being a racist. So now hopefully you will respect my backed-up opinions and if not, that's okay. Just try not to make a big deal. So with that said, this story is based on how I would've handled a new Ghostbusters film (and Aykroyd, on the EXTREMELY slim off-chance you get to see this story, feel free to take as much inspiration from it as you like). There'll be elements from all the various versions of the franchise over the years, but it's my attempt to write a story that honors the past and introduces the new similar to the Force Awakens. Hope you enjoy. Oh, and finally, I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes ONLY so PLEASE don't sue! Enjoy!

New York, May 2017…

In New York City, there were a couple of sites people could find that told the rich history of the Big Apple. One such place was a burned down area which remained undisturbed and untouched for many years. It was located near the Queens-Midtown Tunnel between two brick apartment buildings. The area itself was very wide as it had once been one of the few movie studios located on the East Coast during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Today, a college professor was showing her film students the remains as an attempt to teach them how to make a documentary film.

"So this area," The Professor explained, "Was once the site of Rocksberg Studios. Unlike the other studios on the West Coast at the time, the owner had to use his life-savings to fund the studios. Whatever money his studio could make with their films, he took as much as he could spare to make ends meet."

She brought up an iPad featuring a black-and-white image of a well-dressed gentleman who appeared in the clothes of a 1920's Hollywood Director. He had a very jovial smile on his face and seemed quite pleasant, but it appeared from the look on the teacher's face that things were going to get grim really quickly.

"You see…" She continued, "Shane Rocksberg believed in making the films he wanted to make. Naturally people soon started ignoring him with the advent of film techniques we take for granted nowadays. Soon, he had almost no money left to run the studio and would eventually have to either sell the studio or file for bankruptcy. But Mr. Rocksberg saw this as his life's work. He decided that he wouldn't let anyone else have the studio and thus burned the area to the ground along with himself. Since then, there've been attempts in recent years to build something else over the studio despite many feeling it should be left well enough alone for those who died. But there were…unexplained things that occurred. People have come out the following day insisting they wouldn't ever work on that area again and nobody can find a reason why."

Instantly a hand shot up from the crowd of students. The students parted ways revealing who it was that raised their hand. It was a young woman with a short brunette bobbed haircut. She wore large circular glasses which brought out her light-blue eyes. She put her hand down and coughed nervously.

"Maybe…maybe it's because the place really is haunted?" The young girl suggested.

At this, the entire crowd laughed at her. Even the professor couldn't help but shake her head in embarrassment. Eden Donai was a bright intelligent girl with the highest scores recorded for someone who was majoring in physics and engineering. Eden only took this class at her Mother's insistence to look into other future job possibilities, but it was clear she wasn't cut out for this sort of career.

Eden was about to suggest that since nobody could explain anything logically, then perhaps the real answer would be from something that would otherwise be seemingly impossible unless all other possibilities couldn't be supported. However, she never got the chance as the professor spoke first.

"Okay everyone." She said, "Go around and see what you can find. If you did your homework assignments, you should be able to identify things that correspond to the information in your packets. Be sure to take videos and photos, and jot down notes. Your assignment in two weeks will be to make a short documentary based on what you discover here today with your backup proof.

With that, everyone went their separate ways until only the professor was left alone. She sighed finally glad to have a couple of minutes to herself when she suddenly heard what appeared to be a banging noise. Curious, she turned around and noticed a cellar door on the ground. Suddenly, the cellar door opened up revealing a series of stairs. For some reason, the professor felt drawn to it and slowly went down the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, she realized that she was in some kind of editing room. There were burnt film reels hanging from the wall and there were a pair of scissors and dried-up film development dishes on a lone table. Unbeknownst to the professor, a mysterious trench-coated figure had somehow materialized behind her without having made a single sound. He looked at her as his eyes flashed red for a brief second.

Without warning, her phone suddenly rang. She spun around unable to catch sight of the intruder who had disappeared just as effectively as he'd appeared. She pulled out her phone and answered.

"Yes?" She asked, "Yes, I'm at the site now. When do you get out? 7:00. Want to catch dinner and a movie?"

As she continued to talk to her friend, she was unaware of a red mist forming around her feet.

"Well, okay then." She concluded, "It's settled. I'll see you after class. Take care. You too. Bye."

With that she hung up and put her phone away. As soon as she did. The mist turned into two human hands and grabbed her feet. Now feeling the cold sensation, she looked down and screamed loudly. The professor attempted to move but the mists were like two physical hands holding her down which only made her trip and fall, hitting her chin on the third step. She groaned in pain but got another idea. She outstretched her hand and grabbed one of the steps above her. With all her might, she began to pull as though she were in the middle of a deadly tug-of-war game. The hands were holding on tightly, but she could slowly feel herself moving upwards. She continued to climb the steps, getting closer and closer to the top of the stairs. In her rush to escape, she failed to notice that she was inadvertently pulling the hands up with her. As she got higher, the hand was pulled up revealing the mists had arms as well.

Finally, the professor made it to the top and back to where she'd began. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief when she felt herself suddenly yanked hard in the opposite direction and back down the stairs. She fell, landing on the back of her head in pain. She groaned as she attempted to regain her sense.

Once she did, she soon wished she hadn't.

The mist was forming into the shape of a human-looking figure. One that did not look at all friendly. As it got closer, the mists started to edge ever-so-closer to the Professor's face as she could only scream in terror.

(A/N: At this point here, the red mist would form into the Ghostbusters Logo, accompanied by the Ray Parker Jr. Theme and the titles.)

Ghostbusters: Believe

Over in New Jersey at Hervin's High School, Michael 'Mike' Gerald was in the middle of practicing some rope climbing with his Phys-Ed students. Mike was a young man with short dirty blonde hair who enjoyed his job helping kids stay fit and sharp, having once dealt with bullying long ago, he understood the need to help kids prepare to avoid any such complications in the future.

"Remember!" Mike called, "If someone falls, help them back up. That's what separates us as human beings from animals."

Mike allowed his eyes to wander briefly for a short second as he saw a raven-haired female assistant teacher approaching.

"Excuse me, Coach Gerald…" The woman said, "Sorry to interrupt, but there's a man here to see you."

Mike looked confused, but agreed to follow her. She led him to a waiting room and allowed him to peer inside. At which point Mike recognized the figure and felt his heart sink.

It had been years since Mike had known the visitor, but he knew him all-too-well. He had green eyes, a long nose, and a rather large chin. His hair was long and dark, with a stylized comb-over that parted partially to the right. He was dressed in a leather jacket and blue jeans with a blue-and-white striped button-down shirt topped off with white trainers.

Mike shook his head in denial.

"What?" The assistant asked, "Do you know him."

"Unfortunately." Mike groaned, slapping his face, "Can you ask him to leave?"

"I did." The woman answered simply, "Three times. He said he wouldn't leave until he spoke with you."

Mike pinched his eyes. Vincent Alexander was persistent if anything. Except for that one time back when they were friends, of course. Said incident led to their friendship ending and Vincent leaving seemingly forever.

"Look…" The female assistant teacher reasoned, "If you talk to him and get him to go, I'll go out on a date with you. Fair enough?"

Mike took a deep breath. While he didn't ever want to speak with Vincent ever again, he was a gentleman and desperately in need of a romantic relationship after so many botched ones during his college years.

"Okay." He said, "I'll talk to him."

Mike opened the door and Vincent looked up with the wild grin of a madman.

"Michael!" Vincent exclaimed in his thick English accent, "It's so good to see you again!"

"I wish I could say the same." Mike replied sarcastically, "What the hell are you still doing here, Vin?"

"Ah, yes." Vincent noted, "About that. Well, I've still been researching the paranormal…just hear me out! A few hours ago, I got a call about a sighting at Rocksberg Studios in New York. Apparently there was some kind of manifestation that scared some college professor half-to-death!"

"That's all well and good." Mike quickly said, "Go on down to New York, record what you need to, and you can see me never again."

"Oh no." Vincent pointed out, "I need you with me. I can't take down notes and use the equipment I have at the same time."

"You really think I'd go on what could be a wild goose chase with you after what happened last time?" Mike questioned.

"Well, if you're not going to help, I'll simply stay here until you agree to go with me." Vincent declared, standing his ground, "And if you arrest me, I'll keep coming back as many times as it takes until you agree to come."

Mike sighed. He remembered Vincent almost never broke a promise when they were friends. Aside from the incident that drove a wedge between them, Vincent had always followed through with his promises no matter what came in the way. From the tone of his voice, Vincent sounded like he'd stay true to his word and it would cause some trouble to Mike's current job.

"You haven't changed one bit." He muttered under his breath, "All right. Fine. I'll come."


Later, New York…

Mike and Vincent arrived later in the afternoon and were instantly met by the college students who were tending to The Professor who was muttering something repeatedly about how "he reached out and physically grabbed me." One of the students, a young woman by the name of Eden Donai, filled them in. Apparently, everyone else had gone their separate ways to jot down notes and take photos for a documentary assignment when they heard a scream. They ran to where they'd entered to find a cellar door open with their professor lying at the bottom muttering the same thing she was raving about now.

Both Mike and Vincent felt like the girl was somewhat familiar. She had one of those appearances where one might've seen her before, but neither could tell from where exactly.

Vincent was in the middle of 'scanning' the area as he called it using his 'equipment.' Said equipment was a device that looked like a cross between a small leaf-blower and a compact radio. Mike took down the notes as he interviewed Eden.

"And there's been no such reports of her or her family doing drugs, having mental illnesses or the like?" Mike asked.

"No." Eden assured, "She was kind of stuck-up, but even then, whatever did this to her…I don't think she deserved this…"

"Mike!" Vincent called out, "I got something."

He motioned over to the cellar door as Eden followed, curious about where this might all lead.

"I've got a massive reading coming from down there." Vincent pointed out.

"Okay, thanks." Mike said, "Eden, you'd better stay up here."

Eden, however, was not listening to him. She was focused more on the cellar door which she could swear she was hearing voices coming from. Very softly, but definitely voices.


"Eden?" Mike asked, "Are you all right?"

"I think I should go with you." Eden explained, "After all, I'm the one who called Vincent."

"Alright." Mike sighed, "Just stay behind us, okay?"

Eden nodded. The three went down the cellar steps. Vincent took lead followed by Mike and finally Eden. As soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs, the three gasped.

Floating in front of a table, was a red transparent figure. He was a bit on the hefty side and wore a waistcoat and pants that one would expect to see from the late 1920s. His hair was thinning and he had a handlebar moustache. The figure was inspecting some film reels on the table.

"Son of a bitch." Mike swore, "Vincent, you weren't kidding."

Vincent didn't reply and simply brought up his iPhone, and held it so that the camera was capturing the figure.

"I recognize that thing." Eden breathed, "That's Shane Rocksberg! He used to own this studio before he nearly went bankrupt and burned the studio down before he could lose it."

Mike looked at her shocked.

"Did you say 'burn?'" He questioned.

He looked back at the figure who slowly put down the film and turned to look at the three.

"Uh, Vincent?" Mike asked, "You might want to put the phone away?"

Vincent did not reply.

"Vincent?" Mike asked, "Vince?"

All of a sudden, the red manifestation suddenly turned orange. The eyeballs disappeared and his body appeared to be slightly covered in some sort-of spiritual soot. He waved his arms up and a wall of fire suddenly appeared between him and the three onlookers.

The three intruders screamed and scrambled back up the stairs running as far away as possible.

"EVERYBODY RUN!" Mike screamed at the top of his lungs, "THERE'S A FIRE!"

Everyone screamed and darted in a different direction as fast as they could.

When Mike, Vincent, and Eden were far enough away, they all quickly took a second to catch their breath.

"Vincent…" Mike wheezed, "I hope…I hope this was worth it."

"It was." Vincent smiled, showing Eden and Mike his phone screen, "Because I had this going on Facebook live. Gentleman and lady, we might have the biggest discovery on our hands now!"


New Jersey, The Next Day…

Principal Rothman was not at all amused. He had finished playing back the video from yesterday and much to Mike's horror, the Video did not contain neither the ghost or the wall of fire that had appeared, thus making Vincent's 'discovery' look like an episode of some cheesy paranormal show.

"Mr. Gerald." Principal Rothman stated, "Can you tell me what this is?"

"It's a video, sir." Mike said, trying to play innocent.

"A video where you play pretend and cause a false alarm for a fire." The Principal stated, "This school does not accept teachers who willingly create paranoia amongst students. You are hereby fired and ordered to vacate the premises imminently."

Mike nodded, understandingly, but that didn't make him feel any less crappy.


Later, New York…

After he'd cleared out his belongings and turned in his Teacher ID, Mike decided to go see Vincent and confront him about the video. When he got to Vincent's listed apartment which he'd read about on Vincent's Facebook profile, he could hear Vincent from behind the door sobbing to himself audibly.

"Vincent?" Mike asked cautiously.

"Go away." Vincent sobbed, "I don't have the rent money."

There was a crashing noise and Mike suddenly had an idea about what was going on.

"Vincent, open up now!" Mike ordered.

"I'll open another bottle of beer then." Vincent chuckled, "Here's to you, Mike! You were right! I was just a dumb idiot trying to play Fox Mulder."

"Vincent, I saw the same thing you did and that doesn't change anything." Mike admitted.

There was a pause, but Vincent didn't answer. Tough he didn't appear to be drunkenly moving around at the very least. Mike sighed and took out a notebook and a pen quickly writing something down.

"Look…" He said, "I'll let you talk to me if you want to. Just call the number here."

He tore the page off and slipped it underneath the door. With that, Mike walked out of the apartment complex. As he exited, he was suddenly met by Eden who was holding a box filled with various belongings. She looked at him equally surprised.

"Mike!" She declared, "What…what are you doing here?"

"Well, I got fired from my job." Mike admitted, "I thought I'd talk to Vincent about what's going on, but he's apparently drunk by this point."

"Oh." She said, disappointed, "Well, I was just expelled for the university. Apparently, nobody saw the…figure…or whatever."

"But it was there." Mike pointed out, "We saw that figure. The flames he created were so real. You could feel the heat too, couldn't you?"

Eden nodded.

"Sorry about making you lose your job." Eden apologized.

"It's okay. It's not your fault." Mike assured, "If anything, I'm sorry that your involvement got you expelled from college."

"Thanks." Eden replied.

"Look…" Mike explained, taking out his notebook and pen and writing his contact information down, "If you need any help, feel free to contact me here."

He handed her the paper which she took and pocketed away.

"Thanks." She smiled, "I'll keep that in mind."

Suddenly, there was a loud car horn that startled them both. The two looked in front of them to see a green station wagon parked next to the sidewalk.

"Great." She groaned, taking her box with her, "It's my Mom."

She turned back on last time to look at him.

"See you around, Mike." She smiled softly.

With that, she put her stuff in the back seat of the car and then got in the passenger seat. For a brief second, Mike could get a brief glimpse of the driver. It appeared to be a woman with short dark red hair and laugh lines, but he got no further look at her as Eden closed the door and the car sped off at incredible speed as if the devil was chasing it. Again, Mike felt that he knew the driver (who he assumed was Eden's Mom,) was someone important.


Later, Queens…

The drive back to her Mother's house had been deathly quiet the whole way through. Eden dared not look at her Mom. Once inside her Mother's quaint little house, Eden spent the next few hours getting chewed out by her Mom. Her Mom was often overprotective of Eden, but today she seemed more pissed off than anything else.

"Why didn't you call the cops then?!" She demanded.

"What was I to tell them?!" Eden questioned, "Stuff like this doesn't happen every day, Mom!"

"Exactly the point, Eden!" Her mother pointed out, "People see these things when they're either crazy or have been doing drugs!"

"I can understand being upset that I got expelled from college," Eden pointed out, "But why the hell should this thing matter to you so much?! What is so important about what happened down there that it takes priority over me getting kicked out of the university?!"

Eden's Mom looked so upset. It looked like she was going to explode into a supernova at any minute. Instead, she grabbed her purse and began heading to the door.

"Where the hell are you going now?!" Eden asked.

"OUT." Her mother stated, "I need to get some fresh air before I can speak with you. And when I get back, Eden, we are going to continue this conversation of ours!"

Her mother left, making sure to slam the front door on her way out. Eden groaned in expatriation and headed straight for the basement. Turning the lights on, she began to search through the piles upon piles of boxes stored away.

"There's gotta be something in here I can sell." She told herself, "Something to help me get my ticket out of this life."

As she continued to move the boxes, she came across one which seemed to get her attention. The box was marked as 'DO NOT OPEN! HANDLE WITH CARE' in black permanent ink. Slowly, Eden took it down and opened the box. Inside were an assortment of things which didn't look expensive at all, but seemed rather out of place at her mother's house.

Slowly, Eden picked up the first item which was a file folder. Opening it up she found a series of newspaper clippings inside. The first was dated from the early 80's. The lead article read 'Controversial "Professional Paranormal Eliminators" Put Spin on Science and the Supernatural.' The main photo featured three men dressed in some kind of uniforms standing outside The Sedgewick Hotel in New York. There was a man with thinning hair smirking at the viewer, a somewhat-chubby guy with black hair holding a small box that was smoking…then there was the third man. He appeared older than the other two with slicked-back black hair and glasses not unlike Eden's.

As she continued through the articles, she learned that these men were collectively known as the Ghostbusters. The articles showed how they captured spirits from the early 80's up until the mid-90's supposedly saving the world three times over. Unfortunately, by the times the articles reached the mid-90's, the story took a bad turn when an excerpt spoke about how the ghosts seemed to disappear altogether. Not long after, The Ghostbusters themselves shut down operations permanently, which is where the article ended.

When she was finished, Eden put the articles back in the folder and then took out the next item which shocked her just as much. It was one of the jumpsuits that the Ghostbusters used. Inspecting it closely, she saw the nametag read 'SPENGLER' in red letters.

She took a moment to let this idea that her Mom had the stuff in the basement sink in before she pulled out the last item which was a framed photo. When she looked at it she nearly had a heart attack. There was the man who wore the 'SPENLGER' uniform standing beside her mother. The man's hair had gone white by this point and he seemed to have put on a couple of extra pounds, but she still recognized him nonetheless. However, the thing that shocked her more than anything was the fact that cradled in the man's arms was a young baby girl.



Ms. Donai returned a couple hours later with a clearer mind. She felt bad about the heated argument, but she couldn't afford to let her daughter get close to these kinds of phenomena's. Ms. Donai didn't know if her heart could take it, should her daughter end up at the epicenter of said events.

"Eden!" She called, "I'm back. Listen, I'm ready to talk calmly if you're ready to."

Suddenly, the reading light in the living room turned on. Ms. Donai looked to find her daughter there and gasped. Planted next to the chair her daughter was sitting in was the box she hoped her daughter would never discover. Furthermore, Eden was holding the photo in her hands that reminded Ms. Donai of simpler times.

"Where did you get that?" Ms. Donai questioned horrified.

"You tell me first, Mom." Eden replied, "How do you know the man here?"

Eden's Mom sighed. She dreaded what might happen if her daughter ever discovered this secret. Now the day was finally here. Nonetheless, her Mother promised herself she'd defend herself as best she could and now she'd get to see if she could help her daughter understand why she'd spent these last years of her life in secrecy.

"The man in that photo is Egon Spenlger." Ms. Donai answered, "He was your father…and for a time he was my husband."

"Your husband?!" Eden questioned.

Her mother nodded.

"There's more to confess, Eden." Eden's mother admitted, "Our real last name isn't Donai. It's Melnitz."

Eden looked at her mother shocked.

"You might want to sit down for this one, sweetie." Her mother assured her.

To be continued…

So there we go, everyone. The first chapter is done. Hope I did a good job and that you've enjoyed it so far. If not, feel free to leave constructive criticism about how I can improve it and what you might like to see in the future. I'm going to get to work on the next chapter as soon as I can. Next time, Eden learns more of her Mother's secret past and we'll be introduced to another member of the new team as well as the main villains. Hope you enjoyed this Halloween opener. As always, I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for Fan-Purposes ONLY, so please don't sue!