Hi, everyone. Hope everybody had a great Halloween. Fair warning, because I knew this was going to come up, but this chapter will deal with things that while not making it a 'Mature Rated' chapter, will be difficult for some to read if they are very sensitive about where this opening part begins. Nonetheless, this is the kind of topic that I felt should also have been explored in a Ghostbusters remake especially if they were to transplant the story in the modern day and age. Hope you enjoy nonetheless. Again, I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes only so PLEASE don't sue!


Like many people who lived in this city, Henry Tyler was someone who lost family and friends on 9/11. He could still remember that day clearly. His father had dropped him off at school only for the teachers to gather the students not long afterwards and declare that they would have the rest of the day off. Shortly afterwards, everybody's parents came to pick them up save for Henry's. He waited a half-hour before his Mother arrived and the two began to run home. As soon as they stepped outside, Henry could see the smoke clouds forming from the Trade Centers. His mother wouldn't answer what was going on until they reached home and turned on the TV. Henry's father was a cop and Henry was waiting to hopefully see his Dad make it out as his mother frantically called as many people as she could to figure out what was going on.

His hopes that his family would be reunited were dashed when the towers finally fell. When the list of who was still in the building when it collapsed came in, Henry's father was listed among the dead.

Nonetheless, this helped guide Henry who went on to become a cop for the last three years of his life. He was a rookie, yes, but if his Dad could see him now…well…Henry would like to think that his father would be proud.

As he patrolled the area of the September 11th Memorial and Museum, a strange man in a black trench coat and black fedora bumped into him.

"Oh," Henry realized, "Sorry, sir."

The man kept on walking away quickly.

You could be a little nicer, you know. Henry thought to himself, God knows we don't get enough of that nowadays.

Suddenly, he heard something. It sounded like a small silent alarm. Curious, Henry followed the noise until he reached one of the trees that had been planted. Looking down, Henry noticed that there was something pulsing with a blue light from within the soil.

"What the hell?" Henry asked.

He kneeled down to get a better look but suddenly found himself grabbed by a strange mist.

Henry yelped, realizing that due to the time at night that it was, nobody was going to help him out. Instead, he quickly pulled away as fast as he could, and ended up falling on his backside. Henry watched as multiple transparent blue hands reached out from the soil. He'd never seen anything like this before and it was scaring him half-to-death.

Making a quick decision, Henry ran as fast as he could away from the area.


Meanwhile, Across Town…

At this point, the man had returned home to his apartment. He took off his fedora and coat revealing a man in a light-blue business suit and pants with black oxfords. He was extremely well-built despite having short white hair and steeled blue-eyes, which clashed greatly with his choice of clothes.

Likewise, his apartment only clashed further to confuse someone of what kind of person he was. While it had the basic necessities for someone to live in such as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room, the walls had images of various Chinese symbols pinned around. Books also littered some of the tables with sections talking about Chinese rituals of communicating with a higher power. The man quickly removed his clothes, stripping down to boxers. He went to the kitchen and started grinding various spices together. He heated the concoction in the microwave for a few second before taking it out and allowing himself to inhale said spices with sitting down.

The second he did so, he found himself no longer in his apartment, but instead in an area where colors from every spectrum there was constantly changed around him. He looked forward. There was an extremely golden radiant mist floating before him.

"Dwight Francis." The mist responded in Chinese, "What has happened that it requires us to communicate upon this plane?"

"It's the device you helped teach me to build." Dwight responded in Chinese, "It is beginning to fade. The spirits are about to be set free once more."

"We are nearly ready for the plan which we have both prepared so long for." The figure responded, "Why should this be a problem now?"

"You explained that the machine would hold the spirits until we had succeeded." Dwight explained.

"No." The figure corrected, "I told you that it would be long enough for our plan to succeed. If the generator has begun to fail, it matters not. It has been far too long since the people of this city you live in have witnessed beings like myself. They will dismiss this idea as they tried to bury me until it is too late. Have the preperations been made?"

"It is all ready, master." Dwight assured, "We start production today."

"Excellent." The figure stated, "Soon, we will unleash our armies onto your world. Then, you will have what you have always coveted."

Dwight smiled.

"Peace in our time." He said softly.

"Go." The mist commanded, "Do not contact me again unless it is of serious concern."

With that, Dwight woke back up in his apartment making sure to take a few deep breaths as he did so.


The Past, Brooklyn…

"Egon!" Janine called in a singing voice as she entered their home, "I'm back!"

Janine felt happy for the first time in many years. It was sad to see the Ghostbusters shut down, but at the same time, the event had finally brought her and Egon together and they'd tied the knot a couple of years prior. Soon afterwards, Janine had their first daughter whom they both named Eden after the miracle that had created such a perfect world for them.

As Janine closed the door behind her, she put the groceries she'd picked up on a countertop.

"Egon?" She asked.

There was no response.

"Honey, are you all right?" She said, getting a bit more concerned.

Curious, she slowly walked up the stairs. Entering Eden's bedroom, Janine let out a shriek.

Egon was lying on the floor unconscious. Eden was tucked in and sleeping (thankfully not awakened by Janine's scream.)

"EGON!" Janine cried, turning him over.

He wasn't breathing at all. Janine quickly called 9-1-1, informing them about what happned. She continued to try and preform CPR on Egon until the paramedics arrived. Janine went with them all the way to the hospital until she was told to wait outside. An eternity seemed to pass as she waited until one of the paramedics emerged.

"Ms. Spengler?" He asked, concerned.

"Yes." Janine asked.

The man looked down. Janine's eyes widened with horror feeling fear she hadn't felt since she watched Egon go off to face Gozer for the first time.

"No…" She whispered.

She attempted to push past him, but was restrained by more paramedics.

"NO!" She cried, "EGON!"

She buried her head in their arms looking up briefly to catch one last glimpse of Egon's face before a doctor covered it up with a white sheet.


Queens, Now…

"Your father died from heart complications." Janine concluded, "Afterwards I decided that I didn't want to be known as the Widow of Egon Spengler, so I changed our last name and moved here to Queens, hoping to get away from the trouble. But I guess my hopes that we'd live a normal life free from my past…didn't exactly go as planned."

She looked up at her daughter who was listening intently. There was a brief pause and then Eden did something that surprised Janine.

She chuckled.

"All this time." Eden explained, "I thought Dad left us because he wanted a son, or he thought I was weird. But it turns out my father was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived."

Janine put a comforting hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"Sweetie, your father loved you just as much as I did." Janine assured.

"Mom…" Eden stated with a hopeful smile, "Today I thought my life was over. But now I can see my future so clearly right in front of me."

Eden looked over at her late father's uniform. Janine looked as well and gasped at what her daughter was implying.

"Absolutely not!" Janine declared.

"Mom…" Eden began.

"Honey, the Ghostbusters did a lot of good for the world." Janine assured, "They saved the whole gosh-darn planet! But if something were to happen to you…" Janine could feel the tears starting to form in her eyes, "I…I don't know if my heart could take that kind of loss again."

"I'm going to do this, Mom." Eden assured, "With or without your help. I love you, but…"

"But what?" Janine asked.

"This is just something I have to do. Not just for me. But for him as well."

Janine closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She shook her head reluctantly.

"I'm going to regret this." She muttered to herself, "Alright."

"Alright, what?" Eden asked.

"You can go restart the franchise if you want." Janine explained, "But if you're going to do this, I need to get some other people in to make sure you know what you're doing."

Janine went over to a nearby desktop computer as her daughter followed.

"It's been years since I spoke with any other member of the team besides your father." Janine explained, "But there's no reason why I couldn't track them down through social media."

She looked at her daughter seriously.

"If you're serious about starting the Ghostbusters back up, I should be able to arrange for some additional staff help to get you some equipment. But they're all too old to go chasing ghosts themselves, so you're going to need a few more people on-hand who are young and willing to entertain the idea of ghosts existing.

Eden thought for a minute and then remembered something. Or rather what someone had said to her earlier that day.


Manhattan, The Next Day…

Henry sat in his chair as the Chief of Police looked at him quizzically.

"You really expect me to believe that after the crap that went down on the news recently?" The Chief of Police asked.

"Sir…" Henry tried to reason.

"Shut up!" The Chief of Police demanded, "Now it's very clear to me that you aren't mentally stable to wear that uniform."

He gave a motion with his hand.

"Turn in your badge, Tyler. You're relieved of your duty."

Henry begrudgingly did so, turning over everything that made him a cop until he had only his uniform left.

"Now get the hell out of my office." The Chief declared.

Henry did so, but as he left, he was determined to get answers about what he saw. One way or another.


Thankfully, not only had Mike shown up where Eden had asked to meet her, but he'd succeeded in getting Vincent Alexander out of his apartment. Vincent currently sported a small beard, but at least he didn't smell bad. The three were currently meeting at a coffee shop which allowed Vincent to down a couple coffees to keep him awake and focused.

"Thank you both for coming to see me." Eden acknowledged.

"Your welcome." Mike said, "So what was so important that you had to talk to both of us?"

"I think I have a way that can make us rich and put the bad stuff that's recently happened behind us." Eden said, "But I need to know if the both of you trust me."

"You can for me so long as it's important like you said it was." Mike told her.

He looked over at Vincent who was trying desperately to stay awake. Mike nudged his foot as Vincent suddenly remembered what was going on.

"What? Oh, yes. Sure. You have my trust, Eden." Vincent said, trying to save-face.

Eden sighed.

"My Dad was Egon Spengler." Eden stated.

Vincent was in the middle of sipping his coffee when she spoke. As soon as those words left her mouth, he spit out his drink in shock.

"WHAT?!" He demanded.

"Wait, who's Egon Spengler?!" Mike asked.

"Egon Spengler!" Vincent explained, "The guy who helped found the Ghostbusters?! One of the leading followers in studying the paranormal and combating it?! The one who I based my entire research on?!" He looked at Eden amazed, "You're his daughter?!"

"I just found this out last night." Eden assured, "I swear to god, until last night I didn't know who my father was at all."

Mike suddenly remembered Vincent showing him an article from the 80's about a group of Ghost hunters and realized where he'd seen Eden's Mom before. In said article, there was a woman who appeared to be a younger version of the one that picked Eden up hugging an older man with glasses.

"So wait," Mike realized, "Then your Dad was the one who blew up a giant marshmallow man and splattered marshmallow gunk across an entire city block in the early 80's?! That guy?!"

"Yeah." Eden said, "I guess it makes sense. I've always been quite talented when it comes to reverse-engineering and particle physics."

"Wait, so what does this have to do with us?" Mike asked.

"Well, my Mom agreed to help me start the Ghostbusters back up." Eden explained, "Maybe even figure out why ghosts went missing for so long. But we need more recruits and seeing as how you two are the only other ones who saw what happened at the studio, I thought I'd give you both the opportunity to help out."

"Can I speak to you for a second in private?" Mike asked getting up.

Eden nodded and the two went outside.

"I'm sorry." Mike apologized, "I really am. But I can't work on a paranormal team with Vincent on it."

"Why not?" Eden asked.

"I just can't!" Mike assured.

"Mike, just tell me what's troubling you and maybe I can help figure it out!" Eden assured.

Mike groaned.

"When we were kids." He explained, "Vincent claimed he saw a ghost haunting the school. He convinced me to sneak out of home in the middle of the night and to break into the school to discover what was going on. When we got inside, there was some kind of green mist forming, but Vincent chickened out and accidently tripped the security systems. He left me alone and by the time the police came, the ghost was gone."

He sighed, looking down at the ground.

"I spent hours being questioned before I was allowed to go home." He continued, "Afterwards, Vincent left and I never spoke to him until yesterday after that incident. I'm still angry at him for what happened and I don't think I'd be much help if I had to constantly babysit him making sure he could hold his own."

Eden nodded.

"You know what I saw in Vincent yesterday when we saw that spirit?" She asked him.

Mike shook his head.

"I didn't see someone who wasn't completely afraid until the spirit attacked him." She pointed out, "Mike, just give it one more chance. I mean, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But we need two people to fire the packs and at least one to operate the trap. Plus, you've been a gym teacher meaning you could bring a lot of physical prowess that the team requires."

She sighed.

"Look." She pointed out, "You gave me your number because you wanted to help me. This is me asking for that help as politely as I can. Please?"

Mike looked at her.

"Alright." He said, "I'll do it. It's not like there's a lot of jobs going around nowadays anyways."

"Thank you, Mike." Eden smiled.

The two walked back into the coffee shop and sat down with Vincent.

"Alright, I'm in." Mike explained, "What about you, Vincent?"

"Definitely." Vincent declared, holding up his coffee cup, "Here's to us. The two friends reunited for a common cause, and the scientist who's going to put 'natural' back in 'supernatural.'"

"Just one thing." Mike pointed out, "How are we going to start the franchise back up, exactly?"

"Well." Eden explained, "My Mother said she was going to try and track down some help. She told me to expect a call any second now…"

Suddenly, Eden felt her cell phone ring. She found it was an unknown number but answered anyway.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Eden Spengler?" A voice unfamiliar to her questioned.

"Yes." Eden answered cautiously, "Who's this?"

"Your mother contacted me." The voice explained, "I have the tools you need to start Ghostbusters back up again. Meet me at 110 North Moore Street as soon as possible. I'll have the equipment ready and waiting for you."

With that, the person hung up.

"Who was that?" Vincent asked.

"Looks like Mom pulled through." Eden explained, "He said to meet us at 110 North Moore Street as soon as possible."

"Well." Mike said, calling for the check, "Let's pay and meet our new benefactors."



The three were awestruck when they saw the address. It was a firehouse which looked as though it had been abandoned for years with cardboard boxes covering various windows in the upstairs area. However, someone had left a ladder nearby and had pinned a banner reading 'GHOSTBUSTERS' above the firehouse doors. They also noted that a large moving van was nearby as well.

"Is this where our base is going to be?!" Vincent asked giddy with anticipation, "Did someone read my Christmas list early?!"

"Let's find out." Eden suggested.

The three went up to the firehouse entrance and knocked on the doors. They heard some feet moving down until someone answered.

When the door opened, the three stood there in their own reaction to who stepped outside. The person who answered was an older man in his 60's. He was a bit on the chunky side, but had black solid hair and a cheerful face. He seemed much older than Eden had seen in the articles her mother had kept, but she knew that there was no doubt this was Dr. Raymond Stanz, the so-called 'Heart' of the Ghostbusters.

Mike kept his face normal, but still acted as if he were applying for a new job. However, Vincent was overjoyed beyond belief (mainly because he knew more about the legend of the Ghostbusters than the other two) to the point where it seemed he might explode at any second.

Ray looked at Eden amazed. He felt memories flooding back of Janine and Egon as he noticed some of the many features this woman had inherited from her parents.

"Hello." He greeted warmly, "You must be Eden. I'm Ray Stanz…"


Ray, Mike, and Eden looked back to see Vincent had fainted with a big grin on his face.

"Sorry." Eden apologized, "He's just very happy to be able to work with the Ghostbusters."

"It's quite all right." Ray assured, holding the door open, "Why don't you bring him inside? Winston should be joining us soon as well."

Eden and Mike nodded as they took their friend inside the firehouse.



It turns out the inside was actually better than the outside. Ray explained that he'd still been living in New York running an occult bookstore which he'd started when the Ghostbusters had dried up originally in 1988 before their fight with Vigo the Carpathian put them back on the map. As soon as Janine had told him what her daughter was planning, Ray instantly went back and had begun to clean up the place a little. There was some dust and cobwebs that needed to be swept away, but the Firehouse was still fully-functional even after all these years.

Ray had even gone as far as to recover some of their old equipment as well as unfinished equipment that the late Egon Spengler had not been able to finish before his untimely passing. Ray had kept these devices personally because he didn't want the government getting their hands on such devices in fear of what they might try to do with such technology.

After Vincent recovered and introductions were made, Ray began going over the equipment functions and how they were used to capture ghosts. It was all straightforward and came almost naturally to Eden. Once finished, they sat around for another half hour swapping stories about how they came to where they were now. As Mike was in the middle of telling a story about how he got a date, they heard a knock at the door.

"That should be Zeddmore." Ray pointed out, "I'll get it."

He stepped outside as the three heard Ray conversing with a deep-sounding voice. However, Eden suddenly heard another voice calling her.


Eden stood up confused. As the voice continued beckoning her, she followed the noise down into the basement where Ray had shown the Ecto Containment Unit (which thankfully was still operational as the Containment Unit had a battery power that lasted up to five thousand years, provided that nothing outside shut down the unit).

Meanwhile, Ray opened the garage doors as Mike and Vincent gasped. There, backing up into the garage, was the original Ecto-1. It seemed a bit weathered in places, but was still moving fluidly as any other car nowadays. The car parked and out stepped an African American man in his 60's. He had greying black hair and a grey moustache, but seemed more in shape than Ray was.

"Guys," Ray introduced, "This is Winston Zeddmore. Our first recruit after we opened up and now apparently a man with a law degree."

"Hey," Winston noted, "If Louis Tully could get one, so could I."

He chuckled and shook both of the new recruits hands.

"It's nice to meet you two." He noted.

"The honor's all ours, Mr. Zeddmore." Vincent assured.

"Yeah." Mike agreed, "I mean, I read about you guys years ago, but nothing ever turned up so I assumed all that stuff with ghosts had been a hoax."

"I used to think the same thing when I first joined." Winston noted, "But seeing spirits escape your containment unit, two people turning into dogs, a god who can turn into a goddess and then a giant marshmallow man really helped prove me wrong."

"Waitasec." Ray pointed out, "Where's Eden?"

Downstairs, Eden had followed the voice over to a worktable in the basement which had some drawers' underneath. Opening it up, she found one item which she pulled out looking upon it confused. It seemed like some sort-of grounded satellite, but had wirings and tubes attached to the dish portion, but they weren't attached to any sort of source. Upon inspecting the device closer though, Eden could start to see where certain points could be connected to but not what it could be used for.


Eden turned around to see Dr. Stanz and Mr. Zeedmore (who she remembered reading about in the articles her mother kept around,) standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Sorry." She apologized, "I just…thought I'd take a look down here."

"Well, no harm as long as the containment unit isn't shut off." Ray pointed out, "I guess we'd better make out with the last of the introductions. This is Winston Zeedmore. Winston, this is Eden; Egon and Janine's Daughter."

Winston shook her hand firmly as he also noticed the many similarities between Eden and her parents.

"Still can't get over the fact that Egon became a Dad." Winston noted, before eying the thing she'd pulled out behind her, "So what's this that you were looking at then?" He questioned.

"I don't know." Eden admitted, "I was hoping either one of you could tell me."

"I remember this." Ray explained, "Egon was still trying to complete this by the time I'd left. I guess he never finished it."

He picked up the device and showed it to the two.

"Egon had this idea that the reason we were seeing less and less of ghosts following 1991 was because something had happened in the Ectosphere." Ray continued.

"The Ectosphere?" Eden questioned.

"The thin layer that occasionally allows for cross-dimension portals and/or spirits to flow into our universe." Ray explained, "Egon theorized that perhaps something had tempered with the natural order of things and tried building this to see what could be learned. I left before he…well…"

"Before he died." Eden finished.

"Right." Ray nodded, "I guess he never managed to finish this thing and just left it here."

"I guess it turns out that in the end he found your mother to be important enough to spend the rest of his life with." Winston noted.

Eden nodded taking small comfort in what was said, but then looked at Ray.

"Dr. Stanz." Eden explained, "I think since Me, Vincent, and Mike have been the first to witness a ghost since the 90's, we should try to finish the device. That way we might even be able to find more ghosts again. Maybe even get a better idea at what exactly it was that happened."

"You sure you're up for it?" Ray questioned.

Eden smiled.

"I've scored the highest tests in engineering and physics in my college." She pointed out, "I think I can manage with a couple of the other unfinished prototype stuff you have lying around."

Ray smiled. Eden might have had that straightforward attitude which her Mother had displayed in the time she worked for the company, but it was very clear that her father's intellect had passed down to her as well.

"Alright, then." Ray noted, "See what you can find. In the meantime, the rest of us can get to work finishing our restoration of the firehouse."



Henry Tyler was sat down on a park bench in Tribeca. He often came by here when he wanted to think or be alone. He was trying to figure out what he was going to do next. On one hand, he was sure what he saw was real and felt that he needed to go back and check it out when no one was around later that night. He knew the patrol times around the area where he'd encountered whatever it was which had attacked him, so it'd be easy to get in. The problem was that he still wasn't sure what exactly it was that he was dealing with quite just yet or how he was going to take care of it.

Sighing as he'd hit another dead-end rethinking the plan to go back and investigate for what was seemingly the twelfth time, Henry got up and left the park. As he approached a nearby subway, he paused noticing a nearby firehouse which'd been out of commission for years. This was somewhat confusing because the lights appeared to be on inside. Stepping back up and getting a better look from the front of the house, he noticed a large banner over the firehouse doors which read 'GHOSTBUSTERS.' Looking at the side door, Henry noticed a sheet of paper which'd been taped on reading 'NO PROBLEM IS TOO GREAT! WE'RE READY TO BELIEVE YOU!'

Curious, Henry approached the door.

Inside the Firehouse, the combined forces of the new and old generation of Ghostbusters (minus Eden who was still downstairs), stood proudly. They'd re-cleaned every little bit of the firehouse and re-stocked all the equipment where it'd been placed so-long ago.

"Well," Ray declared, "It looks like we're almost ready to get back in the swing of things."

"We're going to need some more interior furnishing." Winston pointed out, "But as I once said years ago; we have the tools. We have the talent."

"Now all we need is a client." Vincent pointed out.

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

"Nobody else was coming, right?" Mike asked.

"No." Ray pointed out, "Venkman's living in LA with his wife, Dana and his adoptive son, Oscar. He's got commitments to a family life now. Janine tried reaching out to an associate who worked with us in '91, but we haven't heard anything back."

Mike went up to the door and opened revealing a young African American man probably a few years older than Eden was standing there.

"Hi." He greeted, "Are you guys the Ghostbusters?"

"Yeah." Mike answered, "Why?"

"Look, what I'm going to say may sounds crazy…"

"Sir," Mike assured, "Yesterday and today I've seen all sorts of things that would drive anybody else crazy. The sign says we'll believe you. We mean that."

The man nodded.

"Okay." He said, "Why don't I come in and tell you."

Downstairs, Eden had connected the last piece she needed. She'd attached the dish-like device to a spare portable containment unit, fusing it into the power source. She'd attached the red-thin wiring to an ethernet port and had fitted that into a prototype PKE Meter which had a monitor that was more box-like rather than the standard 'shoe-shiner' design the PKE Meters had with the two antennas on the top rather than on the side. The other various wires had been inserted in different places around the portable containment unit, outfitted with various ports and input-output sections cobbled together from the rest of the unfinished prototype gear that Ray had brought with him.

She adjusted some knobs on the PKE monitor as a map of New York appeared on there. As she continued adjusting, she saw various blue blips showing up across the map which made her eyes widen.

Upstairs, Henry Tyler was finishing recounting his story to the Ghostbusters who all stayed quiet as he finished the last thing which had happened to him.

They all sat in silence before Ray spoke.

"Well," He suggested, "I guess it makes sense that if ghosts were to start returning, they'd begin manifesting at an area of significance where thousands of lives were lost."

"One thing I don't understand though." Mike noted, "Again, if the ghosts did disappear, why would they show up now and in two separate locations if only briefly?"

"Because someone's been pulling the strings." Eden called.

Everyone turned to the basement steps to see Eden standing there.

"Hi." She greeted, "Eden Spengler. Lead scientist. What's going on now?"

"This is Henry Tyler." Winston introduced, "He claims that a bunch of ghostly hands attacked him at the World Trade Center memorial."

"Then this matches up with what I've been discovered." Eden noted, "If you'll follow me downstairs, I'll be happy to explain."

Everyone got up and followed her down into the basement. Once they were all gathered around the table that Eden had been using to finish her father's invention, she continued.

"My father originally built this because he felt that there was a reason the ghosts were disappearing." She explained, "Dr. Stanz told me that Egon believed the reason that the ghosts disappeared from New York was due to a change in the Ectosphere, which for those who don't know is the way ghosts and other supernatural entities usually cross over into our world."

She showed them her device and the blinking dots on the map of New York.

"These dots represent some sort-of artificial change in the Ectosphere. Someone somehow found a way to seal the barriers, thus trapping the ghosts in there."

"So why are they blinking?" Mike asked.

"Because the power's starting to fade." Eden answered, "Whatever's been keeping the ghosts back has slowly begun to loose power."

"Of course!" Vincent realized, slapping his forehead, "That's why the ghost of Shane Rocksberg didn't just chase us and stayed where it was! It's still tethered there technically."

"So what are we going to do about it?" Mike asked, "Do we really want to let the ghosts back into our reality?"

"Man's got a strong point." Winston added, "Do we allow them to come back and go through the effort of catching them again?"

"Whatever's happened," Ray pointed out, "The ghosts still have a natural right to cross back if they want to. If they show malevolence, we simply catch them again."

"Right." Mike noted, "Now I'm all for that, but because I don't want to release Shane Rocksberg's ghost and whatever else might be waiting with him, I say we check out the Trade Center first."

"Then we'll have to do it late at night." Henry pointed out.

All eyes fell on him.

"I'm sorry, 'we?'" Mike asked.

"I might not be a cop anymore." Henry pointed out, "But I still have a duty to protect people. Plus, if you're going to investigate, you're going to need to know when the cops patrol that area so that when you investigate, you don't get caught. Also I'm kind of in need of a job."

Mike, Eden, and Vincent looked at the senior Ghostbusters who simply nodded in agreement.

"Okay," Mike noted, "We'll take you onboard, Mr. Tyler."

Later, The September 11th Memorial and Museum…

Late that night, the four new Ghostbusters crept quickly towards the spot Henry had seen the reported disturbance at, carrying their equipment. Ray and Winston were a couple blocks away in the moving van (Ray had borrowed it from a friend of his,) and they would be monitoring the situation from where they were thanks to some Go-Pro Cameras they'd stuck on the new crew.

"Okay." Henry noted, pointing to the area where the events had gone down, "It's right over there."

The Ghostbusters moved quickly. It was currently 12:30 AM, but the next shift would be here in 30 minutes. As they got in front of the spot, Vincent whipped out his PKE Meter and instantly scanned the area.

"Dr. Stantz, are you getting this?" He asked.

"Yup." Ray said through the walkie talkie, "Whatever's down there, it's definitely supernatural-powered."

"Why don't people ever use the supernatural to benefit the world?" Winston asked.

"If they did, Winston, the world would be a much happier place to live in." Ray mused, "But I digress. Dig up what you can and then report back here."

"Right." Mike nodded as the four got down and started quickly clawing away at the dirt.

After five minutes, Vincent felt something within his palm.

"Guys?" He asked, "I think I got it."

"Alright, Vince!" Mike congratulated, "Pull it up and let's leave ASAP."

Vincent pulled, but for some reason, whatever was in his palm was stuck. Tugging harder, Vincent slowly began to feel the object moving upward. He gave one last almighty tug and the item came free.

Only once it did, a large blue pulse began to spread all across Manhattan passing through every building until the entire city had been touched by the wave. Once which hadn't been seen in years.



Dwight Francis was in a restaurant when the wave hit. He was confused at first, but then was shocked when he looked in front of him to see the strange mist from his vision seated across from his table.

Do not speak, Dwight Francis. The Figure instructed, Use your mind, rather than your lips.

What the hell was that?! Dwight asked through his thoughts.

Someone must have uncovered our plans. The Figure responded, Fortunately, I can foresee your city's so-called 'enforcers' on their way to apprehend those who caused the disturbance.

That means no more spirits to empower you then. Dwight lamented.

Do not worry, Dwight Francis. The Figure assured, My energy has been replenished enough. We also have more than enough waiting for the moment we take action. This means that we must look to the next phase of our plan. Are the machines ready?

We've tested out the platting. It's enough to hold the gateway that will bring us our victory. Dwight replied.

Good. The Figure acknowledged, Perhaps those who caused this can offer us a demonstration to assure that what we have created will work in the end. Find out who did this and observe their trial. See if the substance we created will react as intended. When you have your answers, contact me.

With that, the figure disappeared leaving Dwight alone.


The September 11th Memorial and Museum…

"Mike?" Henry asked, "Did you feel that?"

"I could taste that." Mike noted.

Vincent was focused on the device in his hand. It looked like a small view-master slide, although it was a can rather than being flat. There were exposed wires leading out from the bottom (no doubt what Vincent had struggled to remove,) and was pulsing with a radiant color.

"Wow!" Ray declared over the radio, "Winston, remember the last time we saw that?!"

"Yep. Back in '91." Winston reclalled, "Guess we'd better hightail it then."

"Waitasec." Eden pointed out, indicating where Vincent had ripped the device from.

In the hole that had been left open was a puddle of slime. One which matched the color which was pulsing from the device Vincent had in his hand. Eden kneeled down and brought out a small Ziploc bag which she began to collect the substance from.

"Eden, I'm glad you're interested, but we need to get out now before the police arrive." Henry pointed out.

"Too late." A female voice called.

Henry cursed as the group turned around to find themselves in the presence of a male and female cop who had guns pointed at them.

"Get down on the ground." The female cop announced.

As they did so, they could hear Ray calling on the walkie talkie.

"Uh guys?" He asked, "Police are here. I don't think they're happy to see us."

To be continued…

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. As you can see, this is another example of using a human character as the main villain properly. The reason why Ivo Shandor worked as a human villain becoming a ghost was that he was psychologically deranged. He was an army doctor who thought society should never survive after the second world war, and that it was his duty to wipe the slate clean. We can tell Dwight is driven by that same kind of guiding force, but just how he intends to enforce world peace (not to mention the identity of his benefactor) will have to wait for a later chapter. But as we see, this benefactor has clearly shown him how to block the spirit world (which again will be revealed next time,) and that gives a good explanation as to how he knows to create these devices, making his skills more believable. Next time, the Ghostbusters go to trial again, and things become a real Kangaroo Court in more ways than they did last time the Ghostbusters were put on trial! Hope you enjoyed and will continue reading. As always, I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes only so please don't sue!