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New York Supreme Court Building…

Despite getting a degree in law and having been involved with a number of questionable activities over the years with the supernatural, Winston Zeedmore had never in his life been put on trial.

But here he was now, joining Ray and the new team as they continued to watch their chances of winning the trial drip down the drain. This was not helped by the fact that the judge was a man by the name of Salvador who stated that he was familiar with Ray and Winston but having lived in an age where the Ghostbusters were regarded as myth, made it very clear that he would not entertain the idea of ghosts or the existence of them. Winston actually wished the Mayor of New York wasn't off campaigning for governor.

Then again, the prosecutor wasn't much better. The guy was essentially a hybrid between Bobby Riggs and Karl Rove, and moreover was wiping the floor with their case. Despite their lawyer (who in this case wasn't Louis Tully, as he had decided not to work for the company anymore and Janine probably wouldn't like it if they reached out to him) putting up a good fight, it was pretty clear that they were going to jail.

"I'd like to call Mike Gerald to the stand." The Prosecutor stated.

Mike sighed and went up there.

"Mister Gerald." The Prosecutor stated, "It is my understanding that up until recently, you did not have any contact with Vincent Alexander."

"Well," Mike sighed sarcastically, "Word sure does get around fast."

The man nodded clearly not entertained by the joke.

"So I did some digging and as it turns out, you were briefly arrested for breaking and entering into your school on an account of a wild goose chase which landed you a couple of hours in jail. You seemed to deny any reason for entertaining Mister Vincent's actions, so why start now? Remember Mister Gerald, you're under oath not to entertain these ideas that have been regarded as tabloid news."

"Objection!" The Defense Lawyer called out.

"Overruled." The Judge replied.

Mike looked at Vincent seriously.

"When I helped Vincent," Mike said, "It was as a friend. When I came back to assist him, it was as a duty and service."

Vincent looked at Mike surprised.

"A service to what, Mister Gerald?" The Prosecutor asked, "Defiling an area nearby where a great disaster happened?"

"I would like to remind the court that recent disasters in the Earth have happened due to lack of scientific evidence, or because people had the evidence and simply didn't care about what it meant until it was too late. What we were doing was simply taking pre-emptive measures to avoid disasters on a scale which nobody has understood for years now."

"Is that what you believe?" The Prosecutor asked.

"Indeed." Mike said, "Because I know what I saw that night was real. I denied it when I was younger, and I'm beginning to regret my choice. Nothing can change that."

"No further questions." The Prosecutor stated.

The judge looked at Mike.

"Mister Gerald," The Judge stated, "That was the worst case for defending yourself that I've ever heard a witness give in my years involved in law!"

Mike rolled his eyes.

"Even if we were to entertain this silly idea that the equipment you have works," He waved his hand at the confiscated gear, "You're willingly trapping spirits?! Who are you and your friends to make such judgement?!"

"Well, since I'm under oath," Mike reminded, "I'll just say that these two guys," he pointed at Ray and Winston, "Made sure we had the know-how to tell good from bad. We went there because someone said they were being disturbed by something that they considered a threat to them. Based on what we saw firsthand, we can assume that whatever we found is a threat to the city. Then again, you would be the expert on separating good from evil. What with being a judge and all."

The judge slammed his gavel down.

"Try that again and you'll spend twenty days in contempt."

Suddenly, the radiant slime began glowing brighter. Eden picked up on this and nudged Vincent.

"Vincent." She whispered, "Look at the slime."

"Quiet!" The Judge roared as the slime pulsed again. This time Ray and Winston saw it as well as their eyes widened in horror.

"Uh, your honor?" Ray asked.

"I SAID QUIET!" The Judge yelled as the slime continued to shine brighter, "You will not speak unless you are asked to!"

"Yes, but…" Winston noted.

"YOU'RE ALL FRAUDS!" The Judge yelled, continuing to ignore the pleas and the radiant slime, "WASHED-OUT HAS-BEENS! YOU'RE IN MY COURT NOW! AND IF IT WERE UP TO ME, I WOULD PERSONALLY HAVE YOU TAKEN AND SHOT DEAD!"

With that, the container holding the slime broke and the slime became a small red portal. People screamed as a figure emerged from the portal. It was a purple-tinted transparent figure. It wore black robes and a barrister wig over its head. On that note, the upper head was a normal-looking human face, but the bottom resembled a skeleton mouth similar to that of Red Death from Phantom of the Opera. In the figure's right bony hand was a large mallet which everyone suddenly realized was an oversized gavel.

"OH MY GOD!" The human judge screamed, "JUDGE RAMIERIZ!"

Everyone began screaming and running every which way. The Ghostbusters hid underneath a table and watched as the ghostly judge threw his gavel at Salvador. He ducked and missed the gavel which embedded itself into the wall behind the chair. Judge Salvador crawled up next to the Ghostbusters looking terrified.

"So what's his story?" Ray asked, "Someone you tried?!"

"He was the judge before me!" Judge Salvador explained, "Ended up abducting a lot of children from people who worked here! I ended up taking over his position and sentenced him to injection death!"

Judge Ramirez looked beneath the desk at the collected group.

"You gotta help! Please!" Judge Salvador begged.

The Ghostbusters kept quiet, ignoring Salvador's pleas. They watched as the spirit of Judge Ramirez knocked his head back. Everyone dodged out of the way before Ramirez spat out a substance which instantly began to eat away at the table with a corrosive effect. Salvador grabbed Mike by his shirt collar and shook him wildly.


"Sorry, can't do that." Mike explained with a smug grin, "You said we're under oath."

"That would mean that helping you would expose us as genuinely certified to handle problems like this." Henry added.

They watched as the ghost of Judge Ramirez picked up the Prosecutor and threw him to the opposite side of the room. The Prosecutor hit the opposite wall and fell to the ground unconscious. The human judge bit down on his tongue in anger.

"ALRIGHT!" He screamed, "I hereby find you six not guilty of any charges! Prosecution will pay the fine for your troubles! Case dismissed!"

He banged his gavel on the wall which accidently broke in two upon impact.

"JUST GET RID OF THAT THING!" Judge Salvador screamed.



Within a few minutes, both generations of Ghostbusters were suited up. Mike, Vincent, Eden, and Henry all wore a proton pack while Ray and Winston were wearing the Slime Blowers. Ray also had his PKE goggles on so he could scan what was here now for future data. The plan was simple. Ray and Winston would close the portal while the other four would keep their backs and take care of Judge Ramirez's spirit.

Before they stepped out, Mike took a serious look at Vincent.

"You're not gonna bail this time, are you pal?" He asked.

"No. Of course not." Vincent said, trying to sound convincing.

"Just remember what we went over." Eden reminded, "And remember; never cross the streams!"

"Alright." Ray nodded, "Let's do this."

With that, he and Winston stepped back into the courtroom first. They approached the portal which Ray took a quick scan of to be safe. With that, he and Winston began to neutralize the portal until it disappeared. Fortunately, the slime worked like a charm and the portal quickly vanished.

The other four stepped out, keeping a sharp eye open for any sign of Ramirez. Suddenly, they heard a banging sound coming from the back right of the witness box. Then closer to the front right of the box. Everything was deathly still for a few seconds.

Finally, the giant gavel shot up from in front of them.

"MOVE!" Mike screamed, as he knocked Vincent away.

Eden and Henry also dodged before the gavel came down missing the pair of them. The gavel began to shrink a little as Ramirez rose up from the ground.

"HEY, RAMIREZ!" Vincent called.

Ramirez turned to look at him as Vincent shot out a boson dart, hitting Ramirez in the face. Ramirez howled in pain as Vincent began to vent his pack. The spirit soared towards him, but Mike blasted a stream which captured Ramirez right by his face.

"WAY TO GO!" Ray congratulated, making another scan on Ramirez, "Now wear 'im down!"

"Can't you just slime the ghost and make him good?!" Mike asked.

"This isn't the same mood slime that we used to battle Vigo the Carpathain!" Ray pointed out, "Plus, the reading on the Ghost indicates that he can't simply be slimed and dispersed!"

"Fine!" Mike acknowledged.

He flung Ramirez up into the ceiling, accidently knocking down the lamp hanging from above which shattered greatly. Judge Salvador, who had been witnessing this thing from behind where his seat was, whimpered and slapped his head in disbelief.

"Ah, shit!" Mike cursed, "Sorry!"

He noticed Ramirez was still struggling, but then another stream latched on to Ramirez's right arm and sent him slamming into the right wall of the court. Looking to the side, he saw Vincent with a determined look on his face.

Before Ramirez could act any further, Eden shot another capture stream over Ramirez's left arm and sent him flying into the left side of the courtroom. Finally, Henry fired a capture stream on one of Ramirez's legs which was now exposed from the robes and slammed the spirit down to the ground. The new Ghostbusters nodded and gave an almighty heave slamming Ramirez back up hard into the ceiling and then down on the ground very hard.

"Way to go!" Ray yelled, "Now let's send this guy off into his new prison cell!"

With that, he rolled out a trap and opened it.

"SLAM HIM IN!" Winston declared.

The new Ghostbusters gave one last heave and slammed him directly into the trap dead-center. Ramirez screamed in protest, but it was all for naught as he was sucked in and the trap closed fully. The Ghostbusters looked in amazement. Eden inspected the trap and smiled.

"It still works." She says, "He's still ready to be transferred to the containment unit."

"Way to go, guys!" Winston noted.

Mike smiled at Vincent.

"Congrats on not bailing this time, Vincent." Mike noted.

"Well," Vincent said, "I guess when you have an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back, it comes in handy."

Mike grinned and the two hi-fived each other.

Outside the courtroom, people were flocked around the doors waiting to hear about what had happened. Finally, the twin doors opened revealing the two senior Ghostbusters as well as the newer members.

"It's okay!" Mike assured, as Henry held up the trap, "We got it! The Ghostbusters are back, and we're here to stay!"

The crowd started cheering as Ray couldn't help but smile seeing the city return to their side even after all these years of not seeing a ghost. Unbeknownst to them, nobody noticed the man in the leather jacket and trench coat walking away.


In the weeks that followed, the Ghostbusters had returned with a bang. Following the pulse that had covered Manhattan, ghosts and supernatural beings of all shapes and sizes were running afoul of the big apple once again. Nonetheless, the new Ghostbusters had stopped said disturbances at every turn.

The money that was coming back in for their services was quickly making a high profit where it got to the point that they could advertise on TV and even restore the old Firehouse sign. Eden even had enough funds to redesign the proton packs and make them more compatible. The new designs were a bit sleeker and had a triangular vent on the bottom rather than the circular one. In addition, the neutron wands were redesigned to have a more pistol-like appearance, making it easier to unhook and fire.

Other equipment included slime grenades, new meson collider packs, dark matter generator packs, and even a composite particle system pack. New traps were also created which allowed for quick capturing. This was thanks to a wider trap range which would mean the ghosts could not get far beyond a radius of the trap before being sucked in.

Finally, even the Ghostbusters Ectomobile got an upgrade. In addition to a new super-slammer trap, Eden had also installed a new 'Slime Cannon' which could fire blasts of slime strong enough to hold Ghosts for a good period of time. But more impressively, they had enough money to purchase a helicopter which Eden had outfitted with an Overload Pulse Composite Particle System wand for higher areas when needed. She had yet to install a trap for once ghosts were weakened, but Ray was more than optimistic that they'd find a way to make it work (personally, he was just happy that they were finally getting an aerial-based vehicle.)

All-in-all, things seemed to be going well for the Ghostbusters and everyone seemed to love them.

Well, almost everyone.

In his apartment, Dwight Francis sat in meditation, awaiting contact with his benefactor. As he entered the state of higher being once more, he saw the floating figure again.

"Dwight Francis." The Figure greeted, "Have you learned who is responsible for the interference of our plan?"

"I have, unfortunately." Dwight answered, "It appears this was the work of The Ghostbusters. Despite our best efforts, the organization has regrouped and were the ones responsible for the opening of the barrier we set-up near the World Trade Center."

"Then it is only a matter of time before they come for us." The figure noted, "Have you sent out the devices yet?"

"I have, my lord." Dwight assured, "We can begin the conquest as early as tomorrow. However, I might have a plan that will at least delay the Ghostbusters until your return. If you are willing to allow it, of course."

The figure was silent for a few seconds before speaking.

"Proceed." He ordered.

"Okay." Dwight explained, "I will lure them out with a ghost. We will frame them for mishandling their equipment, and take them out of the equation before tomorrow when we put our plan into action."

The figure was silent again, almost as if it were weighing its options. Finally, after thirty seconds, the figure spoke.

"Very well." The figure answered, "You will enact this plan and tomorrow, we will rid ourselves of the Ghostbusters interference. Now go, and do not let our work be done in vain."

With that, Dwight returned to his waking state and began to put the first part of his plan into motion.


Meanwhile, At the Ghostbusters Firehouse…

Outside the firehouse, a young woman approached the door with a newspaper. She had shorty curly brown hair and brown eyes as she held a newspaper in her hand. She was dressed in a buttoned-down blue shirt with a brown overcoat and long black pants with black high heels.

Curiously, she opened the door looking around confused.

"Hello?" She asked, "Anyone here?"

"Right here!" A voice called, coming down to meet her.

She felt her heart almost jump out of her throat as Mr. Zeedmore approached her.

"Hi." He greeted, shaking her hand firmly, "I'm Mister Winston Zeedmore. And you are…?"

"Oh!" The woman realized, "Sorry. Uh… Edith Munroe, sir. I'm here about the secretary position?"

"Right." Winston smiled, "No need to be shy. Step back into the old office and we'll give you an interview."

She nodded as she handed Winston her resume. Winston took a brief glance over but picked up on a couple of interesting things. Apparently, Ms. Munroe had gone to high school and graduated with high ranks in soccer. Following that, she'd apparently trained for track in college and followed that up with a near-perfect career as a newspaper truck driver who nearly always got things done on-time.

"Alright, Ms. Munroe." Winston noted, "This is just a basic question we ask all new applicants. Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?"

"Yes." Edith nodded without hesitation.

Winston looked at her surprised.

"Seriously?" He asked, "You don't want to ask about payment?"

"Not at all, Mister Zeedmore." Edith assured, "I've believed in all that for years now. You probably don't remember, but I was one of many who witnessed the Ghostbusters before you guys shut down. It was 1991 near Thanksgiving. My parents took me out of my bedroom informing me we had to evacuate. Once we went outside, I saw a giant Marshmallow Man climbing the building next to ours before it splattered Marshmallow Gunk across several city blocks. Seeing you guys in action like that, it's always made me a believer in the supernatural even after you guys disappeared. So when word came that you guys were back and that you were hiring, I decided I'd apply as soon as possible. Believe me, sir; I'm willing to do anything that you need me to do."

Winston smiled at how enthusiastic this woman was and how willing she was going to go for any work.

"Well, Ms. Munroe." He chuckled, "Glad to hear it." He shook her hand firmly, "Welcome aboard."

"Winston!" Ray called down, "Everything okay down there?"

"Yeah, Ray!" Winston assured, "Good news! We found a new secretary."

"Great!" Ray called, "You can bring her upstairs, we have a staff meeting."

As Winston and Edith went upstairs, they were unaware of the firehouse door opening quietly. If they had looked back, they might've seen a pink-transparent hand stretching towards one of the tables, and pulling back away with a spare ghost trap.



Once introductions had been made for Edith, all eyes turned to Eden.

"So far, things have been a bit too easy." Eden pointed out.

"That's supposed to be a good thing, right?" Mike asked with a grin.

"It's disturbing." Eden pointed out, "But I think I have an explanation as to why we hadn't seen ghosts in so long, and what this all means."

She brought out a small plastic container which was holding the radiant slime. The others were quick to note that the slime had been frozen solid as one big block of slimed ice.

"After going back to investigate the memorial, I found there were still some samples of slime leftover. I brought it back and investigated. This slime has been altered on a molecular level by some outside forces."

"You mean somebody out there is altering slime?!" Winston asked.

"Correct." Eden explained, bringing them over to a board which featured photos and notes about the devices and slime, "Meaning that we can now confirm that somebody put the slime there. Meaning somebody's been purposefully blocking ghosts, and somebody's more than likely planning something bad for the world."

"So we got another megalomaniac on our hands." Ray pointed out, "That's just great. That means we have to sort through almost every sort of slime ball who tried to use the paranormal for evil throughout history, then see if they have any relatives who might share intrest in finishing their ancestor's plans."

Edith squinted her eyes at a photo of the device Vincent had pulled and suddenly remembered something.

"I recognize this!" She pointed out.

"You do?!" Ray asked, "From where?!"

Edith looked at the others surprised.

"Have you not seen anything besides yourself in the news these past few weeks?" She asked.


The group stood around the receptionist's computer as they watched a video featuring a small clean-energy company CEO named Dwight Francis as he stood before a stage full of people giving some kind of announcement.

"We all spend millions of dollars to use energy." Dwight explained, "To say nothing of what happens to people worldwide who can't afford the same technology. It gives me great pleasure to announce that those days for the world are officially over. As of now, my people have developed an all-new source of clean, renewable energy and made it a generator that can be used to power any heat, gas, cooling, or electrical device you might have."

With that, an image appeared behind him of a device similar to the one that Vincent had pulled up.

"My company has already mass-produced and shipped these devices for more people living in whatever part of the world they might come from and soon, America will be able benefit from this too for absolutely free as more cost-free generators are already being sent to nearly every state in America as well. It is my hope that this serves as a small step to achieving peace with foreign countries in a very delicate time. Thank you."

With that, he left the stage.

"Who is this guy?" Vincent asked.

"Nobody knows where he came from." Edith admitted, as she closed the video, "Apparently the previous CEO turned up dead one day and left the company to Dwight Francis, citing him as an old friend."

"Yeah." Ray noted sarcastically, "That doesn't sound suspicious at all."

"Apparently he lives in New York currently." Edith added.

"I think it's time for us to have a chat with him." Mike pointed out.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Without hesitation, Edith answered.

"Ghostbusters." She replied, "How can we help you?"

Everyone listened closely as she nodded, taking notes.

"Okay. They'll take care of things. Thanks."

With that, she hung up and turned to the others.

"Looks like we have a call from Central Park." She noted, handing them the note.

"We'll look into this Dwight Francis guy and let you know what we find." Ray assured.

Eden was unhappy. She trusted Ray, but wanted to make sure he knew his own limits.

"Okay." She agreed, "But Dr. Stanz, if something goes wrong, get back to here imminently and let us know."

"Will do." Ray assured.

With that, the new Ghostbusters piled into Ecto-1 and took off. As the car left the firehouse, they were unaware of the man in the hat and trench coat watching before he snuck off, carrying a spare ghost trap with him.

To be continued…

Well, hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know the courtroom scene was similar to the second film, but this was honestly the only way I could think of having the Ghostbusters make a triumphant return as well as point out some ideas I felt the new film should've focused on more like the question of what right the ghostbusters have to catch spirits. Not to mention this time Winston actually assisted. However, if you've read the spectacular IDW Ghostbusters series, the 2017 Annual actually has a story featuring what Winston was up to during the events of the courtroom scene in the second film and it's quite an interesting read. Judge Salvador was originally going to be the name of the ghost featured here, and I had an idea that the ghost would be throwing around old kid clothes, but I decided to ultimately dial it back down a notch and make the ghost featured here a fellow judge who was sentenced due to implied interactions with children. Anyways, next time Dwight Francis sets his plan into motion and one team member will pay the price? What will become of the city? Check back to find out! Again, I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes ONLY, so please don't sue!