This is a parody of a fic i read so i thought, why not have this as the first chapter of my One Shot collection?

Lincoln was just waking up, "Ughhhhh i live with 10 sisters its so annoying oh my god look at me im such a victim oh woe is me!", Lincoln said as he went downstairs, only to spot Luan, and she was eating a pie. Lincoln was angry now, "HOW DARE YOU!", Lincoln screamed as he back-handed Luan. "What the hell dude!", Luna and the other sisters said as they appeared out of nowhere.

"WHAT DID I DO?", Luan said. "YOU ATE FOOD!", Lincoln screamed as everyone gasped. "HOW DARE YOU, YOUR FUCKER!", Lori screamed. "THATS IT I HATE YOU ALL OH LOOK AT ME BOO HOO HOO IM A POOR INNOCENT VICTIM OH WOE IS ME YOUR ALL ANNOYING IM RUNNING AWAY FOREVER!", Lincoln said as he pulled a suitcase filled with stuff out of his ass. "NO WE LOVE YOU!", Leni screamed. "NO FUCK YOU IM GONNA KICK ONE OF YOU NOW FOR EFFECT!", Lincoln screamed as he kicked Lynn into the steps.

"This is completely irrelevant but I scratched the van not Lincoln.", Lucy said. She then looked at Luan. "You made my brother run away im gonna go attempt suicide because itll get the fans more interested.", Lucy screamed and ran away. "LUAN HOW DARE YOU NOW IT'S TIME TO KILL YOU YOU DISRESPECTFUL PEICE OF TRASH!", Lana said as they beat up Luan.

"I cant beileive them oh woe is me im such a victim i cant beileive i stood for it for so long but i kind of miss them waaah!", Lincoln said as he ran back to the house. He walked inside, "Oh Lincoln were so happy your back were sorry we have randomly fallen in a forbidden love with you!", Lori said. "Well in that case.", Lincoln said as he took them all upstairs and banged there brains out.