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Now let's get on to the Main Story. FINALLY!


I just noticed that quite some time has passed since I last came back to this draft and it is now July 7, 2021.

Reader discretion is advised. This is a bloody chapter.









It was dark in the basement workshop, only a few torches and well-placed candles providing light.

Tokiomi Tohsaka carefully setup the magic circle he intended to use to summon his Servant for the 4th Grail War of Heavens feel. He moved meticulously around each of the lines he painted, careful not to step on them, careful to make sure that they were perfect.

The only witness to his careful actions was a tiny spider near a corner of the ceiling, the dim light glinted off its faceted eyes as it sat in its web. It watched the human mix his special paint and draw an elaborate design upon the floor. It saw small shining gemstones be placed at intersecting points in the painted lines. It saw the human place a strange stone-like skin carefully inside a particular spot and then walk around yet again, carefully studying his work, before moving to a position just outside the circle and beginning a long chant.

Most importantly of all, the little spider saw the shadows in the room begin to darken, and spread throughout the room. It saw a black tendril reach out the moment the man's back was turned and replace the strange snake skin with a small jar of triangular objects. It watched the human focus all of his attention on the glowing circle, completely unaware of how the candles had all flickered out and an impenetrable darkness had sealed the room.

The only island of light in that dark place was the area illuminated by the torches where the magus stood and the increasing glow of the magical circle.



Tokiomi Tohsaka was elated.

His preparations were perfect and as he chanted the words he'd memorized, he could feel the power smoothly flowing into the summoning circle and powerfully circulate. It was exhausting, but the ritual would definitely succeed. He had been preparing for this for most of his life and once Gilgamesh was summoned as his Servant, victory would be inevitable.

He had devised the perfect plan to win. The Church would secretly support him through Kirei Kotomine. Kirei would sacrifice his Servant in a seeming act of betrayal against his teacher and upon failure, immediately present himself to the War's Overseer for sanctuary. This would fool the observing Master's into thinking that he had retired from the Grail War, thus causing them to lower their guard. Kirei would then be free to move in the shadows, hunting the enemy Masters. He might not be at the same level as an Assassin Class Servant, but his ability was topnotch and he should be able to act easily in-place of his discarded Servant. Besides, the boy his student had summoned wasn't very strong to begin with and would not have lasted long against the opposition anyway. In the meantime, Tokiomi would remain safe in his stronghold and have the obedience of the mightiest Servant. Once the other Servants had all been eliminated, he'd use his Command Seal to force his Servant to suicide, and then full fill the ancient wish of his family by using the Grail to obtain the 3rd True Magic, thus gaining immortality and infinite magical power.

The plan was simple, but it would give him the edge he needed to guarantee his victory.

Such a success would make his family name an eternal legend and his status would rise, joining the ranks of the other Magicians. It was the most glorious honor he could imagine and it was soon to be within his grasp.

He finished his chant and the circle flared out in a gust of mist and magic.

The first thing Tokiomi notice about his summoned Servant was that it wasn't Gilgamesh, but a masked Japanese warrior in ancient red armor with a bow and quiver of arrows slung over its shoulder. He frowned, but decided to worry about this sudden wrench in his plans after completing the contract between himself and the Archer Class Servant.

Tokiomi Tohsaka really was a capable magus and business man. It's a pity though (at least for him), that those were the only things he had any true capability in. He completely failed to consider the fact that he would be the target of others schemes when calculating his plans for victory. As such, the thought that something could go wrong had never once occurred to him, so great was his confidence.

Case in point…

No sooner had Tokiomi completed the contract with his summoned Servant than the surrounding darkness surged forward engulfing them both.




Tokiomi awakened slowly. His eyes felt heavy and his entire body ached, especially his right arm.

Deciding that it'd be better just to go back to sleep, he rolled over and pulled up the covers… Only that's not what happened.

The moment he tried to move, Tokiomi realized that he was restrained on a flat wooden surface that was most definitely not his bed.

Instantly becoming alert, he struggled to make sense of his situation.

It didn't take long for several important facts to make themselves known.

~ He was missing an arm.

~ He was laying on the living-room coffee-table and rope was wrapped tightly around his chest, neck, and remaining limbs, securing him in place.

~ He was dressed only in his burgundy pants, his upper body was bare and he could feel the coarseness of the rope rubbing against him whenever he breathed or made a small movement.

~ His arm with the Command Seals was missing.

~ His entire body ached as if he'd overworked every muscle in his body.

~ The room was dimly lit by a few strategically placed candles.


Tokiomi immediately tried to activate his magic circuits, but realized that he couldn't. Right now it was clear that he'd fallen into the hands of an unknown enemy and was utterly at their mercy.

"Come out! Show yourself!" he shouted.

Tokiomi Tohsaka was a smart enough man to understand that having somehow been captured, unable to use his mage-craft, and without his Servant to rescue him, the fact that he was still alive could only mean that his enemy wasn't done with him and should be nearby. Although it was unlikely, he held a faint hope that perhaps he could talk his way into surviving this situation.

His foe was most likely a magus. Either they wanted to participate in the Grail war and attacked him for his Command seals, or else they were an enemy Master that wanted to remove the competition and increase their number of Command seals.

Either way, for now he was alive and could only powerlessly hope to avoid a fate where he would wish for a swift death.

He heard the sound of approaching footsteps and tilted his head to look toward the empty doorway.

His eyes widened in surprise.

The person who entered was his youngest daughter, Sakura. Why she was dressed as a cat maid and what was under the white cloth covered tray she was holding, were of little importance to him. The fact that she was here, and during this situation was all that mattered.

"Sakura, can you quickly untie me?" he asked. "Are the Matou's behind this?"

Sakura was his daughter, so he was sure he could count on her for help if she was able. Furthermore, he had sent her to the Matou family, so her presence here could only mean that they were responsible for his current condition.

Sakura didn't answer. She just moved to his right and set the tray down on the sofa.


" … "

She didn't give any indication of having heard him. She merely stood there quietly, staring at him with empty eyes, as if she was a doll.

He looked at her more carefully. Her once beautiful aquamarine eyes had become pupiless purple and her hair had also changed to that same color. Her skin was very white and her face was empty, completely without expression. In the flickering glow of the candles she seemed almost ghostly.

He didn't try to call out to her again.

He knew there was no reason to. Given her current stillness, Sakura either couldn't or wouldn't make any move to help him. He felt an ember of anger bloom in his heart. The Matou's had asked for his extra child and he had given her to them, yet this was how he was being repaid?

Tokiomi didn't harbor any ill will towards Sakura. He had sent her to the Matou Family so that she could become the heir to their mage-craft and begin walking the path to her glorious future as a powerful magus and eventually become the family head of an ancient magus lineage. Therefore, her being here could only be because she was acting under the direction of the Matou Family.

For this reason, it was at the Matou's that he directed his anger. Even if they were rivals during this Grail War, this was not an appropriate way for their two families to go about deposing each other. If it was, then one or both families would have been killed off a long time ago.

Father and daughter stared at each other in silence.

Time seemed to stretch out into hours, but only a minute or two had passed when the ominous clicking of another pair of footsteps was heard making their way across the hardwood floors to where the two people waited.

Tokiomi dragged his eyes away from his daughter to see which of the Matou's was coming for him.

Unexpectedly, the one who entered was the weak Assassin Class servant summoned by his apprentice Kirei Kotomine. Unlike his usual playful manner, it was clear from his demeanor that he was being serious for once. Clad, as he was, in his usual black outfit and eye-patch, the boy gave the impression of a man who meant business.

His lips were curved up in a gentle smile that didn't reach his one visible eye. Indeed, the way the boy assassin was looking at him was extremely cold. As if he was already a corpse.

"Assassin, what is the meaning of this!" demanded Tokiomi. "Where is your Master?"

Assassin just stared down quietly at him, not answering. When the Servant finally spoke, his words were not directed at him.

"Sakura, are you sure this is how you want it?"

They were directed at his daughter.

"Yes, Master, this is how I want it."

What had Sakura called him?! Why was his daughter calling a Servant 'Master'.

"As you commanded, I spent my free time thinking about it," continued Sakura, "and no matter how many times I thought about it this seemed like it would be the best way. I want it to be memorable. I want something that will never be forgotten. I'm not sure about Aoi or Rin Tohsaka yet, but I know for sure about Tokiomi Tohsaka. Of those still alive, he is the most guilty."

"Then I will deliver the letter at the first opportunity and permit you to observe everything." Replied Assassin, "I hope you properly appreciate just how lucky you are to have a Master as good as me."

"Yes, My Lord, I am very grateful."

The way Sakura was looking at Assassin was near worshipful. Tokiomi didn't like it, he didn't like it at all. His daughter was calling a Servant 'Master' and 'My Lord' while completely disregarding him. Just what was going on! What were the Matou's and Kirei planning?!

"Assassin!" shouted Tokiomi, determined to get some explanations, "I demand you answer me. Explain yourself."

The boy's gentle smile turned into a smirk.

"What is there to explain? I am an Assassin Class Servant and you are an enemy Master that has been plotting to dispose of me. Furthermore, I neither like you nor respect you. Under these circumstances, I think my behavior is very normal. You're the strange one for expecting our relationship to end in any other way."

"Assassin…" Tokiomi practically growled his words through gritted teeth. "What about Kirei and the Matou's? Are they part of this plan as well?"

Assassin was very smug as he replied.

"With Zouken dead and Kariya giving out orders on my behalf, the Matou's are not of any concern."

Tokiomi was surprised to learn of Zouken's death.

"Zouken's dead?"

"He is." Assassin confirmed. "By the way, thank you for giving Sakura to him. Had she not suffered such hellish torture I doubt she'd have been so willing to sell her soul to me or be so cooperative about letting me dictate the terms of the deal. Furthermore, Kariya Matou cares about her so much that controlling her allows me to also grasp him in the palm of my hand."

The boy chuckled and the light from the candles gave the illusion that a wicked flame was burning in his eye.

"So yes, both I and they have much to thank you for. However, you can rest assured that aside from Sakura, they have no connection to your fate."

Tokiomi was not feeling 'assured' at all. In fact, he was feeling quite horrified by what he had just heard.

"Bastard! What have you done to Sakura! What did you make my daughter agree to—"



He didn't get the chance to finish what he had been saying, and instead ended his words with a manly scream. There was a very understandable reason for that, namely that while he was focused on Assassin he had not noticed Sakura uncover the tray and pick up the steak knife that had been concealed beneath. Thus, he had likewise not been paying attention to her until the little girl stabbed the blade down as hard as she could into his shoulder.

"Don't insult Lord Ciel." The little girl said in a calm cold voice, full of deadly intent. "My Master came for me when everyone else, my own family, through me away. If it wasn't for him I'd probably have ended up spending the rest of my life in that worm-filled hell. I'm not your daughter any more. I'm not your anything. All that I am belongs to my Master, and you will respect him."

Tokiomi gritted his teeth and tried not to make any sound as Sakura wiggled the knife back and forth, trying to pull it out. Assassin just stood there, quietly watching the child struggle to retrieve her knife. Meanwhile, Tokiomi started to sweat and couldn't help grunting from the pain.


"Sakura," said Assassin, "do you need my help getting it out?"

"No, I can do it Master."

"Are you sure?"


"Very well."

*grnhhh!* Of those present, Tokiomi's opinion on what was happening was of little concern. *gaahh* Except to Tokiomi that is. He was a proud man and his current situation – captured by Assassin, reuniting with Sakura like this and getting stabbed, learning how upset she was and that she'd sold her soul – was making him start to think that perhaps he'd made a small mistake with her somewhere.

*splnch* "GAAHHHNnnhh!"

Alright, a big mistake. In any case, Sakura finally managed to pull out her knife.

*hhhaaahghn* "Assassin, I admit that I underestimated you," said Tokiomi, trying his best not to show how much pain he was feeling even as drops of sweat beaded his brow, "Let's talk about this."

Assassin raised an eyebrow and quirked his lips.

"Can I take that to mean that you've changed your opinion about me?"

"I admit," said Tokiomi, "that I didn't respect your capability as a Servant because you're a child and you'd be going up against powerful hero's with superior strength and combat ability. Plus, those of the Assassin Class have long been considered to be the weakest of the summonable Servants."

"And…" hinted Assassin.

"And I think that now would be the perfect time to re-evaluate my plans for the Grail War."

"Is that all that you have to say?"

Tokiomi hesitated; his body, beading with more sweat caused by his pain and stress. He knew that Assassin had probably already decided to kill him a long time ago and that this conversation was likely the Servants way of toying with him. However, as long as he had the chance to talk, there remained a sliver of hope that he could persuade the lethal boy into letting him go. He had to try.

"I'll talk to Kirei. I have the feeling that he disapproved of my strategy for the War and, given his past experience, perhaps it would be better if I listen to his suggestions and put some of his ideas to use. Although it's short notice, your Master will definitely like the new plan we'll devise much better than the last one. Speaking of your Master, where is he? What does he think of what you're doing?"

Assassin didn't answer immediately. He just stared smugly down at Tokiomi for a few moments before giving his reply.

"Kirei Kotomine is not my Master. He only just barely had the qualifications to that title for a few hours before he lost them. He is my Summoner, and after he sold me his soul and the terms of our Contract were completed, he also became my future victim. I have delayed in collecting my due because I wanted to wait until the Grail War started. Unless I am greatly mistaken, right now he should be studying for a mid-term test on Etherial Invocation for one of his classes in the Clock Tower. He currently believes that I am patrolling the area around where he is staying, and I have given him no cause to think otherwise. I cannot always claim to be out at anime conventions after all. As my Summoner, who foolishly believes himself to be the 'Master' of a loyal and childish Servant, it is only natural for him to think that I am nearby, exploring the amazing future world I have found myself in. Thanks to my unusual constitution he can neither see nor hear through my senses, remaining completely ignorant that such a thing can only be done if I permit it, and my minions feed me enough information to make my words believable."

Tokiomi's eyes widened in shock; Kirei wasn't part of this betrayal. It would seem that he was being deceived as well by this Servant. And what was this about Kotomine selling his soul? When and why had he done that?

"Mr. Tohsaka," continued Assassin, "if you're wondering about why your student, a loyal member of the Church, a man who killed monsters and heretics as an Executor of the Churches special Burial Agency, a man who has agreed to serve you faithfully and aid in your victory during the 4th Grail War, would sell his soul to his own summoned Servant…"

Assassin chuckled cruelly.

"There is no mystery about that at all. Rather than me waste my breath explaining, I invite you to think back to my summoning and the events that followed thereafter. You heard everything the two of us discussed and you witnessed me sealing the deal with your own eyes. You only have yourselves to blame for not understanding the situation and for underestimating me."

Tokiomi stared up at Assassin and saw his blue eye change to that of a glowing, red-eyed demon.

"If you're wondering how that was possible in the first place, then just blame yourself, or that old priest, or whoever it was that came up with that messed-up summoning ritual. You didn't just summon the wrong Servant, you people came up with a way to summon two beings and combine them together. It's just luck that both of them happened to be two versions of 'me' from two different… How should I say it?"

Assassin pretended to think about it.

"Perhaps 'outcomes' is the correct word to use here? A version of 'me' that was, quite possibly, the weakest Assassin in the Throne of Hero's, while the other being was a version of 'me' that was turned into a demon and has been stuck in Hell for what felt like literal ages. Luckily for us, because of the demon version, the ritual didn't drive me, the result, insane. Furthermore, it is very impressive that you people managed to not only summon a demon into this world without having to pay the usual price, but also succeeded in summoning a complete Heroic Spirit rather than just the usual down-graded copy that you magi call Servants. A demon's body is both strong and a bit unusual, it doesn't follow quite the same principles that govern the bodies of Servants and humans, thus it was able to handle the full might of a Heroic Spirit, even a relatively weak one like me, without being destroyed. That fact, plus us essentially being the same person, is what made this," Assassin nonchalantly waved his hand in a way that seemed to indicate his whole being, "possible."

The demonic boy by chuckled.

"Thus, rather than being the weakest Assassin, you people summoned the strongest. Don't you feel so very happy about that?"

"What did you say?" asked Tokiomi. As a magus, he fully understood just how truly incredible an accomplishment this was and it shocked him so much that he momentarily forgot all about his current circumstances. As a true magus, there was no way he wouldn't be interested in learning more about this. The implications alone…

Tokiomi felt almost dizzy as his mind raced with the implications of what he'd just heard. All sorts of theories were created and discarded as his mind buzzed excitedly. If he could figure out how such an amazing event happened, if he could study both that ritual and this Servant, just how much would he be able to accomplish then? Just what sort of strength would he be able to gain control of? Unfortunately, the boy's next words dragged the magi's attention back to the current reality.

"To bad you people decided to be my enemies. You all seem to forget that even a weak Servant is superior to you. I accomplished more in my life than you ever did in yours. If that wasn't the case, than I would never have become like this in the first place."

These words were like a bullet hitting Tokiomi in a vital spot. They struck his pride and highlighted the truth that he didn't want to accept: He was not going to be able to get out of this alive.

"Well then," said Tokiomi, "since your mind is made up are you going to kill me now or do you intend to gloat a little longer?"

Assassin chuckled.

"Not that you have any choice in the matter. And I do agree that villain's who monolog instead of just quickly killing their target are incredibly foolish, but it's not like I have many opportunities to ramble on like this. Gloating is fun after all, right? Besides, I really want to make sure that you fully understand how miserable your end will be."

The magus did not like the sound of that, and it suddenly occurred to him that there was something that had not been explained yet.

"Why did you bring Sakura here?"

Assassin, however chose to ignore Tokiomi's question. He turned his back on the magus and strolled behind the sofa. He then lifted up something that had previously been out of sight.

Tokiomi gasped. There was no way that he didn't recognize what Assassin was holding.

It was a large and sealed clear glass jar. But it was not any sort of condiments contained within. No, what it held were densely packed glowing lines floating inside its confines.

No, thought Tokiomi, it can't be!

Before the magus could give voice to his suddenly panicked speculation, Assassin set the jar on the seat of the sofa and then retrieved a similar jar from the same concealed place to set beside it. This jar was also full of floating, glowing lines; however these were not as dense and bright as the ones contained in the first jar.

"Tokiomi, have you wondered about why you can't access your mage-craft?"

"I had thought," said Tokiomi slowly, a growing dread starting to creep up inside himself, "that some drug or spell was responsible. But now… Assassin, what have you done? That isn't what I think it is, is it?"

Assassin smiled carelessly and shrugged.

"It's exactly what you suspect."


Assassin just mirthlessly chuckled.

"Oh, but it is. As you no doubt guessed, the first jar contains your family's Magic Crest." The boy gave an evil grin, "However, the second contains your magic circuits."

"You're lying!" shouted Tokiomi, horrified. This had to be a lie! If it was true, then it would mean

"I'm not lying." said Assassin, "You are so very proud of your status as a magus. It means more to you than wealth or even family." A small chuckle sounded, and with an evil smile the boy said the words that would torment Tokiomi's pride the most, "but now you're going to die as just another common man. Even if I let you live, you'd still have to live the rest of your life as just another ordinary man. A nobody. Without your mage-craft you are nothing after all."

Tokiomi felt like he'd just been punched. Honestly, he would have preferred that. As a magus there was nothing more important to him than his mage-craft.

"No!" denied Tokiomi, refusing to believe what the demonic assassin had just said. "There's no way that can be true! You haven't had enough time to perform the operations, and even if you did, there's no way you could have removed my magic circuits without killing me."

With these words, Tokiomi started to calm down and regain some of his previous composure.

Yes, he thought, Assassin must be lying. It's bad to have lost my Magic Crest, but at least I know it won't be destroyed when I die. As for what's in the second jar, I don't know what that is, but it can't be my magic circuits. A magus's circuits are like their nerves, only they are not merely a part of a magus's body, but thread through their soul as well. Removing it would have damaged my soul to the point of destruction. While it's possible to artificially make circuits and to graft on either extracted or cultivated circuits as long as the pain can be endured and the issues with compatibility have been taken care of, removing circuits is an entirely different matter and the results are always fatal unless performed by an experienced magus who has recieved proper training.


"No matter how powerful you really are, it doesn't change the fact that you were summoned as an Assassin Class Servant, not a Caster. Mage-craft is not your area of expertise, you don't have the necessary knowledge or experience for it. Also, the ritual to remove Magic Crests takes a lot of time, both to perform and to recover from. Removing magic circuits also takes time and the fact I'm alive is proof of your lie. I admit that you had me fooled for a moment there, but once I thought about it calmly I realized the truth. You can kill me, but you can't make me despair!"

Assassin smirked.

"How much time do you think has passed since you summoned your Servant?"

"What?" asked Tokiomi.

"I asked you a simple question, Mr. Tohsaka. How long do you think you have been my captive? Please keep in mind that I was already prepared to strike the moment I prevented your summoning of Gilgamesh, and that you lost consciousness the moment you fell into my hands. In truth, you've only just woke up now. You have no way of knowing how much time has really passed, and with the curtains closed you can't even make a guess about the time of day."

Assassin was right, Tokiomi realized, he really didn't know how much time had passed since the summoning. He had only assumed that a mere few hours had passed since then, but what if he was wrong?

Tokiomi took a deep breath, exhaled, breathed in again, and then tried to carefully think about the facts he knew and the details he could observe.

Shooting a quick glance at Assassin, Tokiomi saw that for the moment the boy seemed content to let him try to think things through, so that was what he did.

He closed his eyes, took another deep breath, and then stared blankly up at the ceiling while going over what he knew.

~ He was missing an arm, a glance showed that the wound wasn't bleeding and there was no blood around him. That meant that it either had not been cut off here or that the blood had been cleaned up. The injury wasn't bandaged and it even looked raw rather than just scabbed over. That meant that some method must have been used to speed up his recovery. However, it would still have taken a few days, maybe even a week, to achieve this result on such a serious wound, no matter how good the mage-craft used.

~ When he first awoke, he'd noted that his entire body ached in pain, despite there not being any signs of other injuries, and he couldn't recall overexerting himself recently. Remembering the jar with his families Magic Crest, he could only acknowledge its loss. This meant that while he had been unconscious, the Magic Crest was removed. If it was just removing it, then it could be done relatively quickly if it was an emergency. The mage-craft would have taken a few hours, but doing it so quickly would have endangered his life and stressed his body. Normally, when transferring or removing a family Crest the procedure would be spread out over several days and done a piece at a time so as not to cause too much stress to the body. To recover to his current level after undergoing the fastest version of such a ritual should have taken a day, perhaps two. But it would have had to take much longer if the safest method was used, a week to a month.

~ The fact that he was alive was the only reason he doubted what Assassin said about the contents of the second jar. He had neither studied nor tried to perform the mage-craft to extract another's circuits, but if the ritual was at all similar to the one used to transfer Magic Crests, then it could have taken anywhere from a few hours or a few days.

Thinking it over carefully up to this point, Tokiomi was dismayed to realize that it really was very likely that a number of days had passed. It could be a week or even three weeks, but no matter how long it had been, Tokiomi could no longer deny the truth to himself.

"Alright, you've held me in the palm of your hand for as much as three weeks at most, but my previous remark still stands. You are not of the Caster Class and have no experience with mage-craft. You couldn't have done the transfer ritual nor performed the extraction. Sakura is too young, inexperienced, and as yet too unknowledgeable to have done it, while Kariya Matou lacks the skill. So who helped you and how am I still alive?"

Seeing that Tokiomi was ready to continue the conversation, Assassin decided not to keep him waiting.

"You are partly right. The me who was a Heroic Spirit new nothing of magic or mage-craft until after the summoning. In life he knew that magic existed but that was the limit. The me who became a demon did indeed learn magic, particularly the demonic kind. However he knew nothing of mage-craft or the 'True Magic' as this world defines that term."

Assassin smirked. He liked to smirk, and this particular one was nastily sharp, not unlike the edge of a drawn blade. But the cruelty of his expression did not touch the fake innocence in his voice as he lightly answered.

"But since the summoning, I've been hanging around my summoner, haven't I? He's spent a lot of time at The Clock Tower and I even accompanied him on a few 'jobs' he did for the Church. Because of that, I had the perfect places to start gathering as much information as possible. With my stealth, perfect memory, and considerable speed I was able to go pretty much anywhere and memorize everything I came across. I didn't understand much of what I read, and most of it was useless to me, but I've had time to expand my knowledge and improve my understanding. Believe it or not, I even explored around the Mages Association, Atlas, and the Burial Agency. I then narrowed down my focus on to things I thought would be the most useful to study for the near future. That, combined with the fact that Sakura helped me awaken my magic circuits, allowed me to practice mage-craft and to a certain degree even find useful ways to combine it with the magic I learned while in Hell."

Assassin's voice took on a superior tone.

"I've had plenty of time since then to learn a few things, Mr. Tohsaka. And maybe magi have trouble with soul related matters, but I AM a demon after all. I am predisposed to specialize when it comes to certain soul related matters. I can already do things to a soul that most magi wouldn't think was possible, and by combining that ability with the knowledge I have recently gained… It was easy to do. If it makes you feel any better, Mr. Tosaka, I did find a few rouge magi to experiment on, so you don't have to worry about being the first or my making any mistakes with you.

"What makes an assassin dangerous is not necessarily their strength, but their preparedness. As a precaution, I have been making careful preparations from the moment I first appeared in this world."

"What, are you planning?" asked Tokiomi.

Assassin's cruel smirk transformed into an evil grin.

"I've monologued enough. It's time to end this." He glanced over at the doll-like cat-maid, "Sakura, please proceed. Oh, and given your apparent lack of arm strength, if you start to feel tired and want to end this more quickly, I recommend aiming for the neck. I'll do the rest once he's on his last breath."

"Wait!" Tokiomi shouted, "Wait, stop! Let's discuss- AAAAARRRRGHHH!"

The little Lord and his maid ignored the screams of the former magus and just concentrated on finishing their own business. Over and over again Sakura plunged her knife into the man that was once her father. Although her face was blank of any expression, there was a was a terrifying madness in her eyes. Assassin merely took a few steps back to avoid getting splattered with blood, and watched carefully.

He could guess that revenge was not Sakura's only motivation for, but he wasn't going to question her about it. That would be too hypocritical even for him. Besides, since he was the one who killed Zouken maybe she wanted to be more hands-on in killing Tokiomi. It wasn't as if she lacked motivation, considering that Tokiomi was the one who didn't hesitate to hand her over to a monster.

Several minutes passed, and Assassin could admit that he was a little impressed.

Blood was splattered all around (especially on Sakura), and the little girl was starting to tire, but she never stopped and she never aimed for a quick kill. Her stabs were shallow, but she made a lot of them. Every time she put her full weight behind every stab and then had to struggle to her knife out to make another strike. At some point, without even realizing, silent tears began to streak down her face. Had any normal human been present to witness this scene they would have found it highly disturbing. A blank faced little girl with insanity shining in her eyes, dressed in maid clothes, covered in blood, and soundlessly sheading a stream of tears while relentlessly stabbing a bound man groaning in pain. This really looked like something that belonged in a horror movie.

Her determination was something Assassin could respect. He still remembered the time when he was a human that was willing to give up everything for revenge, so he could somewhat understand her behavior… And as a demon his aesthetics had somewhat changed from what they had been when he was human.

That man was the reason she had been forced to suffer so much, but he had also once been the father she had loved and admired so much. She hated him, blamed him, but was there a small part of her that still loved him? Was that why she cried? Or were they tears caused by the pain of his betrayal? Was hurting him like this also cause some part of herself to suffer even more?

But it was clear that no matter the reason her tears fell, she wasn't going to stop.

The girl had such tenacity, it was admirable. It made her seem a little more delicious.

Approvingly, the demon watched her vent her pain and wondered if these actions might cause the taste of her soul to improve.

Eventually the pain and blood loss took their toll and Tokiomi's heart beat started to falter, he no longer yelled and instead just let out pained groans.

Assassin judged that the time had come.

"Sakura, stop."

She ignored him, too focused on pulling out the knife for the next stab to pay attention to anything else.

"Sakura, stop." This time there was power in his voice that could not be overlooked.

She hesitated, but ultimately gave up and stopped tugging the knife, turning to face the demon that owned her soul.

"It's time to end it. I don't want him to go to waste. Pull out the knife and aim your next strike at his neck. Make it a killing blow."

"But My Lord, I'm not done."

"You may not be done, but he nearly is. I agreed to let you take his life, but I will take his soul."

Assassin neatly plucked out the knife and handed to the girl.

"But My Lord, it's still not enough."

"Indeed, no matter what you do, it will never be enough. But this is the limit of what you can do with your own hands so you will have to be satisfied with what you got."

The girl frowned but didn't argue further. Now that she'd calmed down a little, she could see for herself that her victim would not last much longer. He was already at his limit.

Sakura moved to stand beside his neck and Assassin positioned himself by Tokiomi's head. Sakura grasped the knife in both hands and then plunged it down with all her might into her former fathers' neck.

While Sakura struggled to twist and saw the knife to make the wound as big as possible, Assassin bent down and locked his lips to the dying mans, drinking his blood and, when Tokiomi's heart finally stopped beating, swallowing his soul.

The demonic Heroic Spirit licked his lips and smiled.

"Indeed, Tokiomi Tohsaka was a terrible father, but he was undeniably a delicious magus."

Chapter End





I found the following poem in Ch. 108 of the ongoing Light Novel "THIS WAY OF TRANSMIGRATION IS DEFINITELY WRONG" and the Author of that story wrote that the main character of that story (a transmigrated Author that randomly ended up inside his own story & teamed up with the main villain that randomly became a re-winder) had seen this poem by someone named Tagore and liked it enough to memorize it. Anyway, here is some person's poem that originally came from somewhere:

The Furthest Distance

The furthest distance in the world

Is not between life and death

But when I stand in front of you

Yet you don't know that I love you

The furthest distance in the world

Is not when I stand in front of you

Yet you can't see my love

But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both

Yet cannot be together

The furthest distance in the world

Is not being apart while being in love

But when plainly cannot resist the yearning

Yet pretending you have never been in my heart

It's a pretty good poem, I think.



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