Five Days Later.

Jenny and Joe drove Abbie and Ichabod to the airport.

So the newlyweds could go on their honeymoon.

Abbie could hardly believe that she was leaving the country without it being Witness-related, even more so with it being her honeymoon. An all-expense paid two-week trip to the Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre in Italy, courtesy of Edom. When offered, Ichabod almost tried to turn Edom down before Abbie promptly accepted for them both.

"Are you sure you will both be alright without us?" Ichabod asked.

"If you ask us that one more time, Crane…" Jenny warned.

Ichabod sat back, looking out of the window.

"Can you blame him for being a little worried?" Abbie asked. "We just got through dealing with an ancient Egyptian god and we have another one in our phone contacts."

"Yeah, but you guys worry about having a good time on your honeymoon," Jenny said. "We can handle anything that happens here until you guys get back."

Abbie exhaled, "Okay."

They pulled up to the gate and everyone got out, Joe and Jenny helping get Abbie and Ichabod's bags out of the car. Once Ichabod and Abbie were all set to head to security, Jenny said to the couple, "Call the second you land. Then call again when you get to the hotel."

"Do you know how overprotective you sound?" Abbie asked.

"Do you know how much I don't give a damn?"

They all hugged each other. As the newlyweds were about to head for the gate, Jenny declared, "Don't worry about us or Sleepy Hollow. You two… take care of yourself. Have fun. We got this."

"Thanks," Abbie said. "For everything, Jenny."

"We can't keep having emotional scenes, Abbie," Jenny said, laughing to fight back tears.

"Yeah, I know." Abbie gathered herself and looked at Ichabod. "Ready?"

"Ready," he answered. He looked at his new sister-in-law and soon-to-be brother-in-law, "Until we return."

"Have fun," Jenny said.

"Get us a souvenir," Joe said, jokingly.

Abbie and Ichabod grabbed their bags and walked inside the terminal.

Jenny and Joe took hold of each other's hands, interlocking their fingers, and enjoying the sight of the two of the strongest people they knew just getting to be happy.

With everyone else busy or recuperating, Edom and Osiris drove out of Sleepy Hollow, into the forests northwest of the city, to handle a bit of business at Osiris's request.

"Are you sure about this?" Edom asked.

"You've questioned me about this since I first stated my proposal," Osiris said. "And my answer remains the same."

"Very well."

They drove a while longer until they came to the mouth of a cave. They got out and went inside the cave. Edom opened the metal door within the cave and revealed the Headless Horseman and prison in which he dwelled. Edom waved his hand to activate the magics of the cage, allowing Abraham's full body to be visible. Abraham looked at them both, confused.

"This is him," Osiris said.

"Yes," Edom confirmed. "One of the horseman of the Apocalypse. Osiris, may I introduce, Abraham van Brunt, the once Horseman of Death." He looked at Abraham. "Abraham, Osiris, god of resurrection."

"What do you want of me?" Abraham asked, curtly.

"He wished to see you," Edom said, motioning toward Osiris.

"For what purpose?"

"My brother, Set, former god of chaos, mentioned a coming terror," Osiris said. "One so horrible, it even gave him a reason to seek out more power with which to defend himself. Set seeking power isn't without its precedents. Him being frightened into doing so is. Personally, I believe you may be a key to this."

"And what led to your conclusion?" Abraham asked.

"You're here. A still living Horseman. The others of your station are dead. For the moment. That's all the evidence I need."

Abraham didn't respond.

"All of the threats that the Witnesses have faced… but, yet, you live. It intrigues me and tells me quite a bit. The most important of all being this: you have your role in what is to come, Abraham, whether you believe it or not."

"You believe he could be a key player?" Edom asked.

"You kept him alive," Osiris pointed out. "Imprisoning him as oppose to killing him. Clearly, you believe it, as well."

Edom just smiled.

"If preventing the apocalypse is your goal, then speak to Crane," Abraham said. "He is the Witness, after all."

"You speak well and the truth about Ichabod," Osiris said. "But you both were awakened in this time. I can't but think that was for a purpose."

"I have no purpose with Crane outside of seeing the life fade from his eyes!"

Osiris examined Abraham for a moment before squinting, "Such anger and rage. Such disdain you hold for the man. You think that rage serves you? You think it makes you strong?"

"It does!" Abraham argued.

"Truly?" Osiris examined his cell. "It would seem not."

Abraham stood to his feet. "I will be released from this cage. And, when I am free from here, I will kill Crane and have my revenge."

That threat sent heat through Edom's body, though he managed to keep his composure.

"Revenge is a fool's game," Osiris said, calmly. "Sadly, not even gods are exempt from it's a lure. With that being the case, what hope is there for humans?"

"You don't know what he's done!" Abraham shouted. "How he has wronged me!"

"Is that so?" Osiris folded his hands behind his back. "Tell us."

Edom looked at Osiris, curiously.

"What do you care?" Abraham asked Osiris.

"Humanity fascinates me," Osiris answered. "You always have. So, please, I implore you, Horseman: convey to me, in no uncertain terms, your hatred for Ichabod. Explain what was worth selling your immortal soul to a demon for. Explain how you choosing to doom all of humanity for the sake of your revenge against one human is logical."

Abraham stared at Osiris, rage radiating from his eyes, while Edom just smiled.

"Tell me your story, Horseman. Then, when you hear it yourself, tell me the actions and betrayals of Ichabod Crane outweigh the cost of your own."

Abbie and Ichabod were high above the sky, heading for Italy. It was a relief to know that they would have this time to be together. Just the two of them. The chance to celebrate their love, their marriage, and have some fun.

But they weren't naïve.

More danger was coming. That much was certain. But they could, and would, face it together.




Husband and wife.

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