My first Fanfic. Please be nice. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter one

Stanley opened his eyes, looking at a ceiling. It was dim but he knew he was back in Rico's room. The first thing he noticed he was laying on the bed, his legs hanging off the edge and his arm was being held up by a hand cuff attached to the headboard. His head was in a fog, but he could still feel the coming on of a headache. Rico's men must have dropped him back off in the room after they beat him unconscious many times have they done this to him? 'Maybe he won't come back.' He thought hopefully, knowing that he shouldn't get up his hopes. He tried to pick up his head but it was too heavy, also he was stuck there whether he liked it or not. He was about to fall back asleep when the door slammed open. Bright lights from the hallway shone into the dark room and temporally blinded Stan until his eyes adjusted. The figure was tall, muscles but not enough to make him buff, and had tan skin with dark hair to match. Stan knew immediately knew who it was, Rico, his Colombian prison cell mate.

They escaped prison together and Stan still owned they man a load sum of money. Rico tracked Stanley down and about 4 months later, Rico's men dragged him out of Stanmobile while he slept. Threw him in the trunk of the car and a couple hours later brought him to an abandoned building that used to be some sort of factory once maybe. Stanley didn't have the money but Rico knew that. Stanley doesn't know how long ago that was, but it was a long time now. Stanley was no longer the chubby twin, during his time with Rico and his men he lost a lot of muscle and his baby fat. Feed only once a week so he didn't die he thinks. Stanley had no strength left to even push an attacker away from him. Rico walked through the door and closed it, making sure it was locked tightly. "Hola Stanley!" Said Rico, "Espero que la hayas pasado bien hoy.""What do you want Rico?" Stanley said, moving his head back to look back up at the ceiling."Oh no Hello for me?" wined Rico. "No how was your trip? How rude you have gotten in these past months Stanley. I shall have to fix that."

Stanley winced when Rico grabbed his free wrist and pulled him up into a sitting position. Stanley leans on Rico as the Hispanic man tighten his grip on his arm. "You know," continued Rico, "I do try so very hard to make sure you are comfortable, and happy. And what do I get in return… nothing." He growled, "So you can see why this would make a person very unhappy." Rico stood up and let the man fall back to the bed. Rico leads over to undo the handcuffs and gently places them in the nightstand drawer next to the bed. In return he pulls out a syringe and needle. "You are lucky I am a very forgiving person." Rico sits onto the bed next to Stanley and puts the needle into the curve of Stan's arm. Slowly injecting the drug into Stanley's system. At first, Stanley doesn't feel anything, then he feels the familiar feeling of his body relaxing, and a fog in his head. Rico had used this drug on him so many times, he had to up the dosage a couple of sessions. With Stanley no longer able to fight him….well try to fight him, he starts by taking off Stanley's shirt and pants. Rico has always enjoyed seeing Stanley naked, unable to fight back. Rico picks Stan up and starts to play with him. When Rico was just getting started he hears a thump outside the door. Rico stops, holding the man to his chest he hears it again, "What the…" The door is slammed open and about eight SWAT agents bust through the door into the room. Rico already has grabbed the knife on the night stand when they point their guns at him and Stanley. Holding the knife onto Stanley neck he yells, "I'll do it! I will kill him if you don't drop you weapons!"The SWAT team is unwavering and won't drop them for anybody unless their commanding officer says so. A man with a FBI jacket comes up front with gun in hand. "Let the boy go Rico." He says calmly. "We don't want anyone to get hurt, right men." The SWAT team saying nothing but the agent continued. "Now, drop that knife he doesn't need to die, and I promise we won't fire on you."

Rico made it seem as if he was thinking it over but he knew already what he was going to do, and he wasn't going down alone. "Eres una maldita puta!" Rico yelled as he sliced the knife through Stanley throat. Stanley not totally understanding what going on feels the cold knife slice through his skin. Stanley's pale skin was coloured with warm red blood and he fell to the floor. The FBI agent screamed and the SWAT team fired on Rico, bloody knife still in hand. The agent was on the floor holding his hands on the boy's neck while the blood still came gushing out. "No! No!" he yelled "Call an ambulance!" yelling at someone to help, he was given the blanket from the bed and the agent put it onto his neck. "Stay with me! Hey! Stay awake! Where's the EMT's!" The boy then closed his eyes and went limp.

What's going to happen to Stanley?! More on the way. Please be nice, this is my first fanfic and ways to improve my writing is gladly accepted.