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No Date Velvet Room Evening

*Aria of the Soul

The guests visions came to focus as what they saw of the room was the interior was not there, just an open space with the Velevt Room attendants standing around Igor, who was sitting down on the opposite side of the guests before them.

"My... I never knew our guests had this potential in them, to draw their strengths all together." Igor chuckled. But more importantly, the fact that your journey is intertwining with other guests is a remarkable gift. But now is not this time for compliments. A new path has appeared before you, a new adventure within your journey. Hence, I believe it is best to establish a new contract is necessary for this endeavor." He explained as Theodore handed a paper to each other the guests as they looked down upon the contract.

"Similarities between characters or events to persons living or dead in your world is purely coincidental. Only those who are willing to agree to the above have the privilege of partaking in this game, once the contract has been sealed," Theodore explained as it said on the contract.

"This land is not as it should be. It has developed distortions and can no longer be avoided, its 'ruin' cannot be ignored. Those who oppose fate and desire change... From time to time, Before Wild Cards, they were once known as tricksters." Margaret stated offering the guested with a pen.

The despite the first-person views the middle guests turned left and to the two guests writing their signatures on the contracts, thus the middle guest followed suit.

"Very well, then, you are all tricksters for this time being. Now is the time to rise against the abyss of distortions, let the game begin!" Elizabeth declared.

Let the Games Begin

No Date confirmed Unknown Casino Evening


In the night sky of a riverbank, a helicopter flew towards a city with bright lights a the aircraft soon close in on a flashy casino. The building's alarm was ringing as the guests, even those playing around, running around in confusion.

Within the dark corners of the ceilings a black figure was hopping around on top of the lightings.

"Wait... what was that!?"

"There's someone here...!"

As the guests looked around with anxiety, a group of costumed people appeared along with an odd mascot character and scattered across the floor as they were searching for someone.

Yet as they searched the ground floor, another figure, but in red, hopped over the lighting. The person which was a girl was in a red Gothic attire that had red roses on her dress along with a red hood covering her head with a Gothic mask covering her eyes. "Stop right there, Joker!" The female exclaimed pointed a red-colored rifle at the black figure on another lighting fixture. The figure, holding a briefcase, named Joker turned around to reveal himself as he wore a black trench coat with a gray collared shirt, black trousers, dark brown Cuban heeled boots, and a pair of red gloves. He also wore a mask is a white bird-shaped mask with a black design around the eyes. They way he looked down at the girl, show a strong air of confidence in himself, if it wasn't arrogance.

"Hey! He's up there!" Said one of the costumed person from below alerted.

"We see him! Move in immediately!" Said another costumed person directed as the costumed group moved through the rough crowd.

Joker smirked as he then attempted to escape. "Hey! Stop!" The masked girl demanded, as he left. She grunted and continued her pursuit.

*Life Will Change

Joker was making his escape while the Masked girl was behind him. "This is Rouge! He's heading in that direction!" The masked girl, known as Rouge, stated.

"I see him!" A girl's voice confirmed. "Raiden and Maestro are heading in position now. Keep chasing him down!"

"Ugh, I can't believe he would such a thing! He deceived us!" Another girl's voice exclaimed in irritation on the communications.

"My group will hold off the guards below, get going!" A male's voice exclaimed.

As Rouge hopped onto on another fixture, a mysterious transmission faded in and out on their transmissions. "...suspects... not confirmed... hold your... -sitions..." It said

"Wait... what was that?" A girl's voice wondered.

"Don't worry about us. Just concentrate on capturing Joker!" A calm girl's voice assured as Rouge continues her pursuit.

"I have to say, showing himself above the crowd, beary bold...!" A boyish voice commented. "Truly worthy as a rival!"

"I doubt Bones or Yeager would be able to perform that stunt proficiently." A girl's voice chuckled.

"That's probably because they aren't limber enough." A boy's voice commented.

"They probably didn't make the effort." Said another girl's haughty comment.

"What?" A guy's voice whined.

"The hell's that supposed 'ta mean, Senpai!?" Another boy's voice exclaimed angrily.

As Joker was about make for a door nearby, the door immediately opened as a pair costumed appeared from it, a ninja garbed in black and duelist in pure white in description. "There he is!" The ninja exclaimed as Joker stepped back. He then took another route, towards a balcony on the other side of some hanging light fixtures.

As Rouge manages to grouped up with them, they pursued Joker as he sliced the ropes that hung the light fixtures as he jumped across. Rouge and the White duelist noticed the cuts and hold their position as the Ninja jumped on to the light fixture as it gave away, dropping the ninja towards the ground floor with the ninja groaning in pain..

"Ugh... Kaze fell! Rouge is continuing the chase." The duelist notified the other as she nodded to Rouge as she pointed her rifle back in order to propel her onto the balcony.

While Joker though he was in the clear, two individuals appeared above the stair case. "Raiden?! Maestro?!" Joker stated as he stopped in place.

"Joker!" A grey-haired samurai, known as Raiden, exclaimed as he drew his Katana. He had a black trench coat with a grey bodysuit undernath a white mask with horns on each side with a pair of long ropes hanging down to his legs.

"That's far enough!" A blue-haired fencer, known as Maestro, stated as he readied his unique-looking sword. He had a black opera mask and wore a blue music conductor suit with a white undershirt and a yellow bowtie.

As Joker stood there, he then face Rouge as she appears on the open side of the balcony as she readied her weapon, changing rifle into a scythe. "This is gonna be interesting." Joker smirked, as he took out a fancy knife out of his suit as he too engaged his pursues.

"Joker, it doesn't have to be this way!" Rouge exclaimed as she pointed her scythe's open barrel of her weapon at Joker.

"She's right. You're only gonna make things worst!" Raiden agrees with weapon at ready.

"You can at least return the treasure! If you take it out of this place, she won't be the same!" Maestro exclaimed.

"All the more reason to prevent our secret leaking out. You guys know this!" Joker retorted. "If you insist, then I'll have to force my hand, even on you guys! Sorry." He apologize as he took his combat stance.

The pursuers didn't say anything but took action. Rouge brought her scythe back and gripped her mask. "Lets get 'em, guys!" She commanded as a figure appeared behind her as it launches a strong gust of wind at Joker.

Raiden grips his mask and summons a figure behind him as well as it swung heavily at Joker who miraculously dodge the swing that chipped the ground.

Maestro did the same as a figure appeared as its harp rung with a fire erupted right under Joker as he avoided any damages.

"Heh, my turn!" Joker exclaimed as he immediately drew his gun in his other hand a sprayed bullets on Raiden who swung his his weapon away, but then staggered back. He then turned and saw Maestro rushing at him as they sung away with blades clashing. Eventually, Joker blindsided him and did a combo of knife swings followed by a shot from his gun, staggering him. He immediately notice Rouge coming in with a swing of her scythe as Joker jumper over her as he back away as he ripped his back to summon a figure behind him as it cast a spell of a dark pillar with a sinister face shot up which Rouge avoided, backing away from the attack.

Joker was doing even against three of them. He know that the odds won't do much for him. "Well... this isn't getting us anywhere!" Maestro huffed as he held his sword at Joker.

"What the...? Careful, enemies incoming!" A girl's voice alerted as several odd-looking security guards masks on appeared out of nowhere as they attempted to strike the fighters. They dodged the security guard's attack as Joker jumped onto one the guards and ripped off the mask off of him.

"Uh oh...!" Rouge stuttered, knowing something gonna happen.

Joker landed on a slot machine afterwards turning to his pursuers. "This is where we part ways. Laters!" He waved with cockiness as he jumped up to another balcony above them and disappeared.

"Joker!" Raiden exclaimed as he then focues his sight on the security guard in the process of turning into a creature followed by the other security guards doing the same. "Rouge, go after him, we'll deal with them!" He then turn to Rouge as she nodded affirmatively.

Rouge parted way by propelling herself up onto another balcony floor with an open door in front of her. She assumed Joker went through that and went after him.

Rouge entered a dark corridor filled with metal pipes in cages and vague posters everywhere. "Guys, Raiden and Maestro are stalling the guards, I'm still in pursuit of Joker!" Rouge updated.

"Affirmative. Joker definitely went through that way. Keep going!" The girl's voice responded.

"Man, that guy's persistent, isn't he?" A girls voice commented in an annoyed tone.

"Hmm... I can't see to find his group... did they already left the building?" The girl's voice mentioned.

"That's not good, if Joker manages to escape, we won't be able to chase him when he disappears again. You have to hurry, Rouge!" Another girl's voice exclaimed.

"Grr... we managed to beat the shit out of these guys but more keep coming!" A guy's voice growled.

"Ugh... No rest for the weary, huh...?" Rouge groaned as she continues to follow Joker's trail. She passes through many open doors that Joker left open.

When she entered a room with a large window on one end, she saw a guard running on the other side, making Rouge to stay concealed.

"Where'd they go!? Damn it!" The security guard grunted. "I can't confirm the intruder's location... huh? Hey you! Halt!" He spotted the odd-looking mascot down the hallway as it scurried away, with the guard in pursuit.

Rouge came out of cover as she sweat-dropped. "Poor Kuma..." She sighed, but just when she turn to another corner she saw a security guard at the end of the hallway. "Uh...!" She stuttered as she took cover.

"You saw some weird-looking thing? You sure?" The security guard questioned. "Right, right! On my way!" He replied as he ran through the corridor, passing Rouge in hiding. As she got out of cover she whispered a thank you to Kuma as she heard footsteps behind her, fading, as she noticed Joker running up the stairs, giving chase at the same time.

Rouge stealthily chased Joker as she hid from guards who were pursuing them both. "He's not alone! Find them kill them all!" Declared one of the security guards as they split up with Rouge hoping down from a high place as she continues the hunt. She followed him up some stairs as she heard multiple footsteps from behind. "Crap, are they after me!? Gotta make this quick! " Rouge panicked while hunting the thief.

"Rouge, he's heading towards the exit, you have to hurry!" the girl's voice exclaimed.

"Already on it!" Rouge respond while running up the stairs. At the end of the stairs she finally spots Joker at the and of a hallway to where the exit is. "Joker, stop playing around, this is a serious matter!" She exclaimed as she points her rifle at him. "Just drop the treasure, you don't need to steal it!"

Joker slowly turned around as he silently looked back at Rouge. It was only now she realized that he wasn't holding the treasure. Another second passed a the security guard appeared behind her with their guns pointed at them both. "There's no where to run!" A security guard exclaimed at they inched closer to Rouge. As the pursuer looked back, she turned her head to Joker as he jumped on to the railing and ran along it toward the other end.

"See ya!" Joker waved as he was about to jumped through the decorative glass.

"JOKER!" Rouge yelled she vaulted off the balcony, propelling herself into the air, and jumped out of the decorative glass following Joker as he jumped out elegantly.

"Damn... not bad for a show off." A girl's voice commented.

"Sis, that was reckless!" Another girl's voice scolded.

"Must come with the job, I guess..." A guy's voice agreed.

Joker manage to land safely and Rouge landed to the side of him as she her stand, pointing her rifle at the thief. "Joker, STOP! This is you're last chance!" She exclaimed, expressing little tolerance as Joker stood up silently.

They both were at a last stand still until several beams of light flashed before the costumed hunter and the thief as they turn to the direction of the lights. Voices of her allies rung out.

"Enemies, here!? These readings... no way!"

"What's going on?"

"What's happening!?"

"Is that an ambush!?"

"What the hell!?"

"Rouge, what is it? Who are they!?"


Aside from her allies mixed voices, Rouge squinted her eyes to see who cast the bright lights. "Wait... are those... the Police!?" She exclaimed with surprise.

"Capture them!" Yelled a commanding office as multiple officers rushed in on them as Joker attempted to make his escape, Rouge was conflicted and confuse. "Wait! Wait, hold on a sec-" *Smack* Rouge's stuttering was cut short when one of the officer's butt his own rifle on her head, causing her to blackout. Next thing to see were blurry visions with her head on the ground. She barely saw Joker falling down from his attempted escape as she notices a Black Fang ambush on top of the railing as her vision faded.

Echoes filled her hearing within her head. "Hmph... Didn't expect a pair of kids. And that girl wielding a dangerous weapon? What the hell is remnant event coming to?" Rouge assumes that voice was a commanding officer's voice. Her vision gain a little focus as she saw Joker cuffed on the ground besides her. "You brats have your teammate to thank for this. You both have been sold out." He stated as her vision went dark again. "Suspects confirm. Cuff'em!" the sounds of cuffs ring were the last thing she heard.

No Date confirmed Unknown Police Department Evening

Icy cold water was splashed upon the young huntress as she flinched from the shock of the cold water. Even with that, her focus was still of as she was still dizzy, as she saw several shots on the ground before her. "I guess the drug was too strong." A person commented with a strong hint of disdain.

"Hu... Huh...?" The girl stuttered as she shivers, she looks up to see a pair of men in suits looking down. "Whouuu..." She tries to make her words out, but couldn't.

"No dozing off!" One of the men punched her in the cheek in order to wake her up from her daze. She eventually realize that she's cuffed onto chair. She looked around to notice that she was held inside a dark confinement room. "You still don't get it, huh, you little bitch!" Another roared as he kicked her down.

"Huh- Guh! Ugh..." She yelped in pain as she grits her chest from the pain.

"Come on, cooperate. Or what, you want another shot?" Said a guy, stomping on her head.

"Uhh... What's... going on...?" She groaned in pain.

"Don't play dumb, or what? You think you can use 'that' excuse for evidence?" He questioned while pulling on her hair.

"What... do you mean...?" She asked painfully.

"... That's fine... 'cause we have all the time we NEED!" The guy threw her head down and kicked her in the stomach once more, causing her to pass out.

"Hey, I don't think she'll wake up after that." The other guy chuckle as he told him.

As the guy clicked his tongue their radio started to act up. "Hey, we got some VIP coming this way." said another guy on the radio.

"Who?" They asked.

"It's Gaius." He answered.

"Gaius? What!? Why's the leader of the Black Fang here?!" The man in the room questioned with attention.

"I've been trying to ask, but he knows about the rooms on your end." The man on the radio told them.

The men looked down on the girl as they were leaving the room. "We'll back for you." He threaten in sarcasm, thinking she would hear that.

Even though she couldn't see anything, she heard something, but couldn't remember due to her hazy memories. Eventually her mind shut down soon enough.

A Faunus light-brown skin with black hair down to the neck up, with purple eyes and feline ears walked down a hallway, wearing a black trench coat with dark crimson line patterned on and black suit underneath. He along with Alvin and Dojima followed suit as they approached some officers exiting a room. "Excuse me, sir, this area's off-"

"Do not fool me, I know one of my huntsmen is in that room. And you know why I'm here." Gaius told them.

"Sir, this individual is-" The police officer tried to explain but Gaius, hollered Dojima forward.

"That young lady's identification is on the reports, and she is the Huntress who took the job of hunting down the Phantom Thieves." Dojima told them. "You've arrested the wrong person."

The Policemen stuttered as they were trying to put up a fight of their own. "Listen here, detective, don't tell us how we're doing our-" their conversation was cut short Gaius held the police officer to the wall as the other tried to pull his gun out but Alvin beat him to the punch with his gun to his head. Despite Dojima's surprise.

Dojima: "H-Hey, Gaius-san!"

"I know! Criminal Procedure Code, Article 319. Forced confessions gained through torture and intimidation are inadmissible as evidence." Gaius assured. "So why is there sweat coming from these scum and the drugs coming from that room?"

"What!?" Dojima staggered with surprise as he frowned upon them. "Using drugs on minors is illegal!"

"Gh... That's because we were trying to find answers!" one of the police growled.

"Using force to find answers will not help our favor you know." Told a women's voice as the men face the hallway, reveal a women in a business suit. "Even Black Fang knows this, too.

"Niijima-san." Dojima recalled as Gaius released the policemen and Alvin sheathing his gun.

"We will be taking the young huntress into our custody. If you take a really good look at her, you would know her relatives will not take this lightly." The Black Fang leader stated.

"Are you threatening us!?" The Policemen questioned.

"You expect my boss a threatening-type? Come on, 'Black hair with red hues, silver eyes? Does that ring a bell?" Alvin asked as he pulled out a pair of pictures with the huntress and a man with a similar look.

It was that moment that they realized what who they were referring to. "What... the... Wait, then that kid related to him-!?"

"We will be taking the huntress into OUR custody." Gaius repeated. "Don't not obstruct us!" He demanded as the police officers stepping aside as the three men went into the room which held the young huntress inside.

"Dammit... so that brat's related to him...!? He muttered with regret as he review the huntress's data.

No Date confirmed Unknown Headquarters Morning

The Huntress soon regained consciousness as sat up to notice the room she was in was different. It looked like a eastern bedroom as she then noticed her combat skirt hanging nearby and realized that she wore pajamas not her own.

She eventually dressed herself up with her combat outfit; a red sleeveless combat attire. She couldn't recall what happened to her as she still have memory-loss. Just then, she heard knocking on the door as she went to answer. When she opened up, she saw a tall Faunus before her. "Oh, you're up. Good..." He stuttered as he begins a conversation. "I know this is sudden but can you come with me?" He asked, as the girl nodded as she followed him.

"You must be hungry, after what happened." He told her, as she was still confuse.

Soon enough, they arrived in what looks like an interrogation room. The Faunus had one of his men to bring the huntress some food. She knew how to eat and recalls her table manners. Soon as she finishes her meal, the Faunus began talked some more. "I have to say, I didn't expect to see you like this." He commented as girl remained silent. "Anyways... My name is Gaius Erston, leader of the Black Fang. You've accepted a task from some individuals to hunt down the Phantom Theives, but the situation went south on your case." He introduced himself while explaining his story. "Do you remember anything?" He asked. The amnesiac huntress took a moment of thought but still had a hard time as shook her head. "What about your name?"

"Name? Name... Huh... Oh!" She soon recalls. "Ruby! Er... Ruby... Rose?"

"Hm... Very good. That's a first step." Gaius commented with relief. "At any rate, I'd hope to help you up to speed, to personally help you with recovering your memories, at your friends request."

"My... friends...? My friends..." Ruby pondered a she then developed a headache.

Gaius sighed as he made a call from his cell scroll. "Grab a cup of water and some pain-revilers." He asked as he hung up. "This will take a while, do you understand? Can you recall how this happened? How did this come to this?" He asked as he opened a folder with picture seemingly familiar to Ruby. "How did you know about 'that' world?" He continues as Ruby closes her eyes as begins her recollection...

*Wake up, Get up, Get out there

As the Piano plays, buildings and other infrastructure pops up in the red skies as a silhouette hops over a building with Yu wondering what that was.

The camera shift to another location of the same structures as another silhouette drops down with Minato looking over the edge of the bridge nearby.

While a subway train runs, a different silhouette jumped on to the train with Ruby peering through the window.

The tempo of the piano began to include violins as the Phatom Thief takes mask off and down towards the middle of a city busy walkway with Yu, Minato, and Ruby looking up at the falling Phantom Thief explode into a giant deity with wings as gust blows debris all around to reveal the title "Persona RWBY"

Who am I?
Am I not unique?
May be I'm not here at all

Yu appeared as spun around as Minato appeared in his place and twist his body as he spun in the air as it blurred from blue to red as Ruby landed as she said towards the screen.

Look, the fakers
Blinding us with lies
The breakers of us all

Junpei jogging as he smiled with confidence followed by Yosuke grinding down a rail as Jaune jumped in the air as he then stumbled.

Oh, it's useless
What could it mean that we're here?

Blake was swinging Gambol Shroud around her followed by Yukiko fan-dancing fluently followed by Ren ending in a graceful pose.

Can we make a difference
If we don't break outa here?

Weiss then spun around like a ballerina followed by Pyrrha did a graceful diagonal spin in the air as she landed, with Chie back flipping with Yang zooming under as the screen zooms into Yang Bumblebee as it fade to black.

Wake up, get up, get out there
Raise your voice against liars

The screen then zooms out to show as cat as the camera changes to see a deformed, toonish cat-like being with Zwei in pursuit.

Feed your anger like fire
Why does nobody want change?

The screen zooms out to reveal multiple screens all showing the same images across the screens as a girl with glasses pulls back to her seat, revealing the rest of her group observing the monitors while she types on her keyboard, finally pressing the "Enter" Key as the screen zooms downward as it views the Velvet Room and its attendants with a new child-like attendant as it zooms toward Igor as he smiled followed by another room with a huge gear behind Ozpin and some other important individuals.

Just imagine you're out there
Swatting lies in the making
Can't move fast without breaking
If you hold on life won't change

Yu and Minato slid upon the roadway like an ice rink as they bent back symmetrically followed by Ruby enjoying herself as the rest of her friends, one by one, appeared as if they were having fun on a slippery rink, ending with Nora tossing Teddie with glee as the Ursa was flung towards a billboard as the screen zoomed out with buildings of a city they're in.

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Happy Halloween, everyone! And here's some Omake skits just for you all!

The Grimm Pumpkin

Some time in the future, in a time of year, Yang and Ruby brought over pumpkin. "I love this time of year." Yang stated as she placed the pumpkin onto a counter.

"Me Too, everything feels so festive!" Ruby agrees cheerfully as they left the area.

Oblivious to the Huntress, Torchwick and Adachi appeared behind the kitchen window. "Are we seriously still doing this contest? You know you suck at this contest Torchy.

"Will you stop calling me that!?" Torchwick exclaimed. "Besides, I'm not doing the contest anymore. I'm here to get revenge against those brats, once and for all!" He declared.

"And you sent a Geist to possess the pumpkin?" Adachi asked as they watched the Grimm possessing the object in question.

Just as the Geist possesses the pumpkin, Ruby instantly sliced the pumpkin in half, much to the villain's shock and horror.

A little later, as they watched the Geist being tortured, being cut into pieces and cooked into a pumpkin pie "Ah... the perfect pumpkin pie!" Ruby said as she took a whiff.

"I call first slice!" Yang exclaimed as she pulled out a knife with a very sinister look. As both Torchwick and Adachi flinched. They can only imagine what the Geist is seeing right now. At the hands of the unsuspecting huntresses as it screams in horror before is was stabbed.

The villains were shaking in their shoes as they watched the gruesome displayed before them, watching them eat a pie.

Happy BirthdayWeen

"The Investigation Team were walking down the hallway as Team RWBY's door slammed open and squished Teddie, much to the group's surprise. "It's October 31st!" Ruby exclaimed with excitement as the door slide away as Teddie literally fell flat onto the ground. "Do you guys know what today is?" She asked.

Chie decided to answer her. "Um... Hallow-"

"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Ruby exclaimed loudly.

"Huh? Your birthday?" Rise said with surprise.

"Yep..." Yang agrees unamusingly.

At Junes, Yosuke in a wolf costume was giving candy to his customers while Teddie, with a pumpkin on his head of his costume, was about to eat his share until Ruby approached them. "It's my birthday!" She reminded them as Yosuke gave a pained smile and Teddie gave his share as he whimpered.

Seta was handing out pieces of candy to students as they pass by her counter as she then notices her full bowl of candy was now empty. She then notice a note besides the bowl as she read "It's my birthday. R. Rose." on it. which Seta ripped the paper in half.

"Alright, is everyone ready for tonight's party?" Yu asked as everyone agreed in response... except for Ruby as she finished eating some candy.

"I mean, I was hoping you guys would buy mine for me because, you know... it's my birthday..." Ruby asked nicely, despite eating all of their candy, as they gave their ire expressions in response.

"Oh, I got a better idea." Yang told them as she appeared from behind Ruby as she then held her down from her arms. "Girls, I think it's time to treat her to some of curry!" She exclaimed.

"Wait, what!? NO-!" Ruby exclaimed as the scene cut to another time.

Everyone was enjoying their time at the party as Ruby in a trash can costume sat down as she looked limped, especially after what she ate combined with the candy she ate earlier.

"Nice costume, Ruby." Nora complimented in sarcasm.

"I didn't... *Urp* ... pick this..." Ruby groaned as she went back to looking dead.

*Aria of the Soul - Shoji Meguro

*Escape - Shoji Meguro

*Life Will Change - Shoji Meguro

*Wake up, Get up, Get out there - Shoji Meguro, Lyn Inaizumi