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Tricky Strength, Deductive Quarrel

8/11 Inaba, Illegal Dump Afternoon

In an lazy afternoon, members of Team MAYJ, Yukari and Junpei had their minds occupied by doing their own thing as they waited patiently along Mitsuru, and Akihiko for Minato and Aigis to return.

"Those two are taking their time." Akihiko muttered as he practiced punching the air.

While pondering all the information that Team MAYJ shared with Mitsuru, she realized something that she failed to noticed. "Takeba, Iori, when your team went in their the first time, did you have a way to exit out of the TV?"

"Yeah, that guys named Teddie summoned a way out the last... time..." Junpei explained as he then realized his folly. "Oh shit...!" He stood up sharply.

"Oh god, you forgot about that, Stupei!?" Yukari gloated.

"Why are you yelling at me for? You were with them too, you know!" Junpei retorted.

"Enough!" Mitsuru demanded as she got their attention. "Looking back on your reports from the TV world, it seems that Einherjar is the only person who holds the return key from that realm. It's regrettable to involve people outside our group, but do you know if we can contact him?"

Yukari and Junpei looked to each other with sweat-drops. "We... don't have his contact number." Yukari answered.

"If we don't have a way to get them out of their, they're going to be trapped." Akihiko stated.

"I got it, I got it!" Junpei panicked as he walked towards the huge screen TV. "Aw man, did we just screwed our Team leader?"

"Aigis should be with him, so I don't think they're immediate danger, hopefully..." Yukari sighed as she walks up to Junpei, watching him putting his head inside the TV.

"... Ya' know, when you look at it from the outside, it's almost funny how a TV's eating someone." Junpei laughed as he tries to scoop out the TV world. All he's seeing is only black and white ripples.

"Always making light out of everything, are you?" Yukari sighed.

Suddenly, Mitsuru's cat ears flickers, as she heard something coming their way. "! Akihiko!"

"You hear something?" Akihiko responded as he soon heard a vehicle engine running closer and louder. Finally they see a van rushing through the entrance of the area and charged towards the members of Team MAYJ.

"No! Takeba! Iori!" Mitsuru shouted.

Yukari caught on the van and tried to pry Junpei out of the TV. "JUNPEI!" She screamed as she pulled his head out.

When Junpei realize the van was coming their way, he grab Yukari and, without thinking, jumped into the TV followed by the Van ramming into the same TV, smashing it and its screen in the process.

"NO!" Mitsuru gasped as Akihiko held her back.

"Wait, their bodies aren't there." Akihiko noticed as they watch the van reversed back, leaving only the TV crushed and with Junpei and Yukari not there.

"So... they were sent into that TV world..." Mitsuru sighed with relief as they see a few White Fang members coming out of the van. "Well, you will all pay for harming my colleagues!" She drew her Rapier as Akihiko tighten his fists that were pulsing with static electricity.

*Break Out Of...

8/11 TV World's Yasogami High Afternoon

"...aaaaAAAAAHHHHHHH! *slam*" Junpei slammed into the floor, even leaving a crater than leaving a splatter of blood. Luckily his he still had his aura up until... "Smack* GAAAAAAHHH!" He yelled again from the sharp pain from Yukari falling on him.

"Ow... W-Wait... this place!" Yukari stood up and found themselves in what looks like a room with music instruments on the sighs along with unusual painting on the walls.

"Uuugh..." Junpei groaned as he got up himself. "My back..."

"Terrific... now what..." Yukari sighed heavily.

In the hallway nearby, the Huntsmen Students heard something breaking. "That sound... could it be?" Ruby realized.

"Hm... we've came across mostly the entire Investigation Team, excluding Rise, Naoto, and Narukami." Weiss counted.

"Naoto and Rise are out of town aren't they? That would leave their Team Leader." Ren assume as he walks towards the room.

"Ren?" Jaune wondered why he's heading in first.

"We're still under the tournament's rules, right? Let's talk with Yu and we'll be able to get the that Announcement Room." Ren prioritized.

"If you put it that way..." Yang sighed as they walked towards the entrance of the so-called music room.

Pyrrha and Ren entered first as the group watches Junpei on his knees and he's taking in Yukari's complaints. "... Just because you noticed something coming, doesn't mean you should force your hands on me you pervert!" She continued.

"Why are you haggling me for!? We would've been crushed if I didn't reacted fast enough! We could've died..." Junpei retorted.

"Wait... Yukari and Junpei?" Ruby realized as those two spots the group of students as well.

"Huh? Oh hey, Ruby-chan, Weiss-chan! How've you guys been?" Junpei greeted them, trying to look cool.

"We're doing okay Iori, but what are you guys doing here?" Weiss questioned.

"Did you guys came with Minato by any chance?" Ruby wondered.

"Yeah! We were told to wait for him from the outside, but..." Junpei answered

"Wait... you came across our team leader?" Yukari mentioned.

"We just met him a while ago..." Jaune answered as they shared their current situation with them.

"*Whew*... At least our Ai-chan's okay... So they can't go anywhere until this whole tournament's cleared?" Junpei summed up.

"And a fake Teddie is running the whole thing? The last thing we need is a headache." Yukari complained.

"... By now, he's probably going to chastise around this time." Ren guessed as a nearby TV screen turned on.

"Wow, you're really eager to continue this competition, are ya?" Rise said with excitement.

"Whoa... Wait a sec, Risette's co-hosting this tournament!?" Junpei gasped.

"That's right! And we have a great treat for you!" Rise snickered as four metal rods erupted from the floor on each corner of the classroom and started to produce electricity.

"Not again! Move!" Ruby exclaimed as they ran far from the center of the room as it left Yukari and Junpei oblivious until the four metal rods shot lightning beams towards the center of the room, creating an bright orb. As the people gathered in the room moved back as the orb then expanded as it passed through the first two individuals. Yukari staggered as it didn't affected her or Ren. And Junpei was punted back enough for him and the other students to stand outside the ring.

"It's good to see that you now showed courtesy by giving your viewers some space." Ren noted.

"It was all so Bear-larious when I saw poor Jauney planted his face in the wall... I mean... saddening!" General Teddie laughed.

"Hilarious..." The students guessed.

"So, are you okay with all this, Yukari?" Ren asked his opponent as she went silent for a moment. A loud ringing echoed as Yukari glared at him as the sound died out.

"Ugh... so annoying!" Yukari exclaimed in disgust. "Don't ever comb your hair? You look like a nagging moody girl trying to cosplay!" She continued to taunt.

Ren wasn't fazed by her taunts despite how it stings. Junpei, however, was conflicted. "Whoa, uh... Yuka-tan, what with the sudden change in mood swings...?" He questioned.

"It's the illusions that the Fake Teddie used. We're hearing things we don't wanna hear and it all ends in a fight." Jaune explained.

"And you guys been at this for a while now? Just what the hell's going on!?" Junpei groaned.

"Will shut your mouth already? God, you sound like a raving cat in heat!" Yukari complained as she glared at Junpei.

"Wow... now that's step up from being called 'Stupei'." Junpei chuckled.

"You're just gonna take that?" The baffled Blake asked the mellow Tiger Faunus.

"Yeah, this isn't the first time Yuka-tan berates me. It's like she digs me." Junpei joked, despite the others sweat-dropping.

"In other words... she's always like this? What a shocker! This calls for a their Beary own titles!" General Teddie announced as the TV screen displays their catchphrase.

"Entering now; He is swift as he struggles, he cooks a terrible punch! The Silent Flower of Envy; Lie Ren vs. The Unsightly Pink Sniper; Yukari Takeba!" The Narrator declared.

"Oof... the unsightly pink sniper?" Junpei snickered.

"Ren's basically a ninja." Nora nodded.

"So are you going to fight, or stand there like flower waiting to be crushed?" Yukari spat as she draws her arrows for Artemis.

"So it seems." Ren replied as he drew StormFlower.

"Well, what are you all waiting for? Start KILLING EACH OTHER!" General Teddie roared as his eye lit up yellow again in mid-sentence a loud blare went off as the competitors pointed their weapons and fired on each other.

*Pink Sniper

While Yukari backed away and fired her arrows, Ren continued to spray bullets back at her. "Bow and arrows requires you to use both hands to load an arrow and bending its nock back..." He explained as Yukari tucked for cover. "... Something that automatic pistols don't need-"

Just as Ren jump above the desk where Yukari took cover, he quickly realized that he was baited into a trap. Yukari waited for him with arrows drawn and fired at him as he barely survived from getting planted with arrows on his chest thanks to his aura as the arrows bounced off shielding aura. Ren stepped back as he still trained his guns at Yukari still in her cover "Ugh, you nag too much! It pisses me off!" She exclaimed in disgust pulls back another arrow.

"Tch!" Ren clicked his tongue and fired back as he kept moving to cover to cover.

"Wow! Bullets and arrows flying everywhere and no one is dying... I think it's time to up the fight don't agree?" General Teddie suggested.

"I couldn't agreed more!" Yukari declared as she pulled out and pointed her Evoker onto her forehead, signaling Ren to summon his Persona.



They summon their Personas and they blasted wind skills, resulting in a whirlwind circling around the classroom with instruments flying around. Yukari had Io blasting Garula at Ravana who sliced through the vacuum wave.

"Whoa! That's intense!" Yang commented as she and the others cover their faces from the gusts.

"Damn overgrown bug!" Yukari grunted as she shoots a volley of arrows from above and rained down over Ravana as Ren slid under a desk to avoid the falling arrows. Ren flipped the desk for cover from Yukari and fired back as a gust of wind bended the bullet's direction off slightly enough to graze Yukari's Aura. "Tch, it's not over!" She exclaimed and vaulted into the air and pulled her arrow and aimed her sights on Ren behind cover and shot a Garula arrow homing towards Ren's cover.

"Tch!" Ren peeked behind cover to see a green arrow coming towards him fast and pulls out of cover before it explodes, sliding on the ground while reloading his rounds. "Ravana!" He commands his Persona to relent its assault on Io until it manages to strike it down and shatters its existence, staggering Yukari, wincing from the headache in response. Ren seized the opportunity and rushed towards Yukari with suppressing fire.

Yukari staggered from several bullets hitting her, bouncing off her Aura and as soon as Ren swing his blades on her, her weapon broke off from its riser. Just as Ren though he had the momentum, the bow string dissipated and Yukari caught one of the limbs and swung downwards on Ren as he went down followed by summoning Io to blow him away.

"Ren!" Nora and the others gasped.

"Oh crap, I forgot!" Junpei realized. "Her bow can also works as a pair of blades, in case her enemies get too close." He said as Yukari reattaches the bow limbs back on to its handle as they noticed the sharp edges on the bow's limbs

"A little late there!" Jaune exclaimed.

"Is that all from a refugee? I thought your desperation would've made you stronger." Yukari taunted as Ren was still facing down. "What's the matter? Can't talk you crybaby?" She continued to mock.

"You talk too much." Ren mutter as Yukari tried to make out what he said, she quickly realized Ravana behind her.

"Damn-!" Yukari jumped away as Ren quickly spun on the floor and repositioned his body to shove a desk through trajectory towards the archer. "Io!" She vaulted over the tossed desk and shot some few arrows as Ren ran through cover while firing back in between.

"Holy crap, they're evenly match." Junpei commented.

"... They need to end this soon. You think we can cause a distraction?" Blake suggested.

"Breaking up a fight this intense?" Weiss asked as she flinch from the stray bullets bouncing off the barriers between them.

"We're all open for ideas." Ruby agreed. "But who should we distract?"

"Say, were you guys looking into this place first? Just askin'" Junpei asked as the others nodded.

"I think we jumped into a TV before you, why?" Jaune replied with a questioned.

"*Sigh* I'll distract her." The Tiger Faunus sighed as he stepped forward. "Hey Yuka-tan! I LOVE YOU!"

"Wh-What the hell is that-!" Yukari shouted in horror as a spray of bullets interrupted her followed by silence.

"Ok, clear!" Junpei stated as they see Yukari on the ground groaning before Ren still pointing Stormflower at her.

"Hey, what gives! What's with that bear distraction!?" General Teddie questioned.

"We're trying to get the ball going, thank you very little!" Junpei retorted.

"Grr... I guess I should've bear'd a timer..." General Teddie mumbled.

"Well, without further adiue, Lie Ren is the victor! Keep it up Ren-kun!" Rise cheered as the TV flickers off.

Ren approaches Yukari as he offers a hand up. "If this were an official match, I don't think they had to do what ever your friend did." Ren mentioned as he pulled Yukari up. The Ring also eventually disappeared, allowing everyone access to regroup.

"Are... you okay?" Ruby asked as she showed a choleric expression.

"I. AM. NOT." Yukari fumed with anger as she then marched towards Junpei. "STUPEI!"

"W-Wait! I can explain- *SMACK*" Yukari punches Junpei in the face really hard that he stumbled to the ground a he pressed the pain on his cheek. "Ugh, my jaw!"

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" Yukari exclaimed as she proceeded to beat down Junpei.

"She was still under the illusion, right? What did Yukari even heard what Junpei even said to distract her?" Weiss wondered.

"I was too focus on my opponent, I didn't even hear him, either." Ren included, as he was too focus in battle.

"Should we stop her?" Nora suggested.

Soon enough, Yukari managed to calm herself while Junpei had a battered face. They eventually shared what the know regarding this tournament, including their Team leader. "I see. Glad to know that they're alive."

"Seriously, I thought it best to give them the victory. But did you seriously have to beat me up this badly?" Junpei asked as Yukari glared back.

"You're the dumbass that threw insults at me; I couldn't concentrate! Wait until Mitsuru-senpai hears this." Yukari growled as Junpei flinched in response.

"What? I didn't even insulted you!" Junpei retorted.

"What ever he said aside, all we know is that this 'Labyrs' person is the center in all of this and the Investigation Team were already on the case, with us in the middle, taking over the investigation." Ruby told the story short.

"So I'm stuck here, since I lost..." Yukari sighed as she looked at the Huntsmen Students and sighed again. "If our Team Leader trusts you guys with Labyrs, then I'll conceded as well."

"I assure you we'll be right back with Labyrs." Ruby assure as the students turns to see Junpei knocking on an invisible wall.

"Oh, come on! I didn't even participate!" Junpei complained.

"And I'm still stuck with this idiot." Yukari huffed.

They left the the music room they continued down the hall towards the Announcement Room... which they happen to lose their sense of directions. "We should've gotten a map. I don't even know where to go..." Jaune sighed.

"For once I agree... It's becoming a real headache." Weiss reluctantly agreed,

"If Narukami is the last person, then we should be able to grasp the situation-" Pyrrha assumed until she heard some faint noise in a classroom next to them. Everyone else noticed it too.

"You got this, Pyrrha?" Yang asked.

"Yes." She nodded as she armed herself with Miló and Akoúo̱. Pyrrha gently open the classroom door, only to spot their friend who was not Yu Narukami, but... "N-Naoto!?"

The rest of the Beacon Students entered the room with a similar surprise. The Young Faunus Detective in blue turned to face them in response.

"Wait, Naoto? How are you-?" Ruby asked as Noato hushed her, holding her index finger in front her mouth followed by a wink. "Huh...?"

"Wait, she's aware of this?" Blake realized as she hears the loud pitch again.

As they toned out the pitch, they see Naoto smile wickedly as she stares at Pyrrha. "To think an upstart like you has the nerve to follow some insignificant fools here." Noato gloated. "I thought you're better than this."

Naoto was referring to Pyrrha as she took on those insults. Unhinge by the fact that they're under a constant illusion, that their friends would never say such hurtful statements.

"Is that suppose to hurt? I'm sorry to hear that." Pyrrha replied with an apology and readied her arms. "Naoto's change in her attitude is no surprise, considering what has been happening in this tournament." She thought as she focused.

"Ooh... raring to go, are ya' Pyrrha-chan?" General Teddie commented. "Very well then, bring on the ring!" He declared as four metal rods erupted from the floor on each corner of the classroom again and started to produce electricity.

"Pyrrha, you got this?" Jaune asked her as Pyrrha nodded in confirmation as she stepped forward as the lightning rods developed a lightning wall between Pyrrha and the rest of the students.

"Hmph, of course you would take me on." Naoto scoffed as she drew Yamato Sumeragi. "You may be a prodigy when it comes to being a huntsman, celebrity, the pride of Mistral, but you are just a normal human, you are nothing more without your talent." Naoto chuckled as she pointed her gun at Pyrrha.

"What am I suppose to say? I'm just that good." Pyrrha countered with a remark.

"Alright, the combatants are set! Let's start off with their titles!" Rise cheered as the screen displayed their said titles.

"She's full of questionable bravado, a show-off with hot-air scandals. The infamous unsociable celebrity; Pyrrha Nikos vs. the 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective; Naoto Shirogane!" The narrator declared.

The Beacon Students were baffled by Pyrrha's title. "Scandals!? Okay, that is not close to the truth!" Nora complained.

"From what we've been through together as team, I agree." Ren shook his head.

"They can call you whatever they want, but we know you a lot more than he does Pyrrha!" Jaune rooted for her.

"Yes, they can't much without you, than to fill your ego." Naoto chuckled with a grin. "But I digress. Let us dance shall we?"

Pyrrha: "Very well."

"Now let's get this show on the road!" General Teddie declared as the buzzer went off.

*Seeker of Truth

Naoto fired first shots and Pyrrha blocked them with Akoúo̱. Pyrrha change Miló into its Rifle mode and tossed her shield towards the Faunus detective.

Naoto evades Akoúo̱ flying like a disc right at her and rushes at Pyrrha as she dives at Pyrrha with her gun pointed at the Huntress, yet Pyrrha immediately pointed Milo back at Naoto as they fired at each other, barely making their bullets connect as Naoto hopped over as Pyrrha caught Akoúo̱ back from its ricocheting from the debris and used it to blocked Naoto's bullets from behind.

"Brynhildr!" Pyrrha exclaimed as her Persona slammed its weapon upon Naoto as she dodges the strike and fires at Pyrrha as she blocks the bullets once more.

"Have it your way. Persona!" Naoto summoned Sukuna-Hikona as it zips around Brynhildr with slicing it all over with Tempest Slash, staggering Pyrrha and dissipating her Persona as Naoto seized the moment and rushed her again with a combo, a strong jab on her shield, a round spin with an attack with her gun's pommel, and sideward kick as Pyrrha managed to block the last attack, skidding backwards.

Pyrrha points her rifle and fires back at Naoto but, she pulls out Shield of Justice, blocking the Huntress's bullets, and counters back with a Counter Shot blast.

"Wow! Pyrrha-chan seems to be hard pressed with the Detective killjoy's series of assaults!" General Teddie commented as Naoto swings her legs in a Double Fangs skill and follows up with several bullets, Pyrrha kept on the defensive and managed to block them all.

After the last bullet, Pyrrha focused her trajectory and tossed Akoúo̱ at a nearby debris and bounced off and flies towards Naoto, hitting her and bouncing off and ricochet off another set of debris left and right until she caught it back.

Naoto grinned and pointed her gun towards the ground and rapid-fired, as the bullets deflected towards Pyrrha. Soon as she realized it, the Huntress barely blocked the blast of consecutive bullets at her.

"Holy crap, Naoto can ricochet her bullets!?" Jaune gasped.

"It's a real blessing the stray bullets haven't left the ring." Blake sighed with relief.

"You're not the only one who can perceive our surrounding. Can you keep up?" Naoto chuckled as she shot all over the area as the bullets ricochet off of some sort of reflectors as Pyrrha dodges and blocks the bullet until she found her chance to strike back.

Within the hails of bullets all over her, she spins through the bullets as she changes Miló into its Javeiln form as thrusts through. "Agilao!" Her javelin was enhanced by Brynhildr's fire element as Miló's blade on the javelin was dyed with embers. As she thrusts her javelin at Naoto, it release a big blast of fire at her.

"Clever... for a show-off!" Naoto scoffed as she sprays bullet as they ricochet towards their target.

Pyrrha transitioned Miló into its Xiphos as its blade emitted embers once more. "There's more! Maragion!" Pyrrha spun and swung around as the fire spread in an arc as the bullets melt before they could connect. "Time for a counter attack!" She declared as she charges forward changing Miló into a javelin.

"Pyrrha's on the move!" Ruby cheered.

"Charge, Pyrrha! Shove that weapon up her butt!" Nora rooted vigoruosly.

"Nora- wow..." Weiss shook her head in disbelief.

Pyrrha continued to charge forward with Naoto firing back. Pyrrha's thrusts were fast and powerful due to its rifle mechanic to boost its strikes.

Activating Anti-S SP Pistol" Naoto kept backing away a she pull off a trap, Hair-Trigger Megido. Pyrrha failed to noticed and it exploded into some reddish blast, causing Pyrrha to stagger. It left her open for Naoto unleash a barrage of Yamato Sumeragi's SMG bullet on Pyrrha as raised Akoúo̱ to block the raining bullets. But Naoto wasn't finished yet, her weapon transformed into a shotgun and she took aimed and shot at the shielding Pyrrha.

The blast pushed Pyrrha near the electrified wall and she yelped in pain from the force. "Pyrrha, are you okay!?" Jaune gasped.

"I'm okay!" Pyrrha responded. As she was about to sprint, she came to a screeching halt as she notices a circle of light on the floor before her. "Wait, what is this-" Pyrrha staggered as Naoto shot a few times on the floor around her as the light circles surrounded her.

"Mahamaon. You're trapped." Naoto stated nonchalant.

"Whoa... you better not stand on those Hamaon circles. It'll knock you out in an instant!" Rise giggled. Everyone darted their sights at Rise and General Teddie.

"In other words, just imagine all that Aura you Bear-ly still have, a high chance of it wiped out clean!" General Teddie specified wit glee.

"An... instant... kill?" Jaune gasped in horror.

"Now that's just cheating!" Yang complained.

"I'm afraid that we will have to cut this to a close. Mamudoon!" Naoto casted another skill as several dark circles appeared all around her in the air.

"Is that...?" Weiss was going to question if the skill was similar and the General answered.

"Yep! That's a dark version of an instant kill." Rise nodded.

"Pyrrha!" The Beacon Students shouted with fear in their tones.

"Any last words before I dethrone you of your so-called fame?" Naoto questioned.

"... Just one." Pyrrha asked as she dropped Akoúo̱ on the floor. "I only earned my so-called fame through hard work. And I couldn't do anymore... alone!" Pyrrha immediately changed Miló in its javelin form and planted its blade into the ground Agi... dyne!" The floor under Akoúo̱ started to turn bright orange and Pyrrha hopped onto her shield as the floor erupted a pillar of fire. Naoto didn't see this coming as Mahamaon and Mamudoon triggered without any contact. Pyrrha jumped into the air as she tossed Miló at Naoto impaling the floor below her. "Agidyne!" Pyrrha cast as the floor erupt into a [illar of fire where Miló was planted.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Naoto shouted as she was forced off the ground and fell into Pyrrha's arms as she fainted from the last attack.

"I... I..." General Teddie stuttered as he shown his yellow eyes once more. "What is wrong with you guys!? You're all supposed to be dying- *glass shattering*" He was then interrupted by Nora smashing the TV with Magnhild.

"He wasn't gonna shut up wasn't he?" Nora wondered.

They all focus their attention to the defeated Naoto. "Are you okay, Naoto? I didn't hurt you that badly didn't I?"

"Not at all. It seems that I was able to transmit my true intention, somehow..." Naoto sighed with relief as she checked her cap. "I was taking the fight seriously too, but I can see why how famous for your own reason, Pyrrha-san.

"Same to you, I was able to fight without hesitation." Pyrrha showed gratitude as she help the detective up.

"That's precisely what I meant. Although we almost complete strangers under the influence, I knew I can trust you, even if we knew in advance, that doesn't mean we would have actually took each other seriously." Naoto complimented. "The experience, the strength of will. I may not know any of your hardships you overcome to get this far, but I respect that.

"You give me too much credit, Naoto." Pyrrha chuckled.

A moment of silence and Naoto turned to the rest of the Beacon Students. "So... how've you been?" Ruby wondered.

"I thought you were working on the Phantom Thieves case with Akechi back at the Capital. What brought you here to Inaba?" Weiss questioned.

Naoto looked down in response, looking despondent. "Unfortunately, I've received word that I am no longer the case, due to my debut on TV last week."

"TV debut? That Meet-and-Greet show?" Blake guessed.

"Yes. Because of my questions regarding the Phantom Thieves' victims, I lost my position to Akechi." Naoto explained. "I stand by what I said; that we the police should've been doing a better job at serving out Kingdom. The Phantom Thieves are just the response in all of the neglect the authority has given."

"I see..." Blake muttered. "In some respect, they trying to make a difference. despite their position."

"It certainly left me in a fix. But that is another case besides this. I'm currently investigating this something related to this tournament. Perhaps we can share notes?" Naoto suggested and they agreed.

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Anyhow, here your treats. a pair of Omake Skits!

Arise! Mysterious Candy X!

While the students spent their time in the dining room kitchen, Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Fuuka decided to bring out several trays of what looks like candy. "We got candy for you guys!" Chie declared.

Ruby was the one who stepped up first. "Oooh, mine!" Ruby snagged a hand full until her teammates stopped her from eating it.

"Wait a minute, did you guys make this!?" Weiss questioned the four terrible cooks. The remembered the last time they made food.

"Yeah, why?" Rise asked back.

"Oh, is this for me? You're too kind!" Cardin sarcastically stated as he made his way between the members of RWBY to take a handful of candy himself. Once the candy went into his stomach, that's when he felt incrdibly sick. His face turned purple, started to choked about and collapses with purple foam gurgling out of the Student Huntsmen.

"Guys...? What did you put in that candy...?" Blake asked with fear in her voice.

"Hmm..." The girls recalled where they got that special ingredient...

"N-Nora, I can't-!" Ren staggered as he was then knocked out by Nora hammer and was forcibly dunked into a cauldron with some glowing pink liquid inside.

Nora was humming menacingly while mixing up some potion as someone was knocking on the door. "Come in~!" Nora cheerfully beckoned.

Chie and Fuuka entered the room as they were amazed at Nora's make-shit atelier. "Hey, Nora-chan! We're trying make some candy for Halloween, you think you can help us find some extra ingredients lying around?" Chie requested as Nora looks at them holding a bags of sugar.

"Hmm..." Nora thought about it and decided to give them a vial of liquid that came from the cauldron. "Here, use this!"

"Thank you, we'll let you know the results." Fuuka assured.

As the left and close the door behind them, Ren's hand was visible trying reach out for help.

Their explanation explains how Cardin... was poisoned.

All of a sudden, Cardin started to twitch violently and got back up, moaning like a zombie. "I...Llllllooovvvee you..." He groaned as he crept up to the girls with purple foam gushes out of his mouth.

"Holy cats!" Ruby gasped as Yang protected her by punching Cardin in the face as he fell to the ground.

"Quick! Before he bites someone!" Yang shouted in horror while pinning the zombified Cardin.

Nefarious Tastes

Somewhere in an alley of the Beacon Academy, Torchwick and Neo were wait on Adachi who brought over the leftovers of the Mysterious Food X. "Ugh... Why exactly do you want to use this? It's disgusting!" He complained.

"Oh Adachi, so unhinged. You saw how effective their creation can do, with this so-call 'Mysterious Food X' we'll be able to render them defenseless!"

"I agree thought, this smells like rotten eggs..." Neo texted with a disgusted expression.

"So that's the plan you have in mind?" Cinder assumed as she along with Emerald and Mercury walking towards them.

"Torchy-kun wants to poison them with this. It's effective but the question is how." Adachi explained. Emeraldand Mercury to a gander of the contents in to pot, feeling sick in response from the smell of the Mysterious Food X. "See what I mean?" The Ex-cop pointed out.

Hmhmhmhm... Excellent. We can poison them with their own creation. All we need to do is to is makes them think that this is edible." Cinder declared.

"How? By pretending that it tastes good?" Adachi guessed.

"We'll have to advertise..." Torchwick suggested as he acted out. "Come one, come all and have a taste of this delicious delicacy!" He stated as he took a spoon full of the Mysterious Food X. As he took a whiff of its smell, he somehow couldn't resist and shove spoon-full into his mouth, shocking the group around him

"He... Ate it!?" Adachi gasped in horror.

"This is... It tastes like my mother cooking. It's that terrible that great!" Torchwick exclaimed as he took another spoon full of the Mysterious Food X. Causing Adachi the feel sick.

Curious why Torchwick isn't stopping, Cinder decided to take a taste at as well. Somehow she found it delicious. This is... So Nefariously delicious!" Cinder brimmed with glee as she Torchwick hose down the pot full of Mysterious X.

"Oh God, how...!?" Mercury grunted as he covered his nose from stench.

"C-Cinder!?" Emerald gasped at Cinder eating something that smell bad.

"I-I think gonna hurl-!" Adachi rushed off-screen to vomit at watching Torchwick and Cinder emptying out the pot of their would-be-weapon.

*Break Out Of...

*Pink Sniper

*Seeker of Truth