A/n: Here I am back with a new Lilo and Stitch story. It's been years since I wrote one, but my old Lilo and Stitch fanfics are brutally bad to the point they make me cringe, so I wanted to make a completely new story with an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for the past few days. Hopefully not as cringe this time!

This story takes place just after the events of the 2nd movie - Stitch has a Glitch, but BEFORE Stitch! The Movie and the TV series, so the other 625 experiments do not yet exist to Stitch and the rest of the o'hana (with the exception of Jumba).

Stitch's past is set based on the canon events of the Ps2 game Stitch: Experiment 626. Before meeting Lilo, Jumba sent Stitch out on various missions to collect DNA samples from different worlds. But he was also a hooligan, causing destruction and mass-mayhem, just as Jumba had intended him to. The game was a good insight into Jumba and Stitch's lives before they were arrested (despite the events of how Stitch was arrested in Stitch has a Glitch were quite different) so I have formed the plot of my story around it with my own twist. If you have not yet played the game or are unfamiliar with it (it's quite old now) I suggest watching it on YouTube so you can see what it's like.

As a final note - this story is also told from Stitch's perspective. I have read some stories on here where people believe Stitch is very intelligent and analytical, however he has the mindset of a toddler and expresses himself that way. I do not think this is the case considering we hear him speak full English sentences a few times, despite his broken English mixed with Tantalog.

etc - "Yes please. Stitch has found one place he truly belongs, on earth. With Lilo." (Leroy and Stitch)

So while his mind and thoughts are 'normal' - as in, he thinks like us and is smart, his speech is not and is based around how he speaks in the movies and series.

This story is also Jumba/Stitch centric. For the most part!

Anyway, please enjoy and of course, I appreciate all feedback and reviews.

Error #626

By Elvis-Stitch

"Stitch! Get up!"

Gantu's voice didn't quite sound like that.

"...Gaba?" Stupid-head stared at me, before diving into the vast sea of ravioli which trailed far off into the horizon. Running forward to look I was suddenly caught off guard by Lilo's huge face towering above me. I nearly fell into the ravioli sea myself.

"Come on Stitch! Wake up!"

Lilo's distorted voice entered my dream once again and finally roused me back to reality. When I realised there was no Gantu or sea of pasta, I groaned, pulling my pillow across and pressing it against my head. I wasn't standing on the edge of a cliff. It had just been another weird dream.

Better than having another nightmare though. Thankfully those had stopped.

Lilo started pulling my feet.

"Agabba!" I told her. "Stitch up."

I rubbed my eyes and sat up. She smiled, reaching out to stroke my ear.

"So did you have any...?"


She looked relieved. Every morning for the past two weeks, Lilo had been beside my bed when I woke up. She was paranoid about my nightmares returning ever since I'd died a month ago. Considering the extent of nightmares I'd had when my circuit's were starting to go into meltdown, I honestly couldn't blame her.

I had to reassure her that pain was gone. The nightmares wouldn't come back. I hoped, at least. I couldn't be sure on that myself.

My ears perked when I heard Nani's voice calling us downstairs. Lilo reached for my hand and pulled me out of the bed. She continued to hold onto it as we headed downstairs.

Things had changed significantly over the past month and I had noticed how much closer my family had become to me. Lilo for instance, couldn't be away from my side for more than a minute. Everywhere I went, she was there. It was comforting, but kind of annoying when I needed my privacy. Even with Jumba's reassurance and data evidence that I was 100% charged, she was still scared.

Nani had taken some time off her new job at the rental shack. It wasn't a wise move, considering it was a new job, but she insisted on it. Like Lilo, she'd become exceptionally paranoid about things. I used to have free reign over the kitchen to eat pretty much anything my appetite craved, but Nani had gone into lock-down. It took me more than a few days to realise that she was scared of something triggering a melt-down again to the point even a basic meal warranted fear. Jumba's reassuring wasn't enough for her either. Only David was the one that was able to bring her round to a bit more of a basic sense; he'd ended up moving in with us for the time being. Mostly to help look after the sisters. Both of them had been badly affected.

Pleakley was his usual, strange self. His way of what I guess was coping with the events was shutting himself in Nani's room and trying on her clothes. I thought Nani would be furious about this, but she was too busy spending her time worrying about me to notice.

Jumba on the other hand... was the worst of all of them. I never thought I'd hear my creator cry, but the night I died he did. He had locked himself away in his and Pleakley's bedroom. The rest of the family, including myself, was downstairs trying to just come to terms with everything. A movie was on – Lilo's favourite – although none of them were truly paying attention. I could tell that their attention was focused on me. They were trying to celebrate a miracle, but deep inside they were all hurting badly.

Nani's snacks were there. This time, the table had been pushed to the side as opposed to directly in front of the TV. I guess Nani had wanted it out of sight because it reminded her all too much of my first real glitch. I wasn't very hungry, and neither were they.

Lilo had me sitting in her lap, arms wrapped tightly around me to the point I had to tell her I was having trouble breathing a few times. She said sorry, but it was gentle and even with my hearing, I nearly missed it. She was so broken.

Nani and David repeatedly kept their eye on me. Nani was very solemn. David had his arm around her and she was resting her head against his shoulder. Pleakley was reading another fashion magazine, but I could feel his single eye burning into the back of my head every so often.

Jumba didn't join us. He hadn't wanted to. When I realised he was crying, I understood why. I knew I was the only one that could hear him.

I had stood up, out of Lilo's arms and it had caused her to look up at me.

"Stitch?" she asked, sounding worried. "Where are you...?"

I held her hand in my paw. She was so... fragile. I could see the distant scratch marks on her cheek from earlier that day. My claws... I looked away.

The rest of them looked at me.

"Stitch need to..." I paused, thinking about my wording. "Need to see Jumba."

Lilo stood up at that, but I gently pushed her down. "No Lilo. Only Stitch."

She looked at me sadly. Nani went to sit up but I raised my paw. "Pleechi-ba. Iki boh-boh."

I wasn't fully sure if the sisters understood me, but they seemed to catch my drift.

Lilo crawled over to Nani and she pulled her up into her lap. All of them watched me as I turned and left. I headed up the stairs to Jumba's bedroom and I sat there in contemplation for a few minutes before trying the door. It was locked.

I had heard Jumba pause at that, but there was no movement on the inside. I just reached up and knocked while I had his attention.

It took him some time. At least ten minutes, but eventually he unlocked the door and cracked it open slightly to peer out. When he saw me, his efforts of concealing what he'd been doing were destroyed almost instantly; I could see him crying again.

"Oh. Stitch," he said softly, and I squeezed through the door, shutting it behind us. He stared down at me, before turning and lying back down on his bed.

I stared at him as he did this. I was going to call out his name, but instead I just went over and climbed up onto his bed, snuggling myself up against him. He buckled at that. He just broke.

I felt his hand on top of my head and he scratched my ears before pulling me into his arms.

"Meega okeytaka. Chamba rum basta ki," I told him.

He gave a sob at that and held me tighter. I just let him. I wasn't going to move. Jumba was the most broken out of all of them. He had felt as though he'd failed not only me, but the whole family. When he calmed down enough, I told him he was never a failure.

"Mockeecha," he responded quietly, in our language.

I said nothing to that. I just remained with him as long as he needed. Eventually he fell asleep. I crawled out of his arms and headed back downstairs to the rest of my family.

The movie was over and they had all fallen asleep. Lilo was curled up across David and Nani's legs. Pleakley had flopped back over the armrest and had his magazine over his face. It looked very uncomfortable.

I sat down on the floor and stared at them. I wasn't really tired. I just turned off the television and sat in thought.

I respected my family. But above all, I knew that Jumba was hurting the most. He was my creator but I saw him as my father. I knew after tonight he saw me as something more than just a creation.

He'd called my his son when I had been up there. Just as he'd drifted off to sleep. It was nice hearing that from him as he rarely called me that. It had made me happy because I knew his heart was broken.

After that night, my family had become much closer and protective of me. It had taken Jumba the longest of all of them to deal with his emotions. Not unlike Lilo, he had trouble letting me out of his sight too. It took him two weeks before he allowed me to sleep back in my own room with Lilo. I understood this.

Lilo and Jumba were the worst affected. Nani only just after them. David and Pleakley were affected too, but they dealt with it much better than the others. It was interesting for me to see how my family coped with losing me and how they dealt with it over those few weeks. I could tell all of them truly loved me, even if they had different ways of dealing with their grief.


I was distracted out of my thoughts. I hadn't even realised I'd been standing at the entrance to the hallway, thinking for so long.

"You okay?" she asked me.


"Nani's getting impatient and I can't be late for hula again, so let's hurry and eat."


Lilo gripped my paw tightly as we headed into the kitchen for breakfast.