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I honestly had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. I just knew that I needed to be somewhere else with Lilo. Anywhere that wasn't home. I wanted to take her to an environment that wasn't surrounded by arguments and drama. See what things were like when they were better. Unfortunately moments liked those had seemed rare lately.

I flew around for a while. When I left Kauai, I cloaked the cruiser. Earth was so big. While there were so many places we could go I knew I couldn't go too far away.

"Lilo?" I asked my angel, and she tore her gaze away from the window to look at me. I had the heater on to keep her warm. "Is there anywhere you want to go?"

"Anywhere? You mean like... anywhere at all?"

I nodded. "Ih. Anywhere in world."

She looked amazed. "You... mean it?"

I nodded.

"Graceland! I miss there! Even if it's just to look from the outside again."

I laughed slightly. "Graceland it is."

I set the coordinates on the cruiser for Memphis, Tennessee and activated the hyper-drive and we were there in no time. Lilo was utterly amazed as she gazed out the window below. It was early morning as opposed to night time over this side of the country.

"Is this really happening Stitch?" Lilo asked me in awe as I brought the cruiser to a lower altitude after cloaking it from air radar as well. We were directly over Elvis Presley's mansion by that point. "Or am I dreaming?"

I took her hands into my paws. "Lilo. You have alien family. We have access to this type of technology. So no, Lilo not dreaming. Lilo really in my ship, that I can fly to anywhere in world at your request. Lilo really here. I want to make you happy while I still can. So let's make most of it. Just like you said."

She looked very content and relaxed. I'd only seen her have such an expression when she was extremely happy. But then she looked startled. "W-What? What do you mean by that?"

I sighed. I looked around and found somewhere to land the ship in the area that wouldn't draw attention from the noise. Near the musical gates that made up the entrance way there was a sleuth of trees. I landed the ship behind a brick wall between those. It was just a good thing that it was still early hours in the morning. Once it was parked, I sighed.

I looked at her. "I'm scared, Lilo. Scared this isn't over. Demon 626 is dead... but it seemed so easy."

She looked perplexed. "But you died Stitch. That's a huge thing. Jumba always said that the only way to destroy that cell and program was for you to die and you did, so that means it has to be dead, right?"

"I-I don't know..." I told her truthfully. "It just seems like it happened all too quickly. You saw me... ih? I got angry with Jumba again before. I don't know why that happened."

She looked saddened. She didn't say anything just leaned over and hugged me.

"I feel okay now..." I told her over her shoulder. "But Stitch wary. I can't help it. So... I'm doing this for you now, okeytaka?"

She pulled back and put he hand to my cheek, smiling. "Okay."

I nodded. "Want to to look around?"

She looked nervous. "Will anybody see us?"

I shrugged. I looked out of the window of the ship. "Not much I can do if they can.. but, I'll protect you Lilo. Chi-chabada." I leaned over and kissed her and she smiled at me happily.

"The demon and the werewolf visit Graceland!" She grinned. "But can a werewolf love a demon?"

"Can a vampire love a mummy?"

"I don't know..." she responded as I helped her out of the cruiser and locked it up. It was still cloaked so it was invisible. I had looked around to make sure we weren't in sight of any humans, especially security. If there was a time was glad I was a superhuman alien it was now because my ears would detect even the slightest trace of movement. I could hear well enough to hear bugs climbing up trees around us.

The heartbeats of humans usually gave it away first though.

I gripped Lilo's hand and we walked slowly away from the cruiser. I secured her on my back as I climbed up over the brick wall surrounding the property and set foot onto the parkland of the actual residence. The place was huge—easily the biggest garden I'd ever seen.

There was a small guard house at the musical gates. I remembered it from the first time we'd visited though we'd never actually went past the gates. Lilo had only ever had a glimpse of the mansion from the outside so I wanted her to be able to see the full thing.

"Hold on."

I ran over to the guard house, climbing up to peer in and check if there was anybody there. There wasn't, thankfully. But I could see a security camera and avoided it. A few cars passed through the intersection just beyond the gates. It was a good thing both Lilo and I were small and that it was still dark. This early in the morning, traffic was minimal.

I ran back over to Lilo and lifted her onto my back again before running up the winding roads that led up to the mansion front. I put Lilo down when she pulled at my ears. She started walking beside me though at first she was was apprehensive about her steps and I wondered why. I made sure that we avoided any lit areas.

"You okay?"

"Yeah... I just... it feels so weird to be stepping in a different state again and I've wanted to come back to see here for such a long time. Last time Nani and David had saved up a lot of money to come here, but my parents will money had helped too, so that was how were were able to go on that cruise and visit the snow. Nani didn't have enough to go in here though. That's why we were out the front." She kicked at the ground slightly as she walked. "Now it just seems so easy. Like you don't need to do anything. I feel like we should be doing something to do this. Instead it's a free ticket."

I grinned. "Well, the downside isa us getting caught..." I told her gently. "We really shouldn't be here, but also feels... exhilarating."

"What does that mean Stitch?"

I lowered my ears slightly. "Like... good. Thrill. Of knowing could be caught. I used to feel that way a lot."


"When I was on my mis—" I cut myself off, raising my paw to my mouth in realisation of what I'd been about to say.


I sighed. "Come on, Lilo. Should do this quick. As I said, shouldn't even be here."

She nodded, gripping my paw tightly as we walked up to the mansion.

Lilo stood beside me in deep shock. We stood at the entrance to Elvis Presley's former home.

She couldn't bring herself to speak. Not for a full ten minutes at least. Elvis Presley meant a lot to her, so I let her absorb what she was seeing.

"I... I can't believe this is happening."

I smiled." C'mon Lilo..."

I flipped her onto my back again and scaled up a pillar to the roof. Perhaps there was a way inside from there. To my delight, there was, in the form of a chimney. I peered over into it making sure it was not only safe but big enough for her to enter with me. Thankfully luck was on my side.

"Stitch... is this okay?"

"No. No way. But you wanna see in this lifetime, ih?"

"I do!" She grinned. "I really do! I've wanted to pretty much all my life!"

"Then let's go!"

As carefully as I could I guided us down, using the glow from my infrared vision to see. I had to pull away some bricks with my claws to actually get inside as the fireplace had been closed up. It made a mess. I worked as quickly and quietly as I could however poor Lilo began coughing, so I pushed her through first so she could catch her breath.

"Are you alright?" I was worried.

"Y-yeah..." she coughed as she looked around. We were in a big area with a white staircase leading up to the second floor of the mansion. "Wow... I'm actually standing in Elvis Presley's home... I'm really here doing this..."

I perked up my ears. I didn't hear any mechanical whirrs of a security camera, but I also didn't want to risk being caught. "Let's do this quick, Lilo."

She was mesmerised by a picture up on the wall and remained there for longer than I liked, so I ended up dragging her away by her werewolf tail and she snapped back around, quickly jogging up to me as we walked away to another room up the stairs. I monitored carefully for any cameras, paranoid. There didn't seem to be any, which was relief. I did have an inkling somebody might be home as I thought I heard a small intake of breath that I knew wasn't Lilo's from somewhere in the distance, but at that particular moment we weren't in such a position that we would have to quickly vacate the premises.

Lilo seemed to pick up on what I was doing, though she brought up something else entirely.

"I didn't bring my camera..." she said sadly. "I can't take any photos."

I rubbed her arms. "Remember for what is, ih?"


I pushed open a door in the dark. From the looks of it I had a feeling it was Elvis's bedroom.

"Leelo..." I nudged my angel, grinning. "Guess where we are."

"Huh Stitch?" she asked me and then looked into the room for herself. Her eyes widened and she let out a shriek.


She ran forth and jumped on the bed, laughing happily. "Oh my gosh...! THE KING'S BED! I'm ON it Stitch!"

I knew she probably shouldn't be doing that at all, but at that point I didn't care and joined her.

"It really is black!" Lilo told me peering up at a red canopy above us before she pointed to the wall behind the bed, making me turn to look. "One of Elvis's favourite colours! Look at the walls!"

I was sniffing around the floor by that point. I had picked up multiple scents. I wondered if one was Elvis's but it was impossible for me to tell. Though the one all over the bed was most likely his. I jumped up beside her on the bed and we rolled about on it, laughing happily.

"This isa bad Lilo..." I grinned. "Probably disrespectful too. Shouldn't be here."

"I know..." She grinned back at me. "But... it's a dream come true as well and at the moment I don't care. I'm able to do this, all thanks to you. And I thought the moon was perfect enough..." She leaned up and kissed me gently. I returned it.

Lilo gazed deeply into my eyes for a moment before pulling back. "What... were you going to say before?"

I sighed. I knew what she was referring to.

"Lilo. When I was on those missions... it felt good. I enjoyed them... and Stitch feel ashamed of that."

She just stared at me. I continued.

"I liked feeling like criminal..." I explained. "I was programmed to be bad." I couldn't read her expression. "I-I'm sorry..."

"No... it's okay!" She smiled, stroking my ears. "I mean... look at me right now. I'm doing a bad thing too. A very bad thing."

I gave her a sad smile. Despite it was bad, breaking into a rich celebrity's home wasn't comparable to murder. My ears shot up suddenly as I heard something outside—a heartbeat joined Lilo's. And then footsteps Somebody was home.

"Queesta...! We gotta go Lilo!"

She looked scared. "Is it time for that thrill?"

I looked at her. "Lilo. This is something we don't want to get caught for."

She nodded, instantly clinging onto my back and I bolted from the room and ran back down the main white staircase to the fireplace. Just as I scampered up the chimney again, I heard security enter the premises. Lots of loud voices echoed behind us.

I got Lilo out of the house through the chimney safely and bolted back down the side of the mansion, darting back out to the parkland. She started laughing. Just as I was about to climb back over the brick wall to the cruiser she stopped me.


"Lilo naga! We need to go!"

"Just one second!"


Oh god what was she doing...?! I pulled at my ears. She was stubborn like me.

Lilo picked up a stone. I saw her go over to a tree and start carving something into it. There wasn't time for that! My head whipped up as a car approached, starting to drive up towards us. It was a police vehicle.

"Lilo!" I shrieked, "We gotta go! Now!"

"Two seconds!"

She was two seconds too late! I ended up using my super-speed to bolt over to her and pick her up out of the way of the cars headlights just in time. I ran back towards the wall but it was still a-ways. The cops inside must have seen me because the car stopped and a door opened, a flashlight pointed at where I'd run past. The officer saw me just as I scampered up the wall and climbed over it.

"Hey! What the hell was that?!"

Crap. I got Lilo back into my ship and started it up as fast as I could. My heart was pounding hard. Just mere seconds after I pulled off from the ground, the cops looked over the wall. It had been a very close call. I heard them commenting about a 'big animal' and trying to figure out what the noise they were hearing was.

Lilo looked down at them, her chest also heaving from the adrenaline rush. I heard her heart racing. And then she started laughing, just like I had when I had been revived and realised Demon 626 was gone. She kept laughing until she cried.

"Ah... Stitch. That was incredible."

I slumped back, drawing in a deep breath. And then I grinned too. "Ih. It was."

"Did they see us?"

"Ih..." I told her, looking back down as the ship ascended high up over the state. Graceland disappeared into a small blur below. "Thought I was big animal."

She laughed. "I've never done something that bad before."

"Shh... don't tell anybody, okeytaka? Jumba kick my butt too."

She snorted. "Yeah. Nani would ground me for like... forever."

We smiled at each other. I gestured to her and she leaned over into my arms. "Now where, Lilo?"

"Well... I don't really have anywhere else in mind, Stitch. This was beyond amazing."

"Nowhere at all?"

"Um," she scratched at her head as she spoke. "Well, I don't get to see big cities often."


That gave me an idea. I set coordinates on the ship and flew to a new destination. This time I did send my coordinates to my father as this one was much closer to home. Coordinates that would be familiar to him.

Lilo ended up drifting to sleep against me.

"Lilo... wake up," I nudged my angel and she opened her eyes tiredly to look at me.


"Come on. We're here."

I cloaked the ship again, helping her down and we walked away through another parkland. I knew where we were as I'd been here before with Jumba in the past, but Lilo never had. It was perfect. I covered her eyes as I led her up to an area that was a small lookout.


I raised my paws and she looked around for a moment before gasping. In the distance, the lights of the city of Honolulu glittered. She grinned.

"Wow... is that...?"

I nodded. I gripped her hand and started walking around with her. It was a beautiful area, right beside a lake. There was a hotel nearby and a few people about but we were currently too far away from them to see us. I kept peeking at Lilo as she walked beside me. We really were just a demon and a werewolf.

"This should be costing a lot of money Stitch..." She broke the silence between us shortly after. "It's like a free vacation."

I laughed. It sure felt like that.

"Lilo..." I took her head into my paws. "Just don't worry about it. I wanna do this for you."

She nodded. "So what now?"

"Whatever you like."

"Ah..." she voiced, wonder lacing her tone. "Can we... go up higher? But not in the ship? I want to see the lights."

"Hm..." I put my claw to my chin, before pointing to the tall hotel nearby. It was about thirteen stories high. "Want to go up there?"

Her eyes bulked slightly. "Uh, up there? But that's so high..."

I nodded. "Yes, it is. But I can climb it no problem."

She looked scared. I put a claw under her chin and tilted her head up. "Lilo, it's okay. You're safe with me. I promise."


I put her over my back and secured her with my extra arms. "Ready?"


I ran for the building, darting across the road. I leapt through the air to the side of the hotel, ploughing my claws deep into the concrete before scaling up the building, holding onto Lilo tight. She squealed as I climbed up there, higher and higher. Soon I passed the seventh floor and within seconds we were at the top. I held onto her as she got off my back. She was too scared to let go of me and peered over the edge of the roof.

"Oh my gosh! This is so high!"

The wind was stronger up there. Her fake faux fur and her hair was blowing about all over the place. My ears were as well.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She nodded. She sat down kicking her legs over the edge—only she did it too fast and one of her shoes flew off in the wind. She cried out in horror.

I knew it was probably a bad idea but I didn't care and as fast as I could I ran and leapt off the side of the building, reaching out my arm to grab it. Lilo screamed out after me in sheer horror. Once the shoe was in my grasp, I held it close to me before curling myself into a ball as began to plummet down. My body hit off a balcony, propelling me back up slightly to a flagpole sticking out of the side of the building and I used it to swing myself around with one hand, propelling myself back up onto the side of the building. From there I ran back up to the roof. I handed Lilo back her shoe, sitting beside her and looping my tail around her before cuddling her. Thankfully she'd moved back from the edge automatically without me there to hold onto her.

Smart girl.

It had been a bad idea. That had tired me out and I had to catch my breath. I was well aware that I was probably pushing my limit by now considering my body had been through turmoil not too long ago. My angel just stared at me in pure shock and I grinned at her.


"Lilo, I'm fine. Even if I hit the ground from here I'd be okay."

She was shaking. I rubbed her arms and kissed her cheek. "Lilo, really. No need to worry about meega I'm indestructible."

"Almost..." she said gently.

"Well. Yeah. Almost. But fall isa tiny. Remember when Stitch fall from Gantu ship? Much higher."

She sighed dreamily. "You're incredible, Stitch. You're so amazing... you're like a superhero! You're MY superhero!"

I felt my cheeks heat up. She kissed me on the nose. "Thank you. I really like these shoes."

"You're welcome... boochibu."

Her eyes widened. I looked straight ahead of me towards distant buildings, smiling. She was trying to process what I'd told her.

"What does that mean, Stitch? I heard you say that before."

I gazed at her sadly. I wanted to tell her but... my voice just locked up. It was such a sentimental and special term I just didn't feel ready to tell her. I didn't know if I could tell her. Not just yet anyhow. I wanted it to be a super special occasion and for some reason, even as special as this was it still didn't feel special enough to me.

Maybe I was just a hopeless romantic in that case. I felt my face heat up.

"I'll... I'll tell you soon. Just... naga now."

"O-Okay..." She looked disappointed.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

What are you doing you stupid idiot! My brain screamed at me. Tell her! It's perfect! You're just picky!


Lilo looked at me. I swallowed.

"Lilo...? Uh... It means..." I'd started to say when a loud cry from below startled me. Somebody had come out of a balcony on the thirteenth floor, which wasn't too far below us. They must have been looking up and had seen us on the edge of the roof with our legs dangling over the side.

That was a bad sign. They'd call security because I knew these areas were restricted. I really was breaking the law in so many ways right now, just to spend time with Lilo.

"Haffu hak!"

I hoisted the girl onto my back and bolted back down the side of the building, this time on the opposite side. Lilo screamed into me. Within moments we were back on the ground and I put her down. This time, however, it didn't take long until there were far more people around us. We were right near the entrance of the hotel and it was bustling with nightlife. Most of the adults saw us. Some of them laughed, while others cried out in both a mixture of alarm and horror. I couldn't hide my horns or tail. And Lilo was dressed up as a werewolf.

It would have been a really weird sight for them to see.

I ran alongside the hotel with the girl, pushing past various people. The area I'd entered and started running through was an outdoor buffet area. There was some party going on and as we ran through I made some of the adults drop champagne glasses.

Lilo said nothing as we ran. I could tell she was scared. When she paused to catch her breath, I swiftly pulled her onto my back again.

"Nala queesta! I groaned. "How do we get out of here?!"

Lilo just gripped onto me harder in response.

We ended up running into a half indoor half outdoor pool area just off the exit to the buffet. Being as clumsy as I was, I slipped on the edge and Lilo just barely managed to stop me falling in by grabbing me up at the last second.

"Choota...!" I breathed.

"Careful Stitch!"

A few people were in the pool. They had stopped to stare at us. I flipped Lilo over my shoulders again, running through that area out to the back of the hotel and into a garden area. It was empty there, thankfully. Lilo collapsed to the ground, panting and I fell down beside her. And then she laughed again. I laughed too.

"I think I understand what you mean by that word now Stitch."


She nodded, grinning. "This is so scary. But... it's kinda fun too. To just feel so free to do anything."

I nodded. "Ih."

She sat up. "Is that how you felt being a criminal? That you could just get away with anything?"

I looked down. "I did, Lilo. Ih. Neesa... this isa not a good thing to be happy about."

Her expression fell. "What do you mean?"

"Lilo. What we are doing now isa REALLY bad. I've broken law tonight, just to make you happy." I put a paw to her cheek. "Maybe not so much with hotel... but trespassing on Graceland is a big no. Even if rich people can pay for damage."

She looked shocked. It sunk in and I could see her eyes darting back and forth between mine.

"Isa bad. Very bad. But I did it to make you happy. Because I know you'd never get to live your dreams otherwise and 'cuz I know I can make it possible for you, I wanted to. Stitch don't regret that."

She was quiet.

"I just don't want you to go away from this thinking it's fun and exhilarating. Because then, you become like me. Bad. 'Cuz once you act on that feeling, it's hard to stop doing it. Isa why I could go around destroying buildings and cars. Shooting aliens. Killing. Do you get me?"

She teared up a bit. "Yeah... I do."

I nodded. "I know you'd never do that, Lilo," I told her. "But you must never ever tell anybody about this. Promise me."

"I promise, Stitch..."

"Already took you from home before. Broke into motel. Remember?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I do."

I really didn't want Lilo to be influenced by me. Because deep down I knew I wasn't a good alien. Lilo was still young and impressionable.

I took her head into my paws.

"Listen Lilo... I ONLY did this to make you happy, okeytaka? Stitch naga know what will happen to him. I wanted to at least give you a chance to be happy. By seeing Elvis home. By doing what you want to do and not feeling as though you'll get in big trouble for it. But if we caught, will get in big trouble. Pay big fines for property damage 'cuz I wrecked fireplace. Face police. Naanee have more trouble. Probably won't get to that, but is possibility if identified. Was lucky never identified at motel when I destroyed roof."

"Stitch even if it's bad you've made me the happiest I've ever felt in my entire life," she told me, putting her hand to my cheek. "I wouldn't change tonight for anything."

I put my paw over her hand.

"I'm proud of you for acknowledging that you've done wrong. And it's how I know you're a good alien. Because if you really didn't care, you wouldn't be trying to make me understand how bad it is. You did this for my sake because you care about me. I understand that. And I'm not mad."


She hugged me tightly, sniffling slightly. "I... don't want this night to end. It's been so much fun."

"Neither do I..." I told her.

"What now?"

I shrugged. "What do you want to do now?"

"I... don't know."

I stood up, before picking her up into my arms. "Then you just relax. Stitch have another idea."

"Okay..." she yawned.

I carried her away from the hotel bridal-style, jumping through some bushes at the back and crossing over the parkland to head back to where the cruiser was.

"Open your eyes..."

Lilo opened her eyes. She rubbed at them before looking around and her eyes sparkled.


I smiled. I'd flown back to Kauai with her after that, landing the ship down on that isolated beach I'd been headed for when I'd run off and met Kimo. Isolated was an understatement—it was the most secluded beach I'd set ever set foot on.

A small cave was to the north of it. I was currently there with Lilo, and I'd lit a small fire to keep us warm while the breeze blew by gently outside. It was very quiet and relaxing, unlike the other main beach which always seemed to be bustling with noise even if it was vacant.

I'd grabbed some food on the way there. No... I hadn't stolen it this time. I was done breaking the law for one night. Instead I'd wrapped myself in a blanket that was stored in the back of the cruiser to hide my demon features and had gone into a 24-7 mart, using some of Jumba's money I had leftover from when I'd purchased Lilo the locket to buy us enough food and snacks to last through the night. I felt like a real fugitive doing that.

The man behind the counter had been very apprehensive of me. I couldn't blame him. I'd torn off some of the blanket to wrap around my face too, so that he could only really see my eyes but even those had startled him, looking as alien as they did. I'd spoken to him and told him I wasn't there to hurt him—I just needed food and that I could pay for it—but he was still shaken up by me.

It was pretty late by that point. I was getting tired. But I had to do it. I had to make the most of my time with Lilo while I was free to and while Nani was on good terms with me. I needed this night with her. Just us... away from everything and everyone.

So here I was now in the cave. I had that blanket around Lilo to help keep her warm.

"What do you think?"

I'd set her up a little beach-side picnic. Despite the food wasn't exactly picnic-worthy, and well... it wasn't really much of a picnic at all—just a blanket on the ground with packaged food on there. It was the was the best I could do since I'd kinda just ran off with her with no real idea of what I was doing. That included leaving completely unprepared. I felt stupid for doing that. I'd been thinking with my heart and not with my head.

At least I'd not been stupid enough to leave without money on me.

Oh well. Lilo was safe. That was all that mattered. At least the fire made up for the lack of... picnic charm? Eh.

Lilo didn't seem to mind at all though and simply smiled at me with that beautiful big smile of hers.

"This looks good Stitch! So is that where you went before? To get all this?"

"Ih. Dig in."

She grinned. She was pretty famished and finished everything I'd bought for her. A meat pie, a bag of chips and a chocolate donut with a soda on the side. As she bit into a the donut afterwards, I went behind her and rubbed her shoulders to relax her. Lilo loved junk food.

"That feels so good, Stitch."

"Ih?" I asked. "Lilo like?"

"Yeah I do!" She smiled at me. I kept it up for while. Eventually she lay down in the blanket. "Are we staying here for now?"

"Would you like to? Or go home?"

"I want to stay here. It's nice and cosy in here."

"Okeytaka. Be right back."

I went out and secured the cruiser before returning to her. As I was about to step back into the small cave I drew in a gasp. My head spun for a moment before my vision cleared. I felt dizzy.

I had to sit down for a moment to regain my breath. What on earth had that been? I shook my head. I really hoped it was just nothing, but knowing me... it probably wasn't. It was far likely to be something more serious.

I just hoped whatever it was would hold off until we were back home.

I'd blocked off the entrance to the cave with some bark from nearby trees to keep the breeze from coming in. The fire burned in front of us for a little while longer before it dimmed down and went out. By that point, Lilo was asleep. I had curled myself around her protectively, and she was enclosed in all four of my arms. My only goal then was to keep her warm.

She muttered in her sleep slightly. I nuzzled my head against hers, feeling her faux fur rub against my own fur. She would always be safe with me.

I did end up drifting off, but I kept up my guard for the entire night. I could hear a lot of native wildlife outside, including an owl hooting. There was sound of distant barking from a dog. As there weren't any homes around this part of the island I figured it was just my good hearing picking it up. Otherwise it might've been a nearby stray.

Lilo breathed in deeply in her sleep before letting out a sigh. I opened my eyes and watched her. She didn't wake up, instead just snuggled against me a little more. She'd always loved that I was so fluffy and warm. I couldn't help but brag about that.

She was so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Not many would find a werewolf beautiful but I did. I thought it was cute how she enjoyed dressing up. She did it for me because she had wanted to. And the fact that she was willing to do so out in public for me had really lifted my spirits and heart. I'd felt like such a freak being a demon. Her dressing as a werewolf again of her own accord had helped me feel a little less ugly.

I just hoped I could get rid of these new features and return to my normal alien-self soon.

When I opened my eyes again, sunlight was beaming through the makeshift bark doorway I'd made. Lilo wasn't beside me and I sat up I fright at the thought of her disappearing during the night while I was asleep before I realised that she was sitting behind me.

"Morning Stitch."

"Ahua sha Lilo..." I yawned. "You alright?"

"Yeah..." she responded to me. "I woke up ages ago. I didn't want to wake you and I knew you'd wake if I made too much noise by going out there so I just sat here."

What an angel.

I had a feeling she'd been watching me sleep. I went over to her and nuzzled cheeks with her before stretching. She stared at me as I did so.

I was still by no means as thin as I used to be considering Jumba had made me gain that extra weight to weaken Demon 626. But even after all the running and climbing I'd done last night, I wasn't anywhere near as tired as Demon 626 had been when he'd been in control and had ran into town. I guessed it had been because he was dormant in my mind for so many years. He'd never been able to exercise. The idiot probably didn't even know what the word meant.

Lilo didn't seem to care though. She hadn't said anything to me about it and I was thankful for that because if she did I would feel very sad. Right now she was still, just staring at me quietly as I moved about. I couldn't read her expression—it was another one of her Lilo expressions and those were the biggest mystery in the universe to me.


She smiled at me. "Yeah?"

"Sure muquad okeytaka?"

She went a little red, I noticed. She turned away from me. "Yeah. Everything's fine Stitch. Sorry."

I walked over to her and sat beside her. "Watched me sleep, didn't you?"

"I did..." she admitted.

"What's on your mind?"

She sighed. "Stitch. I know you thought I was grossed out by you. Because of what happened with your body weight. And then... you getting those demon horns."

I stared at her.

"But honestly, I wasn't. I was grossed out at you acting like a slob, but I know that wasn't you. I couldn't tell what was going on and that's why I seemed repulsed by you back then. I did think you were turning lazy but I couldn't comprehend it because that just... wasn't you. I did have a feeling something wasn't right. But now that I know that you weren't in control of yourself I just want you to understand for certain that I accept you no matter who you are. Or what you look like. I always have."

I felt my eyes gloss over. She picked up a forming tear. I sighed, gripping her hand tightly.

"Lilo, you have no idea how much it hurt when Stitch learn he fat. I had to sit there and watch Demon 626 ruin my body. Make me fat and make me be a slob. He wanted to turn you away from me..." I muttered. "Stitch very grateful he didn't succeed." I pulled back to look at her. "Do you still find Stitch handsome?"

"What do you think, Stitch?"

I thought about that. And then I smiled. Lilo had been watching me sleep. She had also been staring at me intently when I'd stretched in front of her just before. That told me all I needed to know.

I grinned before reaching over to kiss her. She closed her eyes and returned it.

"Nani... won't be happy about us..." she said softly.

I held her close to me. "Isa why she cannot find out."

"I know... I just hope, we can stay like this."

"Me too..." I sighed into her. "Me too, Lilo."

She smiled at me, pressing her cheek to my own. As I gathered up our belongings to take them back to the cruiser, she stood by my side.

"Want to go for a walk before we head back?"


I smiled at her, heading over to throw the blanket and Lilo's checked shirt into the cockpit. She took my paw and we began to walk along the sand. It was still quite early in the morning so the sun had just finished rising and the beach was a bit warmer than before.

My angel sighed gently beside me, looking absolutely contempt as she walked. Her hair blew back gently.

"Lilo?" I asked her after we'd been walking quietly for at least ten minutes.


"Isa nice that you dress up to not make Stitch feel alone."

She smiled at me at that before her look faltered. "I-I saw you last night."

I froze up slightly. "You saw meega?" I squeaked.

"Yeah... it made me sad."

I bit my lip. Last night when she had been asleep, I'd stood up and sat by the entrance of the cave for a little while. I'd picked up a rock and had started trying to grind away those horrible horns but as my bones were basically titanium and steel plated it was was a useless feat. I'd muffled my angry cries and tried pulling them off after bleeding yet again once more due to trying to retract them and having nothing happen except pain surge around my head.

I did recall Jumba saying I'd have to wait a while until I could retract them, but I'd just wanted them gone right at that moment. I was sick of them. I'd picked up that same rock afterwards and tried to cut off the arrowed tip of my tail, but I'd given up instantly, digging my claws into it in frustration instead. It was so gross and horrible to look at and I hated it.

Trying to hide it in my shorts did nothing. It was too long. So I just had to deal with seeing it attached to me. I'd felt bitterly defeated and sat there crying at knowing this had happened to me. I strongly regretted testing out Metamorphosis because I'd just ended up looking exactly like Demon 626. Basically just a devil.

Even if he was dead now, he still had a hold on me through this. And somehow, I didn't think I'd ever be free from his grasp ever again. Though, I had no idea Lilo had actually seen me do all of that... I had thought she was asleep. I looked down shamefully.

"Stitch?" she asked, tilting up my head when I refused to look at her. "Are they really that bad? Do you really hate them that much that you'd try and hurt yourself like that?"

I squeezed my eyes shut. "Ih. Ih, I do Lilo. They make me ugly. Remind me that I'm just a monster." I kicked at the ground angrily.

"What if I told you that I don't think they do that at all?"

"I—I—" I was speechless. "What."

She couldn't be serious. I'd raised my eyebrow at her and tilted my head so far it actually hurt but that just made her laugh.

"I'm serious, Stitch. It's not as bad as you think."

"You're joking."

"I'm not..." she smiled. "I think it's cool that you can change. I like seeing you look different."

I didn't know what to think hearing that from her. I really did want to believe that was true, as coming from her I automatically knew everything was—but I knew I was ugly. I felt ugly. How could she feel that way about them?

My father was right. Perhaps Lilo thought differently to everybody else after all. She liked and accepted things others found gross. Even things I found gross.

"Lilo like monsters?"

"I do. And I like you."

"Meega? I'm a monster."

"I know. And despite it was bad at first to learn what you had done, I-I kinda like it now."

I reeled back from her at that, almost falling back onto my butt in the water. She'd completely dumbfounded me. Her finding out I was a monster was my biggest fear. How the HELL could she like that?


She saw my reaction. "Stitch. I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't mean it."

"B-But... Lilo..." I sputtered. "I'm a bad monster. A doomsday monster. I was created to kill and destroy. I destroyed whole planet. Killed lots of innocent aliens. How can you accept me for that?"

She shrugged. "How can you accept me?"

I paused. My paw lowered.

"What makes me so special, Stitch?" she continued. "That you would spare me over destroying the Earth?"

My heart pounded a little at hearing that from her.

"I mean... I'm nothing like you. I'm just a human. I have no cool powers like you do and I'm small and weak. People don't like me because of who I am and judge me like a book for the things I do and like. So... why me?"

"Why you...? I squeaked, having to find my voice. I went over to her and pulled her face into my paws. "Because you saved me, Lilo! You change me and makea meega Stitch! Without you I don't know what I'd be, but I wouldn't be Stitch! You are special and you are most beautifa saari Stitch haba bagreet and you give me hope to get through each day. I fought Demon 626 and stay strong because of you Lilo! And even if I die 'cuz weak heart, I made sure I came back for you. My heart hurts when I'm not around you."

She looked at me in astonishment.

"And you know what, Lilo?" I continued. "You wanna know how much YOU mean to me?"

"...H-How... How much do I mean to you?"

I held her hands firmly. "Stitch asked your mom and dad if they approve of Stitch loving you. And you know what they say?"

She was crying now. "What...?"

"They say it okay."

Her eye's were the widest I'd ever seen them. "They... they did?!"

"Ih! So even if Naanee not approve, Lilo parents do!"

Lilo couldn't bring herself to say anything to me after that. She just hugged me as tightly as she could.

"Oh my gosh..." I felt her sob into my shoulder. "They actually accept it?"


"That's wonderful! My parents are the best!" She beamed at me. "Now I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I can't wait until we're older! And now that you're back, we're gonna grow older together!"

I smiled happily. "Ih! Ih ih IH!"

She laughed in joy before twirling me around. It was the most happiest I'd ever felt in my life and I could tell it was the same for her.

Nothing would ever take this moment away from me. I would cherish it for the rest of time. My future with her was cemented; I wouldn't ever want it to be any other way.

Lilo was my boochibu. She was the one.

Nothing would ever change that.

As we flew back home a little later on that morning after our walk along the beach, Lilo reached over to hold my paw as I flew the ship.

"Stitch..." she smiled. "You're the best."

I smiled too, though it faltered and I found myself facing her. I paused the ship, switching over to autopilot for the rest of the flight home so I could focus all of my attention on her.

"Lilo? You said before you like me, even if I am monster. Before, you faint. So scared. Why not that anymore?"

"That's right," she told me. "Well... I don't know. I hated it before... but I think I just learned to accept it and accept you as you are. Because I know you're more than just a monster. Look what you've done for me."

"But.. what if I am Metamorphosis monster. Doomsday monster. Become that! Would you still like me?"

"Do you want to know what I really think, Stitch?"

"Ih. You need to tell me."

She gave a nod. "I think you're so cool."

My ears flipped up but I did it a little too fast and she giggled as they hit the top of the window with a dull 'thump'. "G-Gaba..?!"

"Like that," she continued. "A huge monster that's able to destroy planets. It's hard to imagine you can do it but... you can. You're the most powerful creature in the galaxy and I think that's really amazing, even if it's bad. That you can just be... that strong. It's admirable. And more so because out of all the universe, you chose me."

I just stared at her. "Lilo... for so many years since you met me my biggest fear was you finding out truth about me. That Stitch big monster. That I'm an evil alien murderer and criminal and terrorist even though I naga wanted to be."

"That's really bad, yeah," her gaze settled upon mine. "You gotta remember though, humans are bad too. Everybody is bad in someway or another, somehow. Even if the level of bad is very small. Like people that lie. But... minus all the bad stuff, you're still wicked cool. I mean... who else has pet that is a supreme overlord?"

I went to smile but I faltered. What she'd said had stung me a little. "Pet...?"

She realised what she'd said. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that I just meant it like... well... I did adopt you from the pound. I bought you and named you. So please still remember that you belong to me and I own you Stitch."

"Nobody owns me," I muttered. "I'm my own alien."

I frowned.

"I own you, Stitch," she repeated softly. "I adopted you. With that adoption contract."

My ears lowered and I grunted. I'd almost forgotten about that. Her 'owning' me had essentially saved my life and made me be banished here. I looked away.

I hated the concept of being owned, but without what she'd done, I wouldn't even be where I am today. Sitting here with her as I was. I had to remember that. It was a small price to pay but with Lilo being my saviour, it really wasn't that much of price to begin with at all.

"Do you not like that?" Lilo asked me, seeing my negative reaction. "Stitch... I don't 'own' you, I know that. I would never try to do that either. But you are still all mine. I bought you that day. For two dollars. I know you hate the 'dog' thing we have to do but... I really don't mean to hurt you by saying that. I just feel proud that I'm responsible for you. You should feel safe with me."

I shook my head. "More like opposite way around, Lilo."

She laughed. "Well yeah, you're stronger of course."

I sighed. "Lilo. I'm naga pet. Naga dog."

"I know..." She reached out and put her hand on my head. "I'm sorry. I know it bothers you a lot to be treated like that."

"Rather be called a furry human. Like Lilo said before."

She giggled. "How about I just call you my boochibu."

I felt my face heat up at that. Badly. Lilo had no idea what that word even meant and the implications behind it. She'd basically just called me her significant other without knowing it.

Her mate.

I swallowed slightly, unable to speak.

"Stitch? You okay?"

"I-Ih..." I breathed out. I had to regain my composure.

She was staring at me funny by that point. "That's the word right? Boochi—"

Before she could finish I'd planted my lips to hers.

It was really killing me at this point. No, not my demon. Not ME looking like a demon.

It was the fact that my love for Lilo had increased tenfold after hearing her call me a boochibu. Damn it. I should have told her what it was. It had sent my heart into a frenzy and I couldn't concentrate on anything. My thought's were jumbled.

I nearly crashed the ship into the shed when we got back home from my emotions overflowing and she cried out at me in alarm.

"Whoa! Stitch! Be careful!"

As soon as the hatch was open, I bolted, not even leaving her any time to call out after me. I ran into the ship and straight for Jumba's room, leaping onto his bed and picking up a pillow, screaming into it.

UGH. Lilo was driving me insane. Why was she so perfect. She was the most perfect angel of any perfect angel there ever was. She believed she had flaws but I couldn't see them.

I was mature. My mind was mature. But I knew we were both young too. Even if she loved me back she was still just a child and I would never do anything other than just give her gentle kisses and hold her hand, or cuddle her, but right there and then all I could think about was our future together.

Being so happy together. Spending evenings together sitting watching the sunset at the beach. Flying the cruiser around the moon again.

I sighed.

With the exception of Jumba, I highly doubted others would accept how I felt about her and not understand it. Especially with me being an alien. While I knew I was Mitch, and that would help me to some extent, I was still viewed as her 'pet' and not a sentient alien to anybody outside of our family and those that knew me. It really sucked. I was equal to her. Not below her.

I viewed her so strongly because she made me who I was. She was the one reason my life had been better. How do you thank somebody you deemed a saviour for that? You couldn't. There just wasn't enough ways express it. But there was one.


And I loved Lilo deeply.

I felt like nothing I could do for her would ever be good enough. She was just that perfect. She'd called me a supreme being, but to me she was a supreme being even if she was just a small girl. So, admittedly, I was looking very forward to the future now. I wanted to see Lilo grow up to be a beautiful girl and have her eyes set on me, not other guys. But then that just reminded me of Keoni and that dream. I pulled the pillow over my head harder and screamed into it again.

As powerful as I was, I couldn't predict the future. So I would never know if Lilo still viewed me the same in another ten years from now. I had faith in her that she would... but I also knew human biology was a thing. Puberty did crazy things to teenagers and she would become one of them. It was natural for humans to craze love and relationships. At least with their own kind, that was.

Would she be the same for me? I was human inside, but not on the outside.

Unfortunately, with my mind racing as it was, I forgot I had horns and they had burrowed deep into Jumba's pillow by that point. My eyes went wide at feeling that. I quickly pulled it back from my head but that was a big mistake—the pillow tore in half, feathers spilling all over bed, floor and me and it made a HUGE mess.

Uh oh.

It was his absolute favourite one too. What the heck was I going to do? He'd kill me.

"626? Is that being you?"

Oh no! No no no...! I kicked the tattered pillow out of sight and tried to hide the mess of feathers, but it was no use and there were far too many. Damn horns!

Before I could figure out what to do to avoid another trip to hell—on account of my father this time— I heard him start to walk up the corridor and in a last ditch effort I ducked out of view and forced myself underneath his desk. I got under there just as the door opened, even with my bigger size.

He was quiet for a moment before he roared out a string of curse words in Kweltikwan. I cringed.

"What happened to my room?!" he cried, before he threw his arms up into the air and I heard him growl. "626 what in Rofplar's name are you doing?! GET OUT OF THERE!"

What the..?! How the heck had he seen me...? I cringed again as he came around to me, bending down and pulling me out by the paw, although he was gentle. He stared at the mess, gesturing to it with open arms repeatedly before looking at me. My ears lowered. I definitely got the hint.



"I'm soka!" I squeaked pathetically.

He just growled at me before rolling his eyes and putting a hand to his head. "Aye. I'm just glad you're back. What were you doing over in Honolulu?"

Honolulu? How did...? Oh right... the coordinates.

I just bit my lip, looking up at him. He just sighed again, leaving his quarters for a moment before returning with a multipurpose broom and tossing it to me, a deadpan tone lacing his voice. "You can clean this up. No leaving until is spotless. Then you can tell me where you went."

I stared at the mess. As he left the room, I chased him a little to the door and peered out after him. I could see Chopsuey laughing behind him.

"Pa! Wait! How you see me?!"

He put up his hand and gestured to me without turning around as he walked away. "Tail."



I growled and set to work tidying up the mess. I really needed to get rid of these blasted Demon features.

It took me a while to clean up those feathers. When I finally finished I sat back out on the couch, which was still converted into a makeshift bed for me, swatting a feather away in annoyance after Chopsuey had let it fall onto my head.

"You dolt."

I growled. He just laughed at me and left the ship. Lilo joined me again shortly after that and I held onto her, sighing.

"Why did you run away before?" she asked me curiously. She'd taken off her werewolf costume and was back in her normal red mumu by that point. "Did I do something wrong?"

My ears drooped. "Naga..." I told her, rubbing her arms. "Isa not that."

"Then what was it?" her question was barely audible even to me because she spoke so soft.

I sighed. "Just..." I smiled. "You make me happy, Lilo. Very happy."

She smiled back at me and nuzzled against me. Jumba came back in shortly after, sitting down opposite me, wiggling himself closer to me before leaning forward slowly with his chin in his hands to glare daggers right towards me. It was very unsettling.

"Uh... ohufi... papa..."

"I really liked that pillow, 626."


He just shook his head and then sighed. "Was best one I ever had for my neck but never mind that for now. What were you doing interstate?"

I clutched Lilo's arm tightly. "Special trip for Lilo. Show her big city."

"Ah..." he responded. "Larger girl very worried you stayed out overnight. Is glad you're both back and thankfully—and is being MIRACLE wouldn't you believe it—is not mad," he waved his hand about. "Anything unusual happen to you, 626?"

I nodded. I told him about the moment my head had spun. A look of deep thought crossed his face and he put his finger to his chin.

"Hm. Will have to run more tests on you today. Sorry, 626," he told me, taking note of my disdain. "Am not taking any more chances after everything that has happened. And now cell is dead is less stress that you will change. Second chance, thank the high heavens." My father started to push me out of the bed. "So go on. Get up and go to scanner for Jumba. And then later we can look for NEW pillow for Jumba's achy neck, ey? With YOU researching them for me."


He glared at me again and I sighed. I'd really blown it.

I clutched onto Lilo's hand gently before pushing out of the covers and climbing across the couch, doing as my father requested. Gazing up towards the ship window to stare at the sky outside, I started to wonder if I would ever get a break. So many bad things had happened to me over the past few weeks that it was about time I got one. Instead, here I was, faced with more stupid tests yet again, same as before.

I just thought about Lilo calling me a boochibu, my face heating up again as I waited for my father.

End a/n: I have no idea what Graceland is actually like other than basic Google Maps research. In the movie, the picture at the end credits shows the family standing at the musical gates with the mansion in the background. But that is actually very inaccurate to the real thing, which has a huge parkland in the front instead! (I live in Australia so I had no idea XD). I hope my depiction of Graceland was okay.