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A bright future?

Chapter 16: Harsh Discoveries


"Is that a book?...'Kid Naruto whispered as he got a closer look.

When he did, he gasped in horror as he title of the book...as well as the name of the author.

The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi bu Jiraiya...

"Ero-sannin?!..."Naruto whispered, trying to make sense of the whole thing...only to feel like a bucket of ice water was dumped on him.

Naruto was not the sharpest kunai in the pouch, but even he couldn't ignore what this could mean...unless he is really, REALLY wrong here, this would mean that the pervy sage is...is...

"N-No..."Kid Naruto whispered in horror as he fell on his knees and felt some tears beginning to pour from his eyes as realization sunk in.

The pervy save, the old man who has been training him for months, taught him the rasengan, helped him get Tsunade to return to the village to become the godaime and who promised to take him on a training trip..

If this is his memorial than that would mean that he's...


The older version of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata and Hatake Kakashi, who is still disguised as Sukea, had arrived to the forest.

"Are you sure that they went this way?...'Adult Naruto asked.

"One of the guards said that they saw two pre teens heading in that directions, it has to be them..."Young Kakashi said and Adult Naruto groaned.

"Hinata?..."Naruto said and his fiance soon activated her byakugan.

"I see two figures, they are far but I recognize the chakra signatures...it's them...One of them is 300 yards north-east from here and moving fast and the other is 200 yards north-west and is staying in one spot..."Hinata said as she deactivated her byakugan.

"It's them...come on...let's get them..."Adult Naruto said.

"It might be best to split up, Sasuke is the most volatile right now, so it might be best if more than one shinobi deals with him..."Kakashi/Sukea said.

"Good idea...I'll go get the mini-teme and knock him out before he decides to leave early, come on Hinata...'Naruto said.

"But what about Little Naruto-kun?..."Hinata asked in worry.

"Don't worry, he's probably trying to catch Sasuke too, I'll go get him and bring him back..."Adult Sakura said and Hinara was still unsure.

"Let's just go find them before they do something stupid..."Adult Naruto said.

"Too late for that one..."Adult Sakura snarked.

The group of shinobi's soon split up to go round up the wayward young, time misplaced ninja's, unaware of what is truly brewing within them right now.

With Kid Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke was said to be the nest ninja genin in his graduation class and with good reason. He was fast, skilled, strong and swift and right now, he was using his skills to escape capture from the guards and his annoying team mate who doesn't understand how urgent his mission is.

So urgent, that he won't let anyone get in the way of it.

Whether in the past, the present and especially in his future.

"SASUKE! STOP!..."He heard Naruto's voice.

The adult Naruto and he knew that he was going to try and keep him from finding out the truth. Well, Sasuke wasn't going to let him. He kept running, hiding deeper and deeper into the shadows of the night, determined to stay out of his enemies grasp until he finds out the truth.

The truth of what happened on the night of Itachi's death.

"I just need to get out of here, and then think of a new plan to get into getting into the vault...they are hiding the truth from me and I am not going to let them!..." Sasuke thought as he kept running.

Only to dodge a pair of kunais that came out of no where. He then heard a voice that actually made him stop in his tract.

"This is so typical...'A deep, almost emotionless voice said, but he could detect a hint of anger in it.

Sasuke knew that voice. It was his own, just older.

He turned and glared when he saw who was trying to stop him this time.

His older self!


While Naruto, Kakashi and Hinata went to go tract the very volatile and wayward young Uchiha Sasuke, Sakura was tasked with trying to find the younger Naruto before he did something reckless and stupid.

A task that is much easier said than done.

"Where is he? Hinata said that he was suppose to be this way?...'Adult Sakura muttered, until she heard a strange noise close by.

She followed it and she soon found who she was looking for.

A young Uzumaki Naruto.

"Finally! There you are, Naruto...'Sakura said, wanting to smack him for what he and Sasuke just did.

To her surprise, he didn't answer her. He didn't move. She was so surprised, she didn't even hit him like she normally would have in this situation.

"Naruto?...'Adult Sakura questioned as she took a step forward.

She then notice that the younger version of her friend is... weeping.

"Huh?..."Adult Sakura said as she saw the orange clad pre teen on the ground, covering his face as he was crying his eyes out.

"Naruto? What...what's wrong?...'Sakura asked.

Even as a kid, she rarely saw Naruto cry. He always went to great lengths to keep that goofy smile on his face, acting like he was okay, despite all of the trouble he had to go through during those days.

She looked up and soon saw what has made him like this.

Jiraiya's memorial.

"Oh no..."Sakura said, realizing that the younger Naruto has just seen something that he shouldn't have.

And he is suffering from this harsh discovery.

"Naruto...It's...it's going to be alright...come on, let's go back to the village and-

Adult Sakura tried to reach for the younger version of her team mate and friend, only for something to happen. Something bad.

The younger version of Naruto stopped moving, he stopped crying and Sakura was worried. Even more when she noticed that his blue eyes then began to glow red, and his whisker marks began to darken, with fangs now sprouting out of his teeth...which means only one thing.

The Kyuubi within him is taking over.

"NARUTO! NO!...'Adult Sakura shouted, she had to do something before the nine tails within him takes over.

It was too late as young Naruto turned on her, growling and shaking like a feral beast.

"Grrr....."Young Naruto growled before he leaped.

Oh no...

To be continued-

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