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It Takes a Village – BPOV Outtake

We need to talk - tonight. ~A

It was the third time this week that Alice texted me, and I knew exactly what it was about. Stupid as it was, I was scared to reply to her as I wasn't able to give her the answers she wanted.

"What's going on?" Seth asked from the breakfast bar in Edward's kitchen. "I haven't seen you this frustrated over a text since... never."

Maddie and I had moved in with Edward two weeks ago because Emmett was currently rearranging the second-floor rooms in my house. Seth and Riley still slept in the basement, but due to extensive dust and noise, all life apart from sleeping occurred over here.

I huffed in resignation as I'd never been able to hide anything from Seth.

"Alice texted me again. She's pushing me for a decision about the wedding dress."

"So, where's the problem? Don't you want a Mary Alice original to wear for your big day?" he asked in a mocking tone, but I knew he was sincerely interested in what bothered me.

Sighing, I replied, "I'm not sure. It's not as though I don't want her to design me a dress, it's just that I feel as if it's too much to wear a classic wedding gown, considering I've been married before. You know, it feels over-the-top and too pretentious."

Not that I could actually see myself getting married in it, but I'd considered either wearing a knee-length white dress or a regular evening gown.

At that, Seth walked over to me, took me by the hands and sat both of us down on the couch.

"You're right. This is going to be your second wedding, but it's the first time you'll be doing it right."

His eyes bore into mine with an almost pleading look. "Our wedding was a spectacle neither of us really wanted, and we did it for the wrong reasons. Honey, from the depth of my heart, I can say I love you just as much if not more than I did fifteen years ago when I told you so for the first time. The difference is that, today, we both know that's not the right kind of love. You're still one of the most important people in my life, and I couldn't live without you in it, but I don't feel as though a part of me is missing when you're not close to me — like I feel with Riley. And I know it's the same for you and Edward. That's how you're supposed to love the person you're marrying. You and me and what we had created a wonderful little person, and I'll never regret anything that happened between us. But you and Edward are the real deal. And it doesn't matter that you were married before, because this time is going to be the one and only time you're getting married to the love of your life. You're allowed if not obligated to celebrate that. And Edward deserves it, too. The man worships the ground you walk on. So, choose the dress you want, the one you can see that fiancé of yours tearing up over when he sees you in it, because that's what counts. Do it right this time."

Before the last word had left his mouth, I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Thank you, Seth. I think I needed to hear that," I murmured into his chest.

Beneath me, I felt him chuckle. "Then go and call your future sister-in-law. The poor woman only has four months left to design you a dress that will stun us all."

I kissed his cheek, and he blushed a little at the gesture. Then I picked up my phone and dialed Alice's number.

"Hi, Alice. I'm sorry I didn't call you earlier, but I think I know what I want now."


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