My name is Molly and I'm the youngest orphan in Annie. I was born on November 26th 1929. My mommy and daddy said I was an easy baby and almost never cried. I loved my mommy and daddy and we were all very happy together. My Daddy worked in a factory and Mommy sewed dresses for other women, we were a little poor but we were all happy. On my first birthday we had a small party with cake that my daddy was lucky to be able o afford. That year I got a new dolly from my mom her name was Emily and I still have Emily today.

One day before Christmas my parents took me to see Santa Claus. I was not the biggest fan of Santa and I started crying and mommy had to take me off his lap and leave.

The next summer mommy and Daddy took me to a carnival. I loved all them rides and my favorite one was the merry-go-round. I went on it 5 rimes my daddy won me a purple horse at one of th games, and I loved him very much. By the time we got home I was fast asleep and Mommy Carrie me upstairs to bed.

Then my second and third birthday cake and went. On my last Christmas I would ever have with my parents we went to see Santa again and this tim I was not afraid of him and I sat on his lap and van gave him a big hug. I didn't know that that would be my last Christmas for with a family for a while.

Just a few days after my 4th birthday my mommy and daddy went out to the movies and left me with my neighbor Mrs. Jones. She was a nice old lady and played with m and put me to bed. She even sang me my favorite song. Only a few hours later Mrs. Jones came into my room and told m she had some sad news. When I got into the living room, there was a big scary looking police officer and I started to cry and ran for Mrs. Jones. She told me not to worry I wasn't in trouble and he was a nice man. He told me that sadly, my mommy and daddy were killed in a car accident on their way home from the movies and I was an "orphan" and I had to go to an "orphanage" I did not know what those words meant so I just packed a bag of a few belongings and went back to bed.

Th next morning I ate a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon and sausages, my favorite breakfast. I asked Mrs. Jones why I couldn't stay with her and she explained that she loved me very much but she was too old to care for me so I had to go to an orphanage. When she brought me to the orphanage(the New York City Municipal Orphanage) it looked really scary and I started to cry and said I didn't want to go in.

"Maybe it's nicer inside honey let's ring the bell and see who's there."

After ringing the doorbell a very mean and scary fat lady with really big boobies and too much lipstick answered the door.

"Yeah? What do you want."

"This is Molly I'm Mrs Jones, her neighbor unfortunately her parents were killed in an accident so they told ,e to send here here."

"Alright another orphan brat for me to take care of. Well lady get the heck outta here."

The fat lady said her name was Miss. Hannigan and she wasn't nice at all! The orphanage looks really big and scary and dirty. I saw kids scrubbing floors and working at sewing machines. After Miss. Hannigan brought me to her office and slammed the door she looked at me and said

"Ok Molly we have some rules here that ya gotta follow. Number one address me as Miss. Hannigan, number two, you must say I love you Miss. Hannigan and number three never tell a lie!"

She then went to a closet and threw a very old ripped dress and told me to put it on and there was nothing else for me to wear and I had to keep the shoes I had on. She brought me upstairs to one of the dormitories with about six other girls and said


" Ok brat this is your room and you must stay here until I say so, understand."

"Yes, Miss. Hannigan."

Once she left me in the room I noticed one of the girls with short red hair looked much friendlier and nicer than the other ones. When she saw me looking scared she came over to me and said,

"Hi I'm Annie I know Hannigan is mean but I'll take care of you. This is Pepper, Duffy, July, Kate and Tessie" pointing to other girls. The girl Pepper look d really mean and grouchy.

"Hi everyone I'm Molly."

I said shyly. Then, noticing there was only 6 beds and there wasn't one for me I started to cry because I did not want to slap on the floor. Annie came up to me and hugged me and said

"It's ok, Molly you can sleep in my bed I don't mind."

"But that smelly rat will wet the bed and keep us all up at night screamin' for her mama!"

That was Pepper Annie gave her a really man look and told me just to ignore her and that she'd never let her hurt me. That night at dinner we had a really nasty bowl of mush, it tasted awful but I learned that in the orphanage it was either mush or nothing so I decided to eat it anyway. That night I slept in bed with Annie. I told her I felt really scared and I wanted my mommy. She held me tight and she told me that I could call her Mommy if I wanted to as she would s anything to take care of me. I told her I loved her and she was my new favorite person from then on.

That night I awoke from a nightmare and I noticed that Annie wasn't next to me so I started calling for her. Luckily she was just sitting at the window ledge and came rushing to my side and asked if I had a nightmare. She started telling me about her parents and how they were going to come for her someday and she r as me their note. After she read the note I asked her to sing to me as she gladly did and I fell asleep in her arms once again.

And that was my first night at New York City Municipal Orphanage