Note: thank you so much to everyone who commented, followed and favorited! These next few chapters are going to go as how the 1999 movie goes and there are going to be lines from the movie and show. I'm also going to be working on a thanksgiving story too!

Another year seemed to drag on endlessly. Annie has tried to run away numerous times but she never succeeded. My 6th birthday came and went with, again no singing birthday cake or presents. Just a birthday kiss from Annie. Soon it was two weeks b fore Christmas. I've been waking up from a lot more scary nightmare than usual and it always gets Pepper mad that I keep them up all night.

On one particular night around 3am I had a pretty bad dream I can't remember what but suddenly I woke up yelling

"Mama! Mommy! Mama"

"Molly shut up!"


"Molly wake up and shut up si I can go back to sleep"

Pepper was really starting to get mad now then July and Kate woke up

"Yeah leave Molly alone!"

Couldn't July always be this nice to me not only when I have a nightmare and woke everyone up? Then pepper and July got into a really big fight and everyone was yelling and I jumped onto Duffy's bed then Annie came to the rescue from sitting at the windowsill. Her insomnia has been far worse than ever, I think she was really starting to want to run away again, she never sleeps when she's planning on running away. She broke up the fight shoving pepper off of July

"Stop it! Lay off July! If Hannigan wakes up she'll get sore"

finally everyone stopped fighting and Annie came and picked me up from the floor and gently put m back into bed.

"It's ok Molly you were just having a nightmare."

"I want my mommy and daddy" Annie put a comforting arm around me and leave it to Pepper to say something mean.

"Um Molly we don't have mommies and daddies and we event never gonna have them anymore that's why were called orphans."

Annie being her brave tough usual self pushed pepper off the bed knowing that she is NOT an orphan and won't let anyone ever call her one.

"I'm not an orphan! My parents are alive and they're comin' to get me someday."

Trying to stand up for myself and be tough like Annie I stuck out my tongue and said

"Yeah and Annie's got a note to prove it haha!" Pepper shut up after that then I asked Annie to read me her note, of course Pepper was already getting tired of hearing her note over and over.

"Oh boy here we go again…"

Annie started reading her note to me and Pepper mockingly started reciting the note and the other girls joined in on her, after they were done Annie went up to Pepper and asked if she wanted to sleep with her teeth inside of her mouth or our everyone shut up and went to bed after that. She then came back and tucked me in for the second time that night.

"You really think they're out there Annie?"

"Yep and I'm gonna meet them someday"

She started to sing one of my favorite songs, "Maybe" she started singing about if her parents lived far away o nearby. I soon found myself falling asleep as Annie was singing and she gently put me to bed.

It seemed only minutes later when Annie told Pepper that she was gonna run away and she had to watch our for me (yeah like that'll ever happen). Tessie told Annie that she was crazy and Miss Hannigan will catch her of course she said she wouldn't even though she always does when she runs away. Annie walked out the door and no more than 10 minutes later was she being pulled by the collar of her dress once again by Miss Hannigan. Even though I didn't want Annie to leave I was glad she was caught and I wouldn't have to be alone again. Miss Hannigan made us all scrub the floors till it shined like the top of h Chrysler building. As we scrubbed we sang about what a hard knock life we have and we have empty bellies and cotton blankets and no one to be there if our dreams a night got creepy. I couldn't agree more we did have a hard knock life!

Today, I realized was Laundry Day, when Mr Bundles came to collect our dirty sheets and give us new ones. He is the only man that's ever been nice to me at the orphanage. As he was flirting with Miss Hannigan Annie got this brilliant idea that she would hide in the laundry basket to run away. I got sad at this but Kate whispered to me that she'd take care of me. Annie successfully hid herself in the laundry basket she ran away for good! As soon as Bundles rolled out with the dirty laundry Miss Hannigan made us all line up for what she calls "morning roll call" in which we have to stand at our beds and say the hated phrase "we love you Miss Hannigan".

When Miss Hannigan finally came down to Annie's bed she noticed that Annie went there.

"Annie get your little orphan self out her!"

"Miss Hannigan Annie ain't here!" Duffy said next to me.

"Really where is she?"

"Mr. Bundles rolled her out with the dirty laundry!" Miss Hannigan started going nuts and ran out h door trying to stop the laundry truck that was half way down the street. We all laughed at how silly Miss Hannigan looked and we started cheering about Annie's good luck with running away!

"No more hard knock life for Annie!"


I started too get sad because my Annie was gone forever. I was glad that she was finally going to find her mommy and daddy but I was going to miss her so much and I started to cry. Little did I know that Annie would be coming back the very next morning.