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I missed Annie so much for the rest of the day. Kate tried her best to take care of m and sing me to sleep that night. She was almost as good as Annie but I really wanted to have Annie hold and sing to me. The next morning was like any other day, we got up at 5am scrubbed the floors and windows then went down to our sewing machines for the rest of the day.

At around 11:00 we heard the doorbell ring. We knew it was Annie being brought back by a police officer. We all crowded around the door and there was Annie being lead back to the orphanage by a scary looking police officer. Miss Hannigan hugged Annie and said something like how much she missed her and started flirting with the police officer. We knew Annie was gonna be in a lot of trouble and I got scared and jumped into Kate's arms, she held me until Miss Hannigan came in dragging Annie in by the collar of her dress.

"Alright show's over back to your rooms! Ans YOU if the Board of Orphans finds out about this they'll start nosin' around here and I could lose my job"

We didn't want to miss this so of course we didn't go to our rooms, we listened from the top of the stairs.

"I thought you hated your job!

"Oh I love my job it's kids I hate now wait here and I'm gonna cook up your punishment and it's gonna be a doozy"

Tessie came up with this brilliant idea to trick Miss Hannigan into seeing a "mouse". Of course there was no mouse and Kate stomped on her foot ans as the res5 of them were laughing at their prank I ran into Miss Hannigan's room and hid behind the door. She told us to scram and opened the door to her room ans I jumped out and said BOO! That got her!

I was so glad to have Annie back but I didn't want Miss Hannigan to punish her bad. She never really hit us with her paddle but it scared us when she threatened to paddle us. We didn't want to miss what would happen next so we crowded around Miss Hannigan's office door to try to eavesdrop on their conversation. It sounded to me like Annie' s punishment was going to scrub the whole orphanage with a toothbrush.

Just as Miss Hannigan was about to make Annie scrub the floor with s toothbrush a very pretty rich looking lady who was black like Duffy and wearing really fancy clothes asked into the orphanage. I thought she wanted to come to adopt Duffy.

"Hey Duffy Maybe She's here to adopt you! She has your skin color!"

"Nah she looks too rich to be my mama maybe she wants someone to clean her mansion for the holidays."

"It'll probably be Annie since she deserves it after what she did."

"Shut up Pepper I cant hear what's going on in there with ya yappin'"

Turns out the rich lady was some rich man named Oliver Warbucks's secretary and she wanted an orphan to spend the holidays with him at his home. Of course Annie was the one chosen. I was happy that Annie got to go away for Christmas but I was sad at the same time too because two weeks without Annie was a really long time. Just a minute later she came out with the rich lady saying,

"Hey kids I get to go away for Christmas!"

"Hooray! Bye Annie!" We shouted and waved to her as she left the orphanage. She promised she'd write to us from wherever that place was. Wow Annie was going to stay with a rich man for two weeks! Even though I was going to miss her I couldn't wait to hear about her time there.

"Wow Annie's so lucky she gets to spend the holidays at a rich man's house" I said to Pepper a few minutes later as we were working on our sewing machines.

"Yeah lucky brat she runs away then almost gets in trouble then some nice rich lady comes to take her way. Lucky brat."

"Shut up Pepper." She shut up and went back to her sewing machine.

It' s been a week since Annie went to stay with this Warbucks man. She's written us many letters telling us of all the great adventures she was having. She saw he first broadway play, a movie every night breakfast in bed and best of all she didn't get to clean or do any work! It sure sounded like she was having a great time. I really missed having Annie around to protect me from Pepper and Miss Hannigan nd sing me to sleep, but Kate has been trying her hardest to take care of me like Annie did.

A week later Annie wrote us a letter saying that Oliver Warbucks wanted to adopt her but she told him that she really wanted to find her real parents. Oliver put every FBI and G-man on the case to dine Annie' parents. I really hoped she could find her parents because she promised me that when she found them she'd come back for me and they'd adopt me. I really hoped she could find them soon I was talking to Kate about Annie finding her parents that night.

"I really hope Annie finds her mama and daddy!"

"Me too but what if they're dead?"

"No! Annie told me they're out there they left a note saying they'd come for her someday ans Oliver Warbucks sounds like a very powerful man I'm sure he'll find them."

"You're right lets get some sleep" she kissed me goodnight then we went to bed.

The next night Miss Hannigan left us alone at the orphanage so we all decided to sneak into her office and listen to our favorite radio program Bert Healy's Hour Of The Smiles. When Duffy whistled to us that meant it was safe to come out of our hiding places. We love the Hour Of Smiles and tonight we had a surprise! Annie was on the radio! She didn't mention this to us in her last letter she probably wanted us to be surprised! I was so excited to hear Annie's voice!

"Annie's on the radio!"

Pepper was the only one who couldn't care less

"Who cares?"

"Shh!" We made her shut up so we could listen. Bert invited Annie and Oliver on the show so Annie could announce that they're having a cost to coast search for her parents and the couple that shows proof was offered a $50,000 reward! Kate gasped


"You're all a bunch of saps was cares is Annie's on the radio!" Pepper grumbled to us, mostly me.

"I care!"

"Me too!"

Duffy stood up on th desk and started to do a Bert Healy impression.

"This is Bert Healy sayin' hey hobo man hey dapper dan you may both got your style you're never fully dr seed without a smile!"

Soon everyone including Pepper joined in dancing and singing around the office. Of course it was stopped abruptly by Miss Hannigan! She always ruins everything .

"Do I hear happiness in here?! That's more like it." After we just sat there looking at her then I went to tell her that Annie was on the radio. She told us to get back to our room before she paddled us. Kate, always thinking about food asked

"But what about our dinner?"

"What about it!"

"I knew you was gonna be bad tonight so I punished you ahead of time no scatter!"

With that we left the to go to our room. I was so excited that Annie May be Finding her parents sooner than I thought then she can come back to get me! That night I dreamed of me Annie and her parents living happily together. Her mom made us lots of clothes and played the piano and her dad played games with us and read us stories. I was so happy for Annie and I couldn't wait to be her sister officially.