A few days later, on Christmas Day Miss Hannigan and her chicken brother left us in the care of the chicken's girlfriend, Lily the "dumb hotel" as Miss Hannigan puts it.i saw Miss Hannigan and Rooster leaving the orphanage in strange old costumes. I wasn't sure what they were doing or where they were going, it looked like they were going to a Halloween patty.

Lily looked about 20 years younger than Rooster and her dress shoes her boobies and she wore too much red lipstick. I asked her why she wasn't with Miss Hannigan and Rooster doing whatever it was they were doing.

"Why aren't you with Miss Hannigan and Rooster? I can see your boobies!"

She covered her chest with her coat and said in a grumpy voice

"Rooster wouldn't Let me so they made me be stuck here watching you brats."

Most of the morning was spent like no other day, cleaning, scrubbing and sewing. No Christmas hugs or presents or Santa. We did make do with a tiny plant with old ornaments Pepper found in the basement. We decided to challenge Lily in a game of poker. Of course we kept beating her!

"Darn lost again! Haven't u ever played poker before!?" Lily asked Pepper

"Beginner's luck how much does she owe us?" Kate kept score


"Hey where am I supposed to get that kinda loot! Hey I'll be rollin' around in it when Hannigan and Rooster get back from Warbucks."

Now I knew exactly where Miss Hannigan and Rooster went! They were gonna do something bad to Annie and use her for Mr Warbucks reward money! We had to save Annie!

"Hey that's where Annie is!"

That got her now Lily spilled the beans and she probably wasn't even supposed to tell us.


"What's goin' on? Spill the beans!" We crowded around Lily so she couldn't escape. We finally got her to confess that Rooster and Hannigan were indeed going to Warbucks's house to steal Annie for the reward money. I told her that we need to go and save Annie before they took her away, they're bad mean people! I didn't want anything bad happening to Annie!

Since Lily didn't know how to drive she made us all walk to the mansion.

"It's too long of a walk!" I complained to Kate

"Here, get on my back" July and Tessie helped me into Kate's back. It was a really long walk but we couldn't give up on Annie. Kate and July took turns carrying me until we arrived at Oliver Warbucks's 5th avenue mansion. I've never seen anything so big and pretty! I thought we accidentally walked to a train station.

"Miss Lily I think we're at a train station"

"No you dummy it's Oliver Warbucks's mansion. I overheard Hannigan and Rooster talking about it what am I dumb?"

Lily went up to the front door first. The men at the door wouldn't let her in. They grabbed her arms and held her. She twisted away from them while shouting

"Unwind me!"

We heard a gruff man's voice most likely Rooster

"What are you doin' here Lily!?"

"Makin' sure I get me piece of cake! I want my Moolan!"

Then all hell broke loose Miss Hannigan and Rooster tried to rub for it! When Miss Hannigan ran to the door we jumped out at her saying in our most sarcastic voices

"We LOVE you Miss Hannigan!"

She tried to make a break for it but the president wheeled himself out of the crowd of maids and revealed Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily as criminals. I couldn't believe we were in the same room as the president! I was so happy to see Annie again she gave me a quick hug and stood with us. We were all scared that Miss Hannigan was gonna hurt Annie. But soon she was whisked out the doors by a couple of FBI agents along with Rooster and Lily. Well that was the end of her! No more hard knock life for us!

Annie ran up. To us hugging us, me first of course.

"Miss Hannigan's gone forever!"

"Yay! Hurray!"

We jumped around with Annie we were so excited to finally be out of the orphanage and no more cleaning or nasty mush! The president wheeled up to us and said to Annie that he had some sad news. Her real parents were David and Margret Bennett, they unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

I felt so bad for Annie, but knowing her she found a bright side of it the situation,she wasn't a Mudge and now she could officially become Oliver Warbucks's daughter! He gave her a nice new locket and even asked Miss Farrell to marry him! Now she was gonna have a real mommy and daddy!

President Rosevelt told us that we were going to get adopted to fine upstanding families! We cheered and hugged him. Miss Farrell announced that Annie picked out Christmas presents for all of us under the Christmas tree!

We spent the rest of the day playing with our new toys, enjoying a Christmas dinner with President Roosevelt himself and of course getting to be with Annie again was the best! I couldn't believe that she was gonna live here forever!

"I can't believe this is your house! It's huge! We thought it was a train station."

"I know I thigh this place was huge too! I'm so happy o finally found parents!"

"Yeah I'm happy for you too." Annie noticed I sounded a bit sad. She cam up and hugged me

"It's ok Molly Daddy will find a home for you! I'm gonna ask if you guys can sleep over tonight."

I smiled at this

"Ok! Thanks Annie!" She hugged me close again.

The next morning after a late night of talking and catching up with Annie we went downstairs for breakfast. I couldn't believe how much food was on the table!

"Good morning girls" Miss Farrell said to us, then turning to me she said

"Molly we have a surprise for you!"

"R ally!? What is it?"

Miss Farrell bent down to my level and hugged me

"Well me and Oliver were talking last night and we wanted to know if you would like it if we adopted you!"

My eyes lit up at this. I was gonna have a new mama and daddy!

"Adopt me? You mean you'd be my mama and Mr Oliver will be my daddy?"

"Yes if that's alright with you."

I couldn't believe it! I was gonna have a new mommy and daddy and Annie was gonna be my sister! Realizing this I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug.

"And Annie you're gonna be my sister!"

"That's right kiddo yay we're always a sister to me and now you. Really are my sister!" She held me close for a minute then I jumped into Mama and Daddy's arms as excited as I've ever been.

"I love you mama and daddy!"

"We love you too princess." I was so happy to finally have a new mommy and daddy again and best of all Annie and I would officially become sisters! I couldn' for all the fun memories we'd share together as a family. This would be a Christmas to remember always.

The end I hope you all had fun reading this!