Screams of horror and the braking of cars fill the dark surroundings of the bridge over water. It wasn't taking long for Poison Ivy to get to the other side of the Westward Bridge; not when giant roots were making her way through the traffic. The few cars that were managing to drive away from her were getting pushed instantly by her entangling roots. Loud metal sounds of cars bumping at each other dispute with the desperate crowd leaving their cars and running for their lives. However, that wasn't her intention, at least not to draw that much attention. Although it was past rush hour, there was still traffic enough to delay her escape, and there is no way she was going to swim across the river. Thankfully, she brought some helpful and gunnery hands from Arkham's wardens, just in case. That didn't mean that she couldn't make use of any lucky guy waiting to be picked up by her lips, though. The larger the meat shield, the better, she thought. That seemed to be the case with a young man that in his clumsy hurry has just tripped in front of her. One of her roots curls on his body and brings him in. Just close enough to receive her enticing kiss.

"Follow me" she demands next.

"Yes" says the young man.

All the commotion was finally seeming to subside, yet there were still plenty of people running from her. Another car gets in her way, only to be tossed by one of her big roots to the river. However, what she doesn't notice is the sound of grappling hooks coming closer by each minute.

"She is making a loud escape this time" shouts Nightwing between a jump and a swing.

"Not for long" says Batman landing over the bridge suspender. Nightwing comes next beside him. The closest tower is behind Poison Ivy, making that one of their last stop before facing her arrival. With the help of a small binocular taken from his utility belt, Batman counts 10 men. 5 of them uniformed as Arkham wardens and keeping their guns up.

"So, are you going for the five on the left or on the rig…"

Someone suddenly gets caught by Ivy. Her roots embrace him and draw him to her.

A grappling hook shoots and Batman goes in a rushed jump, flying towards the left side.

"Okay, I'll take the easiest side of the unarmed guys from the right. The usual stuff." he shrugs.

Poison Ivy was on the center, so any chosen side would take the same amount of time. But Batman would always pick the most dangerous route to safeguard any comrade. And despite the fact that he knew that, he would still sigh in compliance and take his stylish dive. He shoots his grappling hook and passes over the desperate people and the few honking cars. Though most cars were stuck, he notices a louder honk suddenly making his way through them.

"What the…?! That guy is nuts!"

He had to land over a cable. Looking below, Nightwing instantly sees the truck pushing now two cars towards a middle aged man. He wouldn't make it!

His hook shoots towards the cable on the other side, leading Nightwing to the panicked man running for his life. At one fell swoop he grabs the guy just in the nick of time, when the truck finally clashes over other cars. He hears several other vehicles ahead colliding as a result, until the loud shriek of metal and rumble stops. He could only hope that there were no victims.

"Are you alright?" asks Nightwing after landing safely with the man he just saved.

"I… oh! Oh, my God! Thank you!" his trembling hands and fearful eyes reach his own in gratitude. A feeling that unfortunately always evokes a mix of compassion and sympathy in Dick no matter how many people he rescues.

"Sir, please, you need to get out of here as fast as you can. Can you still run?"

"Yes, I… watch out!"

It was a matter of seconds before Nightwing could see where he was pointing out and why. A berserking young man was brandishing a wrench and running towards him like crazy. He rushes to grab his arm before knocking him down to the ground. In a matter of seconds the young man falls and contorts in pain on the ground.

"Batman and I are taking care of everything" Nightwing says while turning to the man he just rescued "Now, hurry!"

"Y-yes! Thank you!"

Finally the old man runs, leaving Nightwing to take a look at the guy in pain. He is just around the same age as his and… There is a distinguishable trace of a perfume. One that unfortunately is familiar to him. Two green leaves falls over his neck confirming it: by a glimpse it was sufficient to tell that the species was not native, leaving no doubts that he was indeed being controlled by Ivy. A plastic handcuff had to be enough for now, there were more that needed his help.

He then hurries towards the truck to check out its driver, hopping on the clashed cars on the way that luckily were empty, with no victims. When he at last gets at the truck, he sees the inevitable. He didn't need to go inside the cab to see that no one would have survived this, even so he heads on, only to confirm his fears when he sees the gory state of the victim. Poison's Ivy victim. And possibly there were more just ahead. More than anger, it's sorrow that makes him grip his fists tight. That until the gun shots demand his attention.

They were coming from where Batman was supposed to be, and while he knew that his mentor would be fine on his own, he had to press on. He needed to make sure that no one else would pay for her madness.

A shade swings and changes form quickly in the sky, evading several bullets before two strong legs appears from it and land on an unlucky man's chest. Without losing momentum Batarangs come out from the shade, flying viciously on a gun about to fire. Groans and painful shouts were enough to steer the Caped Crusader to his next target. And the next one. From mere fleetly glares, his reflexes and speed had to make sure to hit the right ones first or risking to be mortally wounded by the shots. Each blown being as precise and restrained as possible. And as always it was working. More of them were rapidly falling. It wouldn't take long now.


They stop. All of them. And the Dark Knight knew why.

"I know that they won't be enough to stop you, Batman." Poison Ivy was still some meters away, with giant plant tendrils surrounding her behind her back and gliding all around her. With each gracious steps from the voluptuous lady, the growing and throbbing vines slowly tears over the asphalt and reach the suspenders. Little by little the green was taking over the bridge.

"That's why I've had to take some 'precautions'." she snaps her fingers, bringing forth two bigger vines from both sides. Each holding an unconscious person upside down above the asphalt by about five meters of height. The roots were too thick for the batarangs, and even so, he couldn't save both at the same time from the fall.

"Leave them out of this, Ivy!" he demands.

"And you? Will you do the same for me then?" she says loudly and in disdain "I won't go back to Arkham, Batman! Not ever again!" her sudden anger prompts the vines on her right and left sides to outside the bridge, suspending the woman and the man above a deadly fall of several meters from the dark waters of Gotham's river.

Despite the desperate situation, Batman was managing to keep his cool and assess the circumstances. A sudden move would ruin everything now, and the only way to make this work without casualties was distracting her, making her think that she has everything under her control until an opportunity rises.

"What made you leave Arkham this time, Pamela?"

"Since when do you care?"

"Since when I saw a talented young botanist lose everything to a tragedy."

"A tragedy?"

She smiles and laughs out loud.

"That title of 'world's greatest detective' is finally getting to you." the arrogant glare gradually gives in to delight, while her delicate feet and athletic legs bring her closer and closer, until Batman could even smell the sweetness of her perfume.

"Oh, dear, this time you are far from the truth. You may be the greatest detective, but psychology is not your strong suit, isn't it?" Her jesting emerald eyes joins her plush green lips curl in a devilish smirk. She was so close now that he could hear her whisper, and yet, he couldn't rush nor be careless, for her beauty was as deadly as tempting.

"No. That would be Harley's." he simply states.

"Enough, Batman." there is no anger in her voice, but her annoyance was evident "Move aside or there will be two corpses in your conscience."

A swooshing sound suddenly comes to her ears but a root is fast enough to shield her. She looks at to what seemed to be a baton that has just fallen on the ground. It was a escrima stick.

"Boss! On your right!"

Batman looks above and sees Nightwing diving from a cable to their direction. He now knew what to do.

"Fine! Let's see if you are fast enough to take me and them at the same time!"

The vines holding the hostages suddenly hustle and shoot towards both bridge sides, placing the hostages hanging above the shadowy waters of the river. Batman rushes to the right one, and Nightwing glides over to the left one, but not a second before both vines release the victims.

Nightwing retracts his grappling hook and dives towards a falling lady. Batman does the same by dashing to the parapet and then jumping towards the unconscious man. The air whistles his ears, leaving only his night vision to be trustworthy. The man gets closer and closer, until Batman finally grabs him by his shirt collar and uses his grappling hook pronto. A metal strikes the parapet and the cable tenses, leaving Batman and the victim hanging bellow several meters from the bridge, probably around 60 or 80 feet. He looks to the unconscious guy before moving: not that stable, even worse considering that he was only being held by his collar, but at least he was not awake to get desperate and make things more difficult. Batman presses a button of his grappling hook, lifting them both as fast as steady.

60… 40… almost there, he thought.

A sudden cracking noise comes abruptly for them and a quick glance shows that it was one of Poison Ivy's vines, grabbing and tangling both of them before Batman could even react. A sudden pull gains momentum, leaving the Dark Knight even more at his enemy mercy, whose face was becoming more and more visible at the parapet, showing eyes of a predator waiting for prey.

Taking advantage of the propulsion from the dive, Nightwing uses his grappling hook again and catches the lady just a few feet below the bridge. He uses the momentum to finish the swing and pull them over to the parapet. Usually it would have been a lot harder since such stunt as catching someone in midair ever required not only precision and propulsion but a lot of strength. At least this time he was more than covered, though he didn't want to admit that as a plus. He finishes his move by finally landing on the parapet.

He was about to check the woman in his arms when he notices that he has just landed next 3 of those men that were hypnotized by Ivy, who turn to him and point their pistols to him. He rushes with the lady in his arms just in the nick of time before the majority of the bullets rain over them. Two bullets though grazes his arms and he grunts in pain before making a clumsy jump behind a car's wheel. A second later he hears the familiar sound of magazines being taken off and reloaded. He then quickly places the young girl besides him, in a sitting position, before taking one of his pellets from his belt and throwing on the group.

He watches as the smoke curtains does it job, leaving the men confused and unaware of his next move. He takes each step as his feet became as light as a feather, prowling silently while the smoke and the night makes him invisible to those unaware eyes. He makes his way fast and smoothly until the closest car, leaving him just some steps away from the group. One of them is getting closer, going around the car and coming where he is… Nightwing jumps and takes the man by surprise with a rear naked choke. His left hand muffles the man's mouth and grunts until he is finally unconscious without any noises. Ok, now with him away from the woman and only two them to deal with, he could make a quick leap and take both of them without worries. He jumps over the car's hood and using his impulse he delivers a kick in the first guy chest before landing. The other quickly turns over, taken by surprise, but it was too late: a jab meets his face and he falls down, unconscious. Now Nightwing can take a quick look to the knocked man out. He was sure that he pulled his punch, and even avoided his jaw, but it seems he overdid it a bit. He was still breathing though, for his relief.

The smoke was finally dispersing by now, revealing his surrounds little by little. He hears a cracking sound and something like a giant snake sliding behind him. He turns only to find Poison Ivy with a cocky smile, sitting on top of a giant root.

"As soon as I knew you were after me I knew that they would not be enough. But how about we let this fairer?"

The root slides and reveals a silent figure who, to Nightwing dismay, was his mentor, Batman.

"… Crap." Nightwing doesn't waste time and raises his sticks, preparing his fighting stance "Look, Ivy, if you think you can get away with this..."

"I can, and I will." she smiles and her root brings her to Batman's side, to the point that she could even whisper in his ears "Right, darling? Do me a favor and get rid of this little pest from my garden, will you?"

In response Batman raises his fists and prepare his fighting stance, staring Nightwing straight to his eyes.

"It would be fun to watch he making a mess out of you Nightwing, but I've more important business at hand. So I will let you boys have all the fun!" she kisses Batman on his cheek and starts to descend from the root.

"Oh, no, you don't!" Nightwing runs towards Poison Ivy, however Batman is quick to stand in his way and deliver a jab, making Nightwing dodge it and stand aside.

"I'm your opponent." Batman says in a cold tone. Even sterner than the usual.

"Dammit! Batman, you have to snap out of it!"

Poison Ivy giggles "See you later, boys!" she waves and runs, laughing out loud while at it.

"Sorry boss, but I'd rather deal with Ivy's first, knowing that her charm will wear off soon anyway." Nightwing presses on and jumps over Batman, leaving a smoke pellet behind. He dashes past the cloud of smoke in Poison Ivy's direction, jumping a car in front of him next.

Suddenly he feels a cord tangling on his right heel in midair, pulling him hard on the ground and yanking out a painful moan from him. He looks back and see a familiar pair of red eyes coming from the dispersing smoke.

"Oh, right. The thermal vision..." *sigh * "… Just great." from his belt, Nightwing pulls off one of his Wing-Dings, using its blade to cut off the cord. But Batman interrupts him by jumping on his direction, forcing Nightwing to dodge his boot from landing on his chest.

"Look, they seem marvelous at first glance but as a friend I must warn you, she is not your type." he at last gets rid of the cord, but Batman keeps the pressure by trying to kick his stomach. Nightwing is faster though, by rolling and flipping up from the ground.

Batman continues advancing fiercely. Punches and kicks keep restricting his apprentice movements and obliging him to sidestep.

"Usually in these situations I'm the one that would have to go all out against him, but the irony is.."

A feint and then a blow hits Nightwing hard. He tastes his own blood.

"… now I'm the one having to pull my fists."

The opening was enough for him to take Batman's arm and throw him on the ground. A pair of legs then swift comes towards his from the floor, but Nightwing was still faster to avoid them in time.

"We can't waste time like this, Batman. Poison Ivy… she might hurt someo..."

A sudden loud noise erupts from several feet away from them. It sounded like a huge bump from a crash.

"What the…?! No! There could still be people out there!"

He desperately runs and get past Batman, who was still recovering from the throw and getting up. However, it's not the Dark Knight's feet but his lips what move next.


Jolts of electricity flare up from Nightwing's belt and pain runs over his body. He flinches and cowers in the ground, groaning and burning in suffering. He could feel his legs spasmming while Batman watches him from above, impassive.

Nightwing closes his eyes in agony, but a sudden and familiar sound compels him to do otherwise. Incredulous, he observes Batman coming close in and holding a bladed batarang just above his head.

"W-wait…! *moans * Batman, y… you are not… a k-killer..."

Still silent, Batman lifts his arm and points the batarang to his head. Despite the pain, Nightwing notices that Batman's arm was trembling as well.

"See? S-She can't *groans * s-she... can't force y… this...! W-wake… UP!" the effort inflicts more jolts, shutting his mouth in a wince.

His arms keeps trembling, still struggling to obey Ivy's commands. His eyes now shut, refusing to look once more at him in pain.

"D-Disable!" he suddenly shouts.

The jolts stop and when Nightwing feels the last current leaving his body, he sighes in relief. The pain was now gone, and finally…

"Are you alright?" He watches Batman kneeling down to him and offering his hand, which Nightwing gladly accepts.

"Heh… from all the words you could have chosen, it had to be 'chum'? Your sense of humor is getting darker." a small grin runs his face while Batman helps him to get up.

"Can you still walk?" asks Batman.

"Yes, I just need some time to catch up my breath." He then looks to the unconscious people, victims of Poison Ivy's control. He gets closer to one of them to check his signal, which prompts Batman to do the same for the others. All of them were stable.

In other circumstances he would have waited for the help to come, but Poison Ivy was still at loose.

His sight is draw then by a huge noise somewhere ahead.

"Poison Ivy is getting away. I don't know if there are still some civilians out there, but if there are they might be in danger."

"There is still time to avoid any casualties." Batman replies.

The Dark Knight looks up to a tower and shoots his grappling gun, followed by a second shoot next to him. Nightwing follows his lead, with both men swinging and jumping the tower and the suspenders as fast as the night cold wind whistle their ears. From above they could see all the cars stuck, with a few of them turned upside down. Some people here and there were still fleeing or hiding. And unfortunately, he could see that there were still some guys willing to risk and stay in the open just to take some pics from the damage that Ivy's roots caused in its havoc. Nightwing ignores a sudden tiny flash directed to him coming from one of them and keeps the chase.

A sudden blow make both of them stop and analyze what is unfolding before them: Poison Ivy was just bellow, in a hurry to move the cars with her roots by sheer strength. With a second look, Nightwing finds out the source of the huge noise from earlier: a school bus seemed to have hit the parapet, leaving its front suspended.

"I'll take care of the bus, you go after Poison Ivy."

Batman takes a look at the bus and, without a word, shoots his grappling gun and swings towards Poison Ivy. Nightwing chooses to take a more refined jump and lands a few feet away from the bus with the perfectionism of a gymnast.

He was about to take his first step towards the bus when a quick crash claims his attention, making him watch a flying SUV clashing against the bus rear and crashing it off the bridge.

Inside, he hears cries of several children while watching helplessly the front dangling. The rear lifts, and the cries turn into desperate screams as the bus descends.

A sudden pull stops it. There are still some children screaming, but others stop, probably out of shock and confusion. One of them takes the courage to look outside of the window to see what has just happened. And the boy regrets as soon as he does it.

A huge and muscular furred arm was holding one of the rear wheels. Its claws were piercing the rubber fiercely, attempting to bring the rest of the dangling bus back to the bridge. The tenish boy becomes even more terrified when a wolf head comes from the back and look directly to him. He quickly retrieves his head inside the bus out of fear.

However he didn't expect to hear what came next.

"You need to get out of the bus! Right now!" demands a bestial voice. But to no avail. The rest of the kids screams turn even louder. Probably Nightwing could pull the rest of the bus, but his quavering legs were saying otherwise. His change was too fast, and he didn't recover completely from his fight with Batman. He could still fee a dizziness and sickness from the change and the shock treatment. He was barely being able to keep the bus from falling off, with his arms struggling just to prevent it.

From afar his ears are picks thuds and pounds. Certainly Batman was busy fighting Ivy.

He closes his eyes briefly and breathes in. There is no time to make excuses anymore; they could only count on him to save them.

He pressures his legs to do not what they could, but what they must. His claws grasp the bumper tighter, some from his left hand pierce the wheel, although the shaking keeps going on. He keeps concentrating on using his legs to do most of the job. Seconds pass as minutes, however, inch by inch, the bus starts to move. Slowly he brings it towards the bridge with each step back.

When its four wheels are on the ground, Nightwing hurries for the closed door of the bus. It was stuck, but he opens it easily by force, evoking more screams of terror when his head is inside and his eyes meet the passengers. With a quick glimpse, he was able to tell that most of them were children, with only a lady on her thirties and a man on his fifties on the backseat; they were in shock as the rest of the kids.

"Is someone hurt...?" He couldn't even finish his question when the kids scream again. Some were still in shock, looking terrified at him. He couldn't blame them, no while looking like that.

A rumble interrupt his thoughts. It was closer than the last time. Nightwing takes a quick look outside, but from there the cars were blocking his view. He couldn't tell what the hell has just happened and he couldn't just wait for an answer.

"It's not safe to stay here! You must leave, please!" he begged while keeping pushing the damaged door that insisted to be closed. And though he tried his best to keep his voice less terrifying, the children and the man wouldn't stop crying and looking shocked at him.

Curiously, that was not the case with the woman. There was some trepidation, yes, but surprisingly, she didn't seem to be scared as the rest of the passengers.

A second later she is even taking a step forward.

"Are… are you really going to help us?" she asks, for Nightwing's awe.

"We-well, that's what I've been trying to do the whole time, didn't I?"


"No 'buts'! You have to get out of here!"

The blonded woman quickly turns her back on him and instruct the children to leave, ensuring them that he wouldn't hurt them.

"But… how can you be so sure?" asks a girl reluctantly while trying to look towards the black wolf creature behind the woman.

"You heard him, he has just saved us. And he didn't hurt us so far, did he?"

Seeing that not only the girl but the rest of the kids and even the driver were still insecure she gives her back on them again "I will go first and if nothing happens, you follow me, okay?"

She doesn't wait for an answer and proceeds, for Nightwing astonishment. She calmly walks towards him, until they are face to face. Her green eyes stare at his not in fear, but interest. She looks at his uniform and a small and discreet smile shows on her face next.

"You were really not lying, weren't you, Nightwing?" his amazed eyes don't even faze her "I've lived in Blüdhaven, so there is no way that I couldn't know that symbol." She says while pointing at his chest "Now why you have decided to change your costume like this is beyond me."

The kids start murmuring at each other, but Nightwing could distinguish his name here and there and a "he is using a costume then?"

"What are you waiting for, kids? We must leave the bus right now! Follow me!" demands the woman.

It took a while, but they all finally start moving. And even then the first ones lingered to take more courage and pass through him, since Nightwing was still needed to keep pushing the door to keep it open. Fortunately it didn't take long for them to start pushing and pressing each other just to leave.

"Don't push! Stay calm and leave in order!"

He was impressed by her calm stance despite the circumstances. Despite him. And what is once an intriguing case becomes something out of ordinary as that lady approaches him.

"Thank you." she says with a sincere tone of gratitude before going down the stairs.

Nightwing only nods, still surprised with this outcome. He leaves the door to be shut when the man, who he came to know was the driver, is the last one to leave. Once down, he takes a look at the small group of kids and then to somewhere on his left, where Batman and Ivy were supposed to be fighting.

"Is someone hurt?" he asks. And to his relief most kids nod negatively "Okay, now listen. I need to help Batman right now, but I'm sure that you will be safe here with your teacher. Just do me favor: stay calm and follow her instructions, alright?"

The kids start muttering to each other, but then he feels a hand touching his arm gently.

"We will take care of the kids. Just go."

Though Nightwing hesitates at first, her sincerity is enough for him to trust them. Besides, they can only be truly safe after Ivy is stopped, and while it's true that Batman has handled her before, her sudden prison break brings an unknown element that can't be underestimated.

He looks towards where he estimated that Batman and Ivy would be fighting and starts running, jumping over the cars with both his feet, unintentionally leaving dents while doing so.

From afar, he sees a car flying over the street. Batman is jumping and dodging, with Ivy's plants tendrils trying to capture him.

"Pamela, you can't keep up with this forever!" shouts Batman while jumping out the way from an other tendril.

"Neither you!" she screams and raises both her arms, commanding the titanic roots to lift two SUVs. Batman runs towards her, trying to get ahead, but again he only manages to escape the falling cars, leaving behind deafening sounds of metal crashing on the concrete.

He keeps running but this time he takes a Bolas, with its weight on the ends in bat shape, to throw directly at Ivy's chest. Her arms tangles and she contorts in fury, trying to escape the cord.

"You think this will be able to stop me?! I don't need my arms to command my plants, Batman!"

"I know. I just needed to get you distracted."


A smack comes from above her, knocking Poison Ivy down and leaving a werewolf Nightwing standing besides her. He immediately looks at Batman, who comes running next to her.

"Don't worry, I've pulled it." despite his usual deep and intimidating voice in this state, his tone was calm and composed. Even while observing Batman checking her vitals.

"… She will be okay." he merely states while taking out a handcuff out of his utility belt and cuffing her wrists.

"It's finally over." he sighes.

"No, not yet. Ivy was being held in a special cell this time. One that was specifically designed to prevent a break. And since there isn't any more breaks in Arkham Asylum tonight, it's highly unlikely that she could have escaped without external help."

"Yeah, that have crossed my mind too. Do you think it's simply a bribery from the guards or something else?"

"I don't know, but considering that only her got out this time, whoever freed her probably needed her with something that only she was capable of."

"I can't think of anything else besides plant experiments… and gardening tips."

"It seems your sense of humor has come back." Batman didn't smile, but Nightwing could sense some satisfaction coming from him.

"Yeah… uh… it seems so." Nightwing tries to smile coily, yet it seemed more like an eerie grin.

Sounds of a chopper from the black sky above them claim their attention. A searchlight crosses the street, lighting the cars around them.

"It would be better if you changed back. You are still in your uniform after all."

"Hm… oh, yeah, the media. You are right, I just need too..."

His left pointed ear pricks something behind him. He turns and see the children that he saved from the bus. That woman from before was leading them towards him and Batman, but shouting towards the sky.

"Here! Help!" she keeps begging. The chopper soon points its light towards her, stopping in midair and preparing to descend just besides them and Batman, where there were fewer cars and was apparently easier to land. Both of them watch as the group approach them.

"I think it's time to leave the rest for the police and the rescue team."

"Agreed." says Nightwing.

They were about to turn and leave, but that lady was faster.

"Oi! I knew that you could do it!" she says while running and waving her hand towards him.

"Ahn… thanks!" he shouts back. But that didn't stop her to get next to him and Batman.

"I just wanted to say thank you again for saving me, Robert and the children." she says excited.

"Well, that's our job as heroes, you know." Nightwing says it with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

"Yeah, I know. But I imagine that someone rarely say thanks to you guys, so… thank you!" she is straightforward enough to take Nightwings hands, despite the fur and claws. Batman is the next one, and though he goes with it, it was obvious that she was more thrilled than him while doing so.

"I know that things usually aren't easy for you and Batman" she turns to Nightwing looking him head to toe "Especially now. But you just need to have faith in you. Everything is going to be alright in the end."

"… I appreciate your kindness, miss. But we really gotta go."

"Oh, right. Uh… I'm sorry. Well, I wish that you come back to your homes safe and sound tonight then. Take care!"

She turns and runs back to where the children were, while the officers come out of the chopper. The blonded woman gets closer to an officer and points her finger to where Batman and Nightwing are.


From above a cable they observe the officers approaching a handcuffed Poison Ivy, while a truck from the rescue team parks next to them.

"We still have more work to do, Nightwing. We can't lose any more time here."

"Yeah, but… didn't you find it strange?"


"That woman… she wasn't afraid of me at all."

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