"Woo-Hoo!" shouted Humphrey. "Humphrey ,you're shouting in my ear." said Kate as Stinky,Runt and Claudette giggled. They were taking another Olof ride together on a steep hill after the ride. "That was fun can we do it again, Dad?"asked Stinky. "One day ,Stinky ,one day." said Humphrey."Yeah ,it's time for dinner." said Kate. "Cool, what are we having?" asked Stinky. "Elk."answered. Kate."Elk." whimpered Runt. "That's like hurting the animals." said Runt sadly." Runt, you know we have to eat something like that." said Humphrey."Okay." said Runt. They went inside the den and ate the elk. While eating ,Kate heard a noise outside. When she lifted her head up to hear it,"Humphrey stay with the kids." She went outside, she saw was her sister Lily,Grant and three puppies.