A Few Minutes Later Back At Kate And Humphrey's Den~

Lily and Garth came back just in time for Yuki, Mary and Caleb. It was hard enough for the pups to say goodbye to each other.

"Kate,thank you so much for thanking care of them.",said Lily.

"You're welcome, anytime.",answered Kate,"So how did the meeting go?"

"It went really well.",said Lily.

"I'm sure the pups didn't cause any trouble.", Grath pointed out.

Kate was silent as she looked over at Caleb, then,looked back at them.

"Nope, today was a real adventure.",smiled Kate.

"Okay, good.", agreed Lily.

"Come on kids, let's go.", ordered Garth.

Mary, Yuki and Caleb followed their father. It was a sign for Lily meaning that they were getting ready to go. Lily looked over at Garth then looked back at her sister.

"I got to get going. See ya!", said Lily.

She turned away to go with her husband and kids. As soon as they were gone, Humphrey came over to Kate.

"So did you tell her yet?", asked Humphrey.

"Nope. It was nice to see her go.",said Kate.

"Oh okay but you are still going to tell her right?,said Humphrey.

"Maybe some other time.",said Kate.

Humphrey and Kate went inside their den to spend time with their children.

The End