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Asriel, prince of the monsters, stumbled into the throne room, scarred and beaten.

He had failed. Chara had been relying on him, and he failed her.

His Mom and Dad were standing there, saying something, but Asriel couldn't hear what they were saying.

He felt... so very tired.

"Chara... I'm sorry."

A brief flash and Asriel, prince of the monsters, no longer stood in the bed of flowers.

Toriel and Asgore watched their son fall down and turn to dust, holding their daughter's dead body in his hands. This terrible effect would have a profound impact on them, causing them to separate. One would try to kill humans to help the kingdom; the other would strive to keep the humans safe at any cost.

Meanwhile, a single flower awakened with the memories of the young prince, but only shades, glimpses., like a faded photograph. In another time, he would be the one to free monsterkind from the Underground.

In many years, after six humans had already fallen into the Underground, one final human would fall in, bringing either hope or death in their wake. Along the way, the child would meet monsters that proved to be either friends or foes.

This is not their story. For this is a story where, at just the precise moment, Asriel's essence was taken from that world and placed into another. His parents still separated, the flower still awakened with his memories, and seven children still fell down into the Underground, six of them doomed to die.

This is not that story.

This story is of the place that Asriel's essence disappeared to.


Bidoof flinched as thunder roared outside. "Whoof... can't sleep... might as well look around, yup."

Quietly, he tiptoed past Loudred and Corphish. Once he was out of the room, he breathed a sigh of relief. Waking out Loudred at this hour would be disastrous.

He turned left to explore, but before he could, he heard something from the room behind him, like something hitting the ground. "H-hello?" He asked silently.

When there was no answer, Bidoof exhaled. "Probably my imagination, yup."

Bidoof was about to sneak off to bed again, as he'd had a bit too much excitement for one night, but he shook his head. "I'd better check, just in case...

He quietly entered the room, only to freeze when he saw what was inside.

It was huge, three, maybe four feet tall, an when a flash of lightning illuminated the room...

Well, Bidoof couldn't tell what exactly it was, but it wasn't any Pokémon he had seen, and it was very badly cut.

It was a good thing that his shout woke up the whole guild, punishments be darned!

"Will he be okay? Oh my gosh, what if he's too far gone!"

"Hey, I think he's waking up! Everyone out!"

Asriel groaned as he came to. "What happened?" He muttered to himself. "Last thing I remember, I was..."

He was falling down. Struck down by the attacks of those humans. Chara had wanted him to strike back, but he refused-

Chara! He couldn't feel Chara's SOUL anywhere! Oh god, where was she where was she-

"Calm down!" A light, almost bell-like voice chimed. "You're in a very bad condition right now!"

Asriel looked up to see the voice and saw...

He didn't know how to descrribe it. "Not to be rude, but... what are you?"

The thing smiled patiently. "My name is Chimecho, and I'm a Pokémon."

"Pokémon?" Asriel hadn't heard of such a thing... at least, he didn't think so. "What's a Pokémon?"

The thing, Chimecho exhaled. "He doesn't know... was the Guildmaster right?"

"Um, excuse me? "Asriel interrupted. "Could you answer my question, please?"

Chimecho nodded. "Pokémon are... well, essentially the entire population of the – of this world."

This world, Asriel noted. "You mean... I'm..."

"I'm not sure I believe it myself, but... our Guildmaster Wigglytuff thinks that you might be from another world.

Asriel laid back down. "Golly... another world..."

"Here, eat up." Some blue fruits floated toward hm... was Chimecho doing that? "Whatever you were before, you're close enough to being a Pokémon now that these Oran berries should heal you right up."

Asriel nodded and popped the berry in his mouth. Chimecho was right. He could feel his injuries healing. After Chimecho left, his thoughts started to wander. 'Chara... would you have wanted this to happen? Or would you be disappointed that I couldn't save the monsters?'

Light started to enter the room and Asriel turned to see an orb of light rising from beyond the horizon.

He'd only heard Chara, his father and Mr. Gerson talk about it a few times. 'The sun...' He smiled giddily. He'd had imaginings as to what it would be like, to see the sun, but this... This was far better than those fleeting imaginings.

'I'll find a way back home,' he vowed. 'This beauty is what monsterkind has been denied. I'm going to make it back and I'm going to free them, one way or another. And in the meantime...' He smiled as he heard voices outside the door. 'I'm going to live my life to the fullest.'

In the words of the one and only Wheatly... "And... There we go."

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