Road Kamelot slowly walked around the Ark's hallways, she was planning on visiting Allen in his room but she felt too angry to do so. She doesn't want to disturb Allen from his rest since The Earl told her that he was still unstable after what happened in the order. She paced around the hallways as she tried to calm herself down… Allen's fine and that is all that matters.

She made a mistake by attacking the exorcists without knowing that one of them can nullify her Noah. She received a long lecture from Sheryl and The Earl after that… it was her fault that Allen got captured in the first place. Still, after hearing from Wisely that they tried to exorcise Allen's Noah she almost wanted to break down in tears. She doesn't even know if she was feeling angry or sad; she stomped her foot angrily on the ground letting out an angered squeal. She saw what happened to Tyki after Allen tried to exorcise him and it was probably the worst nights Tyki have experienced.

She was cut off from her thoughts when the white doors to Allen's room came into sight. She stared at it for a few seconds before opening it slowly making sure that she wouldn't make a single sound "Allen?" she asked. Allen's room was dark and all his windows have been shut closed with the curtains covering everything. Then she stepped in only to feel that she stepped on a shard of glass; she then looked down seeing that the floor was covered with tiny shards of glass that came from the mirror that was already broken down. Allen sat on the floor and there were stains of blood around him; his golden eyes focused on Road "Road Kamelot?" he asked, his tone filled with genuine confusion "Where am I?" he asked once more.

Road tilted her head and dread slowly pooled in her stomach "What are you talking about, Allen? You're in your room." She answered quietly. Allen's eyes widen "W-Why do I look like this? What did you do to me?" he demanded. Allen clutched a shard of glass on his hand and Road could see blood dripping out of his palms.

Road could not believe it. Her heart almost stopped in shock… Allen… Allen doesn't remember anything? Road walked closer to Allen but the white haired Noah stood up and took a step back "Innocence Activate!" he yelled. Road closed her eyes expecting to see a bright light but then nothing happened. His innocence still doesn't work because of the dark matter.

"Crown Clown won't activate." Allen muttered numbly and fell to the floor once more "I-I'm not a Noah." He repeated the words he said when he first came here. He looked at Road "R-Road… What's happening?" his lips quivered and he touched his innocence only to feel a flash of pain. Road didn't know what to say but she couldn't lie to Allen "Allen you were taken by the exorcists. They tried to exorcise your Noah." She held out her hand and Allen took it as they walked slowly to his bed. Allen blinked and Road saw a flash of pain in Allen's face; he blanked out for a few seconds "They didn't." he defended but something in his chest burned. His heart beating fast and his stomach twisted in disgust as the thoughts of exorcist came into his mind. His breathing became shallow… something felt horrible.

Road felt a smile form at the side of her lips because Allen looked like he was ready to kill someone, his eyes were unfocused and his lips slight apart as he resisted the urge to scream. He made a mistake when he locked eyes with Road; the Noah's eyes were deranged waiting for him to do something. He didn't understand because it felt familiar… fear didn't struck him like it used to when he meets a Noah. Did something really happen that caused him to be like this? He didn't know that he was feeling right now; it was a storm of emotions brewing inside of him.

"Come on now, Allen. Can you feel it?" Road asked with that sickly sweet smile as her fingers trailed around Allen's back and she gently wrapped her arms behind Allen. Her whole body felt warm against him and the sudden feeling of warmth made him want to stay like this "Why did you have to forget Allen? Why would you forget everything they have done to you?" she asked once again despite the bitterness in her voice; the smile on her face didn't disappear. Allen's head felt like it was going to explode as if something was being locked away and it wanted to go out.

"You can't forget them, Allen. They have done so much to you." Road's word filled his head like cotton and something flashed in his mind. It wasn't clear but he was sure he saw a familiar scene play in his mind. Allen forced down the bile that was forming in his throat and his emotions were overwhelming when more and more memories filled his head. Forcing themselves unto Allen's mind until nothing is left of his past self. Because that is not needed for him to keep walking forward; all it did was made him dwell in the past.

A scream erupted in his throat as memories now flooded his mind and then he felt nothing. His whole mind felt clear as the pain subsided and he was back once again. He couldn't believe it though… was it from the trauma that his mind forcefully shutdown? How could he forget so much in just a small amount of time? He blinks and shifted making Road's eye twinkled when he saw a smile form at Allen's lips "W-what…." His voice was raspy from the screaming but it was him. Allen's back once again and he would never ever leave them.

"I'm sorry. I kind of lost myself there. I really thought that I was still an exorcist…" Allen pulled Road closer to him as he pressed a soft kiss unto his sister's forehead "I missed you." He took the moment to inhale Road's scent as she still smelled like candy. Road laughed "It's only been a few days, dummy." But it still felt like such a long time.

Road wondered if there was a world where Allen was not with them… how would everything play out? Are they still enemies? She shuddered at the thought and just let herself enjoy Allen's gentle hug around her. Allen laughed softly before gently pulling away from Road, looking around at the mess he made at the floor "I'm such a mess." He frowned and Road snorted "You think so? We're the Noah family, Allen. We're always a mess." She purred at Allen with a grin at her face.

Allen's face paled as he couldn't control the emotions that were now burning in his core. He didn't understand it at first but now he does.

It was hatred.

He couldn't believe it at first because how could he hate those who were once his old comrades? In the end, they will still do everything it takes so that they could survive. To them it doesn't matter whether they hurt people in their way. They'll do anything to achieve their goals. All humans are like that, aren't they? They step into each other trying to get to the top but on ever reaches it because the moment someone is near the top there are always people who will drag them down to the bottom.

He couldn't help but laugh in anger, in pain and a strange happiness that is slowly filling him. He's not human anymore. He doesn't want to be human. Back then, he would try his best to keep himself from being too influenced by his Noah. But now he doesn't want a single trace of human in him. He's a Noah. God's true disciple. But there is always something keeping him from reaching that goal.

He did a quick glance at his innocence; the green crystal glowed brightly; mocking him of his flaws as he was once human. He has to do it now… he has to prove himself to the whole family and the order. Black matter sparked at his finger tips and Road looked at him worriedly "Allen… What are you doing?" she asked. Allen didn't reply at his sister's question.

He reminisced his past memories as an exorcist. It wasn't a bad experienced because in that short amount of time he felt happy with his friends. If only they didn't turn his back from him, he'll probably stay with them. But now that he realized everything that he believed in back then was wrong… All he is doing is returning the favour to the exorcists.

He loved them as much as he loved his innocence. Right now, he couldn't feel the same emotion for them anymore.

He smiles as a lone tear rolled down his cheeks, he now cuts his ties with humanity and he promised himself he wouldn't feel anything for them. He heard Road's scream besides him as the petite Noah wasn't able to stop Allen's dark matter that came slashing down in a flash.

"Goodbye, Crown Clown."


"Well aren't you such a naught child? You keep causing troubles for everyone."

The Earl scolded Allen seeing that the youngest Noah was struggling to keep himself awake as another arm was slowly taking the innocence's place. Road is still crying behind The Earl, whining about how reckless Allen's action was. Allen laughed despite the constant pain he is experiencing "You're not mad, aren't you?" he asked but it sounded more like a joke since he knew The Earl could never get mad at his family member. The Earl looked at the boy and just let out a sigh "You've been doing nothing but making us worried!" he exclaimed. Road nodded in agreement as she sniffled some more "Yeah! Millennie is going to get a heart attack because of you."

Allen then stood up from the bed groaning loudly as he inspected his new arm. It was human, similar to the ashen hue of his skin. A huge grin formed across his face "It grew back!" he exclaimed waving it around to the Earl's face. The Earl chuckled "It certainly did." He watched Allen do actions with his arms like a little child. It's almost strange seeing that Allen was unstable just a few moments ago and now he's just laughing as if nothing happened. The piece of innocence fragment was still cluttered on the ground as none of them dared to touch it.

"Are you sure you're okay with this, Allen?" The Earl asked as the boy calmed down and the expression on his face hardened. He's happy with Allen's decision by throwing away his innocence but he couldn't help but feel a little bit worried since Allen did build a relationship with his innocence and the exorcists after all. He doesn't want to force Allen to do what he doesn't want. Allen looked down at the glowing innocence, his eyes showed no emotions "…Yeah. It's time to move on, Adam." He slowly picked up the innocence from the ground.

The innocence reacted negatively when it was placed on Allen's palm, bright green light sparking from the innocence as Allen flinched when a searing pain shot up his arm. With almost no hesitation, Allen crushed the innocence on his hands leaving nothing but dust on his palm before it fell down the floor. Allen didn't face them but it was obvious that there were tears falling down his cheeks he then let out a soft laugh before he fell to his knees and erupting into broken sobs.

Road immediately ran to Allen and hugged him, pressing her body against Allen as she tried to soothe the boy. Despite the fact that Allen was crying Road couldn't stop the huge smile that was forming across her lips "Great job, Allen." She kissed Allen's forehead and the youngest Noah clutched unto her skirt like there is no tomorrow. Allen looked up at Road his golden eyes glistening with tears before forcing out a smile "Hah… Thanks, Road." Road held out her hand to help Allen support himself.

The Earl sighed tiredly "The two of you never fails to impress me." He ruffled Road's short hair and gave Allen a gentle hug "I have matters to attend to." He gave Road a pleading look "Please make sure he won't cause any trouble." He chuckles before leaving the room with Allen sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. When the door gently closed, Road jumped on Allen's bed gleefully as the fourteenth Noah followed her with a tired expression on his face. His eyes were glazed from crying but despite that he gave Road a gentle smile "Did I made you worry too much?" he slowly sat on his bed and leaned his head unto Road's lap who pinched his cheeks angrily "Yeah! Don't just cut off your arm without asking." She continued playing with Allen's cheek making the white haired boy whine a little bit.

"Road! Stop that." He whined; the Noah of dreams giggled again before pulling away and plopping down unto Allen's soft bed "You could have died… You know that you have an innocence piece in your heart." Road sighs as she looked at Allen's new arm. The younger Noah nodded "But the Noah genes can heal it, right?" that comment seemed to make the Noah of dreams more annoyed "What if it didn't? Or what if your arms did not heal?" she whined.

Allen chuckled in reply "If my arm won't grow back, I can make a replacement out of dark matter." He answered before sitting up and patting Road's head "Jeez… don't be too dependent on your Noah abilities." She flicked Allen's forehead with her fingers. Allen grunted but the smile on his face became even wider "Says you."

Road stuck out her tongue "Rude."

Allen hoped that days like this will last longer. He glanced at his new arm and shook the memories of his old innocence away, he's not an exorcist. He doesn't have crown clown anymore.

That night the loud cries of Hevlaska echoed around The Black Order.


Wisely Kamelot walked to Sheryl's office with annoyed look on his face, holding a bottle of wine with his right hand and box of sweets on the other. JasDevi are really going to get it this time. Well, it's not like he can do anything either way since he's grounded for almost a week now. He has to do chores for the family when the akuma can just do it "Ughh… Stupid Sheryl and his stupid food, why can't he just get it from the twins himself?" he muttered under his breath as he reached the office's door.

"Hey, here is your-"he stopped when he didn't see the Sheryl sitting on his desk, instead the familiar 14th Noah replaced him. The white haired teen looked up and gave him a tired smile "Nice to see you early in the morning, Wisely." He greeted politely before returning back to scanning the piles of paper placed neatly on top of Sheryl's wooden desk. Wisely blinked as he walked in the office and closing the door behind him "Where's Sheryl?" he asked and placed the food and drink on the other table in front of the desk.

"Remember the ball? He's busy preparing for it." Allen answered but his silver eyes did not leave the paper he was reading and his other hand writing something on another piece of paper. Wisely sighs in boredom and jumped down on the sofa before completely relaxing on it "You look weird doing Sheryl's work... makes you look older or something." He commented. Alex let out a soft laugh "We're both grounded, you know. You're lucky you got it easy. I have to read through Sheryl's declarations of war." Allen shuddered as he placed the pen back on its case and fixed the papers neatly back on the folder. He gave his work a proud look before standing up and stretching his arms "I've been here since last night…" he yawns and motioned for Wisely to move a bit on the couch, in which the Noah of Wisdom obliged and let Allen sit on the sofa.

Wisely glanced at Allen and did a quick scan of Allen's thoughts before sputtering out a laugh "Oh? You're planning on stealing the food?" he gave Allen a sly grin and he saw how fast the blood came rushing up to Allen's cheeks as he blushed "S-Shut up. Sheryl doesn't even eat those plus that wine seems really cheap." He stammered looking away from Wisely.

"You sure know your alcohol well." Wisely whistled and Allen nodded grimly "Yeah… I have to so that master wouldn't hit my head the moment I grab him the wrong bottle." He grumbled. The mood in the room darkened as Allen started to remember a bit of his past, Wisely frowned and gave Allen an awkward pat in the back.

"Can I have the wine?" Allen asked but it wasn't really much of a question since he already took the wine from the table "I'm going to visit someone." He had a mischievous smile playing on his lips. Wisely's eyes widened as he snickered "I'll come with you. I promise I won't tell Millenie!" he immediately jumped out of the seats as a bright white light shone in front of him before the full figure of Allen's gate appeared in front of him. Allen stepped in first and he followed not exactly knowing where Allen would take him to.

The travel in Allen's gate lasted a few seconds before the view of a small chapel on top of a hill greeted his eyes and the light smell of the tall grass that was surrounding them filled his nose. The wind was blowing rather strongly and he shivered a little bit. Winter is almost coming and next week the Noah family will have to prepare for another winter's ball with Sheryl.

"Where are we?" he asked Allen, the white haired boy chuckled a bit "A place from my childhood, it's nice to visit them once in a while. I might not be able to see them after this..." his silver eyes sparkled a little bit before his smile widens "Come on, they're really nice."

Allen grabbed his arms and led him in front of the chapel's dark, doors before knocking on it "Barba! It's me, Allen." He exclaimed happily. It took a minute of waiting before a bald man opened the door with a surprised expression on his face "A-Allen?" he asked with the dishevelled expression on his face still not fading.

"Hello, Barba." He beamed brightly, Barba still seemed to be surprised and he glanced at Wisely before stuttering out "W-Who's this kid?" he asked shakily. Wisely's lips curled into a frown, he hated it when humans address him as a younger person. He's older than Allen by a year when you compare it in their white forms. He clicked his tongue in annoyance before looking away and not answering the man's question.

Allen's eyebrows twitched but the smile on his face did not fade "Wisely, he's my brother." He answered directly and Wisely almost laughed at the way the man's shocked reaction increased even more "B-brother? Huh?!" The man stared at him for a few seconds before scrambling back into the chapel "Mother! Allen's here!" He called as the two of them entered the room.

Allen walked to a door behind the chapel's altar which seems to have a small living area inside. An older woman sat on a chair drinking a cup of tea and Barba was panting beside her. She seemed to look surprised for a second but she hid it well before anyone could notice.

"Mother… it's nice to see you again." Allen said politely, his voice a little bit quiet now knowing that he shouldn't disturb the older woman too much. Wisely stayed quiet as he analyzed the two humans in front of him, he immediately knew that they really were people from Allen's childhood…Nothing more and nothing less. The older woman, mother as Allen called her doesn't seem fazed at all as she nodded "I could say the same to you, Allen." She replied in which Allen seemed to appreciate "But I don't think someone will be happy to see you." She added. Allen snorted in reply before showing the bottle of wine he's holding "I know that's why I brought a gift."

"Cross! You're apprentice came to visit you!" she called but instead of a response the only thing they got back was a loud clattering sound before the red haired general came through the door beside the chair. He held a bottle of booze in his hand and he scanned the two of them lazily before letting pointing his half empty bottle at Wisely "What the hell is that Noah doing in here?!" he demanded, his words slurred showing that he is indeed intoxicated.

Mother's eyes widened and she was already on her feet, eyes scanning Allen "Don't tell me that you are a Noah…" she gasped and took a step back. The once lively aura of the room faded and Wisely could feel heavy fear surrounding the old woman and Barba.

Allen blinked and placed the wine bottle on the table "What else should I say then, mother?" Allen hummed happily, the tone lacing his voice sounded almost mocking to Wisely's ears but before mother could reply. Cross' gruff voice interrupted them "You could buy that bottle of piss in the streets why bother bringing it here? Are you here to insult me?" he growled at Allen wobbling a little bit as he pointed at Allen using the now empty bottle of booze.

"Stop acting drunk, Mr. General. You're not fooling anyone." Wisely chided with a bored expression and he sat down the dinning chair with no invitation. Cross Marian glared at him before his posture straightened and he crossed his arms over his chest "If you harm them, I'll kill you." He warned but his eyes were still focused on Wisely. The threat was obviously for him. After all, he already had his fingers laced unto his gun.

"Now, now… let's not fight inside. I'm just here to visit one last time." Allen stressed and stepped in the middle of Cross's vision to block him from glaring at Wisely "What are you planning on doing now, child?" Mother asked with her voice dripping with sadness.

Allen gave her a smile in response "I'll miss you, mother and Barba. Thank you so much for everything you have done to me. I'll pay back my debt to you soon." He said and walked in front of her and Barba to give them a polite bow.

It's not Wisely's business to interrupt Allen from this so just like always he stayed quiet but his lips quirked into a small grin when he saw Cross pull out the gun from its holster and Allen's skin instantly turned into ash. His golden eyes flashing dangerously "What are you doing, Marian?" he asked with his voice dangerously low. Barba took a step back and hit the wall "W-What the- Allen's appearance changed!" he gasped. Mother stayed in her place with her eyes locked unto the stigma on Allen's forehead "So you really are a Noah now." She muttered softly as tears fell down her cheeks.

Wisely stood up from the chair now on his Noah form, even frightening the older man more. Allen glanced at Wisely and he took that as a sign "Goodbye." He said as the two humans fell unconscious and Allen caught the older woman's body and placed it gently down on the ground. He then looked at Cross "That's a nice way to greet an old friend, you know." He said flatly.

Cross growled at him "Let's take it outside." He gritted his teeth and stomped angrily, giving Wisely another glare as he walked by him. Wisely stared back at Allen "Hey… you're not going to play his game, are you?" he asked but he didn't get any response from Allen. Instead, the white haired Noah has his thumb pressed at the side of his lips, a murderous grin across his lips and the obvious excitement that radiates from him made Wisely roll his eyes. He's not going to stop until he finished what he came to do. That's how Neah was before, he wouldn't die until the moment he wiped the Noah family. Seems like Allen got that attitude from him… He sighed and shook his head "The Earl is going to freak out if he knew about this." He mumbled under his breath as he followed Allen outside the church.

It didn't take a single moment before a loud gun shot rang inside Wisely's ears; he let out a startled yelp as he took a quick step backward. Cross has his innocence already pointing towards Allen's direction, the focused glint in his eyes shows that he wouldn't hesitate to harm any of them.

Allen on the other hand, still had the same mocking smile gracing his lips "Come on, Marian. I thought we'll just talk." He jeered. In Wisely's defence, Allen definitely did not think about that. The sheer amount of murderous intentions that surrounded Allen's mind would have been enough to make a normal person sick. He eyed the both of them in annoyance "Um… Am I just supposed to stand here?" he asked.

"Shut up, Noah." Cross hissed bitterly at him not even sparing him a single glance as Allen charged directly at him. There was a loud clash between the two of them, Cross barely dodging Allen's attack towards him. The Noah of Destruction let out a bubbly laugh as he stretched out his arms, a sharp glow of black matter seeping out of his fingers "Close call." He commented between his laughs.

His words seemed to provoke the older General even more "Glad you're still the same, Neah." Cross snarkily replied back to Allen. Wisely froze when he heard the General's words…it was nothing short of an insult towards Allen. He knew how much the younger Noah hates being compared to Neah. Not even family members dared to mention Neah when Allen is present, not after he apologized to them one by one even if he wasn't the one who committed those deeds years ago.

He expected Allen to get angrier than he already he is but what he got was an even wider smile coming from Allen "Call me that again and I'll shred you to pieces." The tone of his voice was laced with poison. Wisely gulped and the atmosphere around them turned heavy. Despite the obvious danger from Allen's words, the red haired man didn't seem looked bothered.

"Why should I?" Cross mocked as he pointed the barrel of his gun towards Allen "You've been acting like Neah since you entered the church, you brat." He snarled and fired once again. Wisely thanked the fates that he and Allen are allies now. If he didn't know any better, the expression on Allen's face looked like he'll destroy every single thing that will come near him.

A black sword formed slowly between Allen's fingers, similar to how his old innocence looked before. It took a moment for the general to notice but the way his eye widens made Wisely almost want to laugh at his face "You damned idiot! You destroyed your innocence." He growled; his eyes seething with pure anger.

Allen glared at him… the dangerous playfulness that surrounded him moment ago is completely gone "And I'll crush yours too, Cross Marian." His word were threatening as he charged directly towards Cross. Wisely sat back on the grass… He wondered how long it'll take for Allen to finish playing around; both of them were treating him as if he's invisible.

"You don't have the rights to call me by my name." Cross retaliated as jumped back to avoid Allen's attack towards him.

Allen's eyes narrowed "Oh? But didn't Neah call you that?" he shot back with a mocking tone as he continued slashing his sword towards Cross. Wisely sighed "Allen~ Hurry it up. Millenie will scold us if he notice we're gone." He drawled out lazily. He didn't have the time to bother with the both of them. It also didn't help that Allen is just playing around with the general by now.

Allen's expression softened as he glance back at Wisely and his eyes immediately widen "A-Ah!" he panicked as he moved away from Cross "We were supposed to be back before Adam's tea time!" he sputtered out, his pale furrowed in worry.

Cross Marian panted on the ground as he let out a relieved sigh, a false sense of safety filling him. He realized it by now, that the Allen Walker he knew back then has changed. The strength he showed just now has a tremendous difference when he was still an exorcist. If the other Noah didn't stop Allen… Cross would have been greatly disadvantaged by now.

He didn't expect any less from Neah's reincarnation. The 14th Noah had always been an instrument of raw destruction.

Allen offered his hand towards Wisely, helping the Noah of Wisdom stand up from the grass.

A familiar white arc glowed behind the two Noah and Allen gave Cross a smirk that reminded him too much of Neah "I'll see you again, master." He mockingly waved his arms "Say hi to the other exorcists for me." He took a step inside his arc followed by Wisely who gave him an annoyed look "You should at least say thanks to me." He said nonchalantly "It would be terribly boring to just let you die here, you know."

Cross glared back at him "Just leave already!" he snapped at Wisely, A visible vein popped out of Wisely's forehead; maybe it was a bad choice to let this general live. A tight smile formed across his lips, he could barely control his annoyance as he drawled out his words "Ah~ How rude." He turned his back and entered Allen's arc not even looking back towards the General.

He chuckled when he faintly heard a curse coming from Cross just before Allen closed their entrance.

The moment he stepped out of the bright light, he is immediately greeted by The Earl's loud whines directed towards Allen.


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