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Chapter 2

Begin Training

Marco awoke to the voices of people and a white ceiling.

"…Bruising all along his body, but there was nothing serious. We're still waiting for the x-ray results to come in before we can… Oh, he appears to be awake."

Hearing that he was being talked to, Marco opened his eyes and tried to get up. Or rather, he opened one eye since the other wouldn't open.

Angie Diaz tearfully rushed to his side to give him a hug. A hug which caused him to be acutely aware of the stinging ache he had all over his body. "Oh Marco. We were so worried." She said with her voice cracking up.

Rafael quickly pulled his wife back after seeing that Marco looked ready to faint. "Now dear, let's not be too rough with him."

After taking a moment to compose herself she managed to speak again. "When Honoka came to us and told us you were hurt, we feared the worst. But I'm so glad you're okay."

"Okay being relative of course." The doctor chimed in. He now held the x-ray results a nurse had come in and handed him during the emotional family reunion.

Marco tried to get up from the hospital bed so they he could see what x-ray results were.

"Don't force yourself Mr. Diaz. You have some minor hairline fractures along your third and fourth Lumbar column, along with some major bruising along the whole of your back. Nothing that should impede you, but I imagine you are feeling quite the aching back. Luckily whatever hit you Mr. Diaz, spread the force instead of hitting any single spot, or we would be having a very different conversation right now. The resulting bruising looks serious, but I assure you it is mostly cosmetic. It should clear up soon."

Marco solemnly accepted the doctors' words. It was the first time he had been taken to the hospital for anything besides a flu shot, and he wasn't sure how react.

"Other than that, you have some large swelling in your facial area. Don't be alarmed if you can't see through one or both eyes until the swelling goes down."

And he did feel some cold packs at his side now that he thought about it. Must have slid off during the hug. His one eye continued to stay shut. Marco groaned, on top of all the pain, he couldn't even see properly now.

"As it is I recommend using a back brace to prevent any excessive moving for the near future. You're in no serious danger, and it should heal up nicely on its own in six to eight weeks, but it's best to err on the side of caution with all back related injuries."

Marco didn't really know what to make of that. He just woke up and was being told to put on a back thing for six whole weeks.

"Do you have any questions?" The doctor said.

"Can I still practice Karate?" Marco asked. Because he didn't want this to be for nothing. Last night he had resolved to become a great martial artist, and it was for that reason he had quit How To Karate in the way he had.

"While as a doctor I don't advocate any types of violence that I believe you've experienced, I'm sure you can go back to fighting all you want. But be sure to wait until your six-week healing period is over. We wouldn't want your hairline fractures to develop into something serious, would we?"

Marco quickly shook his head at the doctors imposing presence.

"Any other questions?" He asked again. His parents had complicated expressions to the side but didn't say anything. At their silence he took that as a no.

"If that's all the questions you have, I'll be leaving. A nurse will be by later to show you use a back brace. After that you're free to leave but be sure to sign your release forms at the front office." The doctor walked out of the room, leaving the family of three a moment to themselves.

If there is one thing I know about girls, it's that I don't know anything about them. They are things of beauty to admired from a distance, like a wild rose. Beautiful, but full of thorns. To only be given a quick nod when they pass you by. Without ever stopping to talk or generally acknowledging your existence… Or that's the conclusion I reached long before Honoka began watching me from behind the doorway.

Luckily she didn't stay there too long. Honoka seemed to finally work up some courage and entered the room. "Marco. Daijo*ahem* are you going to be okay?" She asked quietly.

I was currently stuck lying face down on the couch. It was more comfortable this way with this stupid back brace on. "Yeah. I'm totally fine. Just got to lay here on my face for a while. Then I'll be right back up ready to kick some more butt." I said with forced enthusiasm.

Honoka developed complicated look on her face when he said that. "Are you going to get hurt like this again?"

"Well, I hope not." I said trying not to think of my sudden fainting episode last night. "I just got a bit worked up yesterday is all." It had been a very eventful and emotionally trying day. Not something you want to do more than once.

Honoka looked sad for a moment. Then with a sudden sprout of determination said, "Don't worry Marco. I'll make sure you won't get beat up like this again." Then she took off with a fiery look in her eyes.

"Well that was weird." I muttered. I looked out the window to see as Honoka dashing away like the wind. She was ridiculously fast for someone her size.

I thought it over for a second before asking Mom and Dad. "Hey, did Honoka say anything about me? I kind of upset her before, and just now she looked really serious." Or rather for a moment there she kind of scared me. Which was weird because she was such a ball of cuteness.

They both took a moment to think about it. Then Rafael shrugged, "I didn't hear anything unusual. Have you?"

Angie also shook her head. "I don't know what you did. But if you really want to make it up too her, why don't you apologize? In fact, why don't you learn to say it in her own language. I'm sure she's feeling homesick being on the other side of the world so suddenly." She said delighted by her own suggestion.

"You mean… Japanese. As in learn another language." I said trying to puzzle out what she was asking me to do.

"Well, not in so many words. But yes." She replied.

She wants me to learn a whole other language! Was English and Spanish not enough for her or something. I despaired for a moment before resolving myself to learn it for Honoka. It wasn't like I had anything better to do while basically bedridden for the rest of the month anyway.

"I'll do it!" I announced. "Hey mom, could you get me a English to Japanese dictionary. I have some studying to do." Hopefull the internet won't fail me.

Angie blinked confusedly before giving me a clueless smile. "Of course. I think I saw one in the downtown bookstore. I'll pick one up on the way home tomorrow. Maybe I'll learn a few words myself."

It was going to be a long six weeks...

My days were spent cramming as much of the new language as I could into my head. That and getting used to walking with a back brace. Bending over required a little finagling, and my balance was a little off. But I managed somehow.

During that time Honoka seemed to make herself scarce. At least when it came to me. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't really avoiding me. But every time I saw her she always seemed to be doing something. Things that ranged from ordering supplies, writing notes, or reading some old book or other.

Before I knew it, the weeks had gone by and things gradually returned to normal. Or as normal as my family can be anyway.

Honoka was very busy with her mystery project.

When Angie Diaz asked her what she was doing, the answer disturbed her. "I'm working on my splits machine right now. Earlier I was cutting some wooden boards though. I don't have a use for them yet, but wooden things always seem to disappear a lot for some reason."

Honoka scrutinized them with a thoughtful frown. "Hey, do you two want to join us when I've finished. It's just some basic jogging and muscle training for now though."

Angie and Rafael laughed nervously at the suggestion and declined. Whatever Honoka was trying to do looked difficult. The two of them hadn't seriously exercised in years. So they politely refused and left her to her business.

Angie whispered to her husband. "Do you think this is safe? I mean I know we advocate freedom of expression and learning from your own mistakes, but do you think we're taking this a little far?"

Rafael rubbed the back of his head. "Well, they're kids. How bad could it really be."

Honoka started working again in the background. She was wielding a welding torch.

"Don't forget protection honey!" Angie called out to her.

"Oh. Right. Thanks mom!" Honoka yelled back as she put on a welder's mask.

"Hehe. See, I'm sure she'll be fine." Rafael nodded and put his hand on his wife's shoulder comfortingly.

Honoka added what looked like harnesses to her growing metal contraption.

Angie rubbed her arm in stress. "Honoka is a very competent little girl. Its Marco I'm worried about."

He still had reservations, but the sound of a buzz saw cutting sheet metal filled air started to convince him otherwise. "Maybe you have a point. It's not good to let our kids get pulled into dangerous activities that they can't handle." He waved over to Honoka. "Honoka! Could you come here for a moment. We have something to talk to you about."

"Just a second!" Honoka shouted and the sounds of a hammer clanging on metal echoed a few more times. "It's done!" She announced before running to Angie and Rafael and grabbing both in a hug. She gave them an absolutely adorable sparkly eyed look. "So what did you want to say to me?"

They both looked at each other, then at Honoka, then each other and they both shrugged. She was so cute, what's the worst that could happen. "Good job with your… thing. Could you go tell your brother that dinner will be ready at six."

Honoka saluted them and ran towards Marco's room. "Perfect! That's just enough time to finish our first session."

Angie and Rafael looked at the time. The clock on the wall read twelve pm. They started worrying again.

A knocking on my door roused me from my late-night movie induced coma. I groggily got up to the sounds of Honoka's excited chatter. "Angie says dinner will be at six. Can I come in?"

Surprising. Honoka usually goes back to whatever she does in the backyard by now. Well, there wasn't any reason to refuse. "Sure. Come on in."

When Honoka came in and didn't say anything I decided to hurry this along. I was sitting here in my pajamas and needed to use the bathroom. "So what did you want.?"

Honoka shyly tapped her fingers together. "I was just, um, wondering if we could spend some time together. You know. As brother and sister."

What! So suddenly! Not that I was complaining or anything, but this was different than usual.

"Great! Do you want to go to the park? I want to get outside for a while after that movie marathon."

Honoka shook her head no.

"Okay… Why don't we go get some Ice cream. I know this awesome place that opened up."

Honoka shook her head.

I started getting a little desperate at all the rejection. "A movie? Tea party? Dolls?"

"Then how about a board game?" Honoka seemed to hesitate, but once again she shook her head no. "Fine! I can't get this brother thing down apparently. What do you want to do?" I asked finally giving up.

She hesitated a moment, and seemed to be preparing herself for something.

"Well, um, you like karate right?" I nodded hesitantly "Well, now that your back is all healed up, howaboutyouexercisewhileIwatchandmaybehelpalittle?" She blurted out what she obviously wanted to do all along.

It took a moment to decipher her words, but then, "Wait, your serious? That's how you want to spend our time together. Me working out and you sitting there?"

Honoka nodded happily. "Yes. For now, that's what I want."

I was left blinking in surprise at her answer. "Sure. We can do that. In fact, I've been a bit lazy lately. It's about time I got back into it."

"Yes. I've been waiting for this." She excitedly mumbled to the side in Japanese. It was a weird thing to say, but it's nice she seems so happy. But then her face settled into a pensive and longing expression and she hesitatingly added, "Of course, I won't say no to a game of Othello later if you really insist."

It was weird how suddenly forceful Honoka was being. We've lived together for weeks now and she's barely paid me any attention after our first meeting.

I already apologized in her own language and she barely spared me two words. She only looked at me in confusion, thanked me, and went about whatever business she was so focused on. It was a little frustrating, but maybe we can move past that.

I had to dig around for my old training gi. It hadn't gotten much use recently, what with my injury. It was nice to put it on again. Minus my old belt that is. Instead I had a new white belt around my waist, to signify a new beginning.

Honoka was waiting antsily in the backyard, already dressed in the odd combination of running shorts and a gi top.

I smiled at her eagerness and decided to just get into it. My training routine was simple. Ten push ups and crunches to warm up, then move through a Kata. Although thinking about it, I did just renounce How To Karate, so I can't do that anymore.

Well, I guess I'm winging it.

Just as I was getting into it a weight planted itself on my back, making me eat dirt. I craned my neck around to see Honoka sitting there giggling into her hand.

"What do you think you're doing?" I questioned hotly.

She waved off my anger dismissively. "I'm giving you a hand with your training of course. Obviously since my request was so sudden you didn't have any time to prepare your weights, so I decided I could be of help. Aren't I helpful!"

Yes… Helpful. Whatever. Back to it I guess. I'll just ignore her for now, it's not like she's that heavy. One push-up. Two three four five six seven eight nine and ten.

"Alright Honoka you can get off now." I said now that I finished with my push ups.

"Why?" She asked innocently.

"Because I'm done with my push-ups and moving onto something else." I humored her question.

"But you only did ten." Honoka shifted so she could look me in the eye while kneeling on top of me.

"Yes. I already did ten. So you can get off now."

"But you only did ten." She repeated again.

"That's what I said, now my arms are getting tired, could you get off please."

"Hmmm. Nope. I don't feel like getting off yet." Honoka singsonged.

"Honoka." I said to her warningly. This wasn't funny anymore.

"I don't want you to take it easy just because I'm here. Do your best and impress me. And since I'm so comfy I'll stay here until your finished."

My arms gave and I fell to the ground. "Oof."

"Besides. If your exercise is only ten push ups then its not even really training." Her patronizing tone was infuriating. I couldn't just let that stand. "Ugh fine. If that's how you want to play it. Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen...

…thirty one. Thirty two.. ugh." My arms burned like nobody's business.

"Hmmm. Just sixty eight more and your done….sixt- two sixty-three." So she's making me do a hundred!

"...Only twenty-seven more. You can do it!"...

"…seventy. Five. Haah haah. Seventy. six. Haah ah."

"You cant be giving up now are you."

"…can't go on…. Seventy. Seven…"

"…ninety nine. Haah. Onennn hundred!" Oh my god I cant feel my arms. I finally let myself collapse, just as I felt Honoka hop off.

"Good. Whats next?" She stated like it was a given I would just get up and continue.

"Th-think Ill just go for a short jog if that's alright with you." I said trying to get away from this spartan little girl.

"Great! Where's your tire." She exclaimed winningly.

"Tire? What tire." What was this girl talking about now!? What did a tire have to do with jogging.

"You know. The one you tie and drag behind you while you run. You don't mind if I get to sit in it do you. I'm sure you probably run with heavier weights all the time, but I want to continue our day together." She says with a bright smile. It was so innocent and expecting. How am I supposed to say no to that!?

"Riiight. My tire. My weights. That I totally have. I'll be right back. I just got to go to the bathroom real quick. You know... got to stay hydrated!" I said while slowly backing away. I'm just going to go now. Maybe she won't notice if I slip out the bathroom window.

Honoka grabbed my elbow right as I was about to leave. "Don't worry Marco! I thought this might happen, so I had dad help me prepare one in the garage."

What is up with this girl!

I gasped for breath as I desperately jogged with Honoka sitting behind me. It felt like I just ran a marathon and a half and kept going.

'You can't do this Marco Diaz. You're going to suffocate while running. There's no shame in quitting. Just stop before you kill yourself.' Those words kept repeating in my head. But whenever I was about to voice them…

"What's wrong Marco? Why are we slowing down?" She said with a look of concern and expectations. Damn those cute eyes.

"Just *haah haah* like this *haah* park is all *haah*" And damn my manly pride!

"Wow Marco. You're sweating like a pig." said Honoka, the little devil disguised as an angel. "Are you sure you aren't too weak to finish a lap around the park."

"No *haah* way!" I want to die!

Wait... I hear wheels. Penny 59mm skateboard wheels rolling down a paved sidewalk. Its Jackie! Quick, get in optimal nodding position. Lean at a 80 degree angle, and slick your hair back. Be cool.

Here she comes. Golden blonde hair under a red helmet, sky blue eyes above cute freckles.

It was too much. The stress of running and seeing Jackie at the same time started making my head feel blurry.

She rolled leisurely past and stopped and stared at me. Seeing her concerned look directed at me was just... I couldn't take it anymore. Breathe poured out of me in a gasp and my vision blurred...

...And I promptly woke back up when Honoka poured some water on my face.

From where I was laying on the ground I couldn't help but gaze at Jackie's dazzling figure. From her long legs that stretched into a pair of short jeans. The flutter of her Casual T-shirt that showed a bit of her stomach from her recent growth spurt. The way she shifted her blonde hair out of her freckled face to reveal a casual worried smile. And her eyes, her captivatingly pure eyes, still as crystalline blue as the day I first saw her years ago in preschool.

Absolute perfection.

"Oh my god. Are you like, ok?" She's talking to me! Oh my god this is actually happening!

"Hey *haah* Jackie *Haah* how's it *haah* going?" I gasped out and wiped away the water on my face. I must look like a train wreck right now.

"Wow. You look like you just ran a marathon." Jackie mentioned with the sound of relieved concern in her voice.

Quick as I could I stood up. I barely managed pulling myself up onto two wobbly legs. "Oh, this? Psh. This isn't anything. Just a little warm up run. I do this like all the time. I'm just getting started really." I casually waved away her concern like a badass!

Her gaze swept up and down and examined the rope and tire with interest. "Cool. Maybe you could give me a ride sometime." There's nothing I wouldn't love more! She is the absolute coolest.

"Of course! You know me, always trying to add a little extra weight to my exercise." What is wrong with you Marco Diaz. You just called Jackie Lynne Thomas Fat.

"I'll hold you to that." Jackie waved back to me as she skated off. "See ya round."

"Yeah. See you Jackie." I just called her by her name! I skipped all the way to step four out of thirty-eight of the Jackie Plan.

There was a sudden yanking from the rope attached to my waist.

"Who was she?" Honoka asked getting a strange look in her eyes.

I ignored her suspicious tone and my growing fear of her and sighed dreamily. "That was Jackie Lynne Thomas. The coolest girl in school. She's been in the same class as me since preschool."

"Hmmmmm. Well, let's do five more laps. Oh. Also, let's go to that park we passed and go up the hill. I wanna see the view." Honoka commanded.

"WHAT! But that could take hours!"

"Then we better hurry so we aren't late for dinner. After all, you just got started right?" She singsonged and smiled unrepentantly.

"Uggghhh." I couldn't argue with her and just kept pulling.

Step. Pull. Step. Pull.

Marco at this point was pulling on the rope with both hands as he inched along towards his house.

He honestly looked ready to die.

When they reached the driveway Marco just gave up all pretenses of strength and collapsed. He couldn't bring himself to move another muscle. But Honoka wasn't done with him yet.

"Alright! Next up is weight training. Fortunately for you I had time to set up some weighted training dummies in the backyard. You can thank me later!" She exclaimed while proudly puffing up her chest.

"Nope." Marco muttered into the ground.

Honoka tilted her head in confusion. "Huh. What do you mean by nope?"

"I said no. I can't do anymore. I'm too tired." He replied while sitting up.

"But my big brother used to do this exercise all the time.~" Oh not the teary eyes. I can't handle the teary eyes.

"What I meant to say was, *sigh*, it sounds like a piece of cake…" He trailed off reluctantly and nearly started crying himself. All of this for the sake of being a good brother.

Honoka jumped at his moment of weakness and dragged Marco to the backyard. Where she had at some point constructed a variety of obstacles.

"Great! You can start by holding these pots and standing in horse stance for an hour." She said while tying little spikes below his armpits.

"For motivation." She says.

'Good lord what have I done!' Marco inwardly screamed. Fortunately for him, it wasn't long before Angie called out that it was dinner time.

But dinner wasn't any better.

Marco sat down and just... stared. What was this mysterious thing on his plate. Some witches concoction, or swamp water. A bubble made its way up from the green mass and slowly popped.

"What is this?" He asked incredulously.

Rafael gave him a commiserating look, as he took a bite of the mouth watering lasagna. Jerk. "Honoka here insisted on making dinner for you. She put a lot of effort into... this."

Honoka puffed up proudly and gave a strong man pose. "I stuffed it full of love Marco-san. You just have to eat it and see the results."

'Ah fine! Whats the worst that could happen?' Marco tossed the glass back and took a big gulp. It was like swallowing a slightly sour and brittle grass pulp. Without stopping, Marco downed the rest before he could feel anymore.

Honoka fist pumped in victory.

"I think... I'm just going to lie down now." Marco said as he slowly got up and left for his room.

It would be good to sleep off this nightmare of a day.

I awoke to the feel of somewhat cold metal touching my wrists.

Without my knowing how, I was found myself strapped into some kind of… thing.

"Uh Honoka. What is this?" I asked fearfully to the young looking girl who was humming cheerfully to herself as she worked. That work being putting me in the contraption.

"Don't worry. Don't worry." She said playcatingly while pulling one of the straps tighter.

I jerked my head around, to try and find a way out of this new predicament. "That makes me worry more!" The weird contraption he found himself in had each of my legs strapped down straight in front of me, while I was in a straight sitting position.

"Don't worry. This stretch machine has proven 100% effective. Just one use is gauranteed to let you do the splits." Honaka gave him a megawatt smile.

"So this was tested before?" I asked warily. Being able to become so flexible so easily seemed fishy. If that was the case, everybody would be able to do the splits.

Honoka hummed thoughtfully. "Just once I guess?"

"How can you call that tested!" I started panicking and struggling to get out in earnest. My body couldn't handle another of Honoka's crazy training exercises! But the straps were too tight to break.

"Don't worry. Don't worry." Honoka merrily finished the last adjustment and just about skipped behind me, completely ready to test her new death machine from hell.

Then, just as she got behind me, she immediately tripped on a stray wrench she forgot to put away.

Her hands landed on my back, and with a sudden plunge forward I found myself flat on the ground. My legs were doing a perfect split.

"Eh?" "Eh?"

It took a moment of numb dawning horror at what happened before the pain set in.


It was lucky Marco was already flexible enough that he didn't really tear or dislocate anything. Unfortunately, he wasn't so flexible that he didn't pull his inner thigh adductors.

Honoka apologized profusely, but Marco still needed a few days to recover. From the trauma if nothing else.

Marco briskly walked down the stairs. He wasn't sore anymore, but the thought of what Honoka might have in store for him sent a shiver up his spine. Well, enough was enough. There wasn't a pair of cute eyes in the world that could make him go through that training again, and he resolved to make his complaint known!

Ten minutes later Marco stood in a sort of shocked fascination as Jackie Lynn Thomas took up position behind him on her skateboard with his tire rope in hand. His new sister was giving him a thumbs up and smugly winking at him from the side.

"Sweet. I've been wanting to try this for a while. I tried this once with my dog, but he kept stopping to smell the streets. You think you can go fast?" Jackie said to him with an excited lilt in her voice.

Marco sighed and crouched in a sprinting position. This was all so stupid. Just another one of Honoka's attempts to get him motivated to put in more effort in her crazy exercises.

Well, what can you do. Marco took off running as if the hounds of hell were on his heels. Jackie's squeals of exhilaration were music to his ears. It worked, he had never felt so motivated in his life.

His euphoria kept him going all through the day. Even after Jackie waved farewell and Honoka strapped him into another of her strange contraptions. All the squatting with weights, crunches over open flames, and even that stupid balancing log with projectiles she put him on couldn't douse his overflowing flaming exhilaration.

That motivation lasted a whole three weeks before Jackie had to take a family vacation over the summer. But by then the training had become a routine he didn't even really think about.

That is, until it was shoved in his face.

It was during a break, just between stretching and balance practice.

Marco caught Honoka stuffing a piece of paper down her shirt after she saw him approaching her. But before it disappeared, he saw what looked like a schedule. If he didn't know better, he might have assumed i was a workout schedule. A new grueling summer workout routine. But there was no way, right?

Yep. Not doing it.

Marco sweated as he stared into the innocent eyes of his tormentor. The opponent was too difficult. It was time to appeal to the higher powers for help.

Angie was busy not ten feet away fawning over Rafael. "Oh, honey. It's so nice the kids are spending so much quality time together." That plan tripped and fell before it could even make it to them.

Marco couldn't take it anymore and turned on Honoka.

"WHY do you care so much?! Marco do this Marco do that Marco you can keep going. Stop telling me what to do! I'm not a machine." Marco yelled without looking at her in the face.

Honoka stared at him for a moment with a pained expression, like she knew this was coming. She probably did, she seemed to read him like a book.

Her small hands clenched her shirt, and she closed her eyes. "Come to my room. I want you to see something."

Marco, although still plainly upset, wordlessly followed her upstairs.

When they reached her room, she ruffled around her drawer and pulled out a simple and worn notebook. "I know you've been learning Japanese. I want you to read that." Honoka handed it to him and he flipped it open.

It was all in neatly scrawled Japanese characters that he could vaguely understand.

To those it may concern. My days are numbered. I leave all of my belongings to my mom and dad. And Honoka can have my room. Alas I fear my last days will be spent in torture the likes never seen before. I'm afraid I am now a broken man that can only endure till his last moments.

*flips pages*

Those masters are trying to kill me! I swear I had three heart attacks just during the running. Who actually runs the circumference of the city while pulling a guy on a tire. I'm going to quit. I'm definitely going to quit tomorrow. No more. Not going to suffer one more day in this dojo.


I got to walk with Miu-san again today! This feeling makes everything worth it! Even being constantly attacked by thugs!


Ahh. I it pisses me off. I've been trying to Judo flip these stone statues for days. Then I find out Akisame-sensei has just been giving me bigger and bigger identical statues. Right under my nose!


Today Miu-san helped me stretch. It was such a perfect moment. Even ignoring the Masters Demonic Hell tortur-I mean training device I was in at the time. I even got to feel… never mind. Ignore that last part. Anyway, now I can do the splits! How cool is that!


Who roasts someone on an open flame! Seriously, crunches shouldn't be a life or death battle!


Nearly fell of a rooftop…was surrounded by a gang…fought a shark…Miu-san…tied with Metal statue weights…jumping between buildings…Miu-san…room filled with wrecking balls…

Marco could only understand half of what was being said, but even that seemed ridiculous. He doubted what was being said. Or maybe his katakana were worse than he thought.

The journals rantings were nonsensical. But the more he read the more he just seemed to understand the writer. The words were full of pain and fear, and the occasional mushy love stuff about a girl named Miu, but every day without fail was a description of whatever horrific stunt he pulled with the direction of his masters. Every day he said he would quit and every day he would return. All in order to improve his martial arts. To no longer be weak.

'What this guy is describing is insane.' *Flip forward a few more pages.* 'And it just gets more intense. Life and death battles, weird exercise machines, surviving in the wilderness. This guy has done it all.'

Seeing that Marco understood what he was looking at, Honoka cut off his thoughts. "The Masters of Ryozanpaku would always say my brother had no talent. But till the very end he was always their disciple. Day in and day out he would go through whatever training they concocted and always come back for more. When I was younger I tried everything to get him to leave that place. But he wouldn't have it. My big brother was talent-less and weak. But in the end, he had a bigger heart and a stronger will than anyone. He was Histories Strongest Disciple."

Honoka wiped away a few tears that started flowing with her sleeve.

"But he died being the best disciple he could be. Fighting people stronger then him to protect the people he cared about." Said while nearly breaking down crying.

"You're a good person Marco-san. I don't want you to get hurt like that." She pressed the journal to his chest. "I want you to have that journal. I've read it enough times that I could recite the whole thing from memory."

Honoka gave Marco a quick hug before leaving the room.

He just sat there on her bed trying to get over the shock of everything he was told. Honoka had just given him something very precious.

The weight of the journal felt heavy in his hands. A memento of a dead brother. One who was such an amazing person.

'I need to apologize to her. Again.' he thought as he clutched the journal. He opened to the first page and was lost in the journey of Kenichi: Histories Strongest Disciple.

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Honoka gained status: Taskmaster.

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Honoka: "Eh? It's all about me!?" Fixes hair self-consciously. "Ohhhh, That's so embarrassinnggg." (Secretly preens at the attention)