Hi everyone! I just came up with the idea for this story a couple of days ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head, so let's get into it!

This story is inspired by the BBC (a British television network) series 'Strictly Come Dancing', and its American equivalent 'Dancing With The Stars', neither of which do I own.

As ever, I do not own Austin and Ally or anything you recognise from the show in any way, shape or form, nor do I own any recognisable brands, songs or lyrics within them.


. . . . .

Chapter One: Prologue

"And the winners of Come Dance With Me 2016 are…" Emma, one of the presenters paused for effect.

The 10 seconds waiting for the winners to be announced was the longest wait of my life. My heart was beating at an insane tempo, and I was just staring at the ground, praying with everything in me that our names would be called.

"Chris and Ally!" Emma and the other host, Kate, shouted at the same time, followed by an insane roar of applause and cheering as the band struck up into a fanfare.

I couldn't believe it, I was in shock for about three seconds until I felt Chris, my celebrity partner, kneel down beside me and looked to see him sobbing into his hands in joy. I screamed in excitement as I bent down and put my arms around him, repeatedly shrieking "Oh my God, oh my God, we won, we actually won!"

After a few seconds he stood up, hugging me properly and picked me up spinning me round as we continued to laugh and congratulate each other, tears rolling down our faces.

When he put me down we walked over to Emma and Kate, who were beaming and ready to present us with the trophy, a huge round disco ball with the words "Come Dance With Me" written over it in cursive. I couldn't believe this moment was actually happening, as we both took the trophy in our hands and lifted it high above our heads.

As we lowered it, the rest of the cast came running over and immediately enveloped us in hugs and congratulations, and I was making sure to hug everyone.

At one point my boyfriend Dallas, one of the other professional dancers, picked me up in a hug and spun me round saying "I'm so proud of you, I knew you could do it!", before putting me down and giving me a quick kiss before I had to move on to hug the next person.

Pretty quickly we were told we had to go back over to Emma and Kate so they could talk to us, at which point I suddenly remembered we were live on TV and tried to regain my composure, at least even slightly, before the entire focus of the cameras was back on my face again.

"Congratulations Chris, you've danced incredibly over the last 13 weeks, how does it feel?" Emma asked my partner as we stood together, still reeling in shock.

"Ah, it's absolutely incredible, I still can't even believe it!" He said excitedly, looking down at me as I smiled back up at him.

Emma then turned to me. "Ally, congratulations, your first year on the show as a professional dancer and you come in and win the whole lot, what's going through your hear right now?" She pointed the microphone at me, at which point I realised my brain still wasn't really connected to my mouth at that point.

"Yeah, I… wow…" Is all I managed in a dazed expression, causing everyone to laugh and me to blush a little bit in embarrassment, not that anyone would really be able to tell at that moment.

Emma also laughed before putting the microphone in front of Chris one more time. "It's been a long journey for you both, Chris, do you have anything else you want to say before it all comes to an end?"

Chris takes the microphone from her with a smile before beginning to speak. "Yeah, I just want to thank all my family and friends for being so supportive, you've been amazing, and to everyone at home who's been voting for Ally and I, thank you for believing in me, I've had the best time of my life." He got a big cheer for this bit. "And most importantly, a massive thank you to this girl right here," He said, pointing at me, causing me to blush more and hug his side tighter. "Ally is absolutely incredible, an amazing dancer and an outstanding choreographer, and none of this would have happened without her." The crowd cheers even louder at this bit, which makes me so happy considering it's my first season on the show so they don't really know me that well yet. "Seriously, whoever gets her as a partner next year will be the luckiest man on the planet, and I can't wait to see her shine yet again."

Yeah… next year… I already can't wait to do it all again!

. . . . .

At this point, I should probably explain a few things to you.

My name is Ally Dawson, and I am a professional dancer. I am the two-time American National Ballroom Champion, but I specialise in, and slightly prefer, Latin dancing, for which I am the three-time World Champion.

Dance is my life – I'm only 22, but I have been dancing ever since I can remember, and there's never been anything else I've wanted to do with my life. I met my boyfriend Dallas on the dance scene when we were 17 years old, and we were dancing partners for a while, but eventually decided to have different dance partners even though we were madly in love, as something never quite clicked right when we were dancing together. Dallas is an incredible dancer too – he hasn't won quite as many titles as me, but he's still amazing and I'm always so proud of him.

This summer, having decided with great difficult to stop competing, I was lucky enough to be approached by the producers of Come Dance With Me and asked to join the show as a professional dancer. I couldn't believe it – I had been watching that show since I was a little girl, it's one of the things that made me want to start dancing properly. Of course, I instantly said yes, and was even more ecstatic when I called Dallas to tell him and found out they'd asked him to join the show too.

And so our journey on Come Dance With Me began. It all went in a bit of a blur… one minute I'm being assigned my celebrity partner, Chris Hamilton, an actor in a big reality show, and the next thing I knew we were in the final and won the entire show!

And let me tell you, next year I will do anything to keep my title. And I have a really good feeling about it already.

. . . . .

That's the end of the first chapter! Short, I know, like most of my introductory characters are.

I know, the last thing I should be doing right now is starting another story when I already have two on the go that I'm not updating as regularly as I'd like to, but I'm really into this idea right now and just had to get it out there!

I LOVE Strictly Come Dancing, it's one of my favourite shows on TV and I watch it religiously every year. So far this year's contest has been amazing and it really inspired me to write a fanfic about it, and I'm going to be basing lots of the dances in this off real dances performed on the show… it's gonna be hell to write them, though!

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