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. . . . .

Chapter Thirteen: Week Five – Drinks & Duets


Saturday Night (Continued)

Ally's seemed a little bit… off all evening. The live show is about to start and we're backstage waiting for our introduction as normal, but she hasn't really been as talkative as we normally are. She seems distracted, distant, almost nervous? But what would she have to be nervous about? I mean, I know we're doing a Foxtrot and ballroom probably won't be as strong for me as our previous Latin dances, but I still think we've got a great performance.

Plus, I'm just really excited to perform this dance, it feels somehow special to me. I guess it's because during the process of creating this dance is when I've realised I have some feelings for Ally… not that I'm going to let them get in the way of the competition, of course. She's never gonna find out. I'm just gonna deal with it on my own and make sure I stay professional and focused on the competition, I know how much it means to her.

After the group introduction at the start of the show, most of us normally hang out together as a group in the green room whilst we wait for our performance slots, but Ally instead immediately heads off to her dressing room, grabbing Trish to go with her. I really don't know what's going on and I'm starting to get a little bit worried. I contemplate going to check up on her, but quickly decide it might be better to just let her sort out whatever's going on alone. Besides, she has Trish with her at least.

Finally, just before it's our turn, Ally joins the rest of us in the green room. I smile and walk over to her. "Hey," I greet with a smile, "everything okay?"

She seems a bit more focused and put together now and offers me a smile in return. "Yeah, of course, you ready to do this?"

"Of course." I reply "But are you? You've seemed a little distracted and nervous all evening, is everything alright? I was feeling pretty confident about our dance…"

I see a hint of concern flash across her eyes before she rushes to reassure me. "No, no, Austin, it's nothing to do with you, don't worry. I'm really happy with this dance too. I was just thrown a bit by something the producers told me before the show."

I look at her, confused. "What? What's wrong? Is it something about our dance next week or something?"

"Not exactly, I'll explain later. For now, let's just get our heads in the zone and focus on smashing this performance, yeah?" She says with a smile, to which I respond with a nod and a smile of my own.

She's right. For the next few minutes, nothing else matters besides giving this dance our all. The announcer calls our names, and we walk out onto the floor, taking our positions for the dance.

(YouTube link for this dance: watch?v=8_3EaBYGoRo – or just search 'Strictly Come Dancing Gemma & Aljaz Foxtrot and it will come up. NOTE: In this video, the man is the professional and the woman is the celebrity, so it doesn't exactly match this story, but I still really love the dance and song so I wanted to include it anyway)

. . . . .


This is the first slow ballroom dance Austin and I have had to do in the competition, and it does make me realise how much I still love them despite my specialty in Latin. Austin's strong frame guiding me confidently around the dance floor makes me feel graceful, elegant, supported, and happy. Just like in rehearsal earlier in the week, Austin seems to be really invested in this dance as well, like he has some sort of real connection to it. Maybe he's taking my advice and relating it to something he's gone through in his real life; it certainly seems that way, I've never seen him so committed to one of our dances before. That's definitely a good thing! I should talk to him about it at some point…

When we hug at the end of the dance, am I just imagining it, or does he hold me a little tighter than usual? Not that I'm complaining, it feels really nice. I guess he's probably still just coming out of his emotional connection or whatever he was experiencing.

I smile up at him and we exchange our usual excited compliments about how good we were as we walk over to Emma to get the judges' feedback.

"Amazing job guys, congrats!" Emma says as we reach her. "Austin, every week your confidence certainly seems to be growing, does it show Amanda?"

We turn to hear what the aforementioned judge has to say about our performance. "Oh, it certainly does, Austin. You are changing and changing through each and every week, and you are already becoming so versatile, so sure of every move you come into, it really is impressive. The mood, the quality, the grace you brought to that was beautiful, you stayed in character, I felt it and I was taken with you. It was very, very good."

I beam up at Austin as the audience applauds before we turn to the next judge, Sara. "Well, last week was impressive because you brought fierce, energetic and fun. And today, you brought romantic, classic and elegance to this dance. You had a lovely gentle, and it really was gentle, rise and fall throughout this dance. One little thing to work on, though, when you use your standing leg and push out on the nice, powerful slow step, the quick step that follows, even though it is a quick, it's not such a small step, so when you take it too small it makes the movement stutter a little bit and that happened on a couple of occasions within the dance. So just remember that, because you're gonna have other ballroom dances within the competition, but overall absolutely lovely. Well done."

I smile up at Austin again, nodding to agree with everything Sara said. Her feedback is always so constructive and helpful, it makes my job a lot easier! Austin looks down at me, also smiling. I give him a small wink to show I'm happy with all the feedback so far before we turn back again. "Gino?" Emma prompts.

"Well, what a change in mood from last week! Those sexy, sassy trolls have been replaced by this beautiful elegance that comes straight out of a romantic movie! It was emotional, dramatic, passionate, but it didn't feel forced or cheesy or uncomfortable, so I think you can be proud and you did a very, very good job." Gino's comments always make me smile and laugh a little, he's so expressive when he gives his feedback.

"Brian, what did you think?" Emma prompts as the audience's applause fades again.

"Well I think it's safe to say we now have some solid front-runners." And he leaves it at that! That's two weeks in a row that Brian, traditionally the most critical, difficult to impress judge, has been reduced to a one-sentence response to our dance! I can't believe it and look up at Austin, shocked, throwing my arms around him in excitement.

"Well how about that!" Emma says excitedly as the audience cheer once again. "Front runners! How does that feel?" She asks Austin, who just stammers and splutters and fails to say any real words, making everyone laugh. "Sounds about right!" Emma continues, before sending us off up to the green room to get our scores.

"The scores are in everyone!" Kate says as we reach her in the green room and she hugs us both, before we look to the monitor.

The voiceover begins: "The judges have their scores:"

Brian Hansen: 8

Amanda Lee: 8

Sara Coombs: 8

Gino Rossi: 8

"That gives a total of 32 points."

32 points is down 3 from our score of 35 last week, but I'm still definitely happy with that for our first slow dance!

I can see Austin's a little disappointed that our score has gone down, but hey, last week we got 9s! And it was only week three! I didn't honestly expect us to keep that score for the rest of the series, that would be way too much of a challenge, so I reassure Austin that we still got a brilliant score for this early in the series and that things were only going to go back up from here.

Now I just had to deliver on that promise. Luckily, I think our next dance would be just the thing to do exactly that…

. . . . .

Monday Morning

I've always believed in that saying that the circumstances in which you wake up will set the tone for your entire day. When I wake up in a positive mood, I feel so much more productive and successful throughout the day and get so much stuff done, but when I wake up grumpy it's really difficult to then turn it into a good day.

So, you can imagine how sceptical I was about today when I woke up to a text from Dallas. It's a weird thing, to receive a text from your ex, isn't it? It can hold so many forms; an angry outburst, a desperate apology, a ridiculous request to get back together… rarely, though, is it to ask what time you're free for a dance duet rehearsal. The life of a dancer, what can I say.

I deal with that conversation remaining in the comfort of my bed, quickly arranging a rehearsal for tomorrow afternoon so that I can just put that out of my mind for now and focus on the positives: it's a beautiful sunny day, I have a rehearsal with Austin this morning, and then tonight Trish, Carrie and I are going out for a girls' night to get some cocktails at this trendy new beach bar.

Already feeling better about the day thinking about everything I have to look forward to, I hop out of bed, shower and make myself some breakfast. I put on the song Austin and I will be dancing to this week and start moving around to the upbeat track whilst I cut up all my fruit and prepare it in a bowl with granola and yoghurt, then go to sit on the couch and turn on the TV to watch whilst I eat.

I've just shoved a big spoonful into my mouth when I realise what's actually on the TV; it's a news report about the competition and they're playing a clip from Austin and mine's performance from Saturday night. I inhale sharply at the surprise of seeing my face on the national news, which makes me snort and clamp a hand over my mouth so that my huge mouthful doesn't instantly fly back out into the bowl.

The news report is detailing how Austin and I are already the favourites to win the whole competition and shows highlights from a few of our dances so far. I'm in shock, even last year with Chris we weren't the favourites or followed from this early on. They also talk about our main rivals being Dallas and Cassidy… of course they are. They just had to be, right? My life clearly wouldn't be dramatic enough if my biggest rival on the TV celebrity dance competition I'm on wasn't my ex who left me for his celebrity partner last year. God, my life is crazy. I quickly take a photo of the TV screen just before the article comes to an end and text it to Austin with a witty caption about making the right headlines this time or something, referring to the 'showmance' rumours that circulated after the press party a few weeks ago.

With my breakfast done, I clean up and get ready to head out to my rehearsal with Austin, taking my time enjoying the sun as I take my favourite route along the beach to get to the studios.

Austin is dutifully waiting outside when I arrive, and we greet each other and hug before heading inside and going through our normal warm up routine.

"Okay," I say getting down to business. "This week is a complete 180 to last week. We showed we can hold our own in the ballroom dances, but this week is all about the highest energy you can possibly put into it. We're doing a Charleston!" I announce excitedly. Austin smiles enthusiastically as I continue. "Charlestons are all about character, energy and fun, this is a dance where you can totally let loose and really enjoy yourself… well, as much as you can when you're as exhausted as you will be by the end of this dance!"

"I'm sure I can handle it." Austin jokes with a cocky smirk.

"You'll be surprised, pop star, even the most experienced pros can struggle to get through a Charleston and I'm not gonna be going easy on you." I challengingly reply with a smirk of my own.

"Pfft, when do you ever." Austin replies with a smile, and I giggle and nod in response.

"Fair enough." I walk into the centre of the room, facing towards the mirrors. "Okay, the most iconic part of a Charleston is the swivels. You have to be able to basically zig-zag your feet whilst moving forwards and backwards. It's a key part of every Charleston and the judges will be watching your feet closely so it's important to get them right" I explain as Austin walks over to join me.

"Bring it on, Als." He says confidently, making eye contact with me in the mirror. Als, huh? Hmm… I like it.

Anyway, I slowly demonstrate a basic swivel, twisting my left foot to face inwards as I lift my right, and then twisting it back to face outwards again as my right foot comes down to the floor in front of it, also turned out. Then I repeat the action, but lifting my left leg and twisting on the right, allowing me to move forward as I keep repeating the action on alternate feet. I then lead Austin through it, standing slightly in front of him so he can copy my actions and still see both of our feet in the mirror.

The swivels require a lot of coordination and for the dance to be used to turning their feet in and out, which can feel really unnatural, and it can take a lot of work to get used to the movement. Austin's no exception, and I'm patient as we slowly go through the movement again and again, heading towards the mirror then stopping and moving back to start again. Slowly but surely, he starts to get it and he's able to swivel the entire length of the studio, slowly but without having to stop.

"That's great, Austin!" I encourage him, and he looks up from his feet, where he's been concentrating, and offers me a quick big smile before once again looking down to retain his focus. "Now we just need to get it a bit faster, and you also need to be able to do it backwards." I tease, and he shoots me a fast, mocking glare.

"One step at a time, Dawson." He tells me.

"I thought you wanted me to 'bring it on'!" I mock, circling around him and bending down to look up into his face with a big smile, causing him to lose focus completely and start laughing and stop his movement.

"Damn it, Ally!" He exclaims with mock-anger, before starting to chase me round the studio for breaking his flow, and I laugh as I try to escape his pursuit, our dance momentarily forgotten as the studio fills with the sound of our laughter. It's just yet another reminder of how lucky I am to be partnered with Austin, he makes this whole experience so much fun I can't imagine going through this competition with anyone else.

. . . . .

Monday Evening

"Trish that is so not true!" I protest, despite the small smile on my face, as I take another sip of my mojito. Trish, Carrie and I are on our girls' night at Aruba, a brand new cocktail bar right on the beach, watching the sun slowly set as the beautiful pink and orange sky makes the ocean appear a dark navy, as opposed to the gorgeous shimmering blue it is during the day.

"Oh come on, Ally, there's no point denying it, we all know there's something going on there!" Trish is convinced, and determined to make me admit, that Austin and I have feelings for each other.

"You're full of it! I swear on all of our lives that I don't have feelings for Austin. As far as I'm concerned, he is my friend and celebrity dance partner, and that is all there is to it." I assert myself, not being aggressive or hostile but making sure they know I'm telling the truth.

Trish still doesn't seem convinced. "What do you think Carrie?" She asks the stunning blonde. "You've been on the show longer than both of us combined, surely you can see these things from a mile off."

Carrie smiles as she puts down her own cocktail. "Okay, first of all, stop making me sound like an old lady, I'm only a couple of years older than you!" She mock-scorns Trish. "But yes, I have seen plenty of romances blossom between partners on the show. It's a lot more common than you think, but most of them never actually develop into anything so no one ever finds out."

"So? Can you see that with Ally and Austin?" Trish probes, excitedly.

Carrie thinks for a second. "I'm not sure yet… it's too early to tell. The two of you definitely have great chemistry, but that doesn't automatically mean you're in love with each other." She decides, smiling and looking at both of us.

"See?" I say, turning to face Trish with a triumphant smile.

"However," Carrie continues "I'm not saying there's nothing. I can absolutely feel that there's potential for it to become something more, but it's not there yet."

I consider her words for a second. Does she have a point? I mean, I definitely don't have feelings for Austin right now, I've never even really thought about him that way, but I suppose you can never really say what's gonna happen in the future. Plus, there's no denying that Austin is a very attractive man. But honestly, I don't even really want to consider thinking about Austin in any other kind of way right now, we're only just fully getting used to each other as partners, and I'm really enjoying our dynamic and how well it's working for the competition, so I'm not exactly about to go and complicate that by letting myself develop a crush on him.

"Interesting." Trish says with a smirk, raising an eyebrow at me, to which I just respond by rolling my eyes and taking another sip of my drink.

"Okay, guys, enough of this! I have a much bigger problem that I need your help with." I say with a laugh, before turning slightly more serious. I haven't told them about my duet with Dallas yet and need their advice on how to go about it.

"What's going on, chica?" Trish asks, looking concerned as they both put their drinks down to give me their full attention.

"Well, I found out on Saturday that I have to do a romantic duet with you-know-who for this week's results show." I say before putting on an obviously fake, painful smile.

"Yikes." Carrie says after a few seconds silence, as Trish simply reaches for her cocktail and takes a big swig. "What's the song?"

"Someone You Loved…" I answer, maintaining the stupid smile and adding a particularly pained look to my eyes, causing Trish to laugh into her drink whilst Carrie lets out a low, prolonged whistle. It's literally the worst song we could possibly have to perform to.

"Well I hate to say it, babe, but you're kinda screwed." Carrie says resignedly.

"I know!" I agree dramatically, throwing my head into my arms on the table. "How the hell am I gonna get through it? How am I meant to be romantic with the guy who broke my heart, to the literal definition of a break-up song?!"

I look up, to see Trish and Carrie just looking at each other, clearly neither of them really knowing what to say. "Guys? Anything?" I ask, desperately.

Trish looks back at me again. "I mean, I'm just confused why they'd even assign that for you two, they know what happened between you."

"Yeah, I mean I guess they just thought you might be able to make it extra emotional?" Carrie offered, seeming just as confused as Trish.

"Yeah, well they got that right." I say with an empty laugh. "Just not in the way they thought."

"Okay, honey, it's going to be okay." Carrie says, placing her hand over mine on the table. "This is just one of those times we have to put our professional heads on and ignore everything that's going on with us personally, and just focus on the dance."

"Yeah, Carrie's right." Trish agrees. "All you have to do is create an amazing routine, which we all know you can do, treat Dallas like any other dance partner, get it done and get out of there."

I nod a little. "So you don't think I should bring anything up with him? I mean, maybe it could be an opportunity to finally get everything completely cleared up and get some closure." I suggest.

"You could do that," Trish agrees, "but you don't know what you'll be letting yourself in for – it could either really help, or it could take you straight back into the horrible place you were for the whole year if it unlocks some feelings you weren't expecting."

"I agree with Trish." Carrie nods. "Ally, you've done so well recently finally moving on from that ass-hat and being confident in yourself again, I just don't want all that to be undone if confronting him about it doesn't go well."

"I guess you're right." I agree, going for another sip of my drink only to realise it's now empty, and Trish and Carrie's are the same.

"Another round, girls? I'm buying." Carrie offers, picking up her purse.

"I have my first rehearsal with Dallas tomorrow, I think I need it!" I respond with a laugh, and the girls giggle too. "Thanks."

"Of course! Trish?" She turns to the Latina.

"You know it! Thanks." She replies with a smile, and Carrie beams back at us before strolling up towards the bar.

. . . . .


It's time for my rehearsal with Dallas. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I don't want to do it.

I'm in the studio we rented, the same one I use for my rehearsals with Austin, which is ironically also the same one Dallas and I used to use quite a lot when we were still dancing competitively together. As I stretch, my mind races through thousands of potential outcomes from being forced to work with Dallas this week. Best case scenario, it gives me a chance to get complete closure on our situation and I come away from it on good friendly terms with him, ready to completely move on with my life. Worst case, it brings back all my insecurities and anxiety that resulted from our break up and I'm back to square one.

I look up as I hear the familiar sound of the studio door opening, to see him walking through the door with a big smile on his face, clearly a lot more excited for this duet than I am, for whatever reason. "Hey Ally!" He calls enthusiastically, quickly throwing his stuff down and jogging over to me, wrapping me in a big, tight hug which I half-heartedly return. I don't understand why he always still seems so happy to see me, especially after my outburst towards him at the press party. "Is this exciting or what?" He asks with a beaming smile.

"Uh, yeah, sure." I reply anxiously, quickly stepping away from him and back over to my bag to fiddle with something, anything to avoid having to have close interaction with Dallas.

"I have so many ideas for this duet, don't you just love that we're getting to do this? It's just like we used to!" He continues, slipping off his sneakers and quickly doing some stretches of his own. "I love the song as well, it's so powerful and moving, I think it will be perfect for our style of choreography."

I have to agree with him there, I have zero doubt that our dance will turn out amazing, regardless of its circumstances. "Yeah, I'm sure it'll be great." I finally say, turning back to face him with my water bottle in hand and a small smile on my face.

There's a few minutes of silence as we both individually finish warming ourselves up. I find myself wondering if he remembers the warm up routine we used to do together to our favourite song, and get lost in the memory of it, not noticing him walk to the centre of the studio and turn to face me.

"Okay," he says, entering his business-mode I'm only too familiar with. "I was thinking we should definitely do a lyrical style routine."

I nod my agreement, walking to join him in the middle of the space. "Yeah, lyrical would be perfect." I confirm.

"Awesome, and I was thinking we could start with something like this…"

Dallas and I begin putting together our routine, and it literally is just like old times. I really had forgotten how well we work together, we barely have to even try to come up with choreography that is perfect for the song. Working with him again feels comfortable, and I'm equal parts surprised and thankful that I find myself able to completely focus on our work; it doesn't even cross my mind the entire rehearsal that I'm doing this dance with my ex who broke my heart, it just feels easy and natural. Maybe I was worrying for nothing…

. . . . .

Thursday Morning

It's our final day of studio rehearsal for this week, as on Fridays we have our on-set rehearsals, so all the dances need to be finished by then. I'm in another rehearsal with Dallas this morning, and then Austin and I have our final studio rehearsal straight afterwards.

Mine and Dallas's duet has come along perfectly. I knew whatever we came up with would be beautiful and amazing to dance, but I've been really surprised how smoothly the whole rehearsal process has been. I haven't felt uncomfortable around him at all, we've been working really well together and it's giving me a lot of hope and reassurance that we can be okay around each other and I don't have to worry about feeling anxious around him anymore, like we might actually be able to become friends again despite everything that's happened between us.

We've just got the final minute to choreograph and clean, as we focused on cleaning the rest of the routine as we went rather than leaving that to the end. "Okay, so I know it's been a long time since we've done them, but I thought it might be really cool to put in some of our old signature lifts towards the end of the dance." Dallas suggests as we finish one of mini-mid-rehearsal breaks.

Dallas and I were somewhat renowned for our lifts when we were on the competition circuit. I'm small enough that it makes it easy enough to throw me around in some kind of crazy, impressive positions, and Dallas is strong enough that together we could really push the boundaries of what kind of lifts we could perform, so they kind of became our signature thing.

Obviously, when I'm literally being thrown around and just hoping he actually catches me, the lifts take a lot of trust on my part, and we need to be completely in sync with each other, almost able to read each other's minds, to make sure everything goes right and I don't end up seriously injured. I used to have that kind of trust in Dallas 100%, but now… obviously things have changed a little. I mean, I wouldn't feel entirely comfortable doing these lifts with anyone I'd not danced with in over a year, let alone the man who betrayed my ultimate trust when he cheated on me.

But then I remember what Trish and Carrie said, I should separate the dance from the person, and focus on the choreography itself rather than the situation of having to do it with Dallas. And ultimately, I know he's definitely capable of performing these lifts with me, and my trust in him as a dance partner is still very strong, even if my trust in him as a person is not.

"Yeah, okay." I agree, finally, and a look of relief comes across his face. "I mean, we might as well try them, right? They could definitely take the dance to the next level." Like I said, these professional dances can create opportunities to be spotted by scouts and agents who watch the show, so this could also really help our performance make a real impact and stand out as a highlight of the series.

We try out a few of our old favourite lifts, marking them through first before attempting them properly, and they all go completely smoothly, just like they used to, almost as if it's all still in our muscle memory. Our excitement raises as we realise how well it's going and start building them into the choreography, even replacing some of our earlier sections to include more lifts; they've definitely enhanced the dance. By the end of the rehearsal, I'm super proud of what we've created, and I can't wait to get onto set tomorrow and perform it with proper lighting and music and everything.

Doing a romantic dance with Dallas doesn't feel uncomfortable or awkward at all, it feels… right? Normal? I can't explain it, but it's definitely not how I expected to feel at the start of this week. And when we're dancing it, Dallas is looking at me exactly like he used to when we were together. The dance is intimate, close, we spend a lot of time staring at each other's faces, and he looks really into it, which surprises me. I guess he's just really good at getting into the character and emotion of the dance.

As we finish a full-out run-through, we decided we've done enough and to call the end of the rehearsal there. Besides, I still have a rehearsal with Austin after this so I need to make sure I'm not completely exhausted! When we finish the routine, we hug quickly as a force of habit, before heading over to get a drink and start putting our stuff away.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I for one am so happy with the way that dance has turned out." Dallas says contentedly, sitting down against the wall.

"Yeah, me too, I think it's perfect!" I agree, sitting against the wall next to him, a comfortable, friendly distance between us.

"I knew we'd be come up with something amazing." Dallas says with a smile, taking a sip of water.

"Same here, I never doubted it." I agree. "Although, I gotta admit I was a little surprised they assigned us this dance together." I don't even think twice about bringing this up, now feeling relaxed and normal enough around Dallas that I don't feel afraid to talk about anything.

"Oh yeah?" He asks, turning his head to face me.

"Yeah, I mean… given, you know, everything that happened last year, I wasn't really expecting them to ask us to do a duet, let alone to this song." I reveal with a small shrug.

"Yeah… about that… they kinda didn't." Dallas says, an almost slightly nervous look on his face.

"What do you mean?" I ask, looking at him, confused.

"Well… when I heard that Someone You Loved was gonna be the song for the professional performance this week, I might have gone to Jared and Kian myself and asked if we could do a duet to it?" Dallas confesses, an awkward look on his face as he waits for my response, which is one of pure surprise.

"What?" I ask, so confused as to why Dallas would go out of his way to do a romantic duet with me. "Why?"

"Okay, first of all, I just want to say, and I know I'll never be able to say or do anything enough to make it okay, but I am so, so sorry for what I did to you last year. I can't believe how shitty I was, and I honestly regret every day that I must have put you through a horrible situation."

"So… you wanted to do a romantic duet as your apology?" I ask, still not feeling any kind of anger, joy, anything, just pure confusion.

"Not exactly." Dallas replies, seeming to get a bit more nervous by the second. "I wanted to do this dance with you to make sure that we still have the same… connection we used to, because…."

What is going on? I see him take a breath.

"I still love you, Ally. I don't think I ever stopped."

I feel like I'm about to faint.

"Ally, will you go on a date with me?"

. . . . .


Dallas still has feelings for Ally! But what about Kira? Does Ally feel the same? Will she accept his offer?

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