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But in the main family, twin births are especially celebrated. Two for the struggles of one. The Uchiha Lady has a very frail constitution making it hard for her to have babies and carry them to term. The fact that this made it difficult for her to carry their original heir, made people weary to allow the first born into battle when he grows older, or encourage that the clan leader seek out another wife in order to have more children, but he refused.

The woman he married was the only one for him and he made that clear to everyone.

Once the Lady fell pregnant again, everyone hoped and prayed for the best. Everyone was extra delicate with the Lady, hoping that with just that little bit less stress, she would be able to maintain the pregnancy. So, when the time came and she gave birth to two healthy babies; one boy and one girl. They were a bit small but the healers didn't appear to be concerned and that night the Lady held all three of her babies to her.

The heir, who was two at the time and the two new-borns.

It was a peaceful, quiet night with two parents and three children. For a small, meaningful night, there was no war or death or clan business to worry about. It was just a small family that got two beautiful new additions. No one dare say anything about one being born a girl, especially during wartimes when everyone only wanted boys to boister their numbers.

The oldest boy, the heir, his name is Madara. The second born, the boy, his name is Izuna and the final one, the girl, her name is Hinata.

"My lord," the healer says, half leaned over the girl a few days later. "I... I am sorry my lord."

The Lady sat upright, dark eyes widening in surprise, her dark hair spilled over one shoulder as she cradles the newborn boy close, worried that something is wrong. Her eyes flicker between her husband and the healer, worried.

Tajima Uchiha, the clan leader, stands up slowly from his wife's side, holding a two year old Madara in his arms as he gets close to the wiggling baby on the floor in front of the healer and finally gets a good look down at her face. A splitting image of her brother in face shape and skin color and even eyes shape. The only thing that was different, was the pale, milky eyes that looked around the room, almost unseeing.

Tajima's shoulders droop a bit.

"What's wrong?" The Lady asks. "Tajima, what's wrong with our daughter?"

"I am sorry, Mahirin," Tajima says softly, shaking his head. "I'm sorry."

"What?" Mahirin asks sharply, making Izuna jolts a bit in her arms. He squirms a bit then starts to whine.

"I am sorry, my lady," the healer says softly. "The girl is blind."

"Hinata!" Madara calls out, dark eyes wide and happy. He lays on his belly in front of the squirming six month old girl while the six month old boy was being fed on the other side of the room. "Come to me, Hinata!"

The little girl pushes herself up a bit on her hands and blinks a few times rapidly, head bobbing wildly without any real strength to hold it up. She can't really crawl yet, like Izuna can, somewhat, but she's not that far behind him. Her clear eyes locate Madara's and she smiles, letting out a cute little giggle and makes cooing baby noises.

"Mommy, she's smiling at me!" Madara says, now three years old.

Mahirin offers a little smile, looking over at her oldest and youngest from over her shoulder. "Your sister can't see you, Madara, you know that."

Madara tilts his dark head, leaning from one side to the other, watching as Hinata's eyes follow the movements. Madara blinks a few times, intelligent mind, even one so young, begins to work a bit. He studies her eye movement and smiles a bit, secretly to himself as if he has something complex completely figured out, but he didn't say anything about it.

He gets bored easily and goes to play with his other toys.

Hinata's cool white eyes follow him away before focusing on the room in front of her, trying to push herself up so that she can look around the room with more control but her strength wasn't enough to hold her up just yet, so she fell back to the ground and had to try all over again, despite how tired she was getting. She wanted to explore the world, one small push at a time.

Madara pauses playing with his toys, turning around slightly to look over at his baby sister, watching her try to push herself up again. Through the haze of darkness that should shroud her vision, she finds her eldest brother before cooing happily and smiling at him, wiggling with a bit more intensity, wanting the shiny toy in his hand for her own. He smiles back, proud of the secret that they now share, and looks away again.

When Hinata was two years old, people finally accepted that she wasn't blind. She could see, but people speculated that it was only a bit. That her sight was as bad as her eyes appeared. But as Hinata grew older, she once again proved them wrong by having amazing eyesight. She could see better than anyone else. Her eyes weren't constrained like everyone else's were.

There was very little that Hinata couldn't see, they've all come to learn. As she grew older and her eyes began to mature more and more, her sight became even better. She could see in all directions. She could even see behind her, making it impossible for someone to sneak up on her if she was careful. Hinata had a unique ability that no one could explain and whispers began that Hinata may not actually be the Uchiha Lord's daughter, but her and Izuna looked so much alike with the same color of hair and eye shape that the elders easily got fed up with the whispers and basically said for them to be silent.

That, and Tajima was not about to have someone question the validity of his daughter's parentage and his wife's loyalty. Izuna was so obviously his, there was just something a little different about Hinata, is all. But she was still his as well. It was impossible for one child out of a set of twins to be his and the other to not be. He wasn't going to accept anything other than everyone's complete agreement that Hinata was his.

She was just very special.

Hinata didn't hear much of what was said, but Madara did and he became well known for fighting with other clansmen for it. Izuna would too. Hinata was mostly kept in the dark, preferring to care to their younger brother, Kana. She was very loving and even though he was only two years younger than her, he was her baby. She carried him around everywhere and practically took better care of him than her own mother.

Kana's pregnancy and birth ended up being the hardest on their mother. She wasn't able to have any more children after that. Her body became so dainty and weak - moreso than before - that it became harder for her to do many every day activities simply because she no longer had the strength to be able to do it. Hinata didn't seem to mind much, she loves being Kana's caretaker and big sister.

At ten years old, Hinata's baby, Kana, was killed in battle.

Hinata took the death of her baby brother hard. She was sitting with her mother, taking care of her, when one of her cousins came to tell them of what happened. Hinata's mom broke down and started crying. Another cousin came to her to comfort her while Hinata, numbly, got up and walked away. She uses her incredible vision to locate her two remaining brothers.

Madara, already knowing what happened, accepting Hinata into his arms.

She cried, hard. Her body shook and trembled and she held tightly to her eldest brother as if her life depended on it. Kana was hers. She took care of him. She raised him. She helped teach him how to fight and survive. She did everything she could for him. She even cared for him when he was sick or held him at night when he was scared. He was hers. She loved him so much and argued with her father when he first went to battle.

Hinata, submissive and gentle, screamed at her father for the first time in her entire life. She told him that this idiotic war was going to get everyone killed. That no single Senju life was worth one of their own. Victory was meaningless if it meant someone had to die for it. Not in a war like this. A war that stretched on decades that no one probably remembered how it started in the first place. They weren't fighting for principles or people. They were fighting for pride and a grudge.

Hinata couldn't accept her brothers having to go and die for such a terrible reason and she made her father very aware of where she stood.

But, as expected, as Lord of the clan, her father's word was law. Hinata was sent away to her mother and told never to speak of such things again. Madara and Izuna, in Hinata's honor, refused to go to battle for almost two weeks before they finally gave in and participated in a very particularly dangerous bout. Hinata appreciated her brothers siding with her, but she knew that she had lost the moment her baby brother was old and healthy enough for battle.

It was inevitable that he go. He was a boy. He was an heir. He was an Uchiha.

But Hinata's worst fears came to fruition the moment she heard that Kana died. It was like her world fell around her. She knew, in the back of her mind, that she should have been sympathetic to her parents, who just lost a child, but she couldn't help the chilling anger that followed the painful realization that Kana had become another casualty of war - and that's it.

There is no honor in death. Not Kana's. Not anyone else's. Not in this war. This war is nothing. Literally nothing.

She fit so neatly in Madara's arms. Her older brother capable of wrapping himself completely around her to try and protect her from the pain that is closing in on her. She loves Kana. She loves him so much. She wanted him to be there at her side. She loved her eldest brother, and her twin, both of which she shares bonds with that were so vastly different but perfect in their own way, but Kana was hers. She did anything and everything for him. She had prayed since the moment he was born, that he would stay with her.

He was pure, perfect, good. He was just a baby. And now he's gone. Killed for a war that he had no choice but to participate in.

Izuna and Madara were strong. They were always strong, for as long as Hinata knew them. They were always looking after her, protecting her, and this was her chance to be that person to someone. To be the confidant. To be the protector. To be the one that was trusted so explicitly with his thoughts and feelings and worries, and she lost him.

Hinata couldn't protect her baby brother. She failed him. Her powerful, all seeing eyes were incapable of seeing this coming. Incapable of seeing how to make it out of this. How to make this pain go away.

While cradled to Madara's chest, her hand reaches out toward her twin brother, whose face is twisted into a look of agony, feeling her pain as his own, and interlaces her fingers with his. Izuna steps closer, twisting their hands around so the back of hers is against his chest, his beating heart, as he stares into her eyes. They were twelve years old, crying for the death of their little brother. Izuna had tears sliding down his cheeks. He wasn't huffing and puffing, trying to catch his breath like Hinata was. But his lower lips was trembling and his pain was written across his face.

Madara, though, his eyes were squeezed tightly closed, eyebrows pulled together and frown on his lips, but that's it. He didn't tremble. He didn't cry. His posture was strong and sure and protective. His heart against her ear was slow and relaxed.

But she knew Madara. She knew her big brother. He was in pain. A lot of pain. But he was being calm and supportive for their sake. But he was deeply hurt, and deeply upset. And him holding onto Hinata, with Izuna so close, wasn't just to comfort them, but to comfort himself too. They were there with him, his siblings that feel the pain like he does.

But he needed to feel them alive and next to him. Some sort of salve for the pain in his heart and soul that are constricting in unbelievable agony. So they take comfort in each other. Using the presence of the siblings that they still have left in the world to heal the pain that threatens to overwhelm them.

Madara runs his fingers through Hinata's soft, clean hair, his blunt nails occasionally rubbing against her scalp.

Hinata squeezes her eyes shut, unable to see out of them anyway, through the tears. "He's gone," Hinata moans in pain, having to do something to fill the silence other than choked sobs and sniffles. "H-How can he be gone?"

"I don't know," Madara whispers, holding her closer.

"He was just here this morning. He was fi-fine."

"I don't know," Madara says again.

"How could father let this happen?" Hinata sobs, feeling the pain hit her freshly once more.

Dismayed, Madara whispers, "I don't know."

Hinata was fourteen years old when she first met Hashirama and Tobirama Senju. Tobirama was a few months older than her, as Hashirama was a few months older than Madara. Hinata had never stepped foot on a battle field before. Never. Her father, and brothers, forbade it of her. Not that she wanted to fight. She didn't believe in this war. She wanted desperately for it come to an end. She tended to the wounded and ran errands for the women of the village, using her incredible sight to be able to keep look out for dangers around their camp. But never did she go to the battlefield. She saw enough of men and the sparse amount of women powerful enough to go to war to know that nothing good ever came from those battles.

No victory, no matter the side or the prize, ever seemed worth it to her. No one could convince her otherwise.

But she did step upon a battlefield when she was fourteen. It wasn't an active bout going on, though. The dry season was particularly unforgiving and someone blundered, setting a large field ablaze between both campsites.

It spread fast, too fast, there was no way to move everyone in time. They had to put out the fire and save the field before it swallowed up the camps on both sides. Hinata was one of the volunteers that went to help put out the fire. She could see, through the smoke and ash, that the Senju were doing the same on their side. No one wanted the fire to destroy their homes. They had to work together in order to put it out, even if everyone stayed on separate sides of the fire.

Through the smoke, she saw the young clan leader on the Senju's side, Hashirama Senju, directing efforts while his brother was performing powerful water style techniques in order to quench the flames. Hashirama had been made the clan leader a year prior, after the untimely death of his father. What a joke. He was killed by an injury he sustained in battle. Not sickness. Not an accident. War killed him.

At this time, her own father was protecting a very important supply route, from the Senju, but since Hashirama became the clan leader, underhanded things like that came to an end. He even pulled all the kids off of the battlefield on their side.

Hinata admired him. She heard all about Hashirama Senju from her brothers.

Izuna didn't trust him, at all. He thought that Hashirama was all talk, that he was going to live up to the expectations of the Senju before him, and continue this bloody war until one side or the other is destroyed. The Senju, in Izuna's eyes, were monsters. They were the reason this entire war began and they were the ones that threatened the peace of the Uchiha clan. Plus, he blames them solely for Kana's death.

Hinata didn't. Well, she did a bit. But she mostly blamed the war for his death. If this war wasn't going on, Kana might still be alive now. But he wasn't.

Madara had mixed feelings about Hashirama. He hated him because he was a Senju and the Senju were their enemies, but he also appeared to hold some form of respect toward the slightly older man. Izuna hated whenever he spoke about Hashirama in anything other than a negative light, but Hinata was willing to hear her eldest brother out.

Madara tried to explain it, but didn't seem to really know how to. Hashirama was... a difficult person to understand, while at the same time, being the easiest in the world. His thoughts and actions were pretty clear cut, but the whys behind it all were difficult to grasp. Hashirama didn't want children involved in this war any longer, after the death of two of his three little brothers. Hashirama didn't want this war to continue, because he too felt like it was pointless and got them nowhere, but Hinata's father refused to be "swayed" by Senju trickery.

By Hinata's point of view, he appeared to be wanting a better world for them all. Madara wasn't sure if he would agree with her to that degree, but he didn't seem like he thought that everything that his father and brother were spewing about Hashirama, but he didn't want to go against what they were saying. It was obvious to Hinata that her brother felt very trapped in the middle between his belief and that of his brother and father.

Hinata isn't sure why Madara felt so different about this than everyone else, but she knew her brother was very good at reading people. If he thought that Hashirama was being truthful in the other man's word, than she believed it too. But Madara wasn't clan leader. Even if he wanted to stop it, he couldn't. Their father wasn't going to be manipulated by them, as he says. He would sooner kill them all than agree to their "false" peace.

But that day, the day of the fire, her father wasn't there to oversee. Madara was in charge, ordering people around, trying to save them and their camp. He ordered their clansmen to ignore the Senju on the other side. This wasn't about them, this was about saving their family. The Senju shared that mindset. This was about stopping the fire and saving those of their families that couldn't protect themselves.

Amidst the madness and movement, through the inferno, Hashirama stopped, as if he felt her eyes on him. At first, he looked around, confused, trying to find out who was staring at him, until he spots her through the fire. He pauses where he was walking to stare back at her, probably unable to really make out any of her features other than her dark hair through the smoke and ash, but his perceptiveness was astounding. But she could see him fairly well, even given the situation. The bucket of water she was passed is mindlessly dumped onto the flames closest to her before it's taken away to be filled up again.

His lips move, Hinata notices, but she has a hard time seeing through the billowing black smoke to see exactly what he's saying. She doesn't really know how to read lips, which it occurs to her now that it might be a good trait to pick up, so she really has to concentrate on the way his lips are moving in order to try and understand what he's saying. He keeps saying it over and over again, to make sure that she is going to be able to get whatever message that he's trying to say.

Hinata concentrates hard on his lips, trying to read it, hoping his enunciation was good enough that she'll be able to understand it. She moves her lips like his, over and over again, trying to figure out what he's saying. "Be... careful..." she whispers, lilac colored eyes widening in shock. He was worried about her standing so close to the flames and he wanted her to be careful not to get burned.

What kind of horrible, terrible monster would care about the safety of those on the "enemy" side?

Maybe her father and brother were wrong in believing that he was so terrible. Maybe, just maybe, Madara was right in being conflicted over how he should feel about the Senju clanleader. Hinata can say with near certainty that her father wouldn't express concern for the safety of a Senju if he was here right now. She's not even sure her father would agree to helping put out the flames, he would probably be more interested in taking this moment to go after the Senju while they were distracted, probably claiming that Uchiha couldn't be hurt by the flames.

Which would be a total lie. Uchiha may not be as affected by heat but fire still burns anyone.

Hinata nods slowly, not sure what else to do, but when she realizes that he probably wouldn't have been able to see such a small reaction, so she nods more assuredly. Hashirama's mouth closes, nodding back at her, relieved that she was able to get the message.

She douses another bit of the flames with a bucket of water before passing it back as Hashirama makes his way over to his little brother. The two of them stand before a line of equally placed buckets of water, before performing a series of hand signs and simultaneously performing a water style jutsu that pulls all of the water out of the bucket and dumps it over the fire, extinguishing it almost immediately.

What little flames that were left were put out quickly by the Uchiha clan. Once the flames were nothing more than black smoke filtering into the air and dissipating into nothing, everything calms down. The two clans lapse into complete silence as they look at one another. Even if now was a pretty good time to launch into a fight, now that the battlefield is soppy wet and the threat of another wild fire has diminished greatly, no one has the strength or desire to do so.

They are safe. Their homes are safe and they were able to work together to stop something positively dangerous from becoming an absolute travesty. The filed is dead and will be for a long time, but it stopped the battle taking place here and stopped it from continuing once the fire was put out. Hinata isn't the type of person that believes that everything happens for a reason, she knows perfectly well how stupid it was for all of them to engage in a battle using fire and lightning on a field that is practically made of combustible material.

They were begging for something to happen. Thankfully everyone appears to be alright for the most part and the battle is done for the day. But in some ways, maybe it was a sign from mother nature that their squabbling has gotten old and that it needs to come to an end.

"Aniki," Hinata says, carrying one of the buckets over to where her two brothers were standing directly across Tobirama and Hashirama Senju, who were staring back at them. "Aniki, lets go home. I think that's enough for today."

Madara doesn't respond right away. He continues to look at Hashirama and Tobirama for a moment, considering something. He stares at Hashirama, reading his posture, and his expression as it becomes easier to do when the smoke filtering from the dead grass dissipates into the air. Finally, Madara sighs, looking over at Izuna and nodding.

"Let's go home."

Mistrustfully, Izuna glares at the Senju across the way, like he didn't trust to turn his back on them for fear of them attacking him. Hinata didn't share in his sentiment. Especially after what Hashirama displayed to her today. She's not willing to believe that now. Maybe he could be lying to her, or his concern is some sort of trick, but she's not sure she believes that.

Either way, enough is enough for today. Her father won't be happy about the retreat, she's sure, but there is nothing he's going to be able to do about it from where he is.

"Madara..." Izuna says slowly, still glaring at the Senju.

"We are going home, Izuna," Madara snaps. "Enough is enough. Today has been hell, lets go home and wind down."

At the intense gaze Madara sends his way, Izuna backs down immediately to the clan heir. "Yes, brother."

Madara signals for the Uchiha clan to head out, including his siblings before sparing a glance back over at the two Senju brothers before turning away and heading home, grabbing one of the buckets accidently left behind. He didn't have it in him to keep fighting. Today was exhausting and they've done enough damage as it is. It's time they go home for now.

"Father is going to be mad," Izuna warns as they make their way home. The three of them walk slowly, side by side.

"Madara was right in ending this without fighting further," Hinata says, looking around Madara to Izuna on their older brother's other side.

Izuna rolls his eyes. "You are too naïve, sister. Fighting is the only way to defeat the Senju."

Hinata frowns at him. "Fighting isn't always the answer, brother. I don't believe the Senju want to continue to fight us. This entire battle has to come to an end. But it doesn't have to be about fighting. There is a peaceful resolution."

Izuna snorts so loud, Hinata's surprised he didn't hurt himself. "There you go again. You believe the world to be sunshine and rainbows, Hinata, but it isn't. It's harsh and cruel and unfair."

"I know that," Hinata insists. She may not be engrossed in the war quite like her brothers are, but she does know what it's like. She's not as ignorant as he would like to believe that she is. "I know you are hoping that you're protecting me, Izuna, b-but you aren't! I am perfectly aware of what's go-going on!"

Izuna glares, stopping. "I highly doubt that."

Hinata stops too, stepping up in front of her brother, looking up into his eyes. "I-I do!"

"Oh, and the st-st-stutter is back. Welcome! I was afraid we would go an entire month without you coming to visit!" Izuna taunts.

Hinata blushes, ashamed. "It only comes out wh-when I'm excited! It's gotten a lot better!" She curls her hands around on the cloth on her thighs, scrunching them up between her fingers.

"Izuna," Madara growls, "enough. Don't be a brat."

"Fine," Izuna concedes. "But the issue isn't how you feel, it's about what has to be done. Hinata, the Senju have to be destroyed. Before they can destroy us!"

"But what if they don't want to d-destroy us?" Hinata insists, her thin brow pulling together. "What if they wanted peace too?"

Izuna scoffs again and Hinata is really starting to hate that sound. Sometimes he can be so condescending. "As if!"

"How can you say that?" Hinata insists. "You don't know how they feel! How can you pretend like that? Have you even spoken to one of them about this?"

Izuna stares down at her with narrowed black eyes. "And what about you? Have you spoken to one of them?"

He caught her. Admittedly, she hadn't. Not a single word. Hashirama spoke to her, but that was across a pillar of fire. So they didn't talk at all, but she still hopes that this is the case. They want to end the war as much as she does. As much as Madara does. She wants to believe it, because she thinks that a part of Madara believes it.

"W-Why do you make it seem like wanting peace is so wrong, Izuna?" Hinata asks, desperately. How could he not want this war to end as badly as she did?

"I do," Izuna insists. Hinata opens her mouth, but he cuts her off before she can say anything, "But that is where things are fundamentally different between you and I, Hinata. You think that this can be stopped by talking. But I know that it can only be stopped by fighting. It's them or us."

Hinata is shocked by his words. He just stares at him with wide, lilac eyes. "Why does it have to be that way...?"

Izuna stares down at her, sympathetically. He reaches out and puts his hands on her shoulders. "I'm sorry, Hinata, but it just does."

"I don't think so," she says softly, looking sad.

"Come on," Madara says, nodding for them to follow. "Lets go home."

"Alright," Izuna says, pulling his hands back and moving to follow after his brother. Hinata takes up the rear, her head bowed down low. She still doesn't understand why it has to be this way, it feels like simply talking it out could help them find peace. It doesn't have to be destruction. She refuses to believe that.

They continue walking in silence, able to see their fellow clansmen up ahead, talking amongst themselves as they near their home once more.

"Father is going to be so mad that you," Izuna says again.

Madara groans in annoyance, glaring back at Izuna. "He can blow it out his ass. Now shut up."