To be edited to add on more to this chapter at a later time. Getting this out as is to allow those curious to know I've not given up on this.

The Fourth Era...

"Already I see our forces have pushed back these peons..." Nevidam said as he strode through the wounded set off to the side in a corridor being tended to by mages and their comrades. "It appears that way my lord." Lassicilica said as she walked along said Nevidam through the wounded, some raising their fists in salute. "Long live the King!" A Nord yelled before he collapsed back onto his back, losing consciousness. "Hmm... I suppose Krogen and Aenarlam should be congratulated on their job well done in training this army." Nevidam said before he left the corridor and before him, his army stood, clad in dwemer armour, forged in Blackreach by the forgemasters and their lord, they certainly looked more frightening than the Imperials did.

"We should get moving. The messengers? They've left haven't they?" Nevidam asked Lassicilica as he walked to the head of the army with his staff, a sphere guardian and a steam centurion joining behind him and Lassicilica. "Yes, my lord. They've made it clear, the first one left through Alftand, the other left through Raldbthar. They'll reach Solitude and Windhelm in a couple days. However I'm certain we'll have these fools beaten back soon." Lassilica said and bowed her head before going back behind the lines. So. The glory of putting down these attackers belonged solely to Nevidam and his forces. "Then. We shall break them." Nevidam said before he turned around and faced his men who now closed ranks after Lassicilica had went back behind the troops.

"Soldiers of the Dwemer Empire! Nord battle brothers and sisters! Imperial brother and sisters! Elven brothers and sisters! Today we fight not for the Dwemer Empire, but for all of Tamriel! The foes before us are not from the Imperial legion, nor the stormcloaks! Though dressed similar they are not the same! So worry not, you're not fighting brothers and sisters of which many of you may know. You fight one of an empire far away! We shall break these scum like an ancient steel blade upon our mighty brass! We shall not rest until they all lay down their weapons and submit! And the other powers of Skyrim will finally come to the negotiation table and end this civil war, we shall be the ones to head these talks as after today our powers shall never again be questioned! We shall have peace, hard fought and won! Stories and songs shall be written and sung of the men of brass who put an end to a war by fighting another! Now my brothers and sisters! Today is a good day to die!" Nevidam yelled, raising his staff to the air and the army before him let out three cheers before Nevidam turned and pointed his staff out to the doors leading to the outside. "Let today be remembered forever in the minds and hearts of those who hear of it! With me my brothers and sisters!" Nevidam yelled before the army took that as their marching orders and began advancing with spears at the ready, behind their King.

Nevidam walked ahead of his forces with his steam centurion and sphere guardian beside him. His cape fluttering as the cold breeze of Skyrim's north had hit his eyes through the two vision holes in his mask. As Nevidam was the first out he was targeted by Saderan archers who let off a barrage of arrows before his troops rushed ahead and used their shields to prevent an arrow from striking their leader, after the barrage had ended, they broke ranks and Nevidam pointed his staff of lightening at the archers above and struck them with lightening causing them to fall off the bridges above. During this his troops broke ranks around their King, advancing up the stairs using their shields for cover while the archers got a taste of their own by Dwemer sphere guardians who followed the main organic forces of Nevidam's army out of Mzinchaleft.

Lassicilica came out with both the Generals as the fighting had finally reached the outside of Mzinchaleft, the steam centurions in single file lines followed and went up the stairs to join the fighting, that was one advantage Nevidam's army had. The Animunculi of the Dwemer served Nevidam's whims. Where if interacted with beforehand, these machines would've surely killed people like Lassicilica and Nevidam's generals, however with them under Nevidam's command they conformed to serve him and the appropriate ranks. Being the Generals and officers of Nevidam's army. Though the lower ranks did have access to the spider workers. Nevidam started up the stairs leading out of the "ruins" of the Dwemer city, bodies littered the way, namely bodies of the enemy. Nevidam couldn't be more proud of his men.

"Krogen! I know you're behind us, as are you Aenarlam. Your forces are exceeding my expectations. Good work." Nevidam said before he stopped halfway up the stairs to see his assumption was correct, Krogen, the Orc, and Aenarlam, the Nord were following behind Lassicilica. Both bowed their heads to Nevidam, speaking in unison. "Thank you, my lord!" The two shouted out while the cries of the dying and the shouts of those fighting could be heard. "Hmm... Well we should join our forces. Is the pincer coming up the lift?" Nevidam asked and Aenarlam raised his head. "Yes, my lord. The pincer with the Animunculi are already on their way with some of our reserves, given the large size of our foe and our own force, it's best to let the Animunculi do a majority of the hard work. But no doubt after this battle word will spread and many will seek to join us... As I already suspect, our lord wants to take the fight to our foes on the other side of the large structure I mentioned our forces gained control of earlier." Aenarlam said and Nevidam smiled under his mask.

"Indeed. You are right on that assumption." Nevidam said as he continued up the stairs, hearing the sounds of his beloved machines putting the foes of his rule down. ..It was strangely calming to him. But regardless. He secretly could only wonder what he could do with a sort of Numidium of his own. One like the Dwarves were intending to design, instead of wasting the heart of Lorkhan on that foolhardy chase for immortality. Letting out an audible sigh at his wistful thinking he could only wish for such a thing, and know. It'd not be achieved. Not in his life time anyway. Leaving the ruins, Nevidam saw as the full scope of the battle was taking place, a nearby stormcloak camp had decided to join in the battle and just as where the stormcloaks go, the Imperials were sure to follow. ...Atleast Nevidam's story would hold up with the other sides commanders when his messengers reach their destinations.