Wanna done this a long time ago.

Well I will do it the hand and pushing the keys.

I give to you an UNDERTALE CYOA SI !


Yeah not that amazing is it.

*The door is suddenly opened when a mummy and a floating gem came in*

Cipher: Of course its not, Undertale is not that amazingly well liked by anybody.

Lahela: I agree with Cipher on this one. Why did you even thought this was a good idea anyway ? I means Undertale is basically dead.

TGWMUDs: HEY! Its not dead, its still alive, its just you know, ruined by the evil fandom.

Cipher: Nonetheless why did you decided that a CYOA SI Undertale fanfic was a good thing again ?

TGWMUDs: Its because almost everything about this fandom is just based around the game, nobody even bother to make an OC that is not either a human or... thats it I think, there arent any monster OC fanfic out there.

Cipher: Huh so its like "The 2 Angels In the World Of Heroes" where you make it because you wanted monster to get some spotlight although this time is mainly because of the lack of OCs.


Lahela:... well anyway, what did you wanted to ask us again ?

TGWMUDs: do my job for me while I go and take a drink.

Cipher:..really thats it? We could be hu-*Get cutoff*

Lahela: Lets just get this over with.

*Ahem*"Disclaimer: The Author,The Guy Who Makes Unfair Deals, doesnt own Undertale nor the CYOA and the arts mentioned belongs to Toby Fox and the CYOA and arts belong to its respected creator."


Third Person POV

On normal earth,in a sunny day, at a completely random house, a boy can be seen playing the video game known as "Undertale".

"Come one Come one*sounds of rapid keyboard pressing**Sounds of a heart breaking* DAMN IT ! I WAS SOOO GODDAMN CLOSE !" Screamed the boy as his character was killed in a battle with an oddly weird and creepy looking tv? tree? Monster? I do not know, but its a weird looking flower monster.

The Boy in question is quite "special", in a sense that he would stand out in the crowd, he has messy white hair, blue eyes, currently wear a blue T-shirt and black shorts. His name is Decisus but his friends just call him Decis.

He has what people would call a fairly good looking face for someone who has only lives for 15 years in his life.(AN:He looks like 'rise of the guardians' jack frost after he get frosty, but looks like a younger version instead[although thinking of him in anime like style looks better but you can still preceive him in 3D animation style if you wants to]).

He lives in a normal home with caring parents btw.

Although his family couldnt be called a rich family,he is still a well fed kid. But hes no spoiled brat though,hes know how to hit and knows how to hit real good. Hes a swordsman in training under his grandfather after all.

He still works to help his family though, hes pretty nice to his parents, friends, basically anyone who he deem trustworthy, although it doesnt mean that he treats other people less nice though.

However hes also a pretty chill(AN:Pun intended) dude so when there are moment when he rage out like this is pretty rare and special.

But unfortunately for him this is one of those special moment where he have things to make him angry.

"This is like the 500th TIMES HE GODDAMN BEATED ME! AND THIS WAS THE CLOSES I HAVE EVER CAME TO BEATING HIM !" Screamed Decis up to what could only presumed to be god.

As he slowly calm down and slump down to his table where his PC is. He thought to himself as he slowly breath in and out.

'Oh come on Decis just get over this, its just a game, you can beat this stupid flowey sometime later'.

Slowly he rises up and looks at his clock.

'Only 20 more minutes before its homework time huh. Well I guess some fanfiction would be a good thing to read'.

Because he though that after playing Undertale reading somestuffs of it would be fun.

So he typed up Undertale fanfiction and clicked search,however instead of your usual fanfiction archives an interesting option appeared at the top of the search page.

"Undertale Jumpchain huh? Well that sounds interesting". He spoke out loud as he stared at the top link.

'This isnt even related to what I was searching for, but it looks interesting too, you know what might as well try it out you know, it looks pretty suspicious but the anti virus defense that I downloaded is pretty good anyways so yolo!'.

He though to himself as he slowly move his mouse over to the link and clicked.

(AN:search up Undertale Jumpchain CYOA)

A white screen appeared with black tex:

"Long ago 2 races ruled over the earth:


One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later..."


'Wells thats new, I am not too familiar with this, Undertale CYOAs are fairly rare after all'. He thought as he clicked the option box.

More options appeared with a [1000CP] more on the top right of the screen.

'It seems fairly advanced, no, too advanced for a CYOA, normally CYOA wouldnt be this advanced, this seems too suspicious, but I will continue anyway, I can just click off when things start to seem too weird, the anti virus has not warn me yet so lets just yolo this but also DETERMINATION is a good thing to have as humans and I am determined to know what this is, although I think this is like a game I think'. He chuckled at the pun while his hand slowly scrolled down and see that at the first sentence implied that he needed a couple of dices for this.

'Rolling dices huh ? Well lets me get the things first' He thought as he get off the chair and went to find his dices.

A few moments later

'Roll' With that He throws the dice and watch as it spins and slowly came to a stop with the big result of...

'1... well the Ruins is good enough I guess.' Seemingly satisfied with the result he clicked on the 1st option of The Ruins as the he finished his choice the screen changes to.


'Genders... I am keeping my old one of male thanks you very much.' He sweat dropped at the first option...'Who would even think about choosing that thing...'

'There looks to be some interesting choices.' He though as he looked through the option.

'Hm, Sure Drop-in is convenient but it feel too weird to just suddenly appear like that.'

'Caretaker is a good pick for a nice Undertale character but being like that just makes other people relies on me too much, not really good for me too if Frisk decided that they will put their curiousity over their morals.'

'Shopkeeper huh ? Well if I wanted to be lazy like sans and wanted to be basically unharmable it would be great, but then again I could just be boned when all the customers die out in the genocide run.'

'Scientist, its actually pretty good if I want to support and helps Alphys or maybe save Gaster from falling in the core, or just built crazy weapons I guess, however I am not 'nerdy' enough for it, being a scientist would probably means sitting on a table, drawing blueprints and making tests for like hundreds of times, so nope, I want some actions'

'Entertainer is a big NO, since I literally break apart under pressure.'

'Fallen human is just generic, beside being a fallen human is risky since in here it doesnt tells me wherether I have a save file like Frisk or not, so no to that, also it costs 200 cp...thats too expensive.'

'That all left just Royal Guard...This is too one sided...most people would just choose this and you know what I am most people...probably.' The reason for this is only because of him being trained by his grandfather in sword fighting but also because he always got a thing for cool samurai and knight armor. And with his decision set he moved the mouse and *click*.


'Monsters, too normal; Dog is just weird; temmie is even weirder, 'Hi, I'm BoB' cant even get it to goes back up so another no.'

'Ghost however...' He looked at the option with eyes of stars, not because he likes ghost but because of the option that it came with.

'A ROBOT BODY ! AND THERES A CUSTOMIZABLE OPTION FOR IT TOO ! HELL YEAH !' screamed chibi Decis as he danced in his head due to the awesomeness of this option.

Lets me tell you something this boy likes samurai and knight armor but the thing he likes above them is robotic samurai and/or knight armor !

So immediately he clicked it and began customizing his 'body'.

And to say he didnt goes crazy with it was an understatement. Unlike what you would expect with these type of cartoonish styled show, he customized his body enough to be in a realistic movie or action/bloody anime.

The end result is a a red cyclop samurai, with 2 red shoulder pad that has 2 angels wing symbol on them.

Heavily armored red armors and 2 red swords to come with it.(AN: Samurai Robot Evolution made by CGlas, the head is the 1st form, the body is the 3rd form,the shoulder pads are of the 2nd form, the legs is the 3rd form and the swords are the giant version, but the 2 red swords are only a little bigger than the 2nd form's pair of swords, basically instead of being berserker's dragon slayer sized its Overlord's Momon's blades sized)

After that he basically finished his Races selection and click continue, completely ignoring the last 2 options.


As he read through the options, he thought 'Well now that I have a cool robot body to cope with, lets pick Blessing of toby Fox for the cool music.'

He clicked the option and a music choice pop up.

'Huh nice?' He though as he slowly write down the music that he wanted.

[Battle music]:One Punch Man-The Cyborg Fights

'Bravery, since its funny and its free anyway so why not eh?'

'DETERMINATION is a must have since that basically means that I have 2 lifes.'

'Dont really need 'Get Back Here!', I can chase anyone without it and they would get tired way before me anyway, the whole thing with being a robot and all. But I will still get it for the sake of catching someone quickly.'

'Definitely 'Battle with a True Hero', not only for being a good choice to suit my character but also because of the bonus it gives, like seriously thats not only 3 lifes but also gives me a chance to beat them with said last life, also since I am a robot the draw back of not being able to fight anymore for the rest of the stories basically doesnt exist since I can just get myself repaired'. He choosed the option with a fast *click*

After that a new page pop up.


'Choosing the Weapon Magic twice is a good thing to do, I also needs to take Bullet Patterns since its also free, also Magnifying Magic.' He thought.(*Dark voice* I will be changing the Magnifying from 300 down to only 200 cp)

The Reason as to this is because he plans to use all of those 4 to make some really crazy combos.

After that he finished his Magic set and clicked continue.


'I dont think I needs any Companions' And with that he clicked continue.


'Still dont think I need any, although the Giant Sword is good I already have enough swords with my magics and build in swords, but then again...Its a freaking giant sword...'.He continued on but now with a Giant Sword for his character instead. However due to this he has to came back to his character and remove 1 build in sword. He then customized his big sword appearance, but then just settled with an oversized normal sword that he then continued after he has finished the sword and equipped it.


'Well this is easy 'Taste is indescribable' since I am not going to be cooking to anyone soon and I am sure that a robot should be able to eat anything for just energy.'

'Lost Souls because I dont got any companions so win win.'

'Hm...My build is balanced enough...1300 point to 1300 point'.

'Well that should be it I thinks' as Decis clicked finish and waited he cant help but feels some dread crawling around him as the page loads.

And then the world goes dark.

Meanwhile in a Jump-chan's room(AN:This is a mostly made up part as it is not canon in the internet in anyway, but I feel like it works anyway. Its my way of viewing the R.O.B ,the Jump-chans and other internet deities)

"YAY! Another Jumper has entered my Jumpchain !" Cheered a cute little bunny girl while laying down on a billow happily writing down on her note another name in the people she managed to Jumpchained.

*Suddenly her dimensional door was blown open* This caused the entity to stands up from her works and Readied her power.

"Whos there ?! Show yourself, also how has you get here ?!" Shouted the Omnipotent Entity as she scanned for the intruder before widening in shock as who it was.

"Impossible...The Outcast..."Said the goddess slowly as the hole that was in her dimension slowly pour black flame out.

The Flame Quickly Manifested 2 red glowing eyes and a fanged smile while looking at the little bunny goddess.

This was the Outcast, the being that was one of the top 10 most powerful R.O.B(AN: it doesnt stand for Random Omnipotent Bastard but instead stands for Ruler Of Blanks although they are basically the same level but with just different names) class deities, a classification above the Jumpchain deities,and was one of its most benevolent and kind deities, however due to unknown reasons he has some how became mad and was then renamed The Outcast.

That was because he actually lets his 'mortals' become High level R.O.B class and Jumpchain class deities, as such caused major havoc within the Omnipotent community.

And so he was out casted by the others, but even then hes still wander around and continue to cause chaos to the other deities. But they never can catch him due to some unknown reasons.

Also if it help to understand his personality, his slogan was 'It doesnt matter how much Death And Chaos was caused as long as you have fun while doing it then all is right'.

"Ah so you knows about me, good, then you knows what to do, gives me the control to your Jumpchainers and relinquish your omnipotent status." Said the Outcast in a deep dark voice that seem to make EVERY MULTIVERSE IN THE DIMENSION TO SLOWLY ROT.

"How about no ?"Answered the Goddess as she stared defiantly at him knowing full well that even though she is one of the high class Jumpchainer entities she still cant compare to the being infront of her.

"Well then I hope you are good at being candies"

"wait wh-" Was all the Jump-chan can say before being eaten by the dark flame.

As the flame leaves the area where she was standing at all that was left is a bunny candy. A portal opened up beneath the candy where it were sent to a ophanage in a random mortal world where the child that eat said candy proceed to become a Jumpchainer level entity and caused alot of chaos to the dimension near the baby.

"HaHaHaHa! I always liked how mortals abuse their powers, now let changes something here and there will the time for this guy is changed, the way he enter the world is also changed."He spoke as he picks up the note and changes the time date as to when Decis,many others shall arrives in their destination.

"Then remove that stupid 10 years limit thing and give all of them the ability to universal jump after they have finished the story, let them all have shattered limiters

and then-..."

Monster Kingdom's territory year 1247

In a forest within the territories of the monster kind a red robot samurai can be seen lying down on the grass.

His one and only eye flickering slowly as he came back to consciousness.

He then proceed to sit up while looking around taking in his location before he spoke.

"Where am I?" however instead of the voice he was looking for he found a deep robotic tone that greeted.

"What happened to my voice" asked the robot samurai who was once a human named Decis.

That mark the first chapter of this Undertale CYOA.

How was it ? Pretty good right ?

I actually went for the none complicated route this time unlike my Worm CYOA where its alot more complicated.

Welp TGWMUDs is out !

Remember to leaves some reviews on how this was !















































Cipher: Huh so thats your real idendity.

The Outcast:...

Lehala: You are a big softie for all your 'madness' you know that right?

The Outcast: *chuckle* maybe so but however it is still for pure fun only, I did not do that for charity you knows.

Cipher: but you still did it to us and them.

The Outcast:...