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Chapter 1. A New Friend.


"Anything?" asked Zordon watching Alpha 5 pacing. The robot was picking up some human habits from the new rangers.

"No. The rangers are looking for Rita's power coin on days they aren't training." replied the small droid.

"It needs to be found, Rita's evil may have corrupted it and whoever finds it could be in mortal danger."

"Master Billy came up with a search grid for Angel Grove, they still have a lot of ground to cover."


Trini watched Jason and Kim walk away together after training. The two of them had been growing closer since they had defeated Rita.

The whole group had become good friends defending Angel Grove. Jason the Red Ranger who used to be a football hero until he'd gotten into trouble. Pink Ranger Kim was an ex cheerleader, Trini had to admit to a slight crush on her when she had first transferred until she had knocked some guy's tooth out. Billy was the sweetest and smartest guy she had ever met, he would do anything for any one of them and he was the Blue Ranger that left Zack the crazy Black ranger, but a nice type of crazy.

Trini sighed as she headed home. She wanted what Kim and Jason had. They weren't a couple yet but she would bet money on it happening. Soon.

And Trini was the Yellow Ranger, for the first time in three years she had real friends but if her parents even thought she was interested in a girl they'd pack up and move.


That couldn't happen now that she was a ranger. The last thing Rita had said was that others would come for the Zeo Crystal. Zordon their leader and an ex-Red Ranger until he died fighting Rita, believed her. His essence or spirit had been saved in the ship that was now their base. It was surprising how fast she'd gotten used to his giant head moving along a wall. He was also a pretty nice guy, he'd saved Billy.

"What's up, crazy girl?"

Trini grinned at Zack, "Babysitting my brothers. You?"

"Babysitting my mom."

Trini knew he was kidding, he loved his mom. "See you tomorrow."

"You know it." Zack fist bumped her before setting off in the opposite direction. He was the first one to guess that she was gay. Under that fearless exterior was a heart of gold.

Her brothers had made a skateboard ramp on the drive. So she did her homework outside to keep an eye on them.



That was the only time she felt normal. Her new normal felt anything but.

Eight months ago everything changed though she was lucky her mom had a twin sister who had instantly offered her a new home. Her aunt Meg was married to Jack and they had a son her age called Tommy.

New family.

New school.

A lot of adjusting. The one good thing about Angel Grove, it was by the ocean and Alyssa loved water, she always had. She had been Captain of her old school's swim team. That was another thing she had lost. She spent a lot of time snorkeling, she didn't go too far off shore. Alyssa had always wanted to be a marine biologist, that at least was still possible and she loved exploring the ecosystem around Angel Grove.

It was almost time to go home, she was still getting used to calling the Oliver's house home.

There was just enough time for one last dive. Alyssa took a deep breath and went under and as she neared the bottom she saw a glint of green.


Trini slid into her desk and sent a smile to Kim as she pulled her books out. She watched Tommy Oliver and his cousin arrive just before the bell rang, he was carrying her book-bag as usual. Alyssa Bennett had been on crutches when she transferred a few months back. Trini had watched as the ginger haired girl struggled, now she walked with a heavy limp though today the limp was much less noticeable. Alyssa sat in the desk next to hers, for the first time Trini realized her eyes were light green, her freckles were cute too.

Trini shook her head, she was not going there. She couldn't but when she glanced over Alyssa smiled at her. It would be totally rude not to smile back. Right?

Lunch time in the cafeteria was chaos. Trini usually ate her lunch outside. The rangers didn't hang out together at school bar the odd quick meeting. Jason and Kim shared a table as both were ex superstars at school. Billy was with his nerdy friends, she wasn't sure if Zack was even at school today. Wondering why she had chosen to eat inside she spotted Alyssa sat by herself.

Why not. There were no rules about being friends.

"This seat taken?"

"It's a free country."

Trini dropped her book-bag on her foot, "Oh, my….I am so sorry."

"It's fine there's nothing wrong with my foot."

"Thank God," said Trini taking a mouthful of her drink.

"The rest of my leg however has so many plates and pins in it I couldn't walk through a metal detector naked."

Trini choked at that image, when she stopped coughing she noticed the smirk on Alyssa's face. Her gaydar hadn't pinged Alyssa but apparently hers had pinged her. She needed to change the subject.

"What happened?"

Alyssa looked down at her leg, "Car accident." She wasn't ready to elaborate, hell she still struggled with talking about it with her shrink. She felt a gentle hand on her arm.

"If you want to talk I'm here." The offer was so genuine Alyssa had to swallow a few times before she could speak. "Thanks."

Trini was kicking herself for bringing up an obviously painful subject, "Have any plans this afternoon?"

"No why?"

"I know a great Ice cream place," said Trini, "Let me make up for my foot in mouth disease."

"You don't have to, it's not your fault I can't talk about…." Alyssa waved her hand at her leg.

"What if I asked you because I would like to get to know you better?" No matter what Trini had thought being a power ranger had taught her to trust her instincts and this felt like the right thing to do.

"Like a date?" asked Alyssa, it had been a long time since she'd had one of those.


"Okay, I think I'd like that."

"Good," beamed Trini. This was going to be so complicated but she knew it was going to be worth it. Now she just had to ask Kim if she could borrow her car. Ice cream with Alyssa then drop her off at home pick up Kim so they could cover more of Billy's grid search. The longer it was lost the more likely some innocent bystander would find it and end up hurt or dead.


A/N. I admit I love the Power Rangers. The new movie did spark off the idea for this. I'll show my age and say I watched the first Power Rangers movie way long ago. A have a few ideas for this but how they fit together is a mystery at the moment. My brain will work them together in it's own weird and wonderful way. The reason I'm having Alyssa is over the years the Power rangers series often has 6 rangers but to my memory there's never been a 3 guy 3 girl team but Tommy is still in it, just not as the green ranger. And I'm picking Trini as my main character coz when I watched the movie my jaw dropped when they made her gay. So yeah I hope some folks like this. Please review. Have fun T-Rex :)