Trini woke the next morning to a message from school saying it would be closed for the rest of the week due to a flood in the basement that had shorted out all the lights and power. The yellow Ranger was perfectly happy to roll over for another hour or two.

By the time she got up she was alone in the house, her parents were at work and her little brothers at school. She knew it was a chance for them to continue with their search for the green power coin. Though being teenagers she guessed more than one of the others would still be sleeping and decided to call Alyssa to see if she wanted to get brunch. Tommy answered the phone and told her his cousin was still in bed. Knowing how badly her girlfriend had been sleeping lately and hung up. Maybe she'd call again later.

When she reached Zordon's ship at midday it was a hive of activity.

"What's happening?"

"Last night we picked up readings down town," replied Alpha excitedly waving his arms.

"From the power coin?"

"Yes, it's location coincides with an attack last night." added Zordon. "Whoever has the coin in their possession left the area immediately afterwards."

"Can't you track them?" asked Trini, she was standing in a spaceship for crying out loud. "Was anybody hurt?"

"Paramedics were called to the scene."

"We have no further information," concluded Alpha.

"How did you lose them?"

"It appears that the assumption that it is slowly taking control was accurate," replied Zordon, looking thoughtful.

"I can hack into the police database," said Billy from behind her, making her jump.

"Won't they be able to detect that?"

"No." Billy sounded confident.

"Do it," said Zordon. Alpha went and got something resembling a laptop and gave it to the teenager.

While Billy was doing that Trini called the other Rangers.

Kim was the last to arrive and by then Billy had the information they needed.

"The area has been under police surveillance for the last few months," said Billy as Alpha projected a map of Angel Grove.

"Why?" Jason was sat in his usual spot next to Kim.

"Drug dealers."

"So the person who found the power coin is a criminal?" asked Zack.

"Or was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Trini wasn't sure why she felt compelled to defend the unknown green ranger.

Kim realised what her friend was thinking, "Maybe THEY were attacked and it was self defense?"

"It does seem like the power only took them over when they were in danger," added Billy. "The power could be dormant again."

Zordon sighed, "Even if you're correct it won't stay dormant for long and each time it takes control it will become stronger."

"What happened last night, dude." Zack moved so he could read over the blue ranger's shoulder, "Oh….that is not good."

"What?" Trini could tell Zack wasn't doing it to mess around, he was reading something bad.

"There were four dudes and two of them are dead and those two were torn apart."

"Shit," muttered Kim.

Trini felt ill even if they could find and help the person responsible they would have to live with what they had done.

"Do the cops have any suspects?" asked Jason, curiously.

"Absolutely none."

"That's good it means we can deal with them ourselves."

"When you say deal, what do you mean exactly?" asked Trini.

"That will depend," said Jason honestly.

"On what?"

"If they surrender or not."


Alyssa slept all day and by the time she groggily sat up it was almost bedtime again. On her bedside table was a sandwich and a glass of water. Her aunt Meg was awesome she just didn't feel like she deserved it. She ate after she showered then lay back down. For a while she stared at the ceiling trying to remember how she'd got home last night. She must've been running on pure adrenaline to get away from those goons. Probably passed out as soon as she got back, it would also explain how sore and stiff she was.

"I hope Tommy's bike is okay." She stood up and glanced out of the window, her cousin's bike was on the lawn. It looked like it was intact, she heaved a sigh of relief.

It was a little late to call Trini. If school was still closed maybe they could hang out, she could take her girlfriend swimming, in the water she didn't have to worry about her leg though very few people had seen the scarring from the accident. She decided to text Trini and ask if she was free tomorrow. The reply was almost immediate saying she was.

Alyssa was up early the next morning and made a picnic lunch for the two of them Tommy had offered to drop her off at the beach. She had arranged to meet her girlfriend there at midday.

Tommy teased her all the way then helped her to carry everything to the beach, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Alyssa blushed and punched his shoulder. "You'd need a girlfriend first."

Tommy laughed and left with a wave. She watched him drive away and then spotted Kim's car pull into the vacant space, Trini got out and thanked the ex cheerleader for the lift.

Alyssa smiled as Trini carried her bag and towel to the picnic blanket.

"Wow." The Yellow Ranger had never had anyone treat her like this. "This is amazing."

"My Lady," Alyssa raised Trini's hand to her lips and kissed it, "Do you want to swim then we'll eat." She watched as Trini pulled her hoodie off then her T-shirt, lastly she slid her jeans down to reveal a dark blue swimsuit.

"Like what you see?" teased Trini, her heart beating faster from the look in the other girls eyes.

"Very, very much." Alyssa shed her clothes, she was wearing her favorite black swimsuit underneath, she held out her hand and when Trini linked their fingers together, picked up two diving masks and led the way into the waves.

The Yellow Ranger deliberately didn't look down at her friend's injured leg.

Alyssa handed one of the masks over, "I forgot to ask if you can swim?" Trini laughed. "Ever been diving?"

"" She wouldn't count swimming in her power armour and she couldn't tell her girlfriend anyway.

For the next hour Trini was introduced to a whole new side of Angel Grove. While she and Kim had been in the ocean searching for the power coin she hadn't really paid much attention to her surroundings, this time she followed the other girl to holes in rocks where little fish lived and so many different types of seaweed that she quickly lost count. Alyssa was so at home in the water and could hold her breath for a long time. Trini had to surface far more than she needed too to maintain the illusion that she was just a normal teenager.

Eventually they stood in the shallows, "That was….." Trini couldn't think of a word that described how she felt, "Thank you for sharing that with me."

"Anytime." Alyssa smiled and gently pulled the shorter girl closer for a kiss.

Trini pulled back first needing to breathe, her girlfriend was panting too they needed to slow down.

"I saw food earlier," said Trini towing Alyssa towards the picnic, "It looks great."

It was a mixture of fruit and assorted sandwiches it wasn't fancy. Alyssa sat down and wrapped one towel around her shoulders and patted her legs dry.

"You can look, you know."

Trini over uncertainly, "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

"You make me feel normal."

The Yellow Ranger decided to take a chance, "What happened?"

For a long moment Alyssa was quiet, "At my old school I was in the swim team. I was pretty popular, honestly it went to my head and I was a bitch." She felt the other girl take hold of her hand and give it a gentle squeeze. "There was a party that my mom said I couldn't go to but I snuck out anyway." Her voice was beginning to shake, "Someone spiked everything and I got real sick….One of my friends called my mom, I don't remember much. Next thing I do I'm in hospital. A deer had run out in front of a car on the other side of the road and they crashed into us. Our car flipped and mom didn't make it."

Trini had no idea what to say so she hugged the other girl, no wonder she couldn't sleep if she kept reliving this every night.

"It's my fault," whispered Alyssa brokenly, "If only I'd stayed at home."

"Your mom loved you," said Trini softly.

"How do you know?"

"It's a mom's job to love their kids even when they screw up." The two girls sat silently for a while holding each other.

"Sorry," said Alyssa, pulling away, "I wanted today to be special."

"It was special," Trini gently cupped her girlfriends face, "Thank you for trusting me."

"You're the first person I've told who didn't already know," admitted Alyssa threading her fingers into Trini's hair encouraging the Ranger to move till she was straddling the taller girl. "You really had a good time?"

"Yes." To prove it Trini kissed her causing them to fall over. She blushed as Alyssa wagged her eyebrows before pulling her back down for another kiss or twenty.

They were packing the picnic stuff away when Kim arrived to take them both home, Kim had offered when she found out that Tommy would have to come back for his cousin.

Kim grinned at the two girls walking to her car holding hands. She was so happy for her friend, her only worry was...what would happen if Trini's parents found out.

As soon as the two Rangers were alone Kim told her friend that the cops had no new leads and neither did they.

"Looks like we'll have to wait until something else happens," sighed Kim pulling into Trini's driveway.

"Do you think they know what they did?" asked the Yellow Ranger just before she climbed out of the car.

"I don't think so," replied Kim, "I hope not."

Trini nodded, "Thanks. See you tomorrow?"

Kim nodded, Billy and Alpha had been working on a scanner that could possibly pick up residual energy from the green power coin and they were planning to go to the crime scene. Maybe they would get lucky because the longer it took for them to find the Green Ranger the more dangerous they would be and much harder to help them. Rita had chosen her path whoever had her coin now did not.

The Rangers needed to find them.



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