Shorter chapter but I hope you enjoy! Thanks to everyone who's read this and enjoys it! It really does mean a lot to me! Also for those of you wondering about Emily- don't worry we will be seeing her again! It might be a little while but I do have plans for her!

Chapter Forty Eight

"This is actually a pretty solid job." Lupin mumbled as he looked at the cloth wrapped around Ron's leg. He pulled out his wand and muttered, "Ferula." Even more bandages wrapped around Ron's leg, tightening over the bindings I had done by hand.

He reached a hand out to Ron and pulled the ginger to his feet, Ron not even wincing as he gingerly put his weight on his foot.

"That's better. Thanks." Ron sighed looking exhausted.

"What about Professor Snape?" Hermione asked in a small voice. We all looked over to Snape's limp figure.

"There's nothing seriously wrong with him." Lupin said, checking Snape's pulse. "You were just a little… over enthusiastic. Still out cold. Er- perhaps it will be best if we don't revive him until we're safely back at the castle. We can take them like this…"

Lupin muttered a spell and as though invisible strings were attached to Sanpe, he was pulled into a standing position. He was a few inches off the ground, his head lolling around. Lupin then pulled the Invisibility cloak off of the ground and tucked it safely into his pocket.

"And two of us should be chained to this." Black snarled, nudging Pettigrew who was on the ground- wrapped in cords bound and gagged. "Just to make sure."

"I'll do it." Lupin offered.

"And me." Ron and I both said at the same time. I narrowed my eyes at the redhead.

"You're injured." I muttered.

"Cassie's right. Just keep your wand at the ready." Lupin warned before Ron could retort and I walked forwards, ignoring the looks I was getting from the others.

Lupin conjured heavy manacles and soon Pettigrew was upright. His left arm was chained to Lupin's right, and his right was chained to my left. I kept my wand in hand. Pettigrew made my skin crawl but I had to shove shove those feelings down.

We had to get him back to the castle.

Crookshanks led the way out of the Shrieking Shack. It was awkward going down the tunnel while being chained to Pettigrew but I tried to keep focused. I had to ignore the cramping in my body from the tunnel. I had to ignore the heavy stench of body odor that was coming from Pettigrew. The disgust that filled every inch of my body whenever Pettigrew bumped into me. I needed to keep focused.

Finally we made it. Crookshanks darted out first, and after a moment the Shrieking Shack stopped moving, allowing the rest of us to finally stumble out of the tunnel. I, for one, felt relief hit me as the fresh air filled my lungs.

"One wrong move, Peter." Lupin warned, his wand still pointed at Pettigrew's chest.

Lupin caught my eye and I gave a small nod, pressing the tip of my wand into Pettigrew's back. We weren't going to lose him. Satisfied, we started our trek back to the castle.

It seemed like we were going to make it. Until I stumbled into Pettigrew's back about halfway to the grounds.

"No, no, no. no." Pettigrew was mumbling and started to pull at the chains causing me to stumble a bit. "Get back- get back!"

I grabbed onto Pettigrew's shoulders so we both didn't tumble when I saw what he saw. This couldn't be happening.

Lupin had gone completely rigid. His eyes pained, mouth snarled in an almost inhuman way. I could feel my face go pale as I looked up- the full moon was shinning brightly down at us. Almost taunting us.

"Get back!" Lupin snarled and I could hear the cracking of his bones as he started to tremble. Lupin turned to Pettigrew and I, his eyes starting to glow in the night.

We watched in terror as he raised his shaking hand. The skin was starting to split- fur covering it. This couldn't be happening.

"Run." He choked out. The tip on his wand lit up and before I could register what was happening, a sharp push sent both Pettigrew and I flying back- the chains that were holding the three of us together now completely gone.

"Leave it to me! Run!" Sirius yelled and a large black shape bound over Pettigrew and my head.

Sirius, now in dog form, slammed into our Professor who was now snarling- completely transformed. I yanked on Pettigrew's shirt as hard as I could, pulling him back from the fray… But he struggled.

I grunted in pain as Pettigrew's elbow caught my face. I could hear the others shouting behind me yet I kept trying to pull him back- away from the fighting. Away from the- oh.

I froze immediately as Pettigrew pointed Lupin's wand in my face. It was like time stood still. Moonlight shined off of the beads of sweat, dripping off of Pettigrew's pale face. The werewolf and Sirius were fighting just a couple of feet away from us- their snarling, fighting filling the night air.

"Cassie- move!"

Immediately I dove to the side as a spell flew over my head. A loud bang was heard and there was a burst of light. I looked back to see Ron flying back in the air before crumpling onto the ground. Another bang and Crookshanks went flying.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled and Lupin's wand flew high in the air. "Stay where you are!"

I lunged towards Pettigrew- my hand wrapping around his ankle, tripping him up. His other foot shot out and I was sent reeling, cursing as pain blossomed in my face. I couldn't stop myself from coughing which sent a wave of pain through my face and blood flying everywhere... Merlin's beard that hurt.


"Sirius; he's gone! Pettigrew transformed!" I could hear Harry yell.

"Cassie. Merlin, are you alright?" Hermione asked, helping me sit up and I spat out another mouthful of blood, wincing as I pressed my sleeve to my face.

"It' just my nose." I mumbled and slowly let her help me to my feet. "Wha' happen'd- Ron-"

"S-Sirius ran after Lupin. They're fighting." Hermione muttered out as she helped me to where Harry was already sitting next to Ron's limp form.

"What'd he do to him?" Hermione whispered. Ron's eyes were only half open, his mouth hung slightly open. His chest was moving up and down but he didn't seem fully conscious. Aware of what was going on.

"I don't know… He's got a pulse but..." Harry mumbled and then he looked around desperately. It was almost eerily quiet now. Pettigrew had escaped. Lupin and Black were both gone. All we had was Snape, still hanging, unconscious, midair. Unaware of anything that had transpired.

"We'd better get them back to the castle and tell someone." Harry sighed pushing his hair out of his eyes. "Come-"

He cut off as a whining filled the air before being cut off by a yelp. A dog…

"Sirius…" Harry muttered. He glanced over at Ron and I could see the conflict in his eyes.

"There's noth'g we c'n do." I stated and that was all it took.

The three of us took off sprinting down the hill towards the pained yelping. I ignored the cool air nipping at my painful face. Branches stung as we wove through the trees, trying desperately to find Sirius. We needed to make sure Sirius was okay. That he was alive.

The yelling cut off almost as abruptly as it started. Dread filled every inch inside of my body as we slowed to a stop at the lakeshore. Lupin was nowhere to be seen but we could see Sirius at the edge of the water. He was human once again, leaning on all fours to support himself. His body was shaking just from the effort. Bruises and cuts were starting to seep through his raggedy clothing but he didn't pay his wounds any mind. The moonlight reflected off of the lake, giving me a clear view of Sirius' face. Though I almost wish I hadn't seen it.

I followed his line of vision.

It hit me like a brick. All the adrenaline left, coldness instead seeping into my veins as I stared up at the dark cloud that swirled violently towards us. There were at least a hundred of them, coming closer and closer. With how desperate we were, we didn't even realize. We should have realized. Darkness was starting to seep into my vision. I felt my legs buckle from under me and let myself fall.

"-Think of something happy!" I could hear Harry yell but it was so muffled. It was so far away. I felt my body, already weak from blood loss and complete exhaustion start to give in…

I could faintly hear a thud next to me as everything went- dark.