They say the day Orochi was born, Japan had it's first monsoon. Hokkaido, known exclusively as "Ezochi" during the Nara period through the Heian period when it occurred, was never susceptible to such extreme weather. The powerful Japanese storm god Susanoo was blamed by its people, which inspired the name of the latest edition to her dynasty. Orochi would sometimes be labeled as the Demon Queen or the Demon Snake Queen by believers of the rumor that she was a cursed descendant of the reptile with several crowns that Susanoo slain.

The caustic titles haunted poor Orochi; the heiress was beginning to be under the shared impression that she was born bad. The people of Ezochi were skeptical about a potential demon ruling over them. At public events where Orochi was obliged to attend, pedestrians and even a few of her servants would don oni masks covering their cowardly faces from the evil spirits they anticipated. She used to be terrified of the simian faces with tusks in their snarl as a younger princess. Reaching the age when she was informed about their significance made her more sad than anything else. How could a child be evil? How could anyone who has not done anything beforehand be evil?

Burdened by constant negative attention has hardened the nursing heiress but had a terrible impact on her psyche. Orochi was described as forgetful and confusing by servants who witnessed her changing behavior. She had two sides of her character - one was the micheavous grinning princess, one was the indifferent ruthless queen. The alters referred to themselves by their own individual names, Princess Rion and Queen Shion. Rion spoke very fast and liked to be in the nude while Shion had the tendency to hurt herself using medical knives and was responsible for spattering the wooden floorboards with her blood. Together they made Demon Queen Orochi who forbid ever being questioned about this fractured piece of her identity. But by then it was too late... everyone concluded that she was possessed.

A shrine maiden was hired to cure Orochi's poisoned soul, then others were hired to help. Their grueling exorcisms were ambitious but she was a lost cause. Orochi had to be locked away within a magic sword with the assistance of a powerful seal. The most capable of the maidens preformed a ritual which ended in her piercing deep inside the shell of a woman. The public of Ezochi were told that their queen has committed suicide, but her immortal soul was buried alive in the grave of a blade.


Present day, Canada

"We were kings! We were kings!"

Tracy stuffed her aching ears with fingers and depended on her eyes to see if it was safe to hear again. Her brother Jack was break-dancing in their dining room, literally up and doing circles around her. She violently shut the laptop, demanding he stopped instantly. Tracy was far too intelligent to take a free online ancestry tracking test to heart. Even a carbon dating analysis wouldn't convince her that she was a distant relative generations apart to ancient Japanese royalty. It was absolutely preposterous, how could anyone see Jack Tamago as a modern prince? The only thing he could be prince of is prince of annoying, Tracy thinks humorously.

The Japanese-Canada family of Tamago, except the critical Tracy, were engrossed by the idea of royal ancestry. They scheduled a vacation to the Land of the Rising Sun in the month of June; Mrs. Tamago made reservations at a cheap motel that barely had enough free rooms to house them. The plane ride will last around nine hours to land in Hokkaido where they plan to reside for a half a week.

Jack safely packed his Pokemon cards in a double tied rubber-band, in front was a holographic rare card with print written entirely in Japanese symbols. He claims that he intends to make friends with a local that will translate all of his non-English cards. Why he couldn't just google was beyond Tracy, who could barely muster the enthusiasm to have her things ready for vacation. Tracy packed away only one item a month until June approach and her backpack was stuffed to the seam. She was in charge of the plain tickets which may have not been a good idea on her parent's part, because all she could think about was burning them in a lit kitchen stove.