As sunrise approached it shined through Nani's room. Once it had risen, she was no longer asleep. Nani, daily quickly had gotten up to stretch her arms out to get out of bed so she could wake up Lilo so as Nani walked her way towards Lilo's room to knock on the door

"Lilo?", she asked, but ,nobody answered.

At first, Nani thought that Lilo might still be asleep. So Nani decided in a another way to wake her younger sister up, she opened the door in a nicer way.

"Hey you gotta...",Nani had quickly stopped himself.

He realized as she lookon what is on top of Lilo's bed there happens to be no sign of Lilo's body. the next thought that Nani had of what Lilo might be is in the kitchen so she ran downstairs to the kitchen to check but as she looked through the kitchen there was still no sign of Lilo which caused Nani in a frantic search for her as she was calling out

"Lilo!?",throughout the whole house she ran, looking throughout the front yard of the house seeing if she could be there. There was still no sign so Nani had no choice but to go look for her.