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Back then, i could say it started as innocent curiosity with blinded tides. I was naive and unaware of what the world had intended with me, such cruel and beautiful days upon me.

...You on the other hand, lived your innocent moment, the smile of unknown corruption that dared to breach open- lay dormant within your abnormality. Your luck, charisma and devotion has brought you afar keeping your pure heart for the longest you could bear. But once the door opened to a much hidden path that was buried and bandaged up to be sealed away, that is when the monster finally found its way to your corrupted realization.

Pepper found herself going back into the forbidden room, to meet and talk to her new friend in the mirror. The tiny five year old played it smart by sneaking upstairs during her after hours of her bed time, to avoid being spotted by her parent and older siblings. Her father and King had been keeping a close eye on her since the last stunt she pulled with her brother. Setting up more 'Safety' precautions for smaller girl but like always the mischievous little one found a way around them. Determined to speak to her secret friend behind the mirror. She hasn't been caught not once as she swiftly moved in the shadows. Like tonight Pepper slipped out of her bed and out of her bedroom as the clocked ticked at a treacherous hour of 11:00 pm.

Climbing up, and over the stair gates, that had arisen over the past few days. Yet her parents over precaution for her simply just fail as she went through them with ease. Pepper tip toed into the room with caution, closing the door behind her. The room was dark with only a slither of moon light coming from the curtains. The shadows of the aged objects in the room were loomed over the only light, creating an eerie feeling. The raven haired girl despite her age was not frightened by the room's creepy feel, being too naive to be aware.

With a grin the five year old trotted towards the mirror before sitting in front of it with her legs crossed. Her lips curved into a smile as she placed her small palm on the surface of the glass.

"Mister Mirror. I'm back again." she whispered out to the mirror. The glass glimmered to life an instant later to her call.

"Pepper." The mirror voiced.

"Hey Mirror, it's just me, Pepper again." Pepper welcomed the voice.

The voice chuckled at the little girl, "It's nice to see you again Pep, it's a little late isn't it Pepper. Don't you have a bed time?" The raven haired tike bit her lip knowing the voice had pointed that out but let a childish grin meet her features.

"Hehe. Well I kinda had a very long day Mr. Mirror with mama. I tried to come here earlier but Mama wanted to do stuff." The owner's voice peeked at that, "Really, what type of stuff?"

She bit at her lower lip as she began to recall the early events of the day, "Um well after I had breakfast, Mama made me get dressed into some nice clothes she told me that today was special and that we're going to a special place. Mama drove me, big brother, and sister to some place. "

"What was the place called?" Pepper shrugged her shoulders. She couldn't remember if her mother had told her what the place was called or not. She was too marbleized by the number of children there in one place. There were kids walking around with their mother's around the same age as her older siblings. They had run off to partake in the small talk with their peers as Pepper was left with her mother. "The place was really big, bigger than the mall i think and there were kids there too. There were a lot of kids that looked about my age and some around King and Violet's age. I got to meet this nice tall lady that was handing out candy whenever we came into her room. She said she was gonna be my teacher." she gave an unsure gesture as she turned to look at the glass on the wall, "Do you know what that is mister mirror?"

"Know what is?" he repeated blankly to the girl, whom giggled. "A teacher silly. Do you know what that is?"

The voice laughed sheepishly, "Oh that. Well that's quite easy."

Pepper tilted her head in curiosity, "Could you tell me I really would like to know." The raven haired girl could only imagination that the voice in the mirror was smiling, a sweet chuckle vibrating off the mirror.

"Well Pepper a Teacher, can also be known as a Master, sensei or instructor, it all means the same things though. A Teacher is a person that helps you learn new things, like reading, math, umm counting, Abc's..." he trailed off.

"But i already know how to do all that." she pointed out. The mirror seemed to be surprised by this, "Really...?"

"Mamma say's I'm pretty smart for my age but what's the point of going if I know everything?" The raven haired girl eyes downcast a bit. "Well at least I get to play with the other kids."

"Ooh you can make friends, i bet that will be fun." the mirror reassured the five year old, the girl perked right back at that. "Really!" she nearly shouted before clasping her hands over her mouth. She peeked behind her waiting for someone to come through the door. She was unsure somebody heard her; then again everyone was still down stairs.

"I don't think anyone is coming Pepper..." the mirror said in a hushed tone.

"Alright." she whispered back, hesitantly turning back to face the mirror, "Sorry about that..." she apologized. The mirror chuckled sheepishly, making the small girl smile a bit.

"Is alright Pep... just try not to be so loud again."

"I won't i promise..." she whispered as she thought back to their conversation. The little child had never been around children around her age as long as she could remember. She was filled with new hope; she was going to be a huge classroom full of kids like earlier today. The more she thought about it the more she realized the fun possibility. She remembered the toys', snacks, and the huge playground that was outside of the huge building. She could add more friends to her list. She wasn't sure if any of her friends would be as close to her as the mirror, but friends were good to have none the less. The tiny child wondered if her friend had some of his own.

"Mister Mirror do you have friends?"

The reflective surface shimmered at her question,"...Yes, I have quite a few...why do you ask?"

She shrugged her shoulders playfully, tucking her baby hairs behind her ear, "Ya don't say much about you. I talk all the time about the stuff I do cause your my friend, and no one's wants to listen. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't know something about you. Like your friends."

"Aww why thank you Pepper, i wouldn't mind telling you about my friends, it'll be a long story I must warn you." the mirror light hardheartedly warned the girl. Man in mirror indeed had quite a story of his adventures with his friends; some might call out of this world.

The innocent child smiled at her magical friend, she loves the sincere tone in his voice and devoted attention she received from the mirror. There was an instinct in her gut that told her the mirror was good story teller; it was just something about the mirror. "Don't worry I'll listen, I love long story's. Violet use to read me bed time stories but they were all ways too short for me." Pepper scooted closely to the front of the large mirror that stood a broad in its glory, her eyes widen in intent to listen to what story the mirror had for her.

Time skip... three years..

The door shut as quickly as it was open, the bang of the door closing echoed throughout the house. Two older blonds shook their heads as they followed after their younger sibling. The raven haired girl threw her purple backpack aside as she quickly ran up the stairs.

The short haired blond sighed, pushing a hair out of her face, casting a weary look the direction her younger sister had ran off to. "She's such a cry baby sometimes..." her older brother sneered walking off to the kitchen.

A frown appeared on her lips, "Kingston you could have stop those girls from picking on her."

"She could have handled it Violet." The blue iced eyes narrowed at her brother, a growl escaping her lips.

"She's literally freaking eight years old; Pepper really doesn't have a strong self-esteem like we do." The older rolled his eyes, he didn't see the point his sister was getting at. He was aware of the little situation that his sister was going through at school, elementary was a hard time for anyone, kids were meaning. His little tike of a sister had bitten just need a little bark, coddling her would just be waste. Of course they all worried for her because of her small abnormal size compared to other sized eight year old's, but she had hella endurance.

"Don't come whining to me about what I've should have done Violet, she's a smart girl she knows what to do." he told his sister as he disappeared to his room.

Violet sighed at her insensitive brother; he was close to graduating this year and ready to leave the house. The only responsible thing he did with her now-a-day's was picking Pepper up from school. He didn't bother to watch Pepper as much anymore because of the clashing of personality's, Violet spent most of her time tending to her sister when her parents were off at work.

Speaking of which the teen needed to start making her a snack, knowing her little sibling had an odd appetite despite her tiny size. It would only be a matter of time before she came running down those steps dramatically asking where her snacks where at. She didn't know what it was about the room upstairs, which the girl kept coming back there knowing it was off limits. It had been going on three years now; her parents had giving up on telling her not to go up there. It was her safe room in sense; it was unspoken in the family to name it that way, but it kept the girl from staying up so late when everyone was asleep. Violet was sure Pepper had slight insomnia sometimes.

Pepper was an odd one, technically being the little black sheep of the family full of blonde and blue eyes. Being the only raven haired child of the family with eyes so dark it looked as if her no pupils. She vividly remembers the months leading up to her sister's birth. Her mother had barely shown until the last couple of months of her pregnancy were she blew up out of nowhere. It surprised everyone, but the doctor's said it was good that she was finally gaining weight. Violet remembered the day Pepper was born, her mother had went into labor at only six months, nothing could be helped as Pepper was born premature.

As soon as Pepper left the womb doctors took her away to check up on her, being three months late in all. Her loud wails carried strongly throughout the NICU, it would be a whole hour before anyone could see her. Doctors were surprise by the health and strength of the little infant, saying it was abnormal for preemie babies to be so healthy.

The celebration was lived short once the family got a look at her; she was born with totally different physical characteristics than what everyone in the room had. Being born with a wild head full of hair that was coal black and already observant dark onyx eyes staring at objects. Pepper freaked her out a bit, if she wasn't crying she was starring very intensely at her as if she was plotting something, and at times she believed she was. Kingston and their mother often wondered if Pepper was even the right baby, Violet's mother openly asking if they had gotten a mix up.

Her father was quiet not saying a word as her mother debated on wither or not Pepper was their baby, he just study the infant as if he were scared. He denied for a DNA test finally, saying 'I know she is, I feel it in heart that she is the one.' strongly claiming her as a part of the family. Smiling warmly as he cradled the frail girl proactively. Remembering it now her father was... Off that day as if he had come to a realization. He seemed to be most amazed yet terrified at the same time. Her father had always been the one to over emphasize on safety when it came to Pepper, even as she grew crazy strong for a baby. Pepper was the sweet little rebel of the house, her raven head popping everywhere around and nowhere.

The blond hummed to herself, hoping the little rebel would be alright once her and King would be out the house. The girl was already lonely, Violet was more close to Kingston as Kingston was to her. The age group being vastly wide between the three, she wished her rebel of a sister the best as she made the tiny sandwiches.


"I see school didn't go to well today ..."

Pepper shook her head, brushing the tears that covered her redden cheeks. Sitting crossed legged in front of the mirror in her school uniform. Her once pristine white shirt now covered in purple and red juice. The voice of the mirror showed covered inn his voice obviously aware of how upset Pepper was at the moment.

"No it didn't..." She whimpered.

The voice sighed at the eight year old, "Was it Annie again?" The raven haired girl nodded a strong frown straightening her lips; she had a very distaste feeling to her fellow classmate of a bully.

"Yeah..." she growled under breath, clenching her fist in her palm just remembering the incident on the monkey bars. Pepper often played alone when it was recess, she was use to the independent play. The pigtail girl was too much of a rough house tike to play with the other girls and too much of a girl to play with boys sadly. After three years of attending School she found it best to avoid conflict with other clicks, which she had done easily so far. Although she played alone she had her own little group that consisted of her three friends: Olivia, Shelby, and Aurel. These three girls were her best friends, having similar traits to each other that attracted them into a friendship in the first place. But there was one problem with that, a very childish and rather avoidable problem; her friends were two levels above her grade. Not that Pepper had problem with this, but having friends that were 'bigger' kids would make you big talk. Children her age amazed at how she could even understand the trends and basic intellectual conversations of older children. Pepper thought it was stupid, but dear ol Annie did not. One could say Annie was a popular kid within the second grader community. Not that the raven haired girl gave a hoot, Annie disliked the fact that Pepper the pip squeak got attention and deiced to terrorize her.

Later at school today Annie and her little clique had caught Pepper unsuspectingly on the monkey bars. Pepper hanged upside down from the lengthily monkey bars, her arms dangling carelessly. As she hanged from the monkey bars carelessly, Annie took the opportunity to grab her onyx hair and pulling her off the monkey bars. Roughly landing on her back, Annie and her friends proceeded to kick her and dirt at the girl. Where were the teachers you ask? Oh you know nowhere to be found as a group of child ganged up on another student. King had only showed up at the last minute to see his sister being held down with food being thrown at her. The culprits had scampered away from being punished by the high schooler, leaving Pepper embarrassed and dirty. Kingston scolded his sister as he carried her to his car away from the other children.

"I'm so sorry Pepper..." the mirror cooed, the voice of the mirror which he could do more to help the girl.

"It's alright Goku, it's not like their Kicks actually hurt. They did sting a little..." Pepper told man in the mirror, rubbing her arm where one of Annie's friends kicked her.

"I'm gonna be honest with you Pep, you shouldn't have let those girl's do that to you." Her raven brows furrowed a bit, it seemed that her friend agreed with Kingston as well.

"Even if I tell them stop, they'll keep doing it anyway Goku. As long as I'm friends with Olive, Shelby and Aurel, i see no future where Annie will discontinue her reign of terror. Well... that is... if unless I stop being friends with them." The eight year old explained to man in the mirror.

He sighed softly watching as the sad child felt at lost at what to do. There was only so much Goku could do through the mirror, help was limited using his voice alone to guide her. "Sweetie you can at least fight back, I know you have the strength to do it."

"How can I!" she finally growled, "I don't know how to fight, and I'm too little to do anything." she crossed her arms together. Pepper turned her head away from the mirror, even if she knew how to fight, her size would be her disadvantage for sure...

"That's not true Pepper, if anything your size can be your greatest advantage in a fight." he pointed out to the eight year old. "How?"

"You remember my friend that I told you about, the one with no nose."

"Krillin. He is one of your best friends right?" The pig-tailed girl glanced.

"...Yes. Krillin and I trained a lot together when we were younger, being practically my equal for a long time, he is one of the strongest people on the planet currently." Pepper had an amazed look on her face.

"Really? I didn't know he was that strong, isn't he supposed to a midget or something though?" If Pepper could see the face behind the mirror, she would see the sweat drop that formed at his head.

"Yes sweetie, but saying he's a midget is kinda offensive."

"But Kingston call's me a midget."

The mirror shimmered as the man voice chuckled a bit, "Well you shouldn't, start telling him to stop Pep. Back to the topic, despite how small he may be, Krillin uses his height to his advantage. You, Pepper are faster and nimbler compared to your opponent, making it difficult for your opponent to grab you or catch you on your defensive and/or offensive. Speed is your best ally when you lack height, you can give someone a run for their money already with your current speed and agility now."

"I guess your right about that Goku." she agreed pursing her lips at thought.

"And besides, Pepper you can pack a punch."

She shrugged her shoulders, "If so I can, it doesn't matter if I can't control it. I need to know how to fight first." The mirror shimmered as the girl off put the idea.

"...I can teach you a couple of Offensive and Defensive moves if you like...?" Goku offered, "It'll be a simple little lesson for you to learn." He wanted to see where the girl's power may had obtained , over the past three years he had watched the girl he seen some potential. He only wanted to teach her simple basic stuff, nothing too much that could get out of hand at her school.

She nearly jumped up on top of the mirror upon hearing Goku's offer, her mouth stretched out into an over ecstatic smile. "Goku are you serious!?" she whispered loudly.

If he could, he would nodded,"Mhm. I won't be able to instruct you physically on how to do the lesson but I believe I can dumb down the basics for you verbally. Then go into full detail once you get the Jest of it all." his voice wavered a bit as he conformed.

Liking the sound of that, Pepper stood up from the ground taking off her jacket and shoes. "Well let's get started shall we."

"Y-You wanna start now?" The pig tailed girl gave the mirror a mischievous grin, as she moved her shoes aside. She had heard so many stories from the mirror that amazed her, his wonders adventures she could only wish of having. If the eight years old could learn a couple of moves from a martial artist she would, and now was her chance to learn some from the man himself.

"There's no waste in waiting any longer Goku, I need to learn how to defend myself in case something worst happens. What if next time it's not Annie and it's an older kid that wants to pick on me. I don't know what I'll do." A puppy face softens her features as she tried to persuade Goku even more. She smiled inwardly knowing Goku would fall for her sadden looks.

A vibrated sigh came from the mirror, "a First thing first is that we got to work on that stance."


Humorous whistling could be heard throughout the kitchen along with sound of knife connecting on the chopping board. Violet had deiced to make a stew of vegetables with steak to company it. As of now the bob cut blonde was chopping a piece of steak into nice sized cubes for her younger sibling. Her sister had trouble eating a regular sized steak because of her small baby teeth, making these bit sized would be safest and neatest way for Pep to eat.

A had a mutual smile once she could finally smell her results from the oven. Another project the teen had started just for the fun of it. She grabbed the mittens as she opened up oven, the steam and aroma of rising bread hit her tenfold. "Tsk tsk, this is hot."

Violet fanned over the steaming roll's cooling them off. She pursed her lips leaning over them, carefully she pick one from the tray to inspect it.

At that moment her father had walked the Kitchen hanging up on a call. A grin met his lips once he notices what his eldest daughter was doing. "Hey sweet pea."

"Eye Pops." she greeted her father, breaking apart the roll oozing cheese in the center. Her father kissed her temple walking pass her, "Ooh gimme gimme." Swiping part of the cheese roll from her hand, earning an icy glare. "Wayy better than your mothers." he complemented his daughter, Violet playfully smack her father's head. Chuckling, her father ruffled her blonde hair, "I see why Pepper likes this so much."

"Speaking of Mom and Pepper where exactly are they at?" she asked popping the other half of the roll in her mouth.

"Oh well your mother, she was at the school and she's on her way to the house now, I had just gotten off the phone with her." he explained, taking a seat at the Island. "Apparently Kingston and Pepper were misbehaving and was sent to the principal's office."

"What those two?" she said surprised, "What did they do?"

The bond haired man shrugged his shoulders, "She was quite too pissed to tell me, I'm afraid. I thought you might have known since she gave you the okay to make dinner." She shook her head, placing out the plates, "Nah, Mom just sent it to me through a text. I hope it isn't about what happened yesterday." she slipped at the end

"About what Violet?" He was unaware that something had occurred yesterday dealing with his children. She mental cursed at her slip of what happened yesterday. Her and Kingston deiced best not to tell their parents knowing hoe overly protective their father was. Watching one of his eldest give him a sheepish chuckled only fueled his curiosity. "Something happen between those two that I don't know about?" he asked using his stern voice.

"Mhmm yeah..." cringing at her poor resistance to muster up a lie, her father leaned intended to find out what happened. "It's more or less really...Lately Pepper has been getting bullied by a couple of girls."

"What!? Why didn't you tell me this earlier?!How long has this been going on?" his voice raising a bit. Violet put her hands up, "D-Dad in my defense I only realized this yesterday but apparently it's been going on since school started according to Kingston and Pepper. To the reason why we didn't tell you...um Dad you're really over protective over her."

"How is that a reason not to tell me?"

The sixteen year old slighted scoffed at her father's denial, "Dad I'm sure you would drop kick a kid if you see what happen yesterday."

"Now you're taking it to the extreme, I wouldn't drop kick a child. The grown up things I'm going to do is talk to the parents. They're in the second grade, so I assume their bullying consisted of calling names at the most, right?" Violet sighed as she got some silverware out, she bit her lip debating wither or not to tell her father.

"Right?" he repeated, as Violet tried to occupy herself with the food. Thankfully the front door opening took his attention off of her. "Thank god..." she whispered to herself.

"Archie!" Violet's mother yelled.

Her father turned around in his seat to facing the doorway of the kitchen, "I'm in here Octavia, no need to scream." The distant sound of his wife's heals clicking against the floor, letting him know she was a bit irritable.

Octavia came into view through the doorway with a strong frown planted on her lips. Her arms were crossed across her chest as she walked over to her husband. A peeved vain was strikingly visible on her on her forehead. Her husband offered a meek smile, knowing it might annoy his wife he couldn't help but awkwardly smile. She shook her head walking over to husband, resting her forehead against his. Archie gently grabbed her chin and lead her lips to his, giving her short peck to calm her down.

Violet blushed a bit trying to ignore the little interaction in front of her, finishing the small touches to setting up the table. Her mother pulled away from her father sighing, "What am I going to do with those two." she mumbled. Her husband hugged his wife gently.

"How bad was it?" He asked his wife petting her long blond hair.

"We almost had to pay 12,000 dollars in hospital and dentist bills." she told him monotonously.

"What!?" Violet and Archie yelled in sync. Archie looked at his wife appallingly, "Are you serious?"

She gave a curt nod, flicking the hair out her eyes, "Oh yes, I was almost willing to pay for the bills, but that school has me fucked up if they think I'm gonna pay for those bills after what they've done to Pepper." she growled. "Apparently a couple of girls have been bullying Pepper viciously."

"Violet just mentioned before you walked in that, Pep was getting picked on. You make it sound like the kids were harassing her."

"Archie these little hellions were physically harassing Pepper by means of Punching, pushing and shoving and much more. Pep has swollen fist and a busted lip right now, I swear if i could drop slam a couple of brats I would. They showed me some camera feed from the playground from yesterday and... I just... "She gritted her teeth as she trailed off." Violet's father stood up from his chair immediately hearing that his daughter was physicals hurt, "What! Where's Pepper Now!?" Octavia grabbed her panicking husbanded and pushed him back down into the Island chair.

"She's alright; Kingston is cleaning her up right now. He's being a decent big brother right now. Apparently our dearest Kingston knew it was going on since the very day it started. "

"Did he do anything?" Violet asked her mother, she herself had forgotten to ask if her older brother tried to protect Pepper beforehand.

"Sadly no. Your brother's quoted on words were, 'there's no need to teach a lion how to hunt, and eventually it will kill.' As much as that sounds off the wall and slightly concerning ", Octavia palmed her forehead, "He was sorta right." Her husband rose a concerning brow.

" Excuse me mom, How does that crazy shit sound right?" she asked a bit mortified, cause that was his actual reasoning for not stopping an eight year old from getting bullied. Not protruded by his daughter's language, her father seconded Violet's question.

"Yeah please do explain honey, because our son will be reeving extreme punishment no matter how sane his reasoning might seem to you." her father snapped a bit.

"Hey! I'm not saying I agree with Kingston, if you let me finish you two then I can explained what exactly happened today. Those three girls that were messing with Pepper threw her off the money bars and ganged up on her yesterday, tried to gang up on Pep again in art class today. Well that did not go the way those girls thought. Annie, the ring leader of the group I guess, made a comment towards Pepper's drawing, then crumbled it up and slapped it in Peppers face."

"Is that why she has the busted lip?"

"Yeah, kids these days are ruthless, but I'm afraid Pepper is way worst." Her husband and daughter gave her a grim look, "What do mean Mom?"

"I guess Pepper had enough so she man slams Annie on top of the wooden table. Then proceed to climb on top of Annie and started to lay down a brutal ass whooping on the poor girls face. Knocking out three sets of teeth, broken nose fractured forearm ohh and let's not forget a fractured bottom jaw." Violet and Archie looked the long boned haired woman a gaped, "Mom please tell me you're kidding?"

"I wish i was Kiddo, after that I guess Annie's friends tried to get Pepper off of her, and also suffered injuries. I would love to go into detail but i fear I would guilt trip myself into feeling pity. I know it's wrong for how badly she injured the others but they had it coming."

"..." Violet took a bite of a roll that had by now cooled off, this was not what she meant when she hope her little sister would be alright by sending other little girls to the hospital. Archie sat silent digesting what his wife was telling him, something about the situation didn't make since. How would an eight year old girl be able to shatter a jaw bone and knock teeth out? What type of strength did his youngest really have?

" ...As you know , that the elementary art class is right next to the high school's art class and Kingston just so happened to walk in there. He stopped the fight cause the teacher acted as if she was too 'incompetent' to stop an eight year old." she said scoffing, "But Kingston being Kingston, he cheered on Pep and victory speech. He got suspended for instigating a fight."

The gel haired man face palmed " Oh god, please don't let my son procreate." he begged, making his wife chuckle.

"Despite all that, the only thing that concerns me is the comment made by a teacher that also happened to be teaching the high school art class. He said that Pepper used some type of techniques when she fought the other girls like knowing pressure points, and taekwondo type of stuff."

Archie gave his wife a questionable look, "Taekwondo?"

"Pressure Points? Are you sure Mom?"

She nodded, "He showed me some footage, and it had me a little shook at how serious Pepper looked. Like she knew and practiced those moves before. The Principle let her off the hook after seeing the bullied feed caught on camera and fired some teachers. And suggest that we put her in an anger management activity of some sort." she ended looking at her husband.

"..." Archie groaned loudly, letting his head hit the table of the Island. Octavia rolled her eyes petting her husband's head.

"You're so dramatic sometimes; I already agreed to it, I just need to get an activity picked out for her." Violets father sighed silently before turning to his eldest daughter. She raised a brow at her distressed father. "Do they have a taekwondo Classed in the school?" Mother and Daughter looked at him as if he was out of his mind, didn't he just hear what Pepper did earlier.

"Um... yeah. You want her to enroll in that?" he nodded. "Um why?"

"If think Pepper has talent in fighting, because I see in the future that this won't be the only fight, I want her to be in control and know how to protect herself." he reasoned. Violet could tell her father was struggling a bit to agree with himself.

"If that's what you choose then alright. I'll see if that's what she might be interested in doing first before us making a final decision." He nodded, propping himself up.

"Alright." he groaned grabbing a plate, Octavia rendered a light smile.

"DADDY! KINGSTON SAY'S THE BOOGIE MONSTER IS GONNA GET ME! ...AGAIN!" They heard Pepper scream before dashing inside the Kitchen to her father. The daughters on the topic scrabble pass her mother's legs and into her father's lap. The blond hair father awkwardly welcomed his youngest. "Hey Banana Pepper." Pepper gave her father a dopey smile while checking over his shoulder looking for her brother. She turned her attention back to her father once it seemed that Kingston wasn't following her.

"Hey daddy." her smile dropped noticing her father's faltering frown. Archie had a disappointing frown studying his daughters face. "How was school?" She shyly glanced at her father, by his tone she could tell he knew what happened at school. Pepper looked at her mother for some type of escape but was shot down, "Don't even missy. You have to explain to your father why you were sent to the office." she scolded crossing her arms, gulping Pepper turned back to her father. "...I got into a fight." she whispered.

Her father placed a hand in his hip releasing a light sigh, "Did you win?" he asked her grinning. She immediately smiled at her father, "Yep." she beamed, high fiving her father. Surprising his wife and eldest daughter as he praised her, "Atta girl!" Her mother slapped her husband's head, "Archie you're not supposed to praise her! If you praise Pepper, she'll think it's okay to beat people up."

Grimacing at his wife's attack, he shook his head, "I know sweetie but she also doesn't need to feel wrong about defending herself... thought it was brutal." His wife ran her hand through her hair breathing frustratingly. Her husband was right, but on the other hand she didn't want to give the impression that beating people up would solve her problems, nor feel proud for sending them to hospital they were children for god's sake. But speaking from the other perspective she was glad that her little girl confronted her bully that had been terrorizing her for a long time, she could only imagine the older and well sized children towering small Pepper whom was defenseless with non-helpful adults around. Octavia sighed wish it could have been handles another way without bruises and missing teeth but was done was done. "Jesus Archie...Pepper you shouldn't let other people mess with you, no matter how tall or big they are. Nobody has the right to hurt or belittle you like those three girls did, do you understand." she told her daughter with a soften yet stern look.

"Yes Ma'am." Octavia lifted her face up to face her, "A-and sweetie even though I'm not out right pleased with your actions today, I am proud that you stood up for yourself. Next time something similar happens please tell me, Violet or your father alright." Pepper nodded, her mother kissed her temple with a light smile. "I promise." Relieved about the talk, she handed Pepper a plate.

"Good Pep. Go ahead and eat, your sister made you Cheese rolls today and steak, I'm going to have a much needed talk with your brother." She gave her husband a warning glare before walking off.

"..." Pepper and her father starred at each other, an awkward grin popping up her face. Archie gave her the look for her to make her plate. Biting the inside of his cheek at the thought of feel as if he had let is daughter off a little too easy. He knew his wife would expect a punishment of some type, her reason for giving him that glare as she left.

"You heard your mother banana Pepper, I agree with her strongly and because I don't wanna be harassed by your mother there will be a punishment ..." he said trailing off before Pepper could frown." I already have one in mind but I won't tell you till Saturday what you'll be doing."

Pepper groaned loudly grabbing her cut up pieces steaks from Violet, "But i beat the bully, shouldn't I be getting rewarded or something. My friend tells me that good always prevails through evil, and I think I prevailed pretty good today." she mutters between bites.

"Yeah Pep, but I'm sure even your friend would agree that you went overboard." Pepper stuck her tongue at Violet, "Actually I think he would be proud that I stood up and fought back."

Her father fluffed her hair, Pepper giving him a look of annoyance, "I'm proud of you kid but ya still need a punishment kiddo." The raven haired child bit angrily into her vegetables, enjoying the taste beside the frown on her lips. The older family members chuckled a bit at the little girl's pout.

"Hey Pep?" Pepper grunted to let her know she was listening.

"So this friend of yours, you said he was guy right?" she asked suddenly. Pepper tilted her head before nodding. "Yeah... he is really nice." she answered cautiously hearing a scheme coming off of her. Speaking of him, she couldn't wait to him about her day, he would be so proud at her skills. She smiled warmly, glad that she had listen to his advice about standing up for her.

Catching a smile from the girl, Violet grinned playfully, "Aww, do you have a little crush on him?"

Pepper tilted her head to the side as her father chocked on his food, "A crush?" Her father began coughing looking at Violet, the eldest daughter smiled at the innocent look Pepper had. "Mhm, do you like him?" she repeated.

"Of course, he's my best friend." she answered, not understanding what her sister was getting at.

"Yes, just a friend. Violet." She rolled her eyes at her father warning tone, she was teasing with Pepper a bit. Trying to get a little rise out of her little sister, unfortunately her kid sister was a bit too young mined to think about boys like that just yet.

Pepper smiled brightly at thought of her friend in the mirror, "He's my best friend actually." She stuffed a couple of steak cubes in her mouth, stuffing her mouth full. "It's Gwood!"

"Pepper doesn't forget to chew dear." her father reminded her, he didn't want a chocking incident like last time she ate steak. He found it amusing at his daughter appetite.

"Does your friend know you eat like this Pep?" Violet laughed.

"Mhm!" The raven haired child said with a mouthful. She remembered Goku saying that he was amazed at how much she tended to snack. Archie chuckled at his manner-less daughter, kissing her little head.

"What am I gonna do with you little banana."

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