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I remember the calm before the storm, it was full of dread and unspoken misguided grudge's. One child's lack of acknowledgment led to another's burden of chastisement. It was a period in my life when i realized the days as a child were numbered, the wait was antagonizing.

I wish I didn't keep count and just enjoyed my last days, because the day I realized I was no longer a child was the day you show me how far you would go and how much I've grown.

It was the wee hours of the morning when a young preteen found herself In the bathroom looking at her reflection as he did her hair. Pepper held a hair pin in her mouth as she fixed her hair into two neat buns, her thick dark hair was really hard to pin up sometimes.

Pepper placed the last pin to her hair with a satisfied nod, she walked back to her foot stool at the side of her bed to put on the remainder of her school uniform. Pepper held the urge to fall back into her bed and go to sleep, she sure as hell didn't feel amped to go to school.

Letting out a yawn she went over to her full length mirror to check out herself for any errors in her dress, she pursed her lips into a soft smile, she looked good.

She let her hand linger in the glass for a bit waiting for a reaction that she knew was never going to happen, it had been nearly four years since the last she heard from him. She had never used a alarm clock before until the last four years, Goku would wake her up to be ready for school then wait for her to return.

The preteen just shook her head as grabbed her jacket and her bag as she walked out of her room, she could already smell breakfast had been prepared at the table.

She walked to the kitchen to see her father eating at the table alone, she smiled slightly at the site of her father walking up to him to peck the side of his cheek, "Morning Daddy." She swiped a waffle covered in strawberries , stuffing it into her mouth, "and thank you."

Her father just glared playfully whilst flickering her nose, " Your always eating my freaking food Banana." The blond haired father looked at his daughter slightly peeved but amused at his youngest.

Archie patted the seat next to him for his daughter to sit, Pepper took a seat happily next her father ,focusing on her own plate , "Soo Daddy, whom exactly is taking me to school, Violet or Mom?"

Her father shook his head as he continued to eat his breakfast, Pepper raised an eyebrow, "if not those two... then it must be you?"

The blond haired man continued his breakfast sighing softly, Pepper took this as a no. The raven haired girl began to frown as she watched her father try to come up with words to explain her lack of a ride again, though she already knew some of the main reasons why. Her sister had stopped taking her school a while ago because of the long distances between her college and Pepper going to her middle school, it was the same instance with her mother. Her mother had gotten a different job location on the whole other side of town so it was rare in between when she would take her , and her father just didn't like getting in the school traffic, he was just lazy.

With the lack of a car and driver licenses she was forced to partake a school bus for the past few weeks, which had not been the best experience.

"Pepper we've already been over this , you got to take the bus."

Peppers head flopped on the table a loud dramatic groan, "It smells like weed and kids going through puberty." Her father nearly choked on his food laughing,"That could be a problem... but that's life kiddo." Pepper let out a more dragged out groan, she knew the another reason why her father also "highly recommend" her to ride the yellow bus, he wanted Pepper to be more sociable. Pepper didn't know how riding a Fucking bus would help, cause she secluded herself in the back of the bus with her headphones in her ears anyway.

She socialized enough at school with her friends, made very good grades and was even a tutor, also making money under the table if any high schools asked for her personally to tutor unbeknownst to her parent's.

The teen wanted to scream, but did otherwise because she was better than that. She put on her puppy dog eyes and stared intensely at her father, Archie covered his face to prevent being pawn of Pepper's adorableness.

"Aww Damn it Banana...that's a dirty move!" Pepper giggled in a mischievous manner as her father was being subdued to her will. Sadly it was cut short by abrupt honking horn, both father and daughter turned their heads to the door, both with opposite expressions one of happiness and the other of terror. Her father quickly gathered his petite size daughter and her bag into his arms quickly rushing her out the front door.

Pepper felt her father kiss the top of her forehead go before shutting the door. Did her father just toss her out the house?!

The horn honked again to remind her to get on the bus. Pepper dropped her puppy dog eyes she panicking,

"Aww please Daddy I don't wanna go on the Stinky and loud bus, please."

Her father's blue eyes peeled throughout the blinds, "Don't worry sweetie it's for your own good, go socialize and have fun, love you Pepper."

"I love you too daddy..."Pepper growled as she turned down the driveway to the bus.

She didn't know where her father got the idea that she wasn't sociable, for instance she had a slumber party planned for the next weekend coming up, her older friends were coming over , which she was excited for. Her father on the other hand had challenged her to invite someone new for a change, to make new friends. She wasn't opposed to the idea in truth , just a little peeved by the reason behind it.

A raven haired preteen rolled her eyes at the front commotion of the bus, there was a point in her life where she respected how her older fellow classmates behaved, but now that respect had dwindled down. Pepper sat amongst herself in the back, she was trying to focus on the music in her headphones to block out the louder voices. It was currently failing.

Pepper pursed her lips into a small frown as she could see hear her bus driver yelling above her kids and over all above her music.

I wish Violet didn't have class today, I Fucking hate the bus.

Suddenly the bus came to a screeching halt sending Pepper into the back of the seat in front of her, a loud collective of groans ranged throughout the bus. Pepper sat back up gritting her teeth, "Its everyday with this bull shit!" Pepper folded her arms while her slightly overweight bus driver stepped into the aisle, his pudgy face red of anger.

The teen took one of earphones out to loosely listen to his rant, she knew that her presence had little to do with the current squabble that had enraged him on the first place but Pepper was ultimately under his radar because of her older brothers record of bus conflict, with this driver in particular.

Pepper was too young to remember Kingston's behavior towards the people around the school, it must have been a very negative reflection he perceived because it sure as hell got under her skin when others compared her to King.

It been almost four years since she seen Kingston that day, the house was much more quieter to say the least,there was a bitter taste left from that day, her family not as joined as they once were.

Pepper opened one eyes she heard her name being called, it wasn't directly to her though, it was the bus driver mentioning her name to one of her fellow bus mates.

"She sits in the very back, go sit next to her."

Pepper instantly sat up from her seat, did the bus driver just tell someone to sit next to her? She groaned internally and just hoped that who ever was sitting next to didn't get on her Damn nerves. Pepper tighten the strings to her hoodie to enclose her whole face, placing her bag into her lap as she faced the window side, she wasn't a morning person.

She felt the presence of someone taking a seat next to her, and thankfully they were just as displeased with the seating arrangement as who it was sat at the very edge of her seat.

Distance yay.

Pepper didn't know anyone in particular on the bus other than the kids who lived on her street, so it was low chance that she knew who was sitting next to her.

Unknowing to her the person next to her knew her .

. . . . . .

It was nearing the end of school with only a Hour left for student to get homework and studying down before the day would end, Pepper was heading to the library to met up with her new tutor session with a new classmate.

Pepper went to her location requested by the anonymous person. When pepper would post a new opening she put in her ads that she rather keep the request anonymous whenever they drop them off at her locker.

The people whom were tutors throughout the school where given a metal slip box that had magnet on the back, so they could get their request.

In the request form the anonymous person stated that they were new to the school and needed help with math and English homework.

Pepper had placed her bag down on the ground while getting some supplies for her session as she waited for the person, Pepper tended to get ready a little early.

Shortly after a few minutes a few people walked into the library, the group slowly separated into it own directions with only one girl heading her way.

The girl was about her age, the first thing that caught Peppers eye was the young teenagers hair, she had a beautiful shade of rose gold hair cut into a angled bob cut. The girl had on a neon bright blue crop top sweater with a skull and crossbones pattern all over on and a pair of ripped black high waisted jeans . She had an edgy and reckless vibe about her. The girl had her backpack behind her with a neutral smile on her face. Pepper couldn't help but look at the girl. She definitely looked out of place compared to students around her. The school recommend that students should wear the uniforms provided but it was also not forced, so students could wear whatever as long as you had on your student I.D. name tags on, most students just kept the shirt and tie, but not this girl.

Pepper exchanged a hand shake with the girl as they took a seat, Pepper offered her a genuine smile as she introduced herself, "Hello I'm guessing your one whom requested a tutor?"

The bob wearing haired teen shook her head, " Yeah, I just got transferred over here from another school, and I realised a week of being here that this school is a bit more advanced than I remembered it being."

Pepper raised a brow, " Remember? You wrote on the request that you were new to our school."

The teen shakes her hand sideways, " Eh, yes and no. I use to attend the elementary school I moved around the beginning of my third grade year."

"Oh well welcome back, My name is Pepper I hope I can help you get caught up." The girl across from her smiled brightly, "Oh yeah I know who you are, I had sat next you this morning on the bus."

Pepper felt her cheeks rested on a bit.

"Oh that was you, oh I'm so sorry for ignoring you, I usually sit by self and plus I'm a not morning person." The girl waved her hand to keep the girl from apologizing, "No that's alright Pepper, if anything I need to be apologizing. I know you may not recognize me cause its been about four years, but my name is Annie. We use to have classes together In second grade. "

Pepper choked on the air , Pepper got up from where she was sitting at reaching over the table to look closer at person across. "A-Annie...as an Annabelle Par..."

The girl nodded shyly as she confirmed that she was indeed the same little girl from second grade who terrorized her.

Annie was right about her not being recognizable her, pepper remembered the little girl that would purposely jump her with her little clique, this Annie looked like nothing she imagined her to be.

Pepper could see Annie become flustered as raven haired teen examined her, yet another thing that didn't suit her. "The memory of my past came rushing back to me when I seen you getting on the bus two weeks ago. I've her meaning to come to you personal and apologize for what I did... I was just too afraid, afraid that you would rejected and hate me more than you already did." Annie not her lip when making direct eye contact with Pepper, "I'm sorry Pepper that I bullied you and for the overall being an asshole. I deserved what happens to me, it was an wake up all on all types of levels, I'm embarrassed to even think that was me, cause I've changed a whole lot since those years and I wanted you to know that." Pepper sat there quietly after Annie finished apologizing. She remembered one of the many lessons Goku taught her when it came to lying, to look for physical clues when a person is talking, Annie was constantly chewing in her bottom lip and averting her eyes in a nervous manner, but towards the end she looked back up making direct eye contact. She was telling the truth, now the only thing was did she believe her.

Annie waited very anxiously for pepper to accept or just react, the burnett thought forthrightly at the situation in front of her. She was no longer eight years old and neither was Annie, she was right when she said a lot had changed.

Everybody deserves a second chance. She could hear Goku whispering In the back of her head.

"If it's not too much I would like to be friends instead of the girl who used to be dumb bully." Annie tucked a rose gold hair behind her ear in a nervous manner.

Pepper held her hand out, with a smile growing on her lips, "I believe that is capable Annie, everyone deserves a second chance." She supposed that there would be a tinge of resentment left in her, Annie was a pretty aggressive bully but then again so was her beat down Annie got. She was really proud that her hard work actually did something.

Annie awkwardly shook her hand smiling feverishly, " For second there I thought you were gonna say no...hehe that would have made this tutor session a little awkward." Pepper chuckled, "To be fair it kinda is already, but fortunately I work good in such situations."

Annie scratched the top of her head chuckling softly with Pepper,"Okay Annie about that classwork..."


Your foolish to think that he'll spare us in exchange for your imprisonment. Beerus is an malicious god, you really think he'll keep your Damn promise!

"No, but I can't just sit behind the sidelines and let your people be slaughtered for my freedom...it was never a easy brisk to stay unscathed by Omni King, it was only a matter of time...I was destined to die, not your people not this planet..."

...Fuck the Gods! Your not doing this, our people, your people will fight to the end of our days!


...Tarragon don't ... your people and your planet don't deserve my punishment...I will surrender.."

So that's it? Your just going to give up? Where is your pride, your power is unfathomable to the power of destruction...Olvanii...

"...Tarragon your clouded by your own personal emotions, let alone your pride...worry for your people not me..."

If you think this is going to be goodbye-

"... Tarragon I never said this was goodbye...the power I shared with your tribe and gave you will one day show universe whom reigns supreme...this is only a goodbye for now..."



"What's the big deal Pepper?" Groaning Violet took a seat next her parents who also seated on the couch, Pepper just smiled brightly while her eyes screamed for her to just sit down at her sister. "I have to get started on my home work for my English class Pep." Violet can see a nervous eye twitch coming from Pepper as she stood in front of her family members. The youngest of the family picked up a candy corn throwing it at her sister for her to hush. Octavia chuckled lightly watching her daughters glare childishly at each other.

"Well V it will only be a second before you can get started on your 'college homework' if you just listen to what I have to say."

Her mother gave Violet a side eye look to let Pepper to continue, "Go ahead Pepper I won't interrupt anymore."

The preteen took the apology as she began,"Thank you... like Violet, mom and dad, your also wondering why I brought you all here today. First thing is before I start is that I would like to thank you for being supportive and trusting throughout my life, wouldn't trade anything in the world for you guys, I love you..." A heavy gush of red painted over her cheeks as she spoke, three loud audible 'aww' coming from the three. Pepper cleared her throat to get their attention, she looked directly at her father as she spoke.

"Um dad last week you told me that I should make a new friend and invite them to my sleepover."

Archie nodded, "and did you?" He asked her back.

Pepper released a awkward laugh, "See... about that...I did buuttt ...oh your gonna love this... its someone I knew from my past, so technically it isn't a new person but it is cause we're just now becoming friend's...and surprisingly very good ones but als-"

"Pepper sweetie your rambling..." her mother politely cut her off, her daughter a slight smile as she nodded clearly nervous about something.

"My new friend is Annie Par."

All set of blue eyes just blinked blankly at her full of confusion , "..ok.."

Pepper sighed heavily ,placing a the palm on the top of her forehead. Of course they wouldn't know, why would they ? She thought sarcastically. Pepper sighed with the rising of nervousness growing, she was trying to warn her family about Annie presence, so they wouldn't go ballistic, mainly her mother. She remembered how quite livid her mother was when she was called to the school a couple years ago. She was sure Octavia would feel a lot less lot filter about drop kick Annie even though she had turned a new leaf.

She would like to very much avoid a violent hash out involving her mom.

"Annie is the girl that used to bully me when I was smaller..."

That seemed to make a light bulb pop up in their brains, one by one their baby blue eyes enlarged gasping as they put two and two together.

"You see what the big deal is?" Pepper asked sarcastically, her father and sister just 'oh'd while her mother had the erratic reaction between the three, standing up with a deadly proactive glare, "She's coming here!?"

Oh god Pepper mentally groaned.

Pepper waved her hands at her mother, "Calm down mom, Annie is coming over because she is my friend now. We came to a peace offering and put our past behind us, and we're becoming good friends I decided to invite her to the slumber party."

Octavia pursed her lips,"And why is that?" Her mother seemed to be more unnerved by Annie's presence than anyone in the whole room.

Pepper twiddle her thumbs nervously, "Well mom to answers that..." she turned her father and pointed, " Daddy said I was socially awkward and challenged me to bring a new friend."

Her father gasp nervously when Pepper accused him, his wife turning her heated glare towards her new victim. "Honey I swear I did-"

"Yeah you did daddy, you said I quote 'Pepper you lack social skills for a successful life , I would find it great if you now tried to find a new friend so your not as awkward, as well as taking the 'school bus' for now on.'end quote. Remember." Pepper interrupted before he had the chance to save his hide, she was going to get her father back for making her ride the bus when she really didn't need to. Though she should be thanking her father because she found it now rather enjoyable with some one to talk to but that was besides the point.

"Dad is that why you haven't been driving her, I thought you were just lazy to be honest..." Violet said .

"No he's an idiot, Pepper is perfectly fine with her social skills she didn't need to make a new friend to prove that, especially with that 'girl's whom is now coming to my house after all she'-"

"No mom its ok." She interrupted her mother, "She apologized and I forgave her, I wasn't pressurized too, it was just me and her at a tutor session."

"B-But sweetie what if she is just trying to get back at you?"

A mental sweat drop appeared on her head as Pepper gave her mother a look, "Mom we were eight years old back then, I don't think she's going to hold a grudge for four years, she said that there was no hard feel and so did I. I been think over this for about two weeks as we gotten to know each other and I truly believe that she is better person and going to be a great friend."

Her mother's mouth moved to speak but ultimately she just gave up, she knew pepper wasn't a naive preteen and could easily read people for age which she got from Octavia plus her daughter had really good points and great sense of something was iffy. Her daughter had grown exponentially through the whole stage of puberty she had to trust her daughter.

Octavia bitterly held her tongue as Pepper continued, " I would like it if you guys don't act weird around my friends especially Annie, nothing bad is going to happen. But if anything does happen please note that I can wreck her shit just like in second grade." She said with a smile on face ignoring the disapprove looks from her parents for cursing.

Violet shrugged her shoulders as she got up from where she was sitting ," I'm cool with that Pepper, I rather you make friends then enemies, I don't know about mom and dad but I'm proud pepper." She ruffled Pepper's hair as she strolled past her, "and I'm off to do my homework."

Pepper shook her head as she turned to her parents, "Please momma I just need this to work out, she's changed a lot." Her father nudged his wife making the blond hair woman grunt.

"I'll trust your word Pepper but if anything goes wrong ...Remember I won't hesitate." She wanted. Pepper nodded happy that her mother was willing to comply, her father simply gave her yes with little to say as she was afraid what his wife would after she found out why Pepper was riding the bus.

As spoke to thank her parents the sound of the door bell could be heard from the living room. Pepper smiled brightly as she knew exactly who had came.

"Pepper I thought the slumber party started at 2 its only 12...a little early isn't it?"

"Yeah , but I told Annie that she could come early because she lives at the end of the road."

"W-WHEN?!"her mother exclaimed as Pepper walked to the front door,"A couple of weeks ago, please act like you promised momma."

Pepper tired to ignore her mother's tantrum from the background as her father dragged her away so she wouldn't frighten the guest.

The preteen smiled as she opened the door, Annie instantly smiled,"Hey pep."

"Hey Annie, like to come in."

The other girl grinned as she stepped in, " Your house is Fucking huge! Jesus." Pepper chuckled at the complement, "um thanks."

Pepper began the tour around her house as she usually did whenever she brought a friend over to the house, and greeting the rest of the family which she would wait on doing until her mother was cooled down enough for that. Pepper couldn't remember the last time Violet brought friends over or even had a slumber party at the house, her social events were always away. And Kingston never bothered as well, she assumed there was a reasoning behind it.

In the past two weeks Pepper had gotten to know Annie a little better considering she was trying to be her friend. It helped that they were around the same age could relate to her about middle schooler stuff. Her older friends truly didn't care about middle school compared to high school, which she couldn't really blame them but now she had Annie. Annie didn't manage to link up with her old pals nor did she wanted too, so she just hanged around Pepper and plus she found out that they had more in common than she thought.

Pepper lead Annie to the stairs , "and up here is my bed room and some other rooms that are gonna get renovated.."

Annie pulled observed the smaller girl as she made her way to her bedroom, inhaling the sudden smell pineapple and vanilla in the air. "What's that smell? "

"Oh its the room air fresheners I have in my room, do you like them?"

She could hear Annie hum in agreement, she looked at the family pictures with a sigh, so wondered how her brother would react to this relationship.

Pepper opened and held it so Annie could walk into her bedroom, the preteen walked to the center of her room and began observing Peppers room.

"Y-Your room is huge..."

"Yeah, it used to be cluttered with a bunch of old junk before my dad renovated it for me. " Pepper began to rearranged a couple of her items out the way so her room wouldn't look messy for her company, she had meant to do that earlier but the talk about Annie coming over took a little longer than she wanted.

Annie looked up at some family photos around her bookshelf, " And like I predicted Peppers a 'Daddy's Girl'?"

Pepper held back a blush, "Sorta..."

Annie chuckled catching the blush on her cheeks, "Aww don't worry I'm a bit of one too sorta, I'm not the exact perfect dime my father wants me to be but our relationship is way better than the one I have with my mom." Pepper stood beside Annie as she took one picture down to look at it more closely, she pointed to her father, "This is my Dad."

Annie scrunched up her nose, "For real?"

"Yeah...what's wrong does he look bad or something?"

Annie shook her head apologizing, "No its just, he just ... looks really Fucking young, like he should be your older brother instead of your daddy, like hot Damn. Did your dad have some work done?"

"N-No, my dad just has really good genetics, and he takes care of his body. " Annie eyed her, "Mkay...I don't say this often but Damn your dad is a dilf."

Pepper playfully gagged, "Your like the four person to say that eww. "

Annie giggled as she continued to look at the rest of family, " The woman with the long hair is your mother and short hair is your sister Violet...just Damn."

Pepper raised a brow, "What?"

"Everyone in your family is banging! Man whenever we hit puberty the guys won't know what hit them."

Pepper flipped her hair At the complement, fluttering her eyes dramatically, "Oh why thank you, like I told you it's all about the genes."

Annie laughed as she place the picture frame back, she stood back looking at the others before she spoke, " You guys look like a very happy family."

Pepper smile lightly, "We have our issues...but for the most part we are happy, could be happier but shit happens..."

Annie stayed silent knowing there something more under what she said, they had both exchanged personal stories on the little time they had introduce themselves. She knew it had something deal with the lack of her older brother, she mentioned little about him. Annie didn't bother to go meddling into it knowing it would make Pepper uncomfortable.

Annie glanced to the other side of the room as a sparkling light caught her eye, it was coming from the other side of the room behind the room divider. It was a pretty sparkling effect, she don't know how she didn't catch that when she walked in the room," That's cool how you have lighting behind the room divider."

Pepper looked up from the picture, "What?" She said off guard.

Annie pointed to the source of the light, "The lightning, you have some type of Christmas light bulbs back there?"

Peppers eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw what Annie was looking at or what she thought she was seeing.


Pepper laughed nervously, "Hehe, yeah. I bought those a while ago.. c-cool right?" She lied, not noticing her odd behavior Annie continued to walk around. Pepper nerves were on ten as she kept her eyes locked on the corner, thankfully Annie didn't bother to walk over there and investigate.

"Pepper you have a really cool room, I don't have nearly as much shit as you have, your sister must be jealous at the space you have." The raven haired preteen clicked her tongue angst her teeth,"It was actually my brother more than my sister..."

Annie only responded with an awkward 'oh' thinking that she accidentally touched a wound, there was a pregnant pause as Pepper was concentrated a certain someone unbeknownst to Annie. The pink haired girl excused herself to go to the bathroom downstairs, Pepper nodded giving her directions so she wouldn't get lost even though she had a bathroom on her room that Annie wasn't aware of.

Once she sleep out the room Pepper locked the door and dashed over to the mirror, it was very much sparking brightly than it had for the past four years.

Hesitantly Pepper placed her hand against the mirror, the glimmering surrounded the surface of her hand, the glowing intensified around the shape of her hand before rippling out all over. She slowly pulled away from the smooth surface. Pepper licked her lips in anticipation,she nervous to hear his voice again. "...Hello..." she whispered.

"...Pepper...?" She heard Goku's voice whispers out, Pepper somewhat shudders at his voice, she had forgotten how it used to sound like. Pepper started to shyly smile, " Goku..."

"Y-You look older..." Pepper looked down at her own appearance, she did look older from the eight year old he had left behind. She was a tad taller, and began to grow into her older features visually and physically, since she was nearing the stages of puberty. He must have expected to see the same little girl with pigtails and bows.

The last day she last heard from him was say before her ninth birthday, that day was one of her least memorable one . Pepper put her hands on her hips, "It's been about four years Goku, how old did you expect me to be? " She said a bit sarcastically.

" ...9?.." she heard the man say nervously, Pepper couldn't help but scoff a little, "...I take that as a no then...13.." Pepper wonder if time passes through differently in his realm, that maybe he gone of a day or two in his world and time just perceived it as a couple of years on her side.

"Not in a few months ...you know you've been gone a really long time... I really do hope that you have a good explanation for your sudden disappearance Goku." She had a slight attitude with man as much as she was over all happy he came back she was also hurt.

His chuckle vibrated off the mirror it had a very humorous vibe to it, he must found her peeved behavior adorable, even after four years she lacked the effect to look menacing.

"Well a lot did happen... For starters I died..."

" W-What? ...how, why did this happen?! How are you speaking to me?!" Death would explain A lot why he was missing.

Goku quickly began to reassure the girl, " I got wished back by the Dragon balls, the I went to fight off the Saiyans that where coming to attack earth-" Pepper interrupted the man with the mirror as tried unpack his stories, and she lacked the time to hear his stories unfortunately.

"Goku, Goku I can't listen to anything you have say at the moment, I Kind of have guest over for a slumber party...Annie should be coming back up stairs in a few.."

Pause of silence lingered before Goku sighed from the other side of the mirror, "Uhh well...,what about later... will you be available at night..." there was a lot of stories she wanted to exchange with Goku and hear what kept him away for so long. She was sure that he would be proud at her recent development with Annie, he was all for making your enemies your friend.

The preteen nodded smiling at the mirror, " Yes, everyone should be sleep by 11 so I'll be ready to listen to 'EVERYTHING', I can't tell you how much I missed you...things have been so different without you..." Pepper placed her forehead on the glass closing her eyes tightly, "Can you promise not to go anywhere...pinky promise?"

The glass glowed brightly to her desperate plea, " I will I promise Pepper..."

With light smile she tilted her head up and brought her lips onto the glass for a small kiss, it caught the man in the mirror off guard. "I'll see you later tonight Goku." She skipped passed the room divider to get door, missing Goku's whisper of a good bye.


Charona marked another day on her calendar, days and days have went by and still the Omniscient shard was still out there missing. The time goddess felt the weight on her shoulders grow heavier as her search became fruitless, where could the timeless artifact gone to?

The anticipation of what was to come was killing her, she feared that couldn't keep the issue under wraps if she planned on finding the miss shard.

She still kept receiving reports from the outside source whom mainly had nothing but positive feedback for her. It was her only reassurance in the whole fiasco, because not even the gods knew of the her back up plan, she had took it upon herself to separate the most important part of the deadly puzzle.

The only person whom was someone what aware of the situation was a mortal that had meddle in time just as much as she had, which it was against such laws to do unbeknownst him when he broke them, but since being aware of his actions he had been paying off his debt by working with her and anything time warp related.

Charona pursed her lips in thought, she didn't know if this was it would do any good involving the individual but with her hands tied could she really afford not to?

She had to request his help, there was no one more required than him. With time being a loose subject as it slipped out her reach the days went on to a deathly deadline.

The deity twiddle her thumbs as she thought over the many ways this situation would end, she needed hope if she wanted to keep life itself existing.

She clicked on the intercom on her desk, " Trunks we have a situation..."

Alright with that settled , tell me how this chaper made you all feel and openly suggest anything if i should change anything.