"Finch, we have a problem. The FBI brought in Coraline."

After getting off the phone from John, Harold rushes over to the safe house to check on the kids. The little ones: Tara, Corina, Mica, Lori, Wendi and Roman ran and hugged him, yelling 'Uncle Harry!' once he walked in the door.

"Hey kids, be careful with Uncle Harry. He has a limp." A voice said as Samantha emerged from one of the rooms

Harold nodded, "I should have known you were the one that came up with 'Uncle Harry'.

Samantha just smirked, "It's only fitting, Harry."

"Miss Grooves, what happened here? Are the kids okay? And when did you get here?

"The kids are fine, Harry, but the FBI has Coraline. However, John is still there so I think he can manage that, and I have to go take over for my wife with our kids. She and Fusco are going to follow up on a lead for where Eileen, Charlie and Marielle might be." Samantha explained

"Of course. I can manage her with the kids." Harold assured

Samantha tapped his shoulder on her way out, "I know you can, Harry."

Meanwhile at the FBI headquarter, Coraline was in a room with Agent Dorgen. He was asking her questions. And given what John had told Agent Aucoin about Coraline being a CI (confidential informant), John was allowed to watch the questioning.

In the interview room, Agent Dorgen had placed some pictures on the table in front of Coraline. They were pictures of Ashlynn Diedricks, Dahlia Vensel, Xavier Zerbel, Corina Faldyn and Isaiah Poppen.

"Do you know who these kids are?"

Coraline stared at the pictures, "Yes. They are kids that were in my orphanage, but these pictures are before I knew them. Why are you showing me these?"

"Because the kids are missing, so where did they go? Where did all the kids that were in your orphanage go? Did you do something with them, like sell them to traffickers?"

"No, I would never do that. Those kids safety is my number one priority, which is why I don't know where they are. I can't know where they are, but they are being protected by some friends."

Agent Dorgen nodded, "So do these friends have names?"

Then a tap on the glass was heard.

Agent Dorgen excused himself and left the room.

"Henri, why did you pull me out?"

"This is Agent Lucio Davies. He's with Interpol. Miss Miller is his CI. He and his team our protecting those kids. They are going to work with us to catch the traffickers."

Agent Dorgen cleared his throat, "It's nice to meet you, Agent Davies."

"You too, Agent." John replied as he extended his hand

"Merle Dorgen." Agent Dorgen finished, and John just nodded.

Henri looked at John, "You and Miss Miller are free to go, Agent Davies."

John gave a nod, "Thank you." He headed into the room to Coraline and then left with her.

Sameen and Lionel were checking out a warehouse that was known as a place where traffickers would temporarily hold victims, but when they stormed into the warehouse it was empty. It looked like whoever was there had left in a hurry. And at first glance, it didn't look like there was any evidence of who had been holed up there. But Sameen went in a few steps further than Lionel and found something that confirmed what they had thought.

"We don't have any proof that this is where our guys held Eileen, Charlie and Marielle." Lionel uttered

"Don't we?" Sameen asked as she held up a Minnie Mouse toy.

Lionel stared at the toy, quizzically, "What? A children's toy? That could be anyone's."

"But it's not." Sameen replied, "This is Marielle's. It's her favorite."

Lionel gave a nod, "Of course it is. I'll call in CSU."

Sameen looked at the toy as she sighed, "And I'm gonna go home and hug my kids."

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