Ch.1 Evil Is as Evil does

"Are you sure Potter will take care of this?" The un-named man muttered while having a bruising grip on Tom's shoulder. All the men had gotten more quiet the further along their group walked in this unnaturally pristine, middle class road. They shuffled, whispered and muttered.

The second man, also dressed in a black robe snorted. "Well, what else do you think he'd do? He has no choice. Besides, Potter hates it."

"But Potter is too nice… Couldn't someone else –"

"Who?" The second one suddenly seemed ready to practically climb over the one who had asked. "Tell me who? An Auror? Who can you be sure on? Purebloods would run around the house and scream in horror when they realize who the boy is." He hissed.

Tom was sure the second man was nodding towards him and that made him angry. He was not a thing! He was not it! And he could hear them perfectly well!

He didn't totally understand himself right now but he felt as if he was around seven years old, yet he remembered seeing himself in a mirror as an adult. A very scary adult. Just the kind of adult he now would like to be. Then he could be the one pushing others around and no one would be able to hurt him like this. He could hit them. These men would be so scared that they would wet their pants and he would be happy.


Tom only remembered waking up on a cold stone floor. He remembered hearing whispers. Several someones had been whispering near him. He had been pretty sure he was supposed to be at the orphanage but the air had been different, it was practically humming around him with nervous energy. He might've been young but he had never yet been stupid. The only moment in the orphanage when it was that quiet was when Mrs Cole's husband was visiting, while drunk. Then you couldn't really know when he would lose his temper. Someone always ended up with red, bleeding lashes…

He was confused. His head was hurting. He wanted to shout at someone, order everyone to be quiet but he was small and older boys liked to kick the younger ones when given reason. When he finally managed a look around, it became very clear that something odd had happened.

He was in a huge room with six grownups. They were all men, as far as he could tell but they were wearing black, thick dresses. Three of them had white masks on. They were obviously nervous, twitching, looking around. When they noticed he had woken up, two actually jumped backwards a step. Tom couldn't help but smile. They were weak.

In the days that followed, it became clear to him that he really, truly hated these men. He would get revenge. He had no clear memory of what had happened before he woke up but luckily the men were stupid as well incompetent and talked around him enough for him to piece things together. Apparently these backstabbers had been his allies and he had been all grown up, even though he didn't remember it anymore. The men had betrayed him and attacked him, managing to change him into a child. Thinking he would not be as dangerous.

Although Tom was sure that had not been the original purpose. The men had tried to kill him! They certainly tried it now but something in their arms caused them immense pain every time. Four of them had hit him with a bright light, Tom suspected magic. The men had wands. Fifth man's spell he had managed to duck and the sixth was too nervous to even try one. That one was the weakest, the rest, at least incompetent.

Then the men had talked right next to him, going through different ways they could kill him. Tom didn't know enough to talk them out of it, which was why he had grabbed a knife from the nearby table, sneaked behind them and struck. Unfortunately the next time he saw the wounded man, there had been no wound left. Magic again. After that the men had kept their distance and tried to tie him up with ropes. Attacking them so hastily had not been his best decision, but at least the men kept getting more and more nervous around him. Soon one of them would slip and then he could make them do what he wanted. He had used that strategy in the orphanage a lot.

On the third day, only two of the men had shown up with three new ones. The new ones were something called muggles. Tom didn't see the difference. They were all like Mrs. Cole's husband. Stupid but brutal. The two men in black had tried to command the muggle men to hit Tom, but luckily that had not worked either. The two had keeled over moaning in pain.

Tom thought all the adults were idiots.

After trying other equally ineffective stunts, the men had finally brought him here. A really boring looking neighborhood. Tom was pondering if he should shout for help but people passed by them without even glimpsing at him. There was some sort of magic in play again, making people ignore their party.

In any case, he was feeling confused and angry. Something inside him was ready to burst. He wanted to shout at the traitors, hurt them so badly but he was also afraid. The men were adults, three times his size and even though Tom himself could do some magic, he couldn't do it like the adults could. He realized he was only a little boy, which was odd. He had never thought himself this helpless.

Last days had been painful. He had not gotten any food, so he felt weak. Mrs. Cole was already lazy and careless, forgetting to feed the children in the orphanage, so none of the children were ever full. And now, without any reason, these men had kidnapped him and Tom did not have any idea why. What they wanted from him? And there was no one he knew who could save him. He just knew they wanted him dead and that was not acceptable.


The man next to him waved his magic wand and out of nothing came a knife. The man poked Tom with it but not really hard. Tom refused to bend and grinned at the man when he noticed the small flinch. Apparently that much was enough to cause the man some reflected pain. Good.

"Open the gate, kid. Then walk to the front door, knock and ask for Harry Potter. You'll know him when you see him. He's got black hair, funny scar on his forehead and he's not yet an adult."

"´e's sixteen."

"No, he's seventeen!" The third man corrected. "Didn't you see the witch weakly articl…"

The first man poked the blabbing man with the knife he still had. "What the devil! Read the gossip magazines on your own time and drool after Potter later. Do you really think Potter wouldn't like to see you at the end of his wand?"

The fourth man snorted. "And you're not interested? In Potter's wand?"

The first growled, "QUIET." And pushed Tom onwards. "Get going!"

Tom leaned on the white fence and looked at the house in front of him. He knew just what kind of cruel children lived in a houses like this. They threw stones at the Orphanage windows while going to school and if they spotted you, they usually threw stones at the children as well. But what other options he had? For four days now he had been afraid the stooges would actually find a way to harm him without consequences. Maybe he could run away, but the men could probably simply magic him back.

This Harry Potter sounded like a person who could make noise about loitering adults and poorly dressed, dirty children and maybe Tom would have time to sneak away. Potter didn't sound like he was a friend to his jailers but what if Potter was, and was just waiting there with another knife for him. Maybe Potter didn't have anything to hold him back and would actually succeed?

Tom felt another poke in his back but noticed that for some reason the man was reaching. Obviously there was some sort of safety line they couldn't cross. It made Tom's choice easier. Towards the house it was before the six bastards began sacrificing each other in order to hurt him. Even if whatever it was kept that him safe would kill the men immediately after attacking him, it was no good if they first managed to kill him.

So Tom left the gate behind him and walked slowly towards the front door. He had never received a warm welcome in these sort of places. But he was not a coward and as there was only one way forward, that would be it. There was no reason to hesitate.

knock, knock



Harry frowned and looked towards the main door. When the knocking stubbornly continued, he picked up a towel and dried his hands.

"Always in the middle of washing…" He muttered and strode into the hallway. "And there's a doorbell. Probably Mrs. Patters again," he sighed and stopped. If there was a nosier gossiper in the world than his aunt, then it was Mrs. Patters. He could easily imagine the lady knocking on the door just because it might not be heard and she would have an excuse to peek through the windows, again. He never understood how the minds of the women living in Privet Drive worked. Neither did he want to.

He took a deep breath and took the last step towards the door and hummed. "I'm in the zone, I'm in the zone," he had picked the mantra from a tv-series. It was all about breathing right. He grinned. It was not like the nosy women saw any further than their own noses. Which was exactly what they wanted to see.

He opened the door.

He looked down and had a hard time comprehending this day. He looked back up and followed the pathway all the way to the fence. If the situation had been less serious, he would've laughed. Only few would've understood the joke. But what an earth was a group of Death Eaters doing, in black robes on one of the year's hottest days, in the middle of Privet Drive.

He looked down and thought the answer was right in front of him. He didn't get it, yet, but it would come.

"Why me? Why is it always me?" He muttered and kneeled.

A little boy stood in front of him frowning. The boy stood stiff as a plank. Harry had seen this stance before. Last time it was on Mark Evans while Dudley was walking on the other side of the road.

Cautiously Harry decided not to bring out his wand. Because there was just some things you couldn't pretend. The little boy in front of him was not pretending.

"Hey Tom… You are Tom, aren't you?" Harry asked, pretty sure the boy was not Voldemort in disguise. Nothing he knew of the man hinted that Voldemort could pull off a stunt like this. If nothing else, Harry could say he knew the man a little. On the other hand, Harry knew this boy in front of him was most assuredly Tom Riddle.

The boy was judging him. Harry figured he must be even younger than when Dumbledore first arrived at the orphanage. The boy had bruises, a lot of bruises, right under his loose shirt. He also spotted brown stains and parts of the shirt were rubbed broken. So most likely it was blood. Also the boy looked like it had been a while since he last had eaten something.

Most importantly there was not a whiff of Voldemort in him. And if Harry's magic could do one thing, it was to recognize Dark Lord.

The moment stretched but eventually the boy nodded. Harry caught a glimpse of curiosity and smiled. "And are those your escorts?" He nodded towards the Death Eaters loitering on the street.

The boy didn't really nod as much as he shrugged. Harry could feel insecurity in waves.

"Alright. How about we go and ask them what they want?"

Tom didn't answer him, just stared at his shoes. Harry couldn't blame the kid, he would've been scared himself. He understood but couldn't turn his back on the boy. Besides, he was curious as well. A character trait he was trying to get rid of.

Harry stood up. "Take my hand and let's go together. They can't cross the fence."

Tom didn't move. Just when Harry's hand was faltering, the little boy reached for him. The hand was so small.

Harry stopped a few feet before the fence and kept Tom a little behind. He felt that he was going to witness yet another example how big of an idiots the Death Eaters were. Trelawney would love this moment. So many ways to die.

´Harry Potter and his inner eye, ´ Trelawney would mutter. ´I just knew it! ´

Harry shook his head and tried to lose the image. Idiots or not, they could be dangerous.

He coughed even though there was no need for him to gather everyone's attention. He already had it. "Could someone explain?" He lifted an eyebrow.

The Death Eaters continued to twirl around nervously.

Harry tilted his head, "Is this some whim again? Like visiting the Ministry in the middle of the night and prance around?"

Apparently one of the idiots was smart enough to know when he was mocked. He took a step forward, raising his wand, "Are you stupid, Potter?"

Harry continued to stare at them, not being impressed. Hopefully his disbelief got through.

A second Death Eater joined his mate and pointed at Tom. "That's the Dark Lord! Get ´im!" As if Harry was a dog.

Harry wanted to shout ´whoof´ but decided to hold it. He looked at Tom. The boy was still holding his hand stiffly, waiting.

Harry felt his hero complex rise and sighed. He was so going to regret this.

"Let me guess, somehow you managed to turn the Dark Lord into an eight year old boy and then decided to drop him at my door?"

"Ha!" One the Death Eeaters shouted and then noticed the others were staring. He turned his head down and pulled his hood lower. "I said he would figure it out," the man muttered almost too quiet to hear.

The second Death Eater smacked him. The first one didn't look pleased either. Or at least as much as one could tell with the mask on.

"Bravo Potter," the leader said. "You got it. And because your light side hasn't managed to do the job, we decided to help. Kill the kid and you kill the Dark Lord."

"And why haven't you done the deed?" Harry asked and added, "Or is killing Voldemort off just. not. that. easy?"

The leader growled. Apparently he had some serious anger management issues. That's what you got when you played with dark magic all day long.

"We did our share and made it real easy for you!" The man spat.

"Funny, I don't remember making any deals with anyone."

"Don't be ridiculous. That thing killed your parents, your godfather and a quarter of all the magicals in England! The light side has tried to off him for years!"

"Dumbledore has tried. The sheep in the wizarding world don't usually do a thing," Harry commented and would've started inspecting his nails if that wouldn't have reminded him so much of Malfoy junior.

The second cape crusader stepped onwards. "Alright! That kid behind you IS the Dark Lord. You get it? We're not joking!"

Harry squeezed Tom's hand when the boy tried to pull it off. Harry felt how Tom hid more behind his legs.

"And how have you managed this? No offence but you Death Eaters succeeding in anything… well, the likelihood is politely put, quite small."

The third man stopped forward as well. "We can always change our minds if you don't have the balls, Potter!"

The first one shushed the other angrily and then turned to speak, "The Dark Lord has not given us what he promised. And this… this isn't working, alright! It's getting dangerous. The risks to us are already as big as if we we're on the light side and we're not getting anywhere. Mudbloods are flooding into our world!"

The third idiot laughed. "Yeah, Hey Potter, The Dark Lord was not so tough. It needed to eat and sleep. Even if ´e was paranoid as ´ell, it gave us no trouble to make him pass out. We tried to get rid of it with this one ritual that Mitchell found but it just got younger and younger until it was like this!"

The leader hit the idiot around. "Idiot!"

Harry grinned, he didn't care how much like Malfoy he looked right now. This was getting entertaining.

"Where an earth did you get the idea that I would actually "deal" with the kid? If you haven't noticed, I really haven't been trying to kill your former boss before. Merely just tried to stay away from him and live."

The leader flipped and tried to come over the fence but the air fluctuated a second before a golden lightning struck him.

Harry peeked over the fence. "How about that, my mum "the mudblood" was pretty darn good with these spells, wasn't she."

The leader groaned and stumbled up. He pointed his wand at Harry. "You mother, who was killed by the Dark Lord. Don't forget that. And who has been trying to kill you, several times. Who threatens the rest of your family in that house! Are you really going to let the Dark Lord inside a house filled with muggles? That bastard is a major pain even in that age!" The man was panting as if he had ran for a few miles. "Let's go," he pointed his comrades.

"But what if…" the third idiot tried to stall but the second one pushed him onwards.

The leader turned around once more. "Deal with it or you're gonna be sorry when more of your friends die!"

Harry waited until the last Death Eater had popped away and turned to the kid. "Soo, that happened."


Where I was going with this… Harry/Tom slash. Tom would actually be growing real fast and Harry would be implemented in his earliest memories. Harry decides to keep the future Dark Lord safe which isn't easy with renegade Death Eaters after him and the Order not really understanding. Tom sorta grows to admire Harry but his character changes as he grows up, as in couple of years or more in a week. It would only take the summer a little bit of the fall for him to reach his right age and memories from his real past life would come and mix with this one.

The Order really do not like this situation but Harry finds out that the wards around Privet Drive also protect against them. Any with harmful intent. Dumbledore is alive and as annoyingly omniscient as always. Eventually Harry and Tom flee Privet Drive, have a little adventure but eventually they are forced apart. As Harry has sacrificed himself for Tom while Privet Drive, Tom now sacrifices himself for Harry. I guess I was thinking there would be a battle where both Death Eaters, traitors and not plus nosy Order members appear and Tom hides Harry and flees himself. Successfully of course. He is Tom Riddle after all. While they are apart, Tom continues to age but his thoughts revolve around Harry.

Then the ministry stooges learn of this and Harry has to flee, unsure of who he could trust. Of course he would have some steadfast friends. Snape eventually betrays him and Harry ends up back in the Order headquarters. Harry misses Tom, Tom is getting obsessed and there you have it. I didn't quite get far enough to solve this.