Chapter 2: Jaune's basic day off

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"Are they still showing that spider guy on the news again?" Ruby's partner said, as if she was surprised there still showing him on the news.

Now that Ruby was a student of Beacon, has her own team, a partner to always have her back, and full-fledged Huntsman and Huntresses to teach them, she should be happy with what she has.

Instead, she was using her time watching the latest news regarding the increase of crime, Roman Torchwick, and questions regarding why so much dust being stolen was important news, she knows that, but they're all minor things to her when compared to what she was really looking forward to when she watches the news.


"You got to admit, he's pulling off the outfit pretty good. Really good now that I think about it." Yang said when she saw a picture of Spider-man mid-web swing to another building. "I guess some people really can pull off wearing tights, but only by a thin thread!"

"Yang, even if you're part of the team, I will not hesitate to pin you to the wall." Weiss told her while placing her hand on her weapon.

"Meh. I'm sure you'll be used to it, just like Blake. Right, partner?" Yang turned her head to see Blake on her bed. The book she was reading forgotten and replaced with her scroll showing the same news her little sister was watching.

"Yeah." Blake said while still keeping her eyes on the screen.

"See! She agrees that my jokes are funny just like my sister. Isn't that right, Ruby?"


"So close. Well, if you can still pay attention to me then that means you know we need to go to class soon." Yang said to her little sister followed by silence from Ruby.

"This is ridiculous! How are you supposed to be our team leader if you keep gawking over some fool wearing a mask and thinking he's a hero." Weiss shouted making Ruby snap out of her fixation and speak her mind.

"What if he is a hero?" Blake snapped at the heiress, causing everyone look at her in surprise.

Blake herself can only blush from embarrassment at how her outburst made her sound like she's also fan girl defending Ruby's idol. Ruby was a diehard hero worshiper, which was one of the reasons why she wanted to be a Huntress, but once Ruby told them that she saw an actual hero her fascination was set ablaze.

Ruby's side of the room had paper clippings of the web slinger stopping small time thugs, saving pedestrians from burning buildings, even just getting cats out of tall trees.

Blake wasn't into the whole hero business like Ruby was, she was only interested if Spider-man was like her. Someone who saw the injustice in the world and decided to take it upon themselves to stop it. Blake became a Huntress to do just that, but it seems he decided to do it in a different way, making her worry about what he's doing is the right thing.

What he's doing is very heroic, but I wonder what the White Fang would do if they decided to find him.

She can only assume it was a Faunus doing such good deeds. It's just hard to find out since he shows no notable characteristics.

He can stick to walls and shoot out webs, those can be explained by either a semblance or tool that allows him to do such things. If he shows his face maybe I could remember him when I was still part of the movement.

Maybe that's why he wears the costume, to make people guess if he's human or not. That's the only reason she can come up with, since she's also wearing something to hide her true self.

"Whatever he's doing is stopping people from losing their businesses..."

"See!" Ruby said to her partner.

"But I don't like it that he's wearing a mask." Blake said causing Ruby to deflate and for Weiss to stand a little bit taller for someone finally agreeing with her.

"There you have it, just because he's stopping crimes doesn't mean he should hide who he is. He's a bad influence on young minds, thinking that they should use their semblance and take the law in their own hands." Looking at the pictures above Ruby's bed the young Schnee can only shake her head at how he's dressed. "It just makes it worse since he's wearing a costume with most of the people spewing nonsense that of him being a superhero."

"He is a hero! Right, Yang?" Ruby asked Yang while giving her best puppy dog eyes.

"I don't know," She said while scratching the back of her head. "I mean I get that he shouldn't hide who he is, since anyone of us could do the same thing, but I'm still going to say that so long as the guy is doing good then he should keep on doing it."


"Are you serious, Yang?" Weiss asked her with surprise to how easily she caved to her little sister's puppy dog eyes.

"Should you really complain, he's practically saving you lien with him stopping all those dust robberies."

"That's beside the point! If he keeps doing this then more people will follow his example and make their own belief of justice. Am I right, Blake?" Weiss turned her head to expect at least the one person with her head on straight to agree with her.

"Y-yeah, you're right." Blake said as if she was trying to swallow something she disliked.

The argument soon turned into a debate about what Spider-man is doing is right or wrong before their scrolls signaled them that class is about to start.

"Oh my gosh! We'll be late for our first day of school!" Ruby shouted causing the rest of her team scrambled out of their room to get to class on time.

Only for them to be stopped when a large group of reporters blocking their only exit.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!" Yang said only for her question to be ignored by them.

"You dolt! Don't you remember who lives across from us?" Weiss asked Yang as if she had short term memory loss.

"Wait, all of these guys are here for Pyrrha?" Ruby asked while hopping up and down to see where her other friend is.

Ugh! Curse my height! How much milk will I need before I grow dang it!?

"Yes! She's the strongest Huntresses of our generation so far and a well-known celebrity! She's even the leader of her own team."

"You mean the team that only has three people and not four like the rest of us." Blake spoke before taking a few steps back when of the reports were pushed back due to how many are trying to leave through the small exit.

"Her lawyers made a huge argument that caused a lot of controversies between the two kingdoms, so Vale decided to make a compromise for her to stay even though she has no partner." The reporters finally left the exit allowing team RWBY to get back to running to class. "Reporters are here for Beacon to cash in on the publicity."

"That must really suck for her, always having to watch her back, seeing cameras everywhere you go." Ruby's sad gaze caught a glimpse of her friend walking along with team, Ren and Nora, each at her side trying to shield her from all the flashing cameras and annoying reporters.

"We can feel sorry for her while we're at class, we only have 10 minutes!" Yang scream caused the rest of the girls to run around the large herd of news reporters.

Their start of the day may have been unexpected, but with what they've been though in initiation made them more than ready for what this year has in store for them.

Even with so many problems already starting, Ruby can only feel as if today was going to be the best day ever.

What Jaune considered his best day for him was when he had a day off. Which was technically days off at work, but when consider that he has school on the weekdays it soon became even more apparent to him when his 5:00am alarm clock wakes him up.


Stretching one arm out of his bed, he reached for his alarm clock on his night stand to turn it off only to feel nothing. Cracking one crusted eye open he saw that the clock that was still ringing with its obnoxious tone on top of his study desk facing him. As if taunting Jaune to get off of his warm bed, turn it off, and get ready for school. The young spider instead used a single string of webbing aimed at the alarm clock, pulled, and caused the clock to become airborne for about a second before it dropped on the floor, still playing the same annoying tune.


Still using one arm to pull the alarm clock closer the offending object now next to his bed. He was about to be shut off with the slam his fist before stopping a centimeter above the snooze button.

Remember what happened the last time, Jaune. Just use a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction of your strength. Don't want to make the same mistake a fifth time around.

With just his index finger, he pressed the snooze button as gently as possible. With the silence returning he finally went back to sleep to count spiders in his dreams.

For about 10 seconds when he heard his name being called down stairs.

"Jaune, your breakfast is ready! You need to get ready for school!"


Lifting his bed sheets off him and rubbing the morning crust out of his eyes, he walked in to his bathroom to start his morning rituals to begin the day. Turning the bathroom lights on he lifted both his eyes to look himself over in the mirror to see his hair messy, his face having no signs of facial hair, and his onesie still clean with no stains whatsoever, making part of his morning routine complete.

Ok, now for the next part.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Jaune unzipped his pajamas, kicked it away, and opened his eyes to see what the mirror was showing him.

Before he ran away from home, his physique was less to be desired. He was scrawny and had no muscle mass making him look like he never lifted any weights in his life. It was hard for him to make people take him seriously due to that fact, especially whenever he tried to stop bullies that were targeting his sisters, or himself. It was even worse when he tried to train to become a Huntsman with his father only to be covered in bruises after a few minutes.

But when he was bitten by that spider he had to always look in the mirror every morning to make sure that the person in front of him was actually himself. Gone was the thin and weak body he had in Ansel. The body he now has is well toned with lean muscles showing no traces of fat, making him look like a seasoned athlete. It takes months, even years, to sculpt a body like this with intense training, dieting, and good genetics.

It only took him one night after he was bitten to look like he went through all that hassle.

His height, blonde hair, and blue eyes were the only good genetics he had going for him, but with his new physical appearance he would easily get girls to take a glance at him now and then.

The only problem now was his lack of confidence and zero experience talking to the opposite sex. Sighing to himself at the reality of his everyday dilemma, Jaune brushed his teeth, took a shower, and went back to his room to get dressed.

His room had nothing interesting to look at, just a desk to study, a book shelf, and a closet full of hand-me-down clothes the Parkers gave to him (another kind gesture he will never forget) making him wonder how he would've survived in this kingdom if not for them.

Seeing that he already had a small pile of dirty clothes forming in the corner, he decided to clean up his room before Mrs. Parker decided to clean it for him. She already has enough problems trying to take care of the house, he wouldn't burden her when it involves his small problems like taking care of his room.

Scooping all of the clothes he could hold in his arms, he placed his bare foot on his door, and with his ability to stick to any surface, opened the closet to reveal something he wished he would never see again.

His burden, his shame, his Crocea Mors.

No wonder I leave my clothes in a corner.

He brought this thing with him when he thought his entrance to Beacon was secured, but since he didn't get in it'd become a liability, a burden, an ornament to his dead dreams of ever being a Huntsmen. He could not, dare not, unsheathe the blade unless he wanted to open old wounds that could cause him reach for the sword and snap it in two. Even though his great great-grandfather used this weapon in the war, with the later generation of Arcs using the same blade.

Jaune dumped his filthy clothes on top of his families' ancestral blade, grabbed a set of new clothes, and slammed his closet shut with no feeling of regret at what he just did.

After all, a weapon is useless if you don't know how to use it.

HIs family couldn't help him since they're afraid it would cause more harm to him then good, so they hoped he would stick to studying and make a normal life for himself. Turns out they were right about him getting a normal job, but not the part where he's a crime fighting super hero.

"Jaune, are you awake? Your food's getting cold." Mrs. Parker voice held concern for why he's still in his room.

"I'm almost done." Jaune shouted while putting on his clean clothes. A few seconds of changing later, the young superhero was ready to leave his room. Before he left he grabbed his favorite cereal brand hoodie off of his night stand and walked down stairs to get ready for another day of school.

As soon as his shoes touched the ground his nose caught the scent of eggs and bacon making his stomach growl loud enough for Mrs. Parker to notice him enter the kitchen.

"Goodness, I knew you were hungry, but I never knew you could get that hungry." Mrs. Parker said while holding a frying pan full of scrambled eggs.

"Yeah, I'm a growing boy. Thank you for the food, Mrs. Parker." Jaune set another dining set across the table for her to eat breakfast.

"Now Jaune, you know you don't have to call me that." She chided the boy while pouring some eggs on to her plate and the rest to Jaune. He noticed that her portion is smaller than his, but he didn't want to argue with her at the beginning of the day. He pulled her chair for her to sit on and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you, aunt May." He soon sat down and they both said their prayers and started eating.

Mrs. Parker was the most charitable, kind, and sweet woman Jaune was glad to ever meet when he was in Vale with nothing to his name. Even when the years are catching up to her she's still able to take care of herself, the house, and him all on her own, even if she's a woman past her prime. Her age still held some of her vibrant blonde hair, blue eyes, and smooth skin, so she could easily pull off being Jaune's Aunt by appearance alone.

But ever since the loss of her husband her hairs started to lose its yellow glow and started to turn grey. Her blue sapphire eyes have started to fade as well, and her skin that was radiant now started to show wrinkles. Life's now showing the results on what it's doing to Aunt May and it's killing Jaune inside knowing that he's one of the reasons.

"How are you feeling today, Jaune?" Aunt May showed her concern for him after what transpired to Mr. Macarren's store a few days ago.

"I'm fine Aunt May, you don't have to worry about me so much." He tried his best to give her his reassuring smile.

Please stop worrying about.

"I know. It's just really scary knowing that it was so close to home." To show what she meant she left her seat to turn on the TV for Jaune to see what is happening in Vale.

"With the added news that the infamous Roman Torchwick has escaped, a number of dust shop thefts has increased exponentially over the months making many people of Vale worry about the future of this kingdom." The news anchorman reported on the recent string of robberies, showing pictures of shops ransacked with their dust stolen.

"You see, whenever you see something like that I want you to turn around and run-"

"That all changed though when several shop owners were apparently saved by the masked vigilante known only by the name: Spider-man." The pictures of dust shop robberies were soon changed to see Spider-man exiting out of a port-a-john with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his feet.

Wish they showed me in a different picture. Thanks, J.J. Your hate for Spider-man shows even on the news.

Jaune could let that go for the moment and smile, knowing the progress he's making wasn't a waste with how much crime has slowly stopped.

"Crimes involving dust have decreased these past few weeks making people notice the crime fighter's good deeds. Going to the streets, we have our news reporter asking the people of Vale what they think of Spider-man." The anchor man was soon replaced by a young woman in the middle of a busy part of Vale asking questions.

"Thanks, Chuck. As you can see around me many people are getting ready for work, but some are also looking up in hopes of seeing the Spider-man in action." The camera man shifted his sights to bystanders walking around to get to work while some were looking to the sky, seeing if they might catch a glimpse of the wall crawler web swing from building to building.

"I've asked many people about what they think of Spider-man and his crusade on crime. Here are their answers."

The next scene showed was different people, both human and Faunus, on what views they have on Jaune's actions of being Spider-man.

"I think what he's doing is a heroic act. The police can't stop this much crime, so it's nice knowing the fact we have someone else cleaning the streets and keeping us safe."

"He is a menace to this kingdom. He's probably some Huntsman deciding to take the law in his own hands."

"We have laws about people using their abilities without proper authority. That's why we have schools for kids that want to be Huntsmen, they need to have a proper license and registration for when and how they use their semblance."

"I pay my taxes, so the police do their jobs and they can't stop these crimes. This guy is risking his own life to stop these thugs for free. Tax payers should be paying this guy instead of the police."

"Huntsmen do their job and expect to get a reward for their troubles. Their nothing but mercenaries for hire either getting rid of Grimm or protecting people. Spider-man's doing the same thing but without asking for a reward for his action. Guy's a hero in my book."

"Do you know who wears masks and takes the law in their own hands? The White Fang. The guy's obviously a Faunus. I mean, he calls himself Spider-man for crying out loud. He may be stopping the crimes, but I'm sure he's also taking some dust for himself and his terrorist group."

"Many Faunus who are against the White fang are siding with Spider-man and his deeds. He's showing the humans that not all Faunus are like the White Fang."

"He's just making the Faunus community suffer even more. We need him to stop hiding behind a mask and show the world not all Faunus need to wear one. If he keeps hiding behind that mask of his he's no better than the White Fang and their own twisted brand of justice."

"That man saved me a few nights ago, I'll never forget what he did for me. If you're watching this Spider-man know that I'm grateful for what you're doing for our kingdom and we thank you."

"I think the dude's brave for wearing that costume everyday. How does he not get a bon-"

After they gave their answers it was soon shifted back to the news room with the anchorman giving his thanks to the reporter and her journalism.

"As you can see, many people have mixed reviews about our friendly neighborhood Spider-man, but to the Vale news crew we only have one question." For dramatic effect the camera zoomed in close for the man to say his question.

"Who is Spider-man?"

Aunt May turned off the TV and went back to eating her breakfast.

"That Spider-man sure is helping the kingdom." Jaune told Aunt May while scarfing down his food.

"Yes, he's doing good, but I'd prefer if you ever see him stopping crimes or doing anything dangerous, promise me you will run away." She said turning her head to look at picture across the room.

Jaune knew what picture it is, but he doesn't turn around to look at it. Instead he looks at his now empty plate before getting up from the table, taking the dishes off the table, and placing them in the sink. He walked behind Aunt May, still staring at the picture, and hugged her tightly, as if he ever let go she too might disappear.

"I promise you, Aunt May, I'll run away if I'm ever in trouble." Jaune tried his best to reassure her, taking a small glance at the picture of Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and another couple holding a small baby in their arms.

Jaune knows who they are, he knows what happened to them, and he also knows that he'll never replace her real family. All he can do is be there for her whenever she remembers what she lost and can never have back.

Unwrapping his arms around her she turned to see him, her eyes red with tears, and returned his hug with her own.

"Thank you, Jaune." She told him, her breathing choppy and incoherent as she tried to control her crying.

After a few minutes of crying, Aunt May finally let go of him. She looked at the kitchen clock and had a look of surprise at the time.

"Oh my goodness, Jaune you need to leave your bus is about to leave!"

"What!" Looking at the clock he saw that the time's already 6:30am.

His bus arrives around 6:25 giving him only five minutes before it leaves.

"I'll see you later, Aunt May." Quickly giving her a peck on the cheek, Jaune grabbed his back pack near the front door and ran to the bus before it leaves for school.

With crime slowly declining all he could do now is worry about his grades at school, bullies, and homework. With Spider-man stopping muggers from stealing dust, it'd only be a matter of time for something big to pop out of its hiding spot and try to put an end to Spider-man. He can only wonder why they'd want such large quantities of dust and risk getting caught.

An even scarier thought is who's control so many goons and making them get all this dust.

Roman Torchwick made sure he had a backup plan for any possible situation incase his life was at risk. From bribes, blackmail, and extortion the list goes on and on for any possible situation. Until someone came along and ruined any chance of escaping his current predicament.

"What do you mean you don't have any more men to supply me with?" Roman shouted at the person on the other end of his call.

"I did have enough men to help you, Roman. That changed when some guy wearing a leotard showed up and webbed them up." The person talking to Roman let out a loud sigh. "Can't believe I even said that sentence. You're going to have to accept the amount I'm giving you. Not many people are lining up to join you and your damn schemes anymore."

"What about your two bodyguards, Junior? I'm sure those two could waste that bug if you let me have them for just a few days." Roman said then took a long drag from his cigar.

"No can do," The man called Junior said without a second thought. "If the web guy somehow found out I'm part of whatever you're doing, I'm going to need all the help I can get."

"So, what, you're planning to just wait it out? The guy just showed up out of nowhere and you decide now to lay low?" Taking another long drag from his cigar Roman dropped it on the ground and squashed it under his shoe, leaving a small trail of cigars showing his nervousness.

"Sorry Roman," Junior said with no hint of caring. "But until I'm certain that the coast is clear you're on your own." Before he could talk, Junior hung up leaving Roman to scream in frustration.

It was bad enough that he was being forced to do things that doesn't benefit him in the least, but now he has to deal with some animal in a costume wasting his men and stopping him from doing what he was forced into doing.

Even some of the police on his payroll can't bust them out with so many being put behind bars. It'd make them seem suspicious if they tried to let them out the next day, so he couldn't use them or else they could get caught and spill the beans on who's working for him.

"Well, I guess I need to make do with what I got." Roman looked at only a dozen or so henchmen moving what little of dust they could get. His warehouse was supposed to be full of dust by now, but thanks to that so called 'hero' his warehouse was less than half of what he promised his benefactor would be.

"Neo," Roman called out with no answer before he heard glass shatter out of thin air, revealing a petite looking girl with multicolored hair and eyes blinking at him, as if she is asking a question.

"Seems we need to personally steal dust this time," The multicolored girl frown at such a mundane task. "If you haven't noticed, we're losing henchmen. Not by the police, not by Huntsman, but some delusional idiot dressed in a bug suit pretending to be a 'hero' for crying out loud!"

When Roman told her what was stopping them from stealing dust she wrapped her arms around her stomach in a silent laugh.

"You may think it's funny, but the one pulling our strings thinks otherwise."

He told her that she doesn't have to worry about just one guy parading around in a costume, that he can get his guys to take care of the problem and be done with it. Turns out Roman would be eating his own words when his underlings kept ending up in prison with less and less dust being sent to the boss lady.

"If you think it's funny then you should know that less henchmen means less practice dummies." Roman tried to give a reason for Neo to get serious, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

There're always other people for her to play with, henchmen were a dime-a-dozen, so she really didn't care if they get caught or not.

"Less henchmen also means no errand boys."

Neo just raised her eyebrow wondering again why she should care.

"No errand boys mean no one to get you ice cream." Roman said in satisfaction with how Neo's apathy turned to rage as soon as he told her what she liked most was at stake.

Now it was Neo's problem and Roman needs her to take this seriously, so they can take care of this bug problem before it turns into an infestation.

"Now you see the situation we're in?" Neo gave Roman a nod. "Good. Then we need to bait him into thinking we're just stealing dust like we've been doing. As soon as we see him try and stop the heist... well, you know the rest, right?"

Neo nodded and smiled wide enough to show teeth at what he was implying.

With Neo on board, Roman couldn't help but pull out another cigar out of his breast pocket. He placed it between his lips and used the end of his cane as a lighter and smoked it a bit more slowly to enjoy the taste.

"Let's show this Spider-man why there's no other heroes in Vale."

Ok, I know you guys expected more fighting in this chapter, but I wanted to show how Jaune lives as a normal guy. I also wanted to show his interactions with Aunt May and how she feels about the loss of her family. I know she is old in the comics, so I used the Aunt May in the new Spider-man movie and made her look more older (her hair and eye color are still based on the comics).

This chapter was just a taste of what he has to go through as being a normal teenager then what he has to go though in beacon. Since he's technically not a huntsman and not in beacon he has no restrictions to be spider man and stop the crimes himself.

Huntsman and huntresses are a license profession, so they are easily known if people have time to dig up information on them. But since Jaune isn't it would be harder for people to guess who Spider man is. Beacon also has rules that the students have to obey, Jaune is no student, making it even harder for the beacon staff to think it's one of their students.

I also used Pyrrha's fame to the fullest in my story. I felt that it really didn't show much in the show, so I decided to use her fame to get what she wanted for a change. Even if it sort of backfired on her. Most celebrities get away with anything or let their lawyers deal with most legal things. Like initiation for example. So expect her to be followed by a lot of cameras, especially a certain blonde.

I also know that most of you wanted team RWBY and NPR to come across Jaune, but I wanted to make this chapter about how different his life is compared to theirs. He will meet them, I promise you that.

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