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(Chapter 52 Vytal Festival)

The definition for the word 'heat' is transferring kinetic energy from one medium or object to another or from an energy source to a medium or object. Such energy transfer can occur in three ways: radiation, conduction, and convection.

Radiation is the effect of infrared energy striking a surface. Or better yet, a better example is the warming of the Remnant by the sun.

Conduction is when two objects are in direct contact, and the temperature of one is higher than the temperature of the other.

Convection occurs when the motion of a liquid or gas carries energy from a region to a cooler area, like warm air to rise and cool air to fall, equalizing the air temperature inside a room containing a hot stove.

Now, I'm sure all of you are guessing what is the point of this little science-fun fact is? Is it to compare which is the appropriate definition as Cinder is a walking ball of heat?

No, in actuality, the definition of heat is sorely lacking as a word to describe Cinder's new powers. And as to why the word 'heat' is a poor terminology for Cinder, there are four people in the room who can all agree that 'heat' underplays the firepower Cinder now wields.

"AAAAAH" Even when Cinder and Ozpin still have aura left in the tank, none of them could withstand the terrifying power of Cinder as she coated the entire chamber in a fire. What's worse was that the constant fire within a contained area burning the oxygen made it harder for Yang and Ozpin to remain conscious.

"I got you guys!" Spider-Man grabbed the student and headmaster, then used his webbing to bring two large chunks of stone that fell from the ceiling as shields to alleviate the constant inferno. "How are you holding up Iron Man?"

"Bad!" Answered Iron Man, who also hid behind the stone barricade. "My suit isn't built to take this much literal firepower! Hell, my helmet's scanner tells me that the current heat we are getting is the weakest! If we try and get closer, we'll be charred alive just by getting close to Cinder's proximity!"

Ozpin's injury made him dizzy, and just when he was about to lay on the rock. He yelped in pained surprise as the surface of the stone was as hot as the surface of an oven.

"SSSSH!" Thanks to the sudden pain, it woke the Headmaster up, and when he looked at his back, Ozpin could see a portion of his shirt was gone. "The powers of a Maiden can be unmeasured as each wielder had her level of control. Amber was an excellent Fall Maiden, but even she couldn't have this level of power!"

"We get it! Fall Maiden powers are O.P.!" Yang screamed at Ozpin with zero care that she just disrespected her Headmaster. "Can you give us any valuable tips on beating a Maiden?"

"The simple way is to kill to the current user," Ozpin told them. "The only problem is that if we kill Cinder, the powers will leave and go to another girl who Cinder last remembers."

"We're not killing Cinder." Spider-Man decided to stop Ozpin's talking. "Killing her is just a temporary solution. We need another one that doesn't involve taking a life!"

"What about that machine Amber was hooked up on?" Iron asked. The look Ozpin gave Iron Man made the armored hero explain how he knows about the machine's purpose. "Hacked into your personal computer, found some juicy deets, you need better security, we'll talk more later. Anyway, is it still a possibility that we can use it against Cinder?"

Ozpin had a conflicted look as he was unsure how the chance of the transfer device could still be operational. "It... I don't know." He looked away from the vigilantes and Yang. "The machine had two chambers where we can take the Fall Maiden from Amber and send it to the next living host. Now that Amber is gone, along with the gadget, I fear that the option of killing Cinder is the easiest route."

"Well, too bad for us," Spider-Man dared to look over the hot rock and witnessed Cinder beginning to fly away. "That option is leaving." As soon as Cinder left the underground floor, the ceiling started to shake, signaling them to go as quickly as possible.

He is moving his eyes away from the ceiling to the remains of the transferring tool. Spider-Man can see that Amber's sleeping pod was charred, yet the machine was luckily enough looking somewhat salvageable.

"Iron Man," Spider-Man pointed at where Amber once was. "Can you try and make it work again? Or maybe modify it so that it's still possible to take away Cinder's Fall Maiden powers?"

Scanning the device, Iron Man did a quick nod then turned to Spider-Man.

"I can't believe it, but yes! I can modify the parts that are still working!" A violent shake made them brace themselves as pieces of the ceiling came down. "But I need time, and I'm not confident I can work my skills when the whole dang school crashes down on us!"

"You have the schematics of the school?" Asked Spider-Man and received a nod from Iron Man. "Do you know which section of the school needs to keep the school from crashing then?"

An agonizing 5 seconds past and soon, Spider-Man's power armor received an electronic map of the school's layout with several red dots showing what was damaged.

"Get those parts of the school to be stable, and we shouldn't have to worry about this place going down."

"Got it," Now, having the info to stop the academy from collapsing, Spider-Man grabbed Yang and Ozpin by their waist and activated the trusters from his boots. "I'll take you guys top side, Yang; as soon as you guys reach the surface, help the Headmaster get medical attention."

Yang wanted to argue and say she could still help Spider-Man only to shut her mouth as she looked at her Headmaster, who was clinging on to life.

"Ok," Yang conceded to Spider-Man's words. "But as soon as he gets help, I'll get my friends to help you!"

"I'd gladly appreciate it." There was no way Spider-Man would turn away help, especially after witnessing the sheer magnitude of Cinder's new powers.

When reaching the surface, Spider-Man turned off his thrusters and gently landed. As soon as Spider-Man let go of Yang and Ozpin, the blonde Huntress slung the only good arm the Headmaster had over her shoulders.

"Go!" Shouted Spider-Man before flying back into action. "The major damage should be... HERE!"

What Spider-Man was seeing was a significant horizontal slash on the side of the school. What's left of the school's pillars that held the building couldn't withstand all the weight. And, if not fixed, it could cause the school to fall over, killing everyone close to the impact.

"Got to move! Got to move! Got to move!" Chanted Spider-Man. He was using his webbing to strengthen the current pillars that are still standing. The Webhead can start to see and feel the shaking of the building beginning to lessen. "Yes!" Only to start shaking again as the weight was still too great for the pillars to handle. "Dang it! What the heck is making the school shake so much?"

Going through the blueprints of the school given to him by Iron Man. Spider-Man's H.U.D. showed him that the very top of the school was getting massive tremors by unknown forces.

"It must be Cinder causing the academy to shake again! But why? I thought she was attempting to leave?" Remembering that he was outside, Spider-Man connected to the rest of his friends. "Ant-Man! Wasp! B.P.! Can you hear me?! I'm inside the school trying to stop it from falling!"

"Spider-Man!" Black Panther was the first to answer. "Thank goodness you are alright! Where is Iron Man?"

"Making some last-minute adjustments on our only hope." While talking, Spider-Man used more webbing to keep the pillars strong and also raised some H beams and coated them with some stones, rebar, and light dust webbing resulting in makeshift columns. "It's a long story, but what's important is why is there a large gash on the side of the school?"

"Adam." Black Panther answered. "Blake and I were fighting him, and just as we were about to beat him, Adam used all his stored kinetic energy and created the destruction you see now."

"Is he...?"

"No, we didn't see a body. So we're assuming Adam escaped."

"Speaking about escaping." Creating another column, Spider-Man shot a tough hard-light webbing that connected it to another makeshift pillar for stability. "Cinder is above the school, but someone is stopping her from leaving. Is it you and Blake?"

"No, Blake and I were getting some people out of the school. The extraction point is directly underneath where the tower will be falling! We're trying our best to get more transportation!"

"Then is it Wasp and Ant-Man?"

"Not us!" In came Ant-Man's voice coming through the communicator. "Wasp and I are also making sure everyone gets out of the school! And before you ask, no, I don't have any particles left to go big, so we're trying to get everyone away from the academy."

After creating another pillar to stabilize the entire academy, Spider-Man's H.U.D. showed that only 98% of the floor was safe. Wondering how he could increase the safety to 100%, more shaking from above made the percentage go down to 96% and lowering.

"Whoever is fighting Cinder is causing the entire tower to shake!" When looking around at each pillar to check which one is stable. Spider-Man checked outside and saw why the clock tower wasn't wholly stable is because one of the four central outside posts was destroyed.

"Dammit! I don't think I have time to fix it!" Spider-sense going off to warn him of imminent danger, Spider-Man turned his attention to one of the smaller columns, unable to take the abuse. A second was all it had before it crumbled and, with the pressure being spread out unevenly, caused the posts next to it also to fall. Not even hesitating, Spider-Man dived forward to where the missing pillars were and stopped the side of the tower from falling.

"UGH!" Spider-Man couldn't describe the pressure he was receiving as he held the side of the building with all his might. "Come one, legs! Don't fail me now!"

Spider-Man was surprised once again with how valuable this suit was, as the back of his suit deployed three mechanical spider legs that helped him get a stable hold and relieve some of the pressure.

"Oh, that's better. Wait! What are these?!"

"Spider-Man!" Black Panther connected through the communicator where Spider-Man can also hear the background fill with startled cries from civilians. "I saw the clock tower tilting! What is your status? Are you ok?!"

"How much longer till everyone is away from Beacon?" Asked Spider-Man, who did his best to keep his stance wide to handle crushing weight.

"Not fast enough! Transportation is slow, and we are trying our best to keep everyone from going crazy and bumrush each other."

"Keep them calm. I'm," A grunt of pain left Spider-Man's lips. "Just figuring out a way to keep this clock tower from falling!"

"Ant-Man and I can help you! Black Panther can handle getting everyone evacuated."

"No, I can handle this!" The sound of metal bending signaled Spider-Man that even the suit's spider legs couldn't handle the pressure for too long. "Just head up to the top and help whoever is fighting Cinder!"

"We can't-"

"Just do it!" Spider-Man hated how angry he sounded, yet when one of the spider legs broke off. Feeling sorry was the last thing he needed to think about right now. "Don't stop lifting," Pushing his legs up to make Beacon stand up straight, Spider-Man's second spider leg broke off, making Spider-Man bend downward as he couldn't handle the pressure.

'Don't even think about letting go! What was the point of all that training if I can't handle all of this?' Spider-Man lifted with all his might and ignored the pain his body was feeling. His H.U.D. gave several 'Warning' signs and showed several parts of his suit failing to keep up with the constant abuse. He can already hear his power armor groaning and the H.U.D. displayed that the max amount of power it can use has reached its limit. 'This suit can't withstand this amount of weight! it's going to-'

The final spider leg gave out, and instantly all the weight came back to Spider-Man, which caused him to sink to a knee. Taking in several deep breaths, Spider-Man forced himself back up, and in the process, parts of his power armor began to fall off.

"I won't!" Spots began popping over Spider-Man's eyes, and having no aid from his suit made it difficult for Spider-Man to breathe. "Give... UP!"

All the tons of metal and cement piling over SPider-Man's shoulder was causing the hero to sink into the ground.


'Suit has reached its limit' was the final message displayed on Spider-Man's H.U.D. before changing to static, then blackness, followed by the sound of glass and metal shattering and bending.

At a different part of the academy where the evacuation point is, Black Panther was with the Atlas military and Vale forces to keep the civilians and injured in the area and away from the school. Several of the staff were also there, such as Professor Oobleck, Professor Port, and Deputy Goodwitch, to defend the people in case Grimm shows up and take account of the students.

"For the last time, none of you will be heading back!" Glynda told her students. "You all need to stay here and make sure all the civilians are in the bullheads."

"And ignore the fact Yang and Ruby aren't here?" Weiss usually doesn't let her temper show in front of teachers, yet now seems the most appropriate time.

"Yang isn't here, and we haven't heard from Ruby, so let us find them!" Blake was already mad that Adam escaped, and now seeing that half of her team is still missing made Blake on-edge.

"Yang is with the Headmaster who has an important task, and Qrow is already with Ruby," Glynda explained to Blake and Weiss. "We can't lose accountability of the students! None of you are leaving!"

"Then what about Pyrrha?" Glynda looked at Ren and Nora, who both seemed distraught. "Our leader decided to head back to the school and didn't tell us why! We can't just leave her!."

"As soon as we get a proper headcount of how many students are here, myself and other Huntsmen will head back and stop the culprit."

Not accepting Glynda's answer, Ren, Nora, Weiss, and Blake started to push their argument to allow them to leave. Their loud voices attracted the Vigilante prince making the students and Glynda stop their arguing.

"I would request you all stop shouting," Black Panther pointed at several people staring at them. "You are attracting unneeded attention, and we all need to calm down. Panic spreads fast, and everyone is already on edge after seeing your school almost fall."

Silence filled the air among the teens after realizing that their screaming wasn't helping anyone. Glynda nodded at Black Panther before talking to her students again with less force.

"Please understand why we need you all here. Yes, you are all training to be Huntsmen, warriors who fight against monsters, but right now, you are all still students- children." They usually see Glynda have a strict and professional appearance when talking to them. So it caught all of them by surprise seeing her in such a vulnerable state. "Right now, you all should be handling school and take time in training, not," The deputy of Beacon waved her hand around her. "All of this! This is where the adults step in and handle the problem. This is where you all need to remember that you are not alone in trying to save everything. Let us adults show you why you can rely on us."

The four teens looked at one another, with each one having the same conflicted look. None of them wanted to leave their friends behind while at the same time understanding Glynda's words.

"Ozpin is one of the most experienced Huntsmen in Beacon, and with Yang with him, she is in good hands. The same goes with Ruby, as Qrow is the best huntsmen that ever came to Beacon."

It made sense, they hated it, but it made sense that Ozpin and Qrow have a better chance of protecting Yang and Ruby than the rest of them.

With the next batch of airships arriving to pick more people up, the sound of the clocktower caused everyone to look in horror when it started to fall. Fear started to spread, and people started to shove and scream at one another as they all tried to get inside their one ticket out of this hell.

"We need to get these people to calm down! Ren! Nora! Blake! Assist Professor port in crowd control! Weiss! I need your assistance in fortifying the barricade" Following Glynda's orders, the young Huntsmen sprung into action, while Black Panther did his best to stand in place and not get pushed around by the crowd.

Even when the military and Huntsmen tried to calm them down, they all fell on deaf ears as the civilians were scared that they would be dead soon.

"Spider-Man! Come in!" When Black Panther saw the clocktower fall, he was worried that Spider-Man couldn't fix it in time or was crushed by the pressure. "Come in! Are you ok, Spider-Man?"

No answer came from the Webhead, just static that made his worst scenario true.

Black Panther attempted to contact Ant-Man and Wasp to check up on Spider-Man. But seeing a group of civilians huddle around a T.V makes him wonder what everyone was seeing.

'V.I.C. is still recording everything?' Walking to the growing crowd, Black Panther pushed his way through to see what was causing people to stop panicking. When he went deeper, Black Panther heard people talking with awe and amazement with whatever they were watching.

"I can't believe it!"

"Unbelievable to think he can pull this off!"

"I've never seen anything like this!"


"No, I can't believe he can lift that thing! The height itself is got to be over 300- no 900 feet!"

When he makes his way to the center of what everyone is watching, the Prince of Wakanda can see a T.V. showing Spider-Man.

Displayed was Spider-Man using all of his strength to keep the side of the clocktower from falling. Yet, judging by how his legs and arms were shaking, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before his entire body gave out.

"Is he insane! How can he handle all of that!" It came from a woman who sounded concerned at seeing Spider-Man in such a sad state.

"He must be holding it long enough for everyone to evacuate!" Said someone else within the large mass of people.

Gasps of shock and fear cascaded around Black Panther as everyone watched as Spider-Man fell on one knee. Everyone screamed in fear as the sounds of falling bricks and screech of metal could be heard from the falling tower. Its long shadow was nearly reaching them as if death itself was showing its hand. Crying from the young and old was heard throughout the people, yet those close to the T.V. remained quiet and kept looking at the web hero's struggle.

"Look! Everyone! Look! Spider-Man is getting back up!"

Those close enough to hear watched the scene play out, and what they saw left them speechless.

Miraculously, Spider-Man was not dead yet. And even though his suit looked like it was falling to pieces, Spider-Man kept raising himself back on his two feet!

"Yeah! Spider-Man" A random adult screamed. "Keep it up! Don't give up!"

Silence filled the air after hearing the small cheer, and a second later, another person joined in motivating Spider-Man.

"You rock Spider-Man! Don't lose hope!" Screamed a new voice, one that sounded like it came from a kid. "Keeping it up!"

"You rule, Spider-Man!"

"I love you, Spider-Man!"




A halo effect swept everyone into believing in Spider-Man could fix the problem. Their hope in the hero turned to despair as Spider-Man's suit showed signs of crumbling, followed by Spider-Man beginning to fall.

Everyone held their breaths at seeing Spider-Man starting to lose strength, and no sooner did they begin to lose hope did Spider-Man show that their prayers were not in vain!

"GRAAAAH!" Bellowing out a primal scream, Spider-Man used every ounce of his power to push the tower back up! His armor fell apart, revealing his usual red and blue costume.

Screams of joy came from everyone after seeing Spider-Man get back up, and the shadow that loomed over them receded away now that the clocktower was fully upright.

Spider-Man used his right hand to web-shoot an H beam as a temporary crutch before adding another H beam to support the first one. Performing the same action with his left, Spider-Man made just enough space for him to let go of the building.

With Spider-Man now outside, the spider-themed hero proceeded to shoot web after web at the tower until he covered a quarter of the clocktower in webbing. After stopping as if he was running out of web fluid, Spider-Man gazed at his work as seeing the tall building look as if it was being wrapped in gauze to protect its wounds.

Everyone was safe from harm, and now that no one had to worry about getting flattened by Beacon. Huntsmen and Atlas military used this opportunity to reign the civilians back into order as they escorted them into the bullheads.

"Come on, everyone! Get inside the bullheads!" Ordered General Ironwood, who hopped off one of the carriers. "Glynda! I'm so glad you're safe!"

The General expected a curt nod or a handshake from the woman. That's why it came as a surprise to him that Glynda ignored his hand and went straight for a hug.

"I'm so glad you're safe too, James." She whispered next to his ear.

When Ironwood was about to wrap his arms around her, Glynda pulled away, and the usual stone face she wore was back.

"I hope your men were safe and sound in your flagship, General."

"Y-Yes," Despite several hours of hell going on, James couldn't help but smile at Glynda's stern yet soft attitude at times. "My men are safe, and I have taken full charge of my ships. If things keep up like this, we will evacuate everyone from the school and exterminate any Grimm left within the city."

Sighing in relief at the good news, Glynda spotted Black Panther approaching them and motioned Iron Man of the approaching vigilante.

Turning to face the black-armored hero, General Ironwood raised an eyebrow at this hero's attire before lifting his gloved hand to Black Panther.

"I must thank you and your friends for helping us in turning the tables on our adversaries. My engineers were confused at our droid's sudden fix, and I can already assume there's a certain someone responsible."

"I'll make sure to let Iron Man know of your thankfulness," Clutching the hand, the Prince gave it a firm shake, then promptly let's go. "A shame we could not meet in better circumstances, General."

"Yes, though I will not be rude and say your assistance is not needed. I hope you and your friends will stay after all this is over."

You and your friends need to answer some questions after all this is over. Black Panther already knew that after helping repel this attack, he and the rest of his newly acquainted friends must answer some questions. Understandable since everyone witnessed their strange and fantastic powers.

It's understandable as they do not wish to let people who can become giants walk away. Or allow someone who can hack into Atlas military-grade weapons and control them with ease slinks back to obscurity.

"I feel the same, General." Even when Black Panther understood the General's meaning, the young Prince took it in stride. "And I hope you and your friends will answer some of our questions."

Black Panther then heard his communicator activate, followed by hearing Ant-Man's frantic voice.

"We made it to the top!"

"Do you see Cinder? What is she doing?"

"Oh yeah! It's hard not to see Cinder since she's bright enough to outshine the neon lights of Tinsel town!" While Ant-Man was speaking, the Prince of Wakanda could hear screeching metal noise from the background.

"What is that noise?"

"It's coming from the Huntress fighting her! I don't know who she is, but her semblance allows her to throw a lot of heavy metal at Cinder!"

"A Huntress that has a semblance that bends metal? She's the one fighting Cinder?" He does not recall any students that Whitley and Jaune are friends with that have that particular semblance. "General, we Ant-Man and Wasp has reached the top and discovered Cinder is fighting a Huntress. A Huntress who has a semblance that allows her to control metal. Does such a Huntress ring any bells?"

"What did you say!?" Both General Ironwood and Black Panther looked to Nora with Ren following behind her. "You said A Huntress that can control metal, right? You said that, right?!"

"Yes, Cinder is currently fighting said, Huntress." Answered Black Panther. "For now, the two are on even grounds, but I am not sure how long she'll last as Cinder is considerably more powerful. Do you perhaps know who this Huntress is?"

"Yeah, I know who she is!" Nora looked at Ren, who shared the same scared look she was wearing. "That's our team leader, Pyrrha!"

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[Omake: Thanksgiving meal!]

A cold wind came in in the morning of Vale, and the city was starting to get busy as adults rushed to work and teens began to shout in excitement as their vacation from school finally started.

Gwen and Eddie used this time to spend more time with each other by finding which place they wished to crash after the graduate Highschool.

Harry and his family went on another vacation to another kingdom.

For Jaune, he was helping Aunt May at F.E.A.S.T setting everything up for Thanksgiving.

"Oh shoot," She was halfway making the turkey to finally realize she forgot to get the ingredients to make the mash potatoes. "Jaune, can you be a dear and go to the supermarket for me. I need to finish this before we open the doors."

"On it, Aunt May!"

The supermarket was usually an hour if your walking and using the bus takes you around 20 mins. Yet when you're the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, it'll only take 5.

And 5 minutes was all it took for Jaune to get the needed ingredients. No supervillain or monsters to stop, just getting stuff from the market for Thanksgiving.

"Everyone on the floor! This is a robbery!" Screamed an armed gunman who fired a couple of shots in the ceiling.

'This is bad,' Whenever a situation is like this, Jaune would just find a place to switch to his hero costume. The problem was that he was in the front of the cashier line right next to the robber. 'Can't find anywhere to hide. But maybe I can at least cause a distraction?'

"I need a hostage," The robber's eyes landed on Jaune. "You, blondie, get over here!"

'Dang it!'

Jaune was just six paces following the robber's orders when a can of cranberry sauce rolled over to the criminal's feet.

"The hell?" Picking up the can, the masked gunner looked to where it rolled and saw one of the stockers throw a can of pineapple slices right to his forehead.

The impact from the can was strong enough to knock the robber out, and when the criminal's body crumbled to the ground did everyone was present cheer.

"Wow," Jaune walked up to the man who saved him. "Nice throw, Sir."

"It's no problem, just doing what comes naturally to me." Replied the shelf stocker. "I'm glad you're alright. Who knew what would happen."

"Yeah, again, thank you. I'm so glad this is all over. I didn't want Aunt May to worry."

"Aunt May? Well, I'll be damned, how is she? It's been a while since I saw her."

"You know my Aunt?" Asked Jaune. The secret hero thought he knew most of Aunt May's friends by now, but it seems like he has more to learn about his landlord than he anticipated.

"Sure do. I tour with Ben Parker a couple of times." The nostalgic look the man had turned into a frown. "Though we haven't spoken much after Ben finished serving his contract. And I also never really tried contacting her even when Ben..."

An awkward silence filled the air around the two, yet Jaune didn't want this conversation to turn to where the man who saved him walked away.

"Can I get your name, sir? You know Ben and May, yet I don't know yours."

"Alex Mason," Jaune shook Alex Mason's hand.

"I'm Jaune Arc, and I was wondering if you had plans for thanksgiving today?"

"My pans are working, in all honesty." Mason shrugged. "Holidays don't bother me, and younger workers tend to whine if they don't get the holidays off, so I chose to do it so that I won't have to hear their BS."

"Is it possible you can come to visit F.E.A.S.T? We have thanksgiving there, and Aunt May is almost done making the food."

Hesitation gripped Mason's heart at the thought of agreeing to the idea. It has been years since he's talked to May. What will his first sentence be when he meets her after so long of silence.

"Please, Mr. Mason. I'm sure she be happy to see you, and I'm sure she'll want to thank you for saving me."

"Meh," Mason already said he had nothing for Thanksgiving, so now he has to lay in the bed he made. "Fine. It'll be awkward, but at least it'll be nice seeing some friends again. Alright, let's go."

"Shouldn't you wait for the police?"

"Oh yeah," Mason looked down to the floor where the mugger was still knocked out. "There's that too."

"I'm back!" Shouted Jaune altering Aunt May, who was getting help from Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha with setting up the plates and plasticware.

"Jaune! Happy Thanksgiving!" Nora was the fastest to greet him, giving Jaune a bear hug and lifting him off the ground.

"T-Thanks, Nora!" Despite having super endurance, it was still tricky for Jaune to get some hair in his lungs from Nora's strong hug.

"You can put him down now, Nora." As Nora put Jaune down, Ren stepped in to give his own proper greeting to Jaune. "Happy Thanksgiving, Jaune. Glad you made it. We were just about to open too."

"Did you get the ingredients?" Asked Pyrrhas placing the last plate down on the table. "If I remember earlier, the supermarket is quite far. It's impressive you were able to get it so soon."

"Yeah, I was probably going to be late getting back here," Jaune then took the step to the right to reveal Alex Mason. "Luckily, I met an old friend of Aunt May's to give me a lift."

"Hey, Mayday!" Mason smiled at May. "The years have taken better care of you than it did me."

"Mason?" She put a hand over her mouth. "It's been so long. I almost didn't recognize you. How are you?"

"Did good, but I'm doing better now that I'm spending time with an old friend."

And so, Thanksgiving soon commenced in F.E.A.S.T, where Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren helped Aunt May serve food for everyone. Everyone was having a great time being thankful for what they had and received.

"May!" Lee had a worried look on his face upon entering the shelter. "Did you check the news? Apparently, the grocery store had a gunman attempt to rob the joint!"

Gasps of surprise and fear washed over everyone in the shelter. Everyone besides Jaune and Mason knew since they were there.

"Oh yeah, hey, May. Just to let you know, Jaune here was a hostage for said Gunman."

"...!" She looked between Mason and Jaune several times. "Jaune was what!?"