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(Chapter 53 Vytal Festival End)

To say today was the worst day of Spider-Man's life could be an understatement. First, there was the start of the invasion of Grimm that nearly swarmed the city. The second was that even with all the prepping and counter-attacking of stopping Cinder, the woman still acquired the Fall Maiden powers. And now, Spider-Man and his friends have to handle a woman who now has magic?

Needless to say, Spider-Man would count today to be in one of the top 5 worst days of his life. Right between getting stood up by his prom date only to find out, she was going with one of his guy friends and being responsible for losing someone important in his life.

"Grrrr!" Feeling like his feet were stepping on nails, Spider-Man used some broken concrete as his chair to rest his weakened legs. "Feeewww! I think after today. I should give myself a cheat day and just lay down and eat a tub or two of ice cream. I think lifting the side of a freakin tower deserves a few days off of leg day."

Getting the much-needed rest to recover a bit of stamina. The masked spider looked back at his work in wonder and disbelief at seeing Beacon tower still standing strong.

"Didn't know I had that much to use," Lifting his arms, Spider-Man can see that his gloves were now in shreds all the way to the elbows, showing his bruised and bloody forearms. "Can I still," Pushing his middle and ring finger to the middle of his palm, Spider-Man yelled in pain at the attempt of shooting a web. "Damn! I now know that I have a limit when using my webbing. It looks like my mobility is nerfed now. But that doesn't mean I should stop."

Feeling much better after sitting down, Spider-Man got back on his feet and was about to talk to Iron Man through the communicator before realizing his power armor was no more.

"So, I can't use webs to get to the top, and I have no way of calling my friends." Sighing in frustration, Spider-Man can only see two options for him now. "I can either stay put and let my friends do the rest, or I'll have to do things the hard way."

The answer was given via a loud explosion coming from the top of the tower, followed by fire and smoke.

"Welp," Spider-Man lifted his legs and did some stretches. "Guess I should add a couple more gallons of ice cream cause it looks like I'll be doing a lot of cardio for the rest of the day."

Atop the tower, the once-grand office of the Headmaster is now a wreck as gears, concrete, and rebar scattered everywhere, looking more like a battlefield than an office. In the middle of all the mayhem were Cinder and Pyrrha, with the redhead looking more tired than the newly granted Fall Maiden.

In the beginning, Pyrrha had proven to be Cinder's equal in close-quarter combat and more trouble in long distances thanks to Pyrrha's semblance of polarity.

Unfortunately, she did not expect Cinder's control over the Fall Maiden's power to be so controlled and overbearing. Cinder countered with sheer fire at her command with each strike Pyrrha committed, leaving her with but a shield. When trying to bury Cinder in a mountain of metal, Cinder reacted by showering everything in heat, melting the metal until nothing was left.

Pyrrha could already see that her attacks were getting slower as the battle waged on. Her evasions were mere a hairs width away from death, and the ever-constant smile Cinder had on her face showed that she too can see Pyrrha was close to weakening.

The sign of a mistake was when Pyrrha decided to throw her only defense at Cinder. As Pyrrha threw her shield, Cinder summoned a bow and fired an arrow heading directly at the thrown shield.

Shield and arrow were a centimeter away, and at that moment, Cinder willed the arrow to shatter before the shield could break it. As the shield passed through the arrow, Cinder commanded the dust to form back to an arrow heading right to the Huntress.

Seeing the projectile coming, Pyrrha moved her armed vambraces to block the attack, only to be surprised once again when Cinder performed the same magic trick again!

"AAUG!" Pyrrha screamed in pain when the arrow broke down into two glass spikes, passed her, and with a flick of Cinder's wrist, commanded the spikes to impale Pyrrha's heels. Her aura was already low from exhaustion, making it easy for Cinder's attack to land a severe blow to the champion. "TCH!" Unable to stand from the pain, the young redhead fell forward onto the hot floor.

Not planning to lay on her belly, Pyrrha rolled on her back and attempted to stand up just to have Cinder's leg push Pyrrha back onto the floor.

As a last act of defiance, Pyrrha tried to push Cinder's heel off her chest then soon screamed as the tip of Cinder's stiletto heel morphed into a spike that stabbed through Pyrrha's right shoulder.

"AAAAUGH!" A cry of agony escaped Pyrrha's shoulder as the burning spike was just hot enough for Pyrrha to feel it burn through her flesh and armor without being too hot to incinerate her to ash.

"Gah!" Tears flowed out of Pyrrha's emerald eyes, yet the will of defiance still burned within her to try and fight. Pyrrha punched the spike to break free and stopped as Cinder put her hand over Pyrrha's face using her left arm. "MRFGH!"

"Shh~!" Cinder's hand covering Pyrrha's face glowed red, which caused Pyrrha to stop any movement. "No more struggling and no more fighting. You were quite a challenge, Invincible girl, but I had enough for today. And I think I would end today with you as my last goodbye gift."

Hand glowing bright, Pyrrha closed her eyes and prepared to meet her maker when out of nowhere, Cinder yelled in surprise as an invisible force struck her on the nose!

With Cinder unfocused, Pyrrha gritted her teeth and used this small window to push Cinder's heel out of her shoulder. Now free the young champion performed a leg sweep knocking Cinder on her back.

"OOF!" Air was knocked out of Cinder's lungs, and again the invisible force that hit Cinder on the nose struck her in the chest.

Pyrrha couldn't register what was helping her, but a strong pull from the back of her corset pulled her safely away from Cinder.

The mysterious hand of fate stopped pulling her when she was behind a half-broken clock gear—followed by Wasp flying up to Pyrrha's face to reveal who saved her.

"You must be Pyrrha Nikos, correct?" Asked Wasp.

"...Yes?" Pyrrha was still caught off guard with seeing a tiny flying fairy, so her answer sounded more like a question.

"Great! Listen, my name is Wasp," She then pointed at where Cinder was, who was now trying to fight off someone she couldn't see. "The person you can't see fighting Cinder is Ant-Man, and we're here to stall long enough for our friends to show up."

"Thank you," Pyrrha sighed in relief. "Though, I do not think you and your friend will last long when Cinder catches on to your tactics."

To prove Pyrrha's point, Cinder screamed in rage and unleashed a wave of heat, pushing everything away from her vicinity, including Ant-Man.

Ant-Man landed harshly on the ground and landed right next to Pyrrha and Wasp. Regrowing back to his regular size, Ant-Man slapped the side of his helmet, making the faceplate lift up, showing his face that has sweat pouring down his head.

Taking in gulps of air, Scott stopped his panting and looked to see Pyrrha and Wasp look at him.

"You know, you could've told me you hid Pyrrha somewhere safe!"

"Ant-Man," Wasp motioned to his faceplate. "Your helmet!"

"..." He looked at Pyrrha. "Hey, do you know who I am?"

Pyrrha looked perplexed at his question and just shook her head.

Nodding his head, Ant-Man looked back at Wasp.

"There, she doesn't know who I am. It's not like we'll meet her often anyway."

Slapping back his faceplate to cover his face, Ant-Man shrunk to the size of a bug to evade a fireball that was intended to incinerate him.

"First Spider-Man and now another bug hero?! It's official. Vale has become invested with vermin!" Unleashing a torrent of flames from the palms of her hands. Cinder knew that if she couldn't hit him while he was small, then she would destory everything around her. "Now that I think about it," Rising into the sky, Cinder raised both her arms above her head. "If this city is rampant with bugs that try to play the hero. I will play the role of an exterminator and burn this city so there would be no chance of infection!"

"I think she's confusing an exterminator with a plague doctor," Ant-Man told Wasp through their communicator.

"What are you going to do? Tell that to her face?" Wasp asked him.

"HA!HA!HA!" The flames in Cinder's one working eyes grew bright with vindictive glee. "Everything will burn!"

"You know what, your right. Now's not the time to criticize. We're about to die if we don't do something."

Pouring magic into her raised hands, a small red ball of fire began to expand, becoming the size of a boulder that was bright enough to make Ant-Man, Wasp, and Pyrrha shield their eyes.

"Everyone, can you see that?!" Screamed Pyrrha.

"I can taste that!" Ant-Man screamed back. "How the hell are we supposed to handle this? We can't get away from this!" Looking at Cinder, Ant-Man notices the boulder size fireball beginning to grow larger! "Cinder is trying to go critical! If she unleashes all of that energy, we won't have to worry about Beacon! We'll have to worry about the whole city becoming a mountain of ash!"

"Can anyone hear us?!" Wasp yelled through her communicator. "Black Panther!? Iron Man?! Spider-Man!? Back-up would be really appreciated right now!"

No one replied, leaving the three to gaze in horror as the fireball was ten times larger! Its sheer mass was bright enough to make everything around it seem like the sun was out despite it being nighttime!

"Everything is going to burn!" Cinder's one good eye looked at them with pure sick joy. "Huntresses, superheroes, and Vale! HA!HA!HA!"

"Holy crap! I know we're going to die! But you have to admit she is embracing her crazy villain role!"

"Not helping, Ant-Man!" Said Wasp.

About to drop the mini sun on top of them, Cinder was confused when something significant overshadowed her. Looking over her shoulder, Cinder gaped in shock at seeing several water tanks floating above her!

All the levitating water tanks dumped water right at Cinder without warning. Cinder slammed into the ground while simultaneously being pressed by cold water that evaporated the fire she produced—resulting in the top floor of the academy clocktower becoming humid and steaming.

"Ms. Nikos!" Glynda jumped off the floating tanks she was riding on and landed on the wet ground. "I apologize for being late!" Glynda's eyes widened at seeing Pyrrha's injuries. "Your hurt!"

"I'll be fine, Ms. Goodwitch." Despite being in pain, Pyrrha still smiled at seeing a familiar face. "Oh no!" Pyrrha pointed at the now thinning stream of water. "The water!"

"Don't worry, Ms. Nikos." Glynda raised her riding crop.

Just as the last drop of what left the water tanks, Cinder's body was beginning to ignite, yet her ignition ended just as it started. Glynda, showing fantastic skill and precision, willed her telekinesis to command the water around Cinder to encase her in a dome of water.

"I have Cinder handled."

The new Fall Maiden tried her best to focus her mind on controlling her magic to help her break free from her water prison. Yet try as she might, her head was still too disoriented from the initial waterfall, and with her wounds still open, it was only a matter of time before she faints from either lack of air or lack of blood.

While Glynda was handling detaining Cinder, Professor Port, Doctor Oobleck, and Black Panther were also spotted getting a lift from the tanks Glynda brought.

"Ant-Man! Wasp!" Black Panther hopped off one of the tanks. "I'm glad we made it in time."

"It's good to see you as well, BP," Ant-Man said to the prince. "If you guys didn't show up sooner, all three of us would be nothing but ash stains on the floor."

"I'm glad we're all here, but we are still missing Spider-Man and Iron Man," Wasp said in a worried tone. "We lost Spider-Man after he saved everyone from being crushed by the tower, but that was it."

Black Panther looked down at the floor. "I did not see Spider-Man while Glynda and I were making our way to the top. But I'm sure he is okay."

Wasp and Ant-Mann looked at each other and then nodded at Black Panther.

"Yeah," Ant-Man spoke. "I'm sure Spider-Man would want us to focus on getting everyone safe before worrying about him."

"Come one, Pyrrha," Wasp wrapped Pyrrha's arm over her shoulder. "We shouldn't be here for long."

"Yes, please get Pyrrha out of here." Glynda did not look back at her student and superheroes. "I must keep constant concentration to hold Cinder."

"Do not worry, missy!" Port may have spoken in a cheerful tone, though the way his hand was gripping his weapon to the point his knuckles turned white showed he was not in a happy mood. "We can handle the rest. You forget that we may be your teachers, but we're still Huntsmen!"

"You should always know your limits, Miss Nikos." Usually, Oobleck would speak a mile a minute. This time, his voice was calm and steady. "The injuries your currently sustaining will only make things more challenging."

"You ready?" Asked Wasp unraveling her wings and prepared to fly.

"Yes." Answered Pyrrha.

"If you say so. By the way, you might scream, but don't freak out."

"I don't under- WOOAH!" Pyrrha and Wasp shrunk down to the size of bugs and left Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Glynda to handle the rest.

"I don't want to be that guy right now," Ant-Man looked at Black Panther. "But do we not have any more help coming our way?"

"Priority is to have every civilian and injured as far away from here."

"Ha! Ha! Worry not, my masked friend," Port slapped the back of Ant-Man's back. "You already have three professors at Beacon to help! I would say that's all the help you need to handle any threat."

"Everyone!" Oobleck shouted. "Look! Cinder is still conscious!"

Cinder was indeed still awake despite being imprisoned in water. Her trashing has stopped, and in the act of desperation, she created a glass spear and stabbed the ground. With the spear plunged deep into the floor, Cinder poured magic into the spear, turning the spear to become bright red which soon exploded.

Everyone braced from the shockwave of water, and when looking back, they can see a hole in the floor and no Cinder.

"She's underneath us!" It was the only warning Glynda gave everyone before getting stabbed by a spike. "Guh!" Her wound was not life-threatening, thanks to her aura absorbing the worst of the damage. Flicking her riding crop to bring a telekinetically broken floor piece, Glynda grabbed the fractured piece to drag her away from another glass spike about to stab her.

Without warning the floor they were standing on became a sick game as spikes randomly sprouted from underneath them! Each Huntsman evaded by a hairsbreadth, and Black Panther faired the same by using his well-trained reflexes to dodge the spikes.

"Woah!" Everyone except Ant-Man had the most challenging time as he did his best not to turn into a pincushion. Ant-Man was too focused on looking at the front of him that he didn't notice a spike about to stab him in the back.

"Ant-Man!" Black Panther used his body as a shield, and when the spike impacted his suit, it soon shattered into tiny pieces.

"Thanks!" The drop of alertness became Ant-Man's next mistake as yet another spike erupted from the ground. "Uh-oh!" Upon reflex, Ant-Man instinctively activated his suit to shrink just as the spike was close enough to scrape against his chrome helmet.

Now tiny, Ant-Man fell into the crack that the stake created, and when he fell into the floor below them, he could see Cinder kneeling in one spot.

Seeing as she did not notice him, Ant-Man used this chance to attack her while her guard was down. Reaching close enough to strike her, Ant-Man jumped into the air, brought his right arm back, and punched her at the side of her head with the strength of a point-blank gunshot!

Cinder's head rocked to the side from the force of the hit, temporarily stopping her from attacking his friends from the top floor. Looking back to where the impact came from, Cinder did not see anything, and when she looked to the other side, she saw a fully grown Ant-Man before a fist covered her eye.

"Normal Punch!" Screamed Ant-Man before shrinking again.

Cinder retaliated by spewing fire from her mouth only to receive an upper cut from Ant-Man.

"Tiny Punch!"

In blind fury, Cinder slammed her fists, which caused the floor to erupt in mini geysers of fire, hoping to incinerate the shrinking hero.

"Normal kick!" Again Ant-Man appeared, this time growing to regular size at Cinder's blind spot and delivering a kick to her face, then once again shrinking to a tiny size again.

Rage and fire were all on Cinder's mind, yet she reined in her killing impulses and focused on when the next attack was coming. Her years of hellish training had given her the instinct to lash out with an open hand.

"Tiny kic- WAAAH!" Unable to avoid Cinder's hand. Ant-Man was slammed onto the tile floor knocking the air out of his lungs. "GAH!"

"Insect!" Cinder seethed. "Someone like you should die the way like any other bug. By being squashed!

Pushing down with all her strength, Ant-Man could not move to activate his suit's capability to shrink or turn back to normal, so instead, he did his best to push back in a pathetic attempt to stall for time.

Before Ant-Man could be crushed to death, Cinder was attacked by Port, slamming his massive body against hers. No longer holding Ant-Man down, the size-changing hero reverted to his average size and gave Port a curt nod.

"Thanks," Ant-Man said through heavy breathing.

"Ha! Did you forget that we're Huntsmen!" Port flexed his arms. "We may fight monsters, but we protect people first and foremost."

Getting back on her feet, Cinder glared at the two and retaliated by throwing multiple glass blades. Ant-Man was ready for the attack, and used his Pym particles to shrink to dodge the first blade, walked along the second blade, and jumped over the third one.

Port chose the direct approach and used his aura as a bludgeoning tool to bash the glass projectiles shattering them into pieces. After punching the last glass knife into tiny shards, Port pulled out his trusty blunderbuss and fired a large dust round at Cinder.

Unafraid of the attack, Cinder summoned another glass knife from the palm of her hands and fired. As the blade intercepted the dust shot, Cinder expected it to explode with fire, instead, the dust round exploded in a cloud of ice.

"It shouldn't surprise you that we came prepared to handle you with Ice dust, Cinder. A true Huntsmen must always be versatile when fighting their prey!"

Hearing enough of his drabble, Cinder decided to kill him before the Ant by throwing a glowing red spear at him. Port fired at the weapon, and when the ice round collided with the spear, ice and fire erupted, resulting in a plume of steam. Not even hesitating to charge in blind, Port changed his grip to have the axe half of his gun face up, and when he saw the silhouette of Cinder, he brought down his axe.

Blocking the attack by summoning a spear, Cinder's right eye flashed with fire, and a beam of concentrated heat shot out from her pupil. The condensed heat was strong enough to cut off a piece of Port's weapon, followed by half his mustache and part of the wall behind him!

Cinder used her magically enhanced strength to overpower Port to the ground and was going to fire a second beam when a torrent of snow engulfed her!

"Port!" Doctor Oobleck helped his friend back up on his feet. "Please wait for the rest of us before you go running to danger!"

"GRR-OOF!" A second blast of snow pushed Cinder back far enough to slam her against a wall. The constant snow stream made a second reaction to Cinder as the ice started to freeze her in place.

"D-Don't," Pushing past her limits, Cinder forced her skin to glow red hot enough to melt the ice and broke herself free. "Look down on me!"

A swing from her hand and a wave of heat melted the snow coming from Oobleck's weapon. When the heat reached Oobleck's weapon, the professor had to let go when the object was too hot to hold. As the glowing red thermos dropped to the ground, it lasted only a second before the heat melted it down to a puddle of liquid metal.

Port also had to drop his gun from the heat resulting in both Huntsmen being weaponless and facing an enraged Fall Maiden whose powers seem to show no limit.

"Damn you!" Cinder's body was emitting so much heat that each step she took made the floor underneath her melt. "You weaklings! Just lay down and die!"

Waves of heat kept spreading around the entire floor, turning plants into dry husks and any small creatures to die from heatstroke. It got to the point where Ant-Man had no choice but to grow back less her would die and dry up like a raisin.

"Just how much magic does she have anyway!?" Asked Ant-Man.

"Enough to kill you all and kill this entire city!" Threatened Cinder before she brought her arms to the side that created a ring of fire, cutting them off from escaping.

Despite having their weapons, Port and Oobleck stood their ground. Even with no weapons to defend themselves, both were veteran Huntsman and have learned a thing or two fighting enemies without them. Thankfully, the two didn't need to wait for backup, as Black Panther jumped through the ring of fire and swiped a claw at Cinder.

Cinder deflected the clawed hand with her arm and used her other hand to launch a fireball point-blank at Black Panther's chest. Yet when the fire landed, the flames rolled against the suit, showing no signs of being melted. Dodging a second clawed swipe, Cinder retaliated by stabbing the hero with a longsword only to have the same results as the last one, where her attack did zero effect against the hero.

"Ooof!" Cinder was only paying attention to Black Panther's arms that she didn't wasn't expecting a kick to the stomach launching out of the ring of fire. Cinder performed a backflip and landed on her feet using the kick's momentum. When she looked back, she saw Black Panther merging from the fire and resuming his assault.

Her magic and semblance were not denting the armor, nor did the heat effect seem to slow him down either. So, if a frontal attack had no signs of working, she would have to take a page from Ozpin. She was dropping her guard to fool the panther-themed hero to attack. And when a fist was mere inches away from her face, she caught it, performed a shoulder throw, slammed Black Panther's back onto the floor.

Before he could get up, Cinder used her magic to melt the floor beneath into a liquid, sinking the hero until only his arm was sticking out. Fingers were flailing about, showing he was still alive. Cinder would push him further when a rebar pipe tried to impale her from the back.

"Tch!" Looking where the attack came from, she can see Glynda with several rebar pipes floating around her. Not only Glynda, But Iron Man was also here sporting several wires attached to his chest piece, and the chamber used to transfer the Fall Maiden powers. "You again?! I see you brought your coffin. Sorry, but I think I prefer you to be cremated."

"Wrong, Cinder." A loud metallic thud was heard as Iron Man put down the transfer chamber. "We're going to get that Maiden power back whether you like it or not!"

"And how are you going to do that?" Cinder smiled. "Your friends can't hurt me, and not even the staff can handle me. No one can take my might!"



"NOW!" Yang tackled Cinder from behind. "Surprise! Motherf !ker!"

Not letting Yang handle Cinder alone, Glynda used the rebar pipes to wrap Cinder's arms and legs to immobilize her. Feeling that restraining her arms isn't enough, Glynda pulled more rebar piping from the floor and walls and wrapped more around her limbs and some around her mouth.

About to reach the transfer device, Yang gave one last push but stopped as Cinder's body glowed red, then soon erupted in a blast of fire, knocking Yang away. Again, Glynda attempted to snuff our Cinder's flames with anything around her. From pipes, bricks, to even tables were thrown at Cinder in hopes that it could bury her. It was then turned to ash by Cinder releasing flames from her hands.

"Enough of your parlor tricks!" Performing the same trick as she did with Black Panther. The Fall Maiden used her control over fire to melt the floor beneath Glynda, causing the deputy to sink neck-deep into the ground before solidifying into glass.

Iron Man's gauntlet fired a photon blast only to deflect his attacks by Cinder's use of magic and her aura. Deciding to humor Iron Man in a test of power, Cinder fired a high beam of concentrated fire from her eye at Iron Man, who countered with his ray of energy.

The two attacks clashed, and a spectrum of light washed over everything within the area. It seemed like the two's power was evenly matched only to see Iron Man's power was becoming overpowered by Cinder's!

"Oh? Are your batteries running low? I don't remember your attacks being this weak after our first altercation." Stated Cinder, who was right to assume Iron Man should be outputting more power behind his attack.

And it was true, Iron Man could put more power into attacking Cinder, yet he has to conserve some energy for the transfer machine to work. All the wires attached to Iron Man kept the device on, and if he used too much, then there was no chance to stop Cinder from taking the Fall Maiden magic.

"Can't," Iron Man's repulsor beam was being pushed back to the point where he could no longer maintain the power input. "Hold on much longer!"

His gauntlet powered down, leaving him open to Cinder's fire.

The young Schnee within the suit braced for the intense heat only to feel no pain whatsoever.

"Iron Man!" Spider-Man blocked the attack by using his ability of the weak force. "Sorry I was late. I walked a lot of stairs before realizing I could just run up the side of the tower much faster."

Spider-sense warning him of danger, Spider-Man reacted to the signal by pulling out a chunk of the floor underneath him and throwing it at Cinder. Whatever spell Cinder would cast was stopped when she dodged a high speeding rock. In that small window, Spider-Man closed the distance between him and Cinder. A bright yellow glowing fist collided with Cinder's chin, making her head look up to the ceiling.

Vision blurry from the attack, Cinder had no time to dodge or counter Spider-Man's second attack of kicking her in the stomach. All the air left Cinder's lungs, and her aura flashed, signifying that a few more hits would shatter her aura.

'How?!' Spider-Man was going to hit Cinder a third time before his body jumped back to evade a glass dagger created by Cinder. 'How is he able to deplete my aura this quickly?! Everyone else didn't give me such a hard time, so why is he able to hurt me so?!'

'Don't give her space!' Diving back in, Spider-Man reared back his fist to punch Cinder again. 'Don't let her catch her breath! Keep putting the pressure on her, so her aura can shatter!'

Spider-Man had to give credit to his friends, too, for even if his weak force can hasten the depletion of Cinder aura. Thanks to his friend's efforts to hold off Cinder that he could handle the rest.

Cinder dodged a high knee to the face and countered with a knife to Spider-Man's ribs. Catching the knife between his pointer finger and middle finger, Spider-Man snapped the glass blade in two and tossed the sharp end at Cinder.

Dispelling the glass before it could hurt her, Cinder evaded a straight punch from Spider-Man, caught it with both her hands and performed a shoulder throw.

Spider-sense blaring danger, Spider-Man's legs spread apart and used the tips of his toes to stop his back from falling into a small pit of hot melted cement.

Tensing his upper body, Spider-Man tossed Cinder forward and pile drive her into the floor.

"UGH!" Not expecting to be thrown, Cinder didn't brace herself as her head landed first on the hard floor. Pulling Cinder from the legs to get her head out of the hole she created, Spider-Man poured the weak force to his right foot and delivered a kick right to her face shattering her aura and some of her teeth too!

Body laying limp, with only her limbs twitching to show she was still alive, Spider-Man grabbed the back of Cinder's neck and flung her to Iron Man.

Opening the chamber to catch Cinder, Iron Man slammed the containment shut and started the transfer. Iron Man's chest piece began to brighten, and the wires connected to the pod also started to glow.

"Extracting now!" Shaking violently from the foreign energy being pulled out of Cinder and into Iron Man's reactor. The armored hero's armor started to share the same glow as Cinder and gave Whitley an odd sensation of the magic enveloping him. "Holy Sh-! This feeling! It tastes like dark chocolate... and glass shavings!"

"Mhm!" Finally coming to, Cinder's one eyes widened at registering her power was getting stolen from her. She can already feel the fantastic powers of the Fall Maiden beginning to leave her body. Thankfully, she still has some Magic and attempted to melt the metal coffin from the inside out in her act of defiance.

Iron Man's HUD displayed multiple small windows reading, 'Failure! Integrity Breach!' with a percentage of the transferring process decreasing. The glow enveloping him was fading and receding to Cinder with each strike she inflicted to the machine.

'Ah! Of course, she can't make things easy for us!' Seeing Cinder about to pry herself free Spider-Man shoulder checked the hatch to prevent her from escaping. A flair from the back of his skull gave him the signal to move his head to avoid getting stabbed. Placing a hand to where the gash was, he used his power to bond the metal together to prevent further damage.

Soon, Spider-Man multi-tasked in keeping Cinder trapped and repairing any damages she created. Thanks to the quick patch-up from the webhead, Iron Man sees the percentage of the process going up.

"Keep it up, Spider-Man!" The glow started to come back to Iron Man. "Yang! Are you ready?!"

"Ready!" Yang replied after helping Black Panther and Glynda out of their glass prison.

Reaching 100% complete, Iron Man channeled all the Fall Maiden's energy into his chest reactor, faced Yang, and fired!

Yang welcomed the power coursing through her, and already she can feel the power changing her from within her. Yang's violet eyes, now switching to red, had fire brimming around them. Blond hair ignited in Yang's signature semblance, yet the added change was the color of red showing at the tips of her golden locks.

"NO!" Cinder banged against the thick glass window. "NO! NO! NO! It's mine! Mine! Mine! MINE!" Cries of rage poured out of Cinder's one working eye. Years of preparation, honing her skills, picking suitable pawns were all going to ash as her right to power was being stolen from her.

Eye moving frantically to figure out how to break free, Cinder's sight landed on Iron Man, still pouring the Maiden power into Yang. Concentrating everything she had left in one attack, Cinder pierced the pod with a glass spike, intending to impale Iron Man in hopes of preventing Yang from getting all the power.

Iron Man was too focused on Yang to notice the attack coming, and everyone else was too far away to intercept the attack.

Everyone except Spider-Man, who Ignored his Spider-sense to avoid danger, and chose to take the hit for his friend.

Having no aura to protect him, Spider-Man shouted when the sharp point touched his skin, followed by an acute pain that soon shifted to a cold sensation. Spider-Man had his fair share of getting stabbed by sharp objects, but getting impaled was an experience he wished never to have again.

"Grah!" Copper was the only thing he could taste, and the feel of the pike going deeper into his body showed that Cinder was still attempting to kill Iron Man.

"TCH!" Both Spider-Man's hands gripped the spike, tensed his body, and forced Cinder's attack to stop. Then, Spider-Man used the weak forces to melt the glass while at the same time pushing forward. Spider-Man used his left hand to hold back Cinder's attack and raised his right hand in an open palm when reaching the capsule.

'"I've had enough!" Rage was an emotion he was getting too used to when dealing with Cinder and her cronies. All the blood, pain, and chaos were almost over, yet Cinder kept pushing and pushing to the point where Spider-Man had a lapse in judgment and attacked her with the weak force.

Spider-Man plunged his hand into the pod and right into Cinder's left shoulder. Her shrill screams came only to have her shout even louder when Spider-Man's hand that is still in her shoulder burned through her flesh and severed Cinder's left arm clean off!

The pain was too much for Cinder to the point where her mind and body shut down, leaving her limp and unmoving. No longer a threat, Spider-Man resealed the hole he made and placed his back against the warm steel. Legs giving out under him, Spider-Man allowed his body to slide down until his rear touched the floor.

"B-Body... can't feel," Spider-Man clutched his wound—blood pooling out between his fingers. The wall-crawler could feel his eyelids getting heavy and his vision blurry. Trying to stay awake, Spider-Man felt someone's hand touch his shoulder, making Spider-Man open his eyes to see a blurry person with glowing bright eyes.

Spider-Man's sight had to take a second to focus on getting a clear sight of Iron Man.

"Is it over?" Spider-Man started to speak in a low whisper.

"Yes," Iron Man tried to sound happy for his friend. "Yang is the new Fall Maiden. It's over. Vale is still standing."

"That's great," Eyes starting to lose focus, Spider-Man's head leaned to the right, and his ears could no longer hear anything around him. "That's great. If everyone is safe, then I think I can finally rest."

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Happy New year!

Omake: His name is...

Christmas in Vale has come and gone, and the new years are just a few hours away, signifying a fresh start for everyone and for those who are born.


Such was a case for a young woman screaming in her lungs out as she could feel her unborn child about to be born. This was not supposed to happen, as her doctor projected her child would be born a week after New years.

"Hah! Hah!" She clutched her swollen belly and spoke in a pained whisper. "Please, please, please! Just wait until we reach the hospital!"

Her husband had to go to work due to Oscorp being understaffed because most took the day off for the New Year. And to top it off, her scroll couldn't get any service making it impossible to call her hubby or anyone else to pick her up, leaving her the only option but to drive herself to the hospital!

"NOOO!" Five minutes into driving seemed smooth, yet she screamed in rage as traffic was bumper to bumper when turning right. Waiting for another 10 minutes, the pregnant woman had a sigh of relief when the light turned green.

Driving forward, the married woman heard a car horn beep to her right, followed by screeching tires. Looking to where the noise came from, her eyes finally registered a car was about to hit her! Clutching her stomach in a vain attempt to save her child, she expected to feel the impact of the crash, yet instead of breaking lass and bending metal. A light knock from the window was her only signal to know that the crash had never happened.

"Excuse me!" Spider-Man tapped on the window again. "Ma'am, you okay?"

"Yes," She nodded her head. "Thank you, Spider-Man."

"Of course," Spider-Man noticed how she was still clutching her stomach. "Oh geez! Ma'am, do you need to go to a hospital?"

A grunt of pain was the only confirmation Spider-Man needed. He was using his webbing to stop any cars from using the 4-way street, and soon after, an ambulance arrived in time to safely take the woman to the hospital.

"Wait," She stopped the paramedics from sliding the stretcher she was on into the back of the ambulance. "Please come with me."

Spider-Man looked to the left and right and then pointed his finger at himself.

"Yes," The woman stretched out a hand to grab Spider-Man's hand. "Please."

Not one to deny a pregnant woman's request, Spider-Man sat across from the woman and remained silent, letting the outside noise of the city fill the silence between the pregnant woman and the vigilante.

"Can you tell me your name?"

Spider-Man was startled by her question about who he was. His hands gestured incohesive sign languages as he wasn't sure how to handle this predicament. The usual response was to say, 'Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!', then web swing away. But since he was in an ambulance next to a pregnant woman, Spider-Man had no natural way of avoiding the question.

"I don't think I'm comfortable letting people know," He waved a hand to his mask. "That's why I wear the whole mask thing. But that's a good joke, though."

"It's not a joke. My baby," She had hovered over her stomach. "It's a boy, and my husband and I have yet to think of a good name for our son."

Motioning the hero to place his hand on her stomach, Spider-Man laid a gloved hand over her belly and could feel the baby move.

"I swear on his life. I won't tell a soul who you are."

"Okay," Spider-Man used his other hand to cup his chin. "If you must know. My name is-"

At midnight of New Year, a mother has given birth to a healthy baby boy. The child was given a clean bill of health and enjoyed his mother's embrace.

When the husband arrived after hearing what happened, his boss gave the husband the month off to be with their newly born baby.

The next day, a reporter from the Daily Bugle arrived to interview the woman Spider-Man saved. The reporter asked her what happened that day, and she told him that Spider-Man saved not one but two lives that night.

"Speaking about saving two lives," Writing the last bit of info from the woman, the reporter looked back up t look at her and the baby in her arms. "Have you given a name for him yet?"

"My son's name?" Bring her son close to her face. She gave her sleeping baby a kiss on his head.

"His name is Ben."