Chapter one

Will has been plagued by these episodes that occurred at night tat are seemingly to others to be a nightmare but they aren't nightmares. They are in fact the reel of memories that have torture his mind as he relives a time in his life that was not pretty but yet it was a part of his past.

Sonny never knew that Will was haunted by these memories

Sonny had asked Will to move in with him and for months Will had refused the offer but Sonny finally talked Will into

moving in with him.

Will had a particularly hard day at work because he was in allot of pain. When Will and Sonny got home Will went straight to his room which was not usual for Will to go to his room before even having dinner and sitting with Sonny and relaxing.

Sonny opened Will's door to ask him what he would like for dinner but Will was laying on his bed ready to get in and he was asleep.

Later that night Sonny heard Will scream…




Sonny ran to Wills room and he opened Wills door and he saw

Will curled into a very tight fetal position and Will was crying and Completely soaked in sweat Sonny lightly touched Will and as he did.

Will sat up barely able to breath and he almost punched Sonny under the chin. Sonny was startled and said…

"Hey! Hey! Whoa! Will its me Sonny. Its just me. Its Sonny."

Will sat there for a few minuets.

Will looked at Sonny with a confused stare trying to

gather his bearings again when the only thing

Will heard was the sound of Sonny's voice saying…

Whoa Will it's me Sonny….

Will was breathing was very labored as he was trying to catch his breath.

Sonny was a bit concerned and he said I am sorry to have

given such a fright. Are you OK Will?

Will was still breathing was still a bit labored but he nodded his head and his breathing heavy and said yes. Will said very softly Oh my God Sonny! I did not hurt you did I?

Sonny softly said "No Will you did not touch me you only scared the crap out of me."

Will said.. Sonny I would never hurt you intentionally.

I am sorry Sonny I know that I woke you up.

Sonny said... Its OK but are you OK?

Yes Sonny I am so sorry. I honestly did not mean to wake you Sonny looked at Will and asked...

That must have been some nightmare that you were having huh?

Will said softly and with tears threatening to fall…

"Sonny I only wish that it was only a nightmare."

Sonny was confused and said…

" Will you were sound asleep and screaming."

Will said emotionally…

"I know that it looked that way but I wasn't asleep."

Sonny was even more confused and Will patted the bed

and said please sit down and I will try to explain.

I promise I am not going to hurt you.

Will slid over to give Sonny more room to sit

You do not have to sit on the edge of the bed if you don't want too.

.I know that you have back problems so you can sit next to me. I promise that you do not have to be afraid of me.

Sonny slid on to the bed next to Will and he asked Will if he was really OK because still was not breathing normally and he was a bit pale.

Will said…

"Yes I am OK Sonny don't worry so much about me but you do need to know something."

Will began by saying. Sonny no one else knows this but seeing that I am living in your house you should know what just happened.

Sonny said...

"Will I am a bit afraid now by the way that you are talking."

Will began to try to explain to Sonny what happened still he was not quite breathing normally…

Will looked at Sonny and Sonny was very concerned because usually when people have a nightmare they calm down fairly

quickly but it had been 20 minuets and Will's breathing was still a bit labored.

Sonny said…

" Will hold on before you begin I cant see that the nightmare really shook you up I am going to get you some water and

a cool cloth for your neck just hold on a minuet."

Sonny jumped up and off of the bed he went to the kitchen

and he grabbed Will a cold water and he ran cold

water over a cloth for Will's neck. Sonny returned about three or four minuets later and gave Will the water as well as the cloth.

Will said...

Thank you Sonny.

This is the first time that this has happened that anyone has ever tried to help me.

Will said Really thank you Sonny."

Sonny said...

"Will you know that I always have your back."

Will said with deep sincere gratitude…

Thank you Sonny and yes you and I have always tried to have your back as well. Well I guess that tonite was not such a shining example and I am sorry.

It's OK Will as long as you are OK that is all that matters. Sonny said.

Sonny looked at Will and asked You are OK aren't you?

Yes Sonny I am thank you for asking but Will said that is not all that matters Will said.

"Sonny as I was saying before that was far from being a nightmare and I definitely was not asleep that was my mind

reminding of the past.

I swear sometimes I feel like I escaped it and then boom

once again I am painfully reminded of it all over again."

I am glad that so far this has only been a night time occurrence.

Sonny it is PTSD. I go into like this trance like state. Will said.

Will Can you talk to me about what happened Sonny asked?

Will said…

"Sonny I have to whether I want to or not because what you heard and saw was a bitter reminder of my life when I was living an the streets..I was attacked by four guys. They made it their life's goal to torment me or to try to kill me.

I was beaten so badly one time that I was out of it for

almost three weeks. I had no money and so I could go to the hospital.

Sonny asked Will if he was knocked out?

Will replied…

Yes but it was just for a vert short period of time.