Chapter Seventeen

Over a week had passed since Gabrielle's brutal rape. As of yet, the police had no leads in finding the rapists. Gabrielle was ready to be released from the hospital, but even so, she was nervous about going out into public. Above all, she was afraid of being hurt again. She needed a great deal of love and support from her family. Bianca and Reese helped Gabrielle settle in back home, along with a little help from Zach and Kendall.

"Is there anything we can get you, sweetie?" Kendall asked her niece as Bianca and Reese got the teenager tucked into bed.

Gabrielle shook her head, her eyes wide with fear. "How about some sweet tea? Or maybe a snack?" Reese suggested.

"No, thank you," Gabrielle said. "I think I'd like to be alone right now."

"Okay," said Zach as he came forward to tenderly kiss her cheek.

"But don't- don't turn out the light," Gabrielle begged.

"We won't, honey," Bianca promised. "We all love you so much. If you need anything... anything at all, just call."

Gabrielle hugged her pillow as she sunk down into her comfortable bed. She was so glad to be home in her own bed. The hospital had been an awful and scary place. She closed her eyes and fell into an exhausted sleep.

Bianca left the light on as she followed Zach, Kendall, and Reese out into the hallway. "I am worried about her. I think we need to find her a counselor. Someone she can talk to," Bianca said.

"She may not be able to talk yet about what happened," Kendall said.

"We'll keep an eye on her. She's gonna get through this. Our girl is so strong," said Reese.

"Kendall and I are here if you need us," Zach said as he took Kendall's hand. "We have to get back to the boys now. Lord knows what they might be doing."

"Don't you mean 'who,' Zach?" Kendall asked sarcastically.

Zach let out a little snort. "Those sleazy girls again I would imagine."

"You mean they're still seeing those girls?" Reese asked in surprise.

"They aren't supposed to be seeing them, but they keep showing up... sniffing around like horny felines," Kendall said in disgust.


Over at the Chandler mansion, Miranda was questioning AJ about how his dad reacted to them sleeping together. "Not a lot of words left his mouth about it. He just glared at me at dinner while he was sipping his wine," AJ said as they were having a snack in kitchen.

"But he said something?" Miranda asked.

"He gave me a box of condoms and wanted to know if I knew how to use them," he replied.

Miranda's eyes went wide in surprise. "He's letting you do that? No questions asked?" she asked.

AJ shrugged. "I guess he figures if we've already done it once; we'll probably do it again."

"Way more than once, Ace."

"Yeah, but what he doesn't know is that I've already bought my own box of condoms."

Miranda suppressed a giggle. "AJ, what are we going to do about Heather?"

"What about her?"

"Don't you remember? You're supposed to take her to the dance."

AJ grimaced. "The last thing I want to do is take flighty Heather to the dance."

"You're taking me," Miranda said. "No one else."

"For sure. But we need to figure out a way I can tell Heather. She's going to be so pissed."

"Just tell her we are dating and she has to find somebody else."

"Sounds easy enough... but I don't want to insult her or hurt her feelings."

"She hangs around with Bobby and Paul. They are insulting enough."

"True," said AJ. "I'll come up with something."


After they had Gabrielle settled down to rest and Zach and Kendall had left, Reese and Bianca went downstairs to the kitchen for a cup of tea. "What kind would you like?" Bianca asked her pregnant wife.

"Something without caffeine," Reese said as she rubbed her growing tummy. "Too much caffeine turns Baby into a little monster."

Bianca prepared a nice cup of tea for the both of them and brought a tray over to the table. Reese reached for her cup and took a sip of the warm liquid. "Delicious," she said.

"I'm glad you like it," Bianca said with a smile. "I feel better now that we have Gabby home. She's going to be okay."

Reese reached out to take Bianca's hand. "Of course she is. She has us. We love her so much."

"I want to decorate the nursery. Do you think we're having a girl or a boy?" Bianca asked with excitement.

"I bet we'll know after the sonogram. We should start thinking of a few names."

"How about Christopher if we have a boy?" Bianca suggested.

"Christopher Montgomery-Williams," Reese said, testing the name on her tongue. "I like it. What about a name for a girl?"

"Easy; if it's a girl Christina sounds nice to me," Bianca answered.

"That's cute. It would still be Chris whether it's boy or a girl," Reese said with a smile.

"Chris Montgomery-Williams. Our little Chris is going to fit into this family just fine."

Reese patted her pregnant tummy. "I am so excited. I can't wait to see our precious baby."

Bianca lay her hand over Reese's, feeling the little one kick. "We sure need some happiness around here with everything that has recently happened."

"We do," Reese agreed.


Kendall and Zach too were discussing baby names on their drive home. "I can't wait until the sonogram," said Kendall. "Then we'll know if we need to paint the nursery blue or pink."

"What about purple?" Zach suggested.

Kendall laughed. "If it's a girl, I want pink," she said. "The boys had their nursery in blue, so a little girl needs something pink."

"I am eager to find out that mystery," said Zach. "A boy or a girl? Or maybe one of each?"

"Zach, don't even say that."

When they pulled into the driveway, they discovered that Ian and Spike were up to their old tricks. Since their parents weren't home, the boys had decided to have a little fun with their girlfriends in the nearby tree house. "Ohhh my God!" Kendall gasped, seeing that tree house was rocking to and fro. "What - What are the boys doing?!"

Zach got out of the car and then opened Kendall's door for her like a gentleman. That's when they stared in horror, seeing the tree house rocking so hard that the floor fell through. There among the ruble lay both of their sons and their naked girlfriends on the tall green grass. No one was hurt, but Kendall suddenly lost it, screaming at the boys. "Spike, Ian, we told you to stop seeing those slutty girls!"

Ian reached for a board to cover his privates. "Faith... uhhhh... I think you better go home."

Faith was trying to cover her nudity with whatever she could find. Spike was sneaky. He grabbed his girlfriend's hand and ran off toward the garage.

"Get back here!" Zach yelled.

Spike just kept running. He didn't want the whole neighborhood to see him naked.

Later, after the girls had gone home, Zach and Kendall let their sons have it. "You're both grounded again," Zach announced. "Your mother and I are tired of all of your shenanigans!"

"Sorry, Dad, it will never happen again," said Ian.

Kendall scoffed. "Where have we heard THAT before?"


"Where's your dad now?" Miranda asked AJ.

"He'll be away all weekend on a business trip," said AJ.

Miranda smiled. "Does that mean we'll have the whole place to ourselves?"

"Yes, it does and I have a romantic weekend planned for just you and me," AJ stated. "We can try out the new box of condoms."

"I can't wait!" Miranda said with excitement.

AJ took Miranda's hand and started to lead her away toward his bedroom. Before they made it to the staircase, the doorbell rang. "Who could that be? And why are they interrupting our sexy fun?" AJ grumbled.

"I don't know," said Miranda. "You better go see who's at the door."

AJ pulled the door open to find Heather standing there with a huge grin on her face. As soon as Heather saw Miranda, her smile fell away. Miranda couldn't help but stare back at Heather in disgust.

"Hi, AJ, I came to talk to you about the Spring Dance," said Heather. "But why is Miranda here?"

"Uhhh Heather, I hate to hurt your feelings, but I can't take you to the Spring Dance," AJ said.

"Why not?" Heather asked, practically pouting.

"Well, because I made a mistake when I said I'd go with you. I'm actually taking someone else," stated AJ.

"Who?" Heather demanded as she became absolutely furious. "Miranda?!"

AJ couldn't lie. He just nodded his head as Heather screamed out, "I knew you were more than best friends! AJ, have you been fucking her?!"

"That's none of your business," AJ said, becoming annoyed with Heather's attitude.

"She's a little slut and she's going to pay! So will you, AJ," Heather threatened.

AJ promptly shut the door in Heather's face. She flounced off. After she left AJ's, she dropped two pieces of mail into a nearest mailbox, then she got into her car and drove away.

"I don't even feel the least bit bad about that," AJ said as he held Miranda's hand and lead her upstairs to his bedroom.

"Me either. She's such a bitch."

"Let's forget all about her," AJ said as he reached for the box of condoms on top of his dresser. He opened the package carefully, then handed one to Miranda.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Miranda asked.

"I was hoping you'd help me ... put it on."

Miranda smirked. "Sure, I'd love to help," she agreed. "We can't let a perfectly good condom go to waste."