A/N: Okay everybody, the sequel has started! Go check it out. Also, I would like to reply to a guest who recently left a comment on this story saying the following;

"I don't understand why you're not continuing this story and doing a sequel instead. That's not really a completed story? No need for a sequel yet imho."-Guest

I think it is a perfectly valid question, which is why I decided to answer it for all of you. I'd Lie, first of all, is a song fic, and when I write song stories, I like the song to end in the last chapter. With I'd Lie, the lyrics finished in chapter 10, therefore, in my mind, so does the story. I also decided to write a sequel because I felt as if the second story would have a very different focus to it (which you may or may not understand when you start reading it) compared to the first story. I feel like they don't quite belong in the same story, as they are kind of like two halves to a whole, with different views, morals and etc. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. It's just that 'When You Lie' (the sequel) has a completely different focus to 'I'd Lie'. Also, it is my story, and I think that splitting it is appropriate, which kind of makes it appropriate when you think about the fact that it is my story. To the guest reviewer; If you think that a sequel is inappropriate, I encourage you to see the end of I'd Lie at the end. Yes, it will have a massive, annoying cliff-hanger at the end, but at least it won't have an unnecessary sequel. I don't force anyone to read these, so if it bothers you, don't. Moving on, I am happy to see reviews, they are the best bit of my day, but when you have a specific question or complaint, I really appreciate them being in a PM so that I can respond to you directly and privately. That is all.

Go and check out the sequel, I hope you will enjoy it. It will probably be a similar length or longer than this story.

-Lauren's Glee Stories