Title: Everything in Texas
Author: Trista Groulx aka dustytiger
Rating: T same as the show to be safe
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Bull it belongs to its network, creator, writers, actors, actresses and people who make it come to life and I am just a poor disabled person who likes to play with the characters.
Summary: An old friend is accused of robbery and Diana asks for Bull's help in defending him, but Bull and team are in for a surprise.
Notes: All right so this is the end. I wanted the beginning and end of the trial to each be the own chapters but my brain quit. I'm glad that people seemed to have liked this. I am hoping to write in this fandom again. But for now this what I've got.

It had been a late night but they were ready for whatever came their way, thankfully Judge Lindsay did not seem to be bothered by the mirror jury being in the viewing gallery. Bull had to wonder if he was curious about what it was they did. Both he and Benny knew that everything was going to matter in this case and would need to hit the ground running from the opening statements, if they didn't get it right they might never get the jury back. Benny had been writing and re-writing it since jury selection had ended and still didn't think it was ready, but was out of time as he stood up and adjusted his tie.

"Ladies and gentleman," Benny began. "My job is to help you see that Mister McNamara didn't do this. I know you're wondering why Miss Lindsay and her company aren't the ones up here, and I'm going to tell you. She thought because her friendship with the defendant it would look bad for her to be the one to help him so she asked us to help her friend. If you're wondering why Judge Lindsay can sit up there on the bench knowing all that, it's simple, he's not here to decide if Tommy's guilty- you are.

"Don't scoff, your job in this courtroom is to listen to Mister Porpoksonkov- Bubba and me, you can think of me as Benny, if you want, and decide who is telling you the truth - who showing you the most evidence to help you see what the truth is about what happened that night. Judge Lindsay is here to make sure we don't lie to you, and to help you understand the courtroom process.

"I bet you're all thinking what on earth do a bunch of guys from New York know about helping a kid from Calisto? That's what we do, we help people, especially people who might have the odds stacked against them, and Mister McNamara, Tommy, sure does, I'm pretty sure you've all heard a few rumours about him, and his family.

"We're here to show you that despite what you've heard about Tommy before he's a good kid, he's not thief, and he certainly didn't rob that store. He was going home from work and he saw something was wrong. Instead of walking and doing nothing he did what everyone in a small town says they'd do, he helped out.

"He went inside to make sure no one was hurt, to make sure everything was all right, and when he saw it wasn't he called 911; like we're all taught to do. Because of rumours and whispers he was arrested that night instead of being believed, and the police going off find out what happened.

My job is to show you that all he did was try to help out that night. Your job is to listen to both sides of this story, put aside anything else you might have heard and decide what the truth is and tell Judge Lindsay what you decide. We all have our jobs to do, to help Tommy and to help those folks who were robbed that night too."

"Benny's good," Marissa said through the earpiece. "The mirror jury is eating this up."

"Let's hope he can keep it up," Bull replied.

"Doctor Bull," Judge Lindsay warned.

Bull nodded at the judge this was going to be a challenge for him, but he didn't want to get himself kicked out of the courtroom; mostly because he didn't want to have to explain that to Diana. The rest of the day had gone well and it was looking good for Tommy but he knew it would be better if Danny could find something solid to exonerate him.

By the end of the trial the team was glad it was winding down, it felt longer because they wanted so much to help their client. Although the mirror jury results were positive, they were still nervous about the verdict. Knowing that their defendant was like family to Diana made the case more personal to them and they wanted it to go well, but despite everything having Judge Lindsay presiding seemed to change the dynamic of what they did, which made the whole case feel like a bigger challenge.

It seemed as if they were all holding their breath as the jury forewoman stood up. Diana had taken the morning off and was sitting behind them in the gallery. As much as she rationalized her decision a part of her still wondered if the trial would have gone better if she had just represented her friend herself? Could the jury, most of whom knew her, understand why she had called in help from New York? Would they really listen to the big city lawyer who had been representing Tommy?

"Not guilty," the jury forewoman stated.

"It's over?" Tommy asked, shocked.

"It is," Benny assured him, going to shaking his hand, but surprised when he got a hug instead.

"Thank you, all of ya'll," he said, then hugging Bull.

He then saw Diana who hugged him, he hugged her back, and they were both smiling glad it was over. She knew he hadn't done anything wrong, and she knew that if she wasn't able to make jury see that Benny would, and he did, with help of course. It was over and they couldn't accuse him of doing that again, but she hoped that they would find who had really robbed the place so that he wouldn't have to listen to the town whispering the rest of his life.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"You are so welcome," she assured him.

"If Jason ever pisses you off enough and you wanna move to Texas you've got yourself a job Benny," Diana told him hugging him.

Benny smiled. "Thank you, but I don't do this on my own."

"I guess I have to thank you too, Jason," she joked, she then went over to Bull, and kissed him softly.

"It's what I do," he reminded her with a sly smile.

"I guess that's why I keep you around."

"I thought it was cause I'm smart and pretty."

She laughed patting his chest. "You may be onto something there Doctor Bull."

They didn't have too much time celebrate the win. After prosecution team had come over to cordially congratulate them on the win Judge Lindsay had come over to them. It was obvious he had something on his mind and Bull hoped he wanted to see his daughter rather than him. He also hoped he wasn't mad that they hadn't found who had really robbed the store. He got the distinct impression that the judge knew everyone in town, and wanted justice for the store owner.

"Jason," Judge Lindsay said.


Without saying anything Bull knew to follow him. They went toward his chambers, while Diana went with Benny and Tommy to meet the rest of the team to help them pack up and likely have a few celebratory drinks before their fight home. Bull wasn't sure if he should sit down with the judge, he felt like he had been called into the principal's office as he adjusted his tie.

"Maybe what ya'll do it ain't all bad, Jason," judge Lindsay admitted handing him a glass filled with a brown liquid.

"Thank you," Bull nodded and took a sip of the drink, glad the judge liked good Scotch. "I had Danny, my investigator, look into the robbery. She's given some leads to locals, justice will be done, Sir."

"Good," he took a sip of his own drink.

"That isn't why you called me in here, is it?"

He shook his head. "Don't hurt my girl, Jason."

"I won't, Sir," he assured him, unsure if things between him and Diana were really that serious.

"I always knew I'd lose her to a big city, but I never thought it'd be New York."

"We haven't talked about that."

"I know Diana, it might not happen tomorrow, but it'll happen. I always hoped she'd be the next Judge Lindsay 'round these parts, but I knew she was bigger than Calisto."

Bull nodded taking another swig of the drink in his hand. "Okay."

"You don't need to be a phycologist to see the way ya'll look at each other. Maybe you're afraid but it's there."

"All right Judge Lindsay."

"You could call me Bud."

Bull let out a half laugh, nervously. "I'll try, Sir."

Bull began to adjust his tie again and put down his glass. He didn't want to tell her father that they were keeping things casual, especially since the first time they'd met he had been wearing a pair of boxers in her kitchen, but he certainly didn't think that he and Diana were that serious yet. It wasn't as if he hadn't thought about a future with her, but it was still all abstract, things were good the way they were and he didn't want to do anything to change that. He already had one divorce under his belt and he knew he didn't want another one, so for now he wanted to keep his life how it was. Things were good between them, why rock the boat when they were both happy with the arrangement? He wasn't planning on leaving but he wasn't planning on making any big life altering changes either. He was happy, and that felt pretty good and as long as she was too that was all that mattered to him.

The End

Notes: Well that was that! I hope you liked this little fic! It was nice to put out something a little longer than a stand alone. Let me know what you think hugs and hearts for all the support – Trista